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Mitsubishi MR-EX562 / MR-EX655

Latest review: I have owned this refrigerator for almost four years now. It is very well built and hasn't missed a beat mechanically. It is very quiet (almost impossible to hear that it is running) and the

Mitsubishi L4 Grande / Mini

Latest review: I did research and thought I bought a top fridge 2 years ago. However I now really regretted the decision. Reasons are 1. the material Mitsubishi is using for their fridge and freezer is really sub

Samsung SRF719DLS

Latest review: Ice maker broke within 12 months was told they would fix it and if it broke again offer a refund. 4 weeks later and two goes at fixing it broken again. Repairer informed it was a design fault and all

Westinghouse WHE5200

Latest review: Nothing but problems. leaked and damaged our floors. Got a 2nd fridge and still leaks. 2 months and still waiting for tech to come out. Would not recommend this

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 614L French Door

Latest review: The F&P fridge has a very smart temperature stabilizing system, and it's almost not there at all., so very quiet. The shelves are adjustable and very practical to suit all types of users. It has

LG GF-5D712

Latest review: You may have read in other posts, that food in the crisper freezes. Well that's what happens to our food too. So much so, it has ruined heaps of fresh fruit and veges. The design flaw relates to a

Electrolux EHE5267SA

Latest review: My rating is for Electrolux, more so than the fridge. My fridge was delivered a week ago and the 2 french doors do not align (ie, one was almost half a centimetre higher than the other). The place I

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 519L French Door

Latest review: I needed a new fridge to fit into the fridge space in my new home and the Fisher & Paykel I choose turned out to be perfect. The french doors really suited our home as it meant that the fridge could

Hisense HR6FDFF630S

Latest review: Had fridge since October 2015. Everything works well. Stii freeezes and fridge stays cool. Nothign has broken in the fridge . There is no need to lift middle draw as it slides back. Only problem with

Electrolux EQE6207SD / EQE6807SD

Latest review: This fridge has been fantastic. I love the wide shelves as you can fit platters on them, unlike some side by side fridge/freezers. It doesn't make a noise and the displays for temperature, etc. are

LG GF-B620

Latest review: This fridge is only 2years old. Quiet and cold like a fridge should be but over the last 6 months dent like faults keep appearing in the fingerprint free faux stainless steel doors. Started with


Latest review: The fridge runs well and fits nicely into our fridge cavity. HOWEVER, a few months after purchase we noticed dents in both the top doors. We assumed someone had pushed them shut too hard. Then more

Samsung SRF583DLS

Latest review: This fridge is honestly the worst appliance I have ever paid money for. It has been nothing but trouble since the moment we bought it and constantly having issues in regards to


Latest review: fridge was noisy from start. never got cold enough and now after 3.5 years. fridge has stop cooling . freezer still ok . pretty bad for a $2000+ fridge i was expecting 10 years

Samsung SRF680CDLS

Latest review: This is the 4th time in 4 years we have had to lodge a warranty call. Basically had issues with fan and ice maker until this morning water starting leaking from dispenser. We shut the water off at


Latest review: We purchased this fridge in October 2016 which, at the time was retailing for over 5K. Recently we noticed a large crack in the plastic of the door handle on the left door of the fridge (the least

Hisense HR6CDFF695

Latest review: I have loved everything about my Black Glass French Door Fridge from the minute I saw it at JB Hi Fi. It has always been complemented of our stylish it looks but sadly something broke down in the


Latest review: I really like this fridge there is a lot of room and it keeps cool in all fridge departments. freezer not so much if you pack it to it's full limits you have to crank the freezer as cold as it will

Samsung SRF717CDBLS

Latest review: I recently bought the fridge and the cold water come out from the fridge is only 2 cups of cold water after that I got the normal tape water not a cold water. Is this a normal behavior of this fridge

Sharp SJFS676V / SJFJ676V

Latest review: have owned this fridge for past 5 years, has been excellent till recently when it developed a loud noise, similar to what others have been experiencing, called local electrician, found the evaporator

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