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LG GF-6D725 / GF-D725 (725L, French Door)

LG GF-6D725 / GF-D725 (725L, French Door)

GF-D725BML and GF-6D725BGL
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Very poor quality

The fruit and vegetable section is very thin and breaks easily ours is cracked in various areas. The roller housing on the drawers have cracked and now we have no fruit and vegetable section and no bottom shelf. So now we have containers on the bottom to hold our fruit and veg. LG don't help they said it's not a manufacturing fault. I have to say, I am very disappointed with LG. The service is appalling. But there's a clearly an issue with the plastic, within a few months the wheels fell off. Literally.

Purchased in September 2017 at The Good Guys for $3,700.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Internal Layout
Household Size 5 person(s)

Very Poor service

We purchased this fridge in October 2016 which, at the time was retailing for over 5K. Recently we noticed a large crack in the plastic of the door handle on the left door of the fridge (the least used door). We telephoned LG service and uploaded photographs of the fault. The then informed us that they would have to send out a technician to make an assessment but that would be at our expense - $240 + GST and we would be liable for the repair bill should they deem it wasn't a manufacturing fault. We live in a house with three adults - no children and we do not misuse our appliances. The fridge itself has worked really well and this is the only problem that we have had with it, I find it poor of LG to charge us to come and simply look at it when the photographs are detailed enough to make an assessment. For a 5K fridge I would expect much better quality and improved service.

Purchased in October 2016 at Domayne Physical store.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Internal Layout
Household Size 3 person(s)

Customer service, after service care..just rubish...

glass on fridge door has shattered, over a week and cant get any one to come out and even have a look.
LG have acknowledged, and given me a warranty ref number and asked me to call their technicians, (WOOLEY APPLIANCE SERVICES), who want to charge me a call out fee $185 regardless if the fault is under warranty or not..although LG tell me they will come out at no charge..cant speak to any one from LG in AU. NOT HAPPY at all. I cant use my freezer as I am scared the glass will fall out..

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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so the next part of this situation, so the technician is all booked to come Friday to ascertain the damage and possible replacement of the door/glass, a few hours later, a phone call advising that LG have said to the service company that LG have decided that they can see an impact point on the door (only from a photo). Not happy called LG they look into and will call me back... an hour so later I get a phone call from LG advising that the Technician are certain they can see and impact point on the glass. mind you glass has cracked from the inside and there were no chips or marks on the outside which was completely smooth, ended up making a deal with LG, where they need to send out their service guys to have a look at the damage, and if it was proven that i had damaged the fridge, i'll pay their call out fee if it was proven not my fault and I still have to pay for the call out LG will reimburse me. so the guy comes out has look at the door cant find an impact point (as some genius found by looking a photo). Door has been replaced at no cost and WOOLEY APPLIANCE SERVICES, were really good

Unsafe fridge

On the 27/7/2018 the mirror on the freezer door just randomly shattered. No one hit it or damaged it. I purchased this fridge in Nov 2017 which means it is still under warranty. When we rang LG to tell them we need it fixed they told us that we should contact their service company which we did. They said they would charge us a call out fee and if they find that we damaged it they will charge us for the part. A week and a bit later it still hasn't been fixed and its very dangerous. I would not recommend this fridge for safety reasons but the fridge itself keeps the food well and is nice looking and functions well inside. The service department seem to be giving us the runaround as they are overseas....LG are lucky no one got hurt.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Absolute value for money........

Using this fridge for over 3 years now and never had any issue. Its great in size. Loved the mirror glass doors as always can use them on the way out :)
The 4 doors are really great as plenty of space for the freezer too. It has been great fridge we got for the value of the money.

Date PurchasedOct 2014

Surprises when cleaning

This is not an easy fridge to clean, so if you like a clean fridge this is not the fridge for you.
Having to dismantle everything to get to cleaning what should be easy to clean is not a feature of this fridge.
Looks good, works well, a little impractical and no visitor has yet been able to open and close it without making a mess of the mirrors.

Date PurchasedJul 2016


Loving ours so far. Bought it about 6 months ago.
- it looks amazing. We aren't pedantic about wiping it down, and it still looks sensational. A few fingerprints but I find them less noticeable than on stainless steel.
- The door-in-door function is pretty good, don't know how much energy it really saves, but brownie points I guess
- temperature control needed to be tweaked. Our carrots were freezing and going bad, even in the fresh compartment, so now the fridge is running at 6 degrees. Warmer than our old fridge but everything is perfect now, so maybe just a difference in thermometer accuracy?
- It fits TONNES in it. I wish the shelves had a bit more flexibility in the heights you can have them at, but even with some efficiency losses there it's fine, because there is just so much space in there
- Only reservation is the 2 door-in-door mechanisms. The push button is ok so far, but the left-hand side with the lever at the bottom sometimes jams a little. Very minor and not very often, but I just worry about how long it will last.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

very good

it maintain a good temp in all compartments
it is quiet
never clean it. can't say if it is easy or not
a bit too cold for fresh food. i got some fruit frozen.
good for storage and easy to get drinks, sauces with the dual door.
worth buying .

Date PurchasedJun 2017

So far so good

Very nice fridge. Bought it 10 months ago. It’s working quietly and properly. Love the Bluetooth function which can play music in the kitchen. Easy to clean. Volume is large enough for my family. It doesn’t have ice maker which makes more room for storage. Best part is its dual door. Very convenient to use and could save energy.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Spacious storage

It maintained a good temperature and when it’s working it’s really quiet. The surfaces are easy to clean. it has the Bluetooth speaker which is perfect for us when we are doing the cooking in the kitchen. Mirror door panels are the highlight of the fridge. It’s worth to purchase!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Everything has its place...

Everything has its place in this fridge. Great design layout that allows us to be more organised and can't stress enough on the freezer room too.
The fridge has maintained its temperature consistently well so far - vegetables have remained fresh for longer periods in this fridge compared to the old fridge.
Only annoying thing is having to clean the glass surface of the fridge constantly as there tends to be fingerprint marks left on the glass surface. However, it does look aesthetically pleasing on top of being well designed functionally so this is a minor issue.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Cool looking fridge

Just a quick review on the product to assist others to decide if this is "the one" for them.
Price wise is bit expensive but its inverter linear compressor is great, you pay for quality.

Plenty of space with its dual doors and plenty of storage space in the bottom freezer. I find that it gets us organised with little items and bottles, sauces etc.(designed for those who are super organised! )

I found only 1 small issue with the fridge: Even when set at its lowest temperature at 6 degrees for the top part of the fridge, it is still too cold so my vegies in the left drawer compartment.

I don't have issue with the right hand side drawer. We are very happy with our product as it looks cool with its curve glass doors and its storage capacity. We don't use the bluetooth but we did try it once and it works fine.

Tips for storing your leafy vegies: Try wrapping them with newspapers (i learned this from a friend working in restaurant) keeps them fresh for at least 2 weeks.

We also tried the Pure N fresh button as it gets rid of odor in the fridge and we tried the quick freezing option button (bottom freezer) for making ice cubes should you forget to buy ice.

We purchased the fridge when LG was giving $500 cash back promo on this model.
So keep an eye on their promotions and save $$$
Hope my experience helps you decide which fridge you want to take home. Happy hunting!

Oh... I noticed one person has reviewed and said that the fridge does not fit thru a standard door size, this is incorrect. Our front door size is smaller than a normal standard size, it is only 790mm rather than a 820mm.
We still managed to get it thru, extremely tight NOTE: (Packaging box must be removed first) get the fridge on a trolley then push in, very heavy though, be careful with the glass doors

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Absolutely LOVE our new fridge freezer!

So quiet it's almost silent
Huge amount of space and so easy to access everything, with loads of fabulous compartments and the door-in-door feature is superb for being able to get at milk, cheese, butter, everyday fruit and veg items etc.
I dislike the button on the right-hand door and don't understand why both doors don't have the same catch as on the left-hand door to open the 'door-in-door' part as this is a bit of a pain and adds finger marks as noone is able to "just" use the button!
It looks superb with the mirror black fronts and the fact that there are no protruding handles is fantastic - means that for a really big fridge, the doors don't jut out any further than they absolutely need to and no handles to catch yourself on.
And yes, the bluetooth speaker is a gimmick - but I do use it and enjoy that there is a speaker in the kitchen that the kids can't take away and disappear with - which happens with other bluetooth speakers!
The shelving is great quality and we are enjoying the spaces provided, even though it took a little getting used to.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Best fridge we ever had

We moved from a old house to a smaller place with open plan. Fridge used to be in the kitchen behind doors. So we didn't used to hear it. When we moved into the new place, it has a nice built-in kitchen cabinets which was built around the fridge. So we had an interesting time looking for one that best fits the space.

Wife initially wanted to get such as Hitachi drawer type fridge. That was indeed very attractive given it large capacity for its small size thanks to vacuum technology hence thin walls. But they don't fit into our fridge space. After being very disappointed looking at very many brands we eventually looked this this fridge.

Why disapppinted? Disappointed because we do want wide shelves up the top for trays, large plates, etc. Freezer compartments down the bottom with good amount of space given the motor behind it. Would you believe some top drawers would not open unless both doors are opened? Despite we already have plumbing for fridge, we don't want ice maker because we don't want to clean the ice maker and don't want it to take up large amount of space.

Never have we thought of looking at this fridge. It was expensive for what it does. Twin door (2 layers of doors making 4 doors altogether) up the top was thought to be little more than a gimmick, and more things to break down like seals and hinges.

But then LG was doing a cash back deal on top of store discounts. Everything taken in to account, the discount was substantial. So we started paying attention to it. Its black glass doors, quiet motor, large top shelves, deep drawers down the bottom (freezer) with side-by-side doors. Better still, the size is just right for our fridge cavity. Only the doors are protruding out of the cavity. On a side note, we made the kitchen door a little bit wider so it fits through it. Definitely pay careful attention to make sure it fit through your doors.

Must say this fridge is really growing on us. Black glass doors match well with wall oven and stainless steel microwave built into the cabinets, and nice contrast with the white cabinets with silver trims and handles. Lack of handles makes it protrudes less and easier to complement other decors. Nice display on the glass door for temperature setting (although I don't really see the need of the big lock icon). Certainly better than some where panel / controls are (mounted) inside. This fridge looks like a properly designed and finished product, rather than a cabinet with a panel mounted in a cut out. Shelves are on metal wall bands. Very tough. Best of all, we are really getting used to the twin doors, the ease to get drinks and small items without "opening" the large front door/s. No more fridge magnets on the fridge which my wife loves compared with our old fridge that was covered in magnets.

My only rant about it is that it comes with a sound bar. Why does it come with a sound bar? Is it used for alerting user when doors are opened for too long? No. It is bluetooth enabled so it is easy to pair with and play music. But, and this is a BIG but, the sound bar sits behind the thick doors. It thus produces very muffled mid to high frequencies only. Of course it doesn't come with a sub nor is there an option to add a sub. It is totally useless. We had it lifted out so it at least fires above the doors to produce a clearer sound. This is one thing I really didn't want to pay for.

Anyway, everything considered, this is a beautiful, functional fridget. We love it.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Love it but...

My husband wanted this fridge more than me...he's a sucker for sleek glass stuff and yes it looks great, very quiet, good quality but I was hesitant. First of all the door opening button on right hand door WHY? They should have just put the button like the left door at the bottom. I am forever wiping off the finger prints (keep our milk in this section) which would not happen if the button was at the bottom like the left door. I've never used the bluetooth at the top and to be honest forget it's there. I knew it would be a pain after a grocery shop as it's like a puzzle with a lot of doors opening and shutting. However after having this whinge I'm ashamed to say I do like it:) It looks great!
I think these companies should have women designers as when it's all said and done aren't we the ones that use it more often and clean it and our input would surely help.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Built for functionality but falls greatly short of the mark

I bought this expensive fridge because it offered exceptional functionality due to all its compartments and access points.
Only once it was home is clear that the extra luxury perks about the fridge are completely useless and a waste of money.
The extra space it boasts is wasted because not many items will fit into the niche compartments

Date PurchasedMar 2017

loVe this fridge

This product is one of the best thing I have ever bought. I love the speakers. You can surprise anyone with them. The size is great. The dual door in door system is another best part. You don't have to open the whole door to get your milk or juice or sauce. Even love the fruit basket as well. It's like, you can afford different places for different type of food. Even you can fit a jug standing inside the fridge. Something I don't like about the fridge is not enough space for eggs and ice.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

So happy with this fridge I've been known to stand there and stroke it!

This fridge not only looks fabulous, it works beautifully. The double doors mean not only are all those little jars and sauce bottles tidy and cool but it keeps the main area free from clutter. We are big entertainers and being able to keep the main area relatively clear means I am not struggling to fit everything in on big days. The black finish is actually really easy to keep clear of fingerprints and really makes a stunning feature in our kitchen. I love, love this fridge and would highly recommend it.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

We love our fridge!

The fridge is great. It maintains a good temperature throughout compartments, the size is perfect for a small family and it is very quiet. It looks great in our kitchen and it does not show up finger marks. We are very happy and would definitely recommend that others buy this fridge.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Quiet as a mouse

Decided to treat ourselves to a top of the range refrigerator in the new home and have been more than pleasantly surprised. Vegetables seem to last longer than in other fridges I have owned. I live in a country area which is very quiet and I was wondering if the fridge was even running when I first got it...is is so quiet! I use containers for stacking stuff in the fridge and this helps me to manage space effectively. I love the outer doors which enable me to access milk and other frequently used items without opening the main door- much more energy efficient that way. I do often have to wipe the outside because of finger marks - my tips is to use a dry soft cloth just slightly moistened with vinegar/water mix and it works a treat. Yep, I love it....yes it was on the expensive side but what a beauty :).

Date PurchasedSep 2016

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how to remove air filter
No answers

how to remove air filter
1 answer
sorry mate, cant help with that one,

Can you fit 5 x 3L milk bottles in this fridge without laying them down? If so, how would you do this? A photo would be great if anyone can do this. Also, can you fit 3L milk bottles at all in the freezer section without laying them down? How hard/easy is it to clean this fridge with all the compartments in the doors etc?
1 answer
You would be able to fit 3 bottles in the fridge door. in the right hand side of the fridge a shelving unit pushes back into itself so you can put an extra 2 3ltr bottles of milk there. It does block off the back of the fridge then so you couldnt easily use it, but its doable. I cant get you a photo because I would never have 5 bottles of milk on me at any one time! With fitting milk bottles in the freezer I dont think the door shelving is fat enough to fit bottles in like you want. So laying down would be the only option. The fridge has alot of compartments. So this then creates alot of cleaning areas.. More work but overall it is a great fridge and we love it. The only thing I dont like is the right hand top door you push the button on the door to open the small door insert. But pushing it closed you have to push in a certain manner for the door to actually click shut properly. The left hand door has a small lever in the middle underneath. That is SO MUCH easier to work with. I have NFI why they would put two different ones, but they have.. I reckon from a mechanical point of view, this right side will be the first to stop working properly.


CategoryFrench Door Fridges / RefrigeratorsFrench Door Fridges / Refrigerators
Price (RRP) $3,999$5,890
Dimensions 1797 x 912 x 758 mm1800 x 912 x 758 mm
Energy Rating2.5 star(s)2.5 star(s)
Household Size 5+ people5+ people
FeaturesDisplay Panel, Door Alarm and Frost FreeDisplay Panel, Door Alarm and Frost Free
Colour / Finish Black Mirror GlassBlack Mirror Glass
Handle Type RecessedRecessed
Smart Fridge YesYes
Shelf MaterialGlassGlass
Number of Shelves55
Number of Fruit & Vegetable Bins 22
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)
Total Capacity 725 L725 L
Fridge Capacity 424 L424 L
Freezer Capacity 301 L301 L
Replaced byLG GF-D725BML

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