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Latrobe Health Services

Latrobe Health Services

2.8 from 24 reviews

Panic Attacks When Trying to Claim

Horrendous product knowledge. The goal posts continually changed when claiming for services i had claimed prior. Continually changing descriptions of the same service to suit the criteria. Don't bother folks

Value for Money
Customer Service
Plan CoverageExtras Only
Claim MadeYes
Claim ApprovedNo

I would never consider going anywhere else!

Customer service is excellent. They are very clear and transparent with all of there products. They have a fantastic range of products to suit everyone. When I called the call centre I didn't even have to wait. My call was answered in less than a minute.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Plan CoverageHospital Only
Claim MadeNo
Book AgainYes

Very disappointing, will be switching insurers very soon

At the time of joining, Latrobe Health appeared to offer value for money by having the cheapest top level hospital cover that I could find. However this lower cost comes with conditions, one of which I failed to appreciate when signing up - there is no online claiming. The online member services portal is a joke. All claims need to be printed and mailed in the post - they won't even accept scanned/emailed claim forms. The claim forms are convoluted, and 'incomplete' forms are mailed back. They have absolutely no flexibility.

I also called to check whether my wife and I were covered for certain procedures, and the Latrobe personnel used words such as "It looks like you are" and "there shouldn't be any problem". This is not good enough, a clear, definitive answer was required, but could not be given.

I will be transferring to a different health insurer as soon as my outstanding claim is resolved.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Plan CoverageHospital Only
Coverage TypeCouple
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time2-4 weeks
Claim DateFebruary 2019

Absolutely Fantastic

Having become very dissatisfied with our health fund provider, we started to research various more-favourable options when we came across Latrobe Health Services (a not-for-profit organization). It proved to be the correct choice as my wife needed a very serious operation soon after our membership commenced, the staff clearly explained the policy's conditions and, importantly, we saved a considerable amount of money both in contributions and medical costs. Both my wife and I can highly recommend this health fund.

no problems

5 years away from medibank great service,not 1 problem ,have been in hospital quite a few times &just sign the form and its all done. i have hospital only & its fantastic, i cant comment on extras as i dont have them. i have hospital only & i think its a great service & its very well priced. highly recomend

Insurance claim madeYes

Great Service

I started my policy knowing i was wanting gastric bypass surgery. The staff put me on the right plan, gave me great advice and spoke respectfully to me whenever i made inquiries. Just over a year later i had the surgery and was covered for everything while there. I honestly believe I have come out even on the costs and never got any problems when making claims. Thank you Latrobe for your professional, reliable service.

Insurance claim madeYes

Poor follow through

Poor customer support- take too long to deal with queries - when a payment didn’t go through they were inflexible and wouldn’t reconsider despite trying to address this with them

Insurance claim madeYes

Don't Do It

Cancelled policy but wanted to reinstate it during the allowed 30 days - spoke to a "consultant' and was promised a return call the following morning to organise direct debit - instead I find $375 gone from my account without any notice. Rang re the debit and was told they couldn't refund it entirely because I had to pay arrears, I understand that but would have liked the return phone call to organise this as promised as I am currently on reduced salary and this has left me nothing in my account. Back to Medibank Private I go and will gladly sit through their waiting periods!

Insurance claim madeNo

Have had no issue - Service great and they pay what they say they will pay

Can't believe some of the negative reviews. Been with them for 2 years - had 2 "major" claims as in surgeries by family members. Absolutely no issue - covered everything their document said it would. Had many many extras claims all paid as agreed and within 48 hours.
Are some of the people complaining either trying to rort them or claim things that the contract said was never covered?? Just can't rationalise the complaints with my experience.
As with any fund - join them but read the contract so you understand what you are buying. Same as any purchase, check what you are buying.
Would recommend them to anyone. Experience has been basically faultless.

Insurance claim madeYes

Highly incompetent ..

Decided to transfer my Medical Insurance to this lot; what a disaster!
"Consultants" obviously poorly trained, rude, and generally unhelpful.
Avoid at all costs.
I quickly went back to Medibank Private; phew!

Insurance claim madeNo

BEWARE so much out of pocket costs

They hardly cover any of the costs for procedures. I pay a premium for health cover only to find out I'm out of pocket another $600. So that makes me contributing $2,300 and they contributed $988. What is the point of having private health?!

Insurance claim madeYes

Security Conscience They Don't Have A Clue

My review is more about their procedures. They recently wrote to my husband and I to inform us they are now direct debiting our contributions from our bank account. Ok I needed to know that NOT we went into the office to organize this so a letter to confirm was unnecessary. The stupidity does not stop there in the letter they put our bank name our bsb and account number. To say I am upset is an understatement.

Insurance claim madeNo

Top cover but will not pay out!

I pay top cover every month for the past 2 years, I called numerous times to ensure I am covered for my operation. Now I have it all booked in and sent them a quote and they say they will only pay $200 towards a $7000 operation!

Do not buy from them! Wish I had gone with anyone else! So heart broken!

Can you believe that if you need your car fixed it would have more cover then a human being! What is the world coming to!

Insurance claim madeYes

pefect cover for our needs

very satisfied, we have had all questions answered in positive manner
have been in health service since the change over from the Yallourn medical fund ,having top cover and no excess to pay
when diagnosed with 2x breast cancer&lymphodma they were very helpful in assisting with funds to assist for required medical garments

Insurance claim madeYes

highly recommended

I highly recommend Latrobe. I have used them for obstetrics and ENT surgery. Friendly and helpful when I have needed to call them. Never a problem. and cost effective. Policy is straight forward and is very good value.

Insurance claim madeYes

Stay away from this fund!

I have been insured for 10 years Top cover with LaTrobe - never made a claim. Last week I was diagnosed with cancer and the treatment my dr recommended they wouldn't cover. When I queried it with them I got a standard letter containing research on how this treatment was not that successful in malignancies. However my Dr says this is my best chance - so clearly they think is cheaper for them if I die

Insurance claim madeYes

Rude staff members, get what you pay for.

How does a company like this survive? You have to use 'snail mail' to make a claim. Their phone lines are constantly busy and hold times are ridiculous. When you get fed up of being on hold and email you receive rude and impatient emails back. Biggest mistake to move to this fund!

Insurance claim madeNo

Excellent Health Fund

I have been a member of Latrobe Health Insurance for hospital insurance for several years now and can only say that I am 100% happy with the service I receive and their helpful advice. If I leave a message on their call back service due to them being unable to take my call, my call is always returned by a very helpful and friendly staff member within 24 business hours. I find their customer service excellent.
I have had several hospital claims in recent times and there has never been a problem with payments. A big plus also is No exclusions on their policies, total piece of mind at a time when you need it most. Latrobe may not be the biggest health insurer, but certainly one of the best. Latrobe is a members own health fund where you really are treated like a person who is important to them. I am very glad I chose this health insurer years ago to look after my health needs and do not feel the need to go anywhere else.

Insurance claim madeYes

Very good service helpful friendly staff

Been with them for years claimed for everything from heart surgery to knee replacement with never a problem.
Claimed quite frequently too over the last few years .You have to make sure your hospital has an agreement with them and ask your doctors what costs are involved which I do anyway. Through all our woes they have been very helpful and friendly,very easy to talk to.

Insurance claim madeYes

Poor insurer

I joined up latrobe health sep 2011 as single, been paying by direct debit on 27 of every month. Never claim once.
Then 29/12/14 need to pay for physio by using the claim and it's decline which the lady said may be my policy not covered. But i got paperwork saying that i covered for all extra i paid for.
This is the first time using, ring up health line not operate until 8am. 5/1/15 got answer because public holiday the payment was not made on time. So they saying that i not cover on the 29 because of that.
Stupid answer, not happy, not reccommence

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Do latrobe cover breast reduction in there policy
No answers

how much is yearly contribution for table mhpa/f
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asiinmaa@aussiebb.com.auanswer to what?

what is it like to work for La Trobe health ? do they value their staff? Look after you? friendly workplace?
1 answer
They are understaffed & over-worked. You will experience long delays in the processing of your claims.

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