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LG NeoChef MJ3966
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Used for Office Kitchen. Durable and efficient.

Bought this microwave to replace an old one for our office kitchen. Our office has about 100 staff on the floor so needless to say, this gets used heavily. So far it has held up and no complaints from anyone. It simply does the job and does it efficiently. The oven feature doesn't get used very often but i'm sure it works just as good. The timer and heating functions were a bit tricky to figure out at first but once you get the hang of it, you'll find it has a lot of useful heat settings for different types of dishes.

Purchased in September 2017 at The Good Guys Online store for $693.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Best Microwave ever

Oh my, what doesn't this microwave do. Fantastic as an oven, the best roast pork ever, highly recommended. Easy to use, defrost, microwave, grill. Have even used it to bake a cake, turned out moist. We are going travelling in our motor home soon so this will be our everything.

Date PurchasedJul 2018


This was an expensive purchase about 18 months ago. A short time after buying it the over would reset when opening the door and so I eventually took it back to the store. It was allegedly fixed so back it came and started doing the same thing about a week later. So back again to the store and repaired for second time with a new door and board. Overall not impressed with this. Microwave function is ok but sounds like a chaff cutter when running due to the vibration of the case. I haven't used the convection function all that much but it doesn't seem to be as hit as the temperature says. I wouldn't buy another one.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Too many Bells and Whistles

I purchased this Microwave with the hope that because it was a Microwave, Inverter, Steamer, Convection and Grill it would mean I did not have to cook in my oven/stove. Unfortunately, this Microwave is so complicated and difficult to use that I find I really only use the Microwave feature for thawing and heating up. The instructions are vague (to say the least) and do not give enough example/instructions. So most of the time it is pure guesswork on how to cook everyday foods, for how long and under which function.
For example, it tells you how to cook a pie from scratch, but doesn't say how to cook a frozen pie. The instructions for Inverter cooking gives 6 steps, but actually starts cooking after 4 steps and won't let you do the last 2 steps. I tried cooking cupcakes (tray of 6), it literally took more than twice as long in the Microwave to cook 6 than it would have taken in my main oven to cook 18.
Even the basic microwave does not seem to be as powerful as my old one. I could heat up a mug of milk (for coffee) in 1 minute but in the LG it takes 1 minute and 40 seconds.
I really wish I had simply bought an updated microwave because I really regret buying this one.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Update: I have spoken to LG (30 October) and they said that the programming issues I have means that I would just have to guess and adjust the cooking times when cooking items that are not specifically mentioned in the owners manual/guide. When I complained how some items take up to 3-4 times the time to cook he said that I should accept that items will take longer to cook, and that the way this oven cooks is different to a normal oven and that because it still cooks food they consider that the oven is not faulty. In the end he cut me off mid sentence and hung up on me. For an expensive cooking appliance to be all guesswork and longer cooking times is just not acceptable. Not good enough LG, I will never recommend your products to anyone. Pam

Nothing but Problems

My microwave switched off mid cooking and display reset occasionally, i cotacted lg call centre who told me to take it to someone 70 km away. This repair centre has not handled lg for years. After telling the call centre i need to find another service agent they still tell me to go to the same place. I gave up but the problem got worse so i found a repair agent eventually who claimed the problem was something to do with the wiring moving when door opens,/closes. Happy with the fact they found intermittent problem and solution so quickly. This didnt however explain turning off mid cooking. I did notice that sometimes when baking cakes the top didnt brown as expected and needed to increase cooking time but never gave it any thought at the time. I got my repaired microwave back and a week or so later after grilling a sandwich the cheese had not melted, i started looking at the top element and sometimes it wouldnt come on and most of the time it came on in waves which i assume is normal. But in baking mainly, sometimes, that top element wouldnt come on at all. This would explain the cakes not browning in the past. While testing my oven so often i noticed the display began to reset again so called service agent and retailer also. The service agent in far north qld has two others there with same display resetting issues at the moment, but it seems they dont really know how to fix it as mine has had the problem return. Come on lg it seems like a common fault, surely you have a solution by now. The repair centre say they have boiled water in it many many times now with no problems and because they cant find the fault they cant fix it, so bad luck to me. If i wanted a microwave that can boil water i would have paid $40 at a cheap shop but i wanted one i could roast and bake in and one that i could rely on to finish a cooking cycle so i paid the high end price. If i selected one that has a clock function, the clock function should work. The grill/oven element should work and the customer service should at very least be able to find a service agent for me. I have no reason to pretend my microwave isnt functioning correctly all the time, if it did work properly it would be a fantastic unit and my review would be great but i am having nothong but problems and lg should do more to solve this common issue. I have lg tv, fridge, washing machine and dishwasher, have had lg convection microwave before this one and been a happy customer. I dont think they should be able to force customers to purchase another of the same as it has issues. Beware this microwave may have issues they cant seem to resolve. Do you feel lucky? Thats wahat it boils down to i think. I must say my retailer betta home living is sympathetic to my cause has organised a courier for the 150km to repair centre and i feel they will help me on this when and how i dont know but theyre on my side.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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Cant thank the betta home living store enough for helping me get reimbursed for the LG NEOCHEF

Such a good design!

We recently purchased this lovely, stylish microwave and I am very pleased with it. It looks lovely in the kitchen but it also functions brilliantly. It is an inverter style one and it cooks so fast compared to my old machine - I have had to refigure cooking times by half in some cases! It also has very handy digital menus. I really am pleased with it!

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Awesome Unit

In our previous home of 13 years we only used our LG Solardome so when we repurchased another home we realised we had to get a microwave and decided to get another convection oven. We loved this model because it has an easy clean interior, a steam unit which supports our healthy food options and easy to follow instructions. We really like the pull down door for easy access as our microwave opening is below the benchtop. It's also brushed silver so it matches our fridge and rangehood.

Excellent and Stylish Microwave

I love the stylish and modern look of this microwave oven! It heats food quickly and very well. Easy to open door and use of knobs /buttons! I would highly recommend purchasing one!

Very Disappointed

Bought new in June 2017. Not used until August 2017. By December 2017 I got sick and tired of the display disappearing up to 10 times a day. Took it to the LG nominated repairer and 4 months later got it back with a new electronic board and fan (did not know it was faulty). The display is still switching itself off, even when not in use. Compared to my older Panasonic unit the grill function on the LG unit is a waste of time. It is too small and largely inefficient for grilling anything and now the grill function is not operating at all. I have other LG products which I trust completely but this microwave has, for me, run its course.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Fault since day 1 and terrible warranty service

Bought it online and frankly had I gone to the store would not have bought it as is shockingly large by design. Still, decent looking and does the job for a microwave but not overly good results for baking and not too friendly to use for other cooking modes so makes for a very expensive microwave as we still opt to bake in the oven due to mediocre outcomes in the NeoChef.

Since day 1 we have had a problem with it reseting itself when we open it which we have put up with as usually we do not open it mid- cooking so just having the clock reset was not a "make or break" issue and frankly took us a little while to realise it was the appliance fault and not us doing something wrong (as each of us thought the other person was resetting the clock or that we accidently erased the program mid cooking).

I wish we acted immediately and returned it to the store as now that this is getting to be an issue since the "reset" now often happens if we open the door mid cooking and we lose track of where the program was at.

Called LG who supposedly have excellent warranty service to be told this monster 39L oven (it is 52cm deep, almost 60cm wide and almost 40cm tall) that weighs as much as toddler DOES NOT qualify for onsite service and they want us to take it to the "nearest" service centre which is 1 HOUR'S DRIVE AWAY !!!
I live in Sydney and find it shocking that they do not have any service centres that are not on the outskirts of Sydney.
And I find it even more shocking that we are expected to take an appliance this large and this heavy to them ourselves.

We paid for delivery of this thing as it is huge and heavy. And we paid over $620 for this thing.

All I can say this is beyond dissapponting and the very last time I purchase ANYTHING LG as the lack of service centres and expectation of customers dragging such large items to them is just unacceptable

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Horrendous customer service - read this review before you buy

I have been buying LG products for years and have generally been very happy. But I always say, the real value of a product or service is highlighted in how the company deals with a situation when a problem occurs.

I read a lot of reviews before buying this NeoChef Convection Microwave and decided it was worth paying a premium price for it. After 5 months of usage, the Microwave turns off and on sporadically (around 15 times a day) and sometimes whilst it is running, automatically adds 30-60 seconds to the timer and you cannot cancel it - you need to switch it off at the power outlet.

Things go wrong so that's fine. I called up LG and was told I need to take it to my nearest service center which is a 30m drive away to be assessed. For a premium product (and a heavy one at that), someone should really come out to assess it but again, I was prepared to put up with this. But then I was told I would be without the Microwave for at least 2 days during the assessment and possibly more depending on what is wrong.

I have kids and am heavily dependent on our Microwave. When I asked if I will get something temporary to use, I was told no. So basically I would have to go out and buy another Microwave whilst this one gets looked at and this is the part I am absolutely NOT ok with.

Despite my repeated requests to the offshore contact center to escalate the job and find me a solution, I was continuously denied and told the same thing - to take it to the service center. They would not let me speak to a manager and they would not find me any alternate solution - all they needed to do is provide me with a basic temporary microwave from the repair center and I would have been ok.

A premium product should not come with this kind of service and I will no longer buy LG products (as I sit here looking at my LG monitor, TV and fridge - also have an LG washing machine).

So extremely angry and disappointed in a company I have supported for so long.

So now I am off to buy another microwave and will be seeking a refund on this expensive paperweight.

Date PurchasedOct 2017


I love this microwave ..i find it easy to use just read the instructions and youll find it very easy to follow . . Im very satesfied with my cooking results with it and It s very good size .. im very happy and satisfied i highly recommend this product

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Love cooking with this!

Without an Oven, I choose to purchase this microwave and love cooking with it.

It's pretty much like cooking with a real oven.
The pre-defined options make it easy to cook popular items, such as baking and roasting.
Pizza tastes great on the racks eg.
The grill heats up quickly.
It comes with a tray and steaming tools.
It's easy to clean.

It is pretty small inside as the two racks don't go under each other. So you have to cook each item one by one.

The microwave is fairly loud when it's running and can take a while to cool down after cooking. But it depends on the amount of space around the unit and the airflow.

It does make cracking noises as mentioned in other reviews but this only lasts for the first 2 minutes and I don't see it as an issue.

In the end, I would highly recommend this Microwave for all cooking.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Very easy to use

A stylish and straight forward easy to use machine. Stable turntable and setting completion is very tuneful. Instructions and guidelines on the inside above the turntable make it easy to select the programme to use. Overall the design is stylish and fitted well with the other stainless kitchen appliances we have. Can recommend it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

This is perfect

Without explanation, I worried a lot about whether it was one of life items, but I decided to use it as an LG product at home. I wonder when I can use the oven at home. I think I can use air fryer with this.
I recommend this product yah.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Not as big as advertised.

LG advertise this as 39 l. Choice, in their test of convection microwaves, measured it at 31 l.

While we can expect for example that a turntable excludes some space from use, this discrepancy is around 25% which is quite a lot.

Note that in the Choice test this model received a Recommended rating.

Update after several months:

The thing works. The control options are numerous and the manual needs to be studied.
Disappointingly the internal rear panel, the only one of stainless steel, is showing corrosion spots. A low grade of steel must have been chosen.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Nice one will recommend to others

Bought about a year ago and giving good service. Heats the food more evenly compared to what I had previously. Touch functions are nice but bit frustrating to set medium time interval for cooking as it takes linger to set. Sleek and shiny design goes well with modern kitchen. The operating noise level is on par.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Just as bad as the decade old microwave I replaced

Bought this due to the material I read on their website. I admit the convection + microwave functions are great. Amazing at heating up crisp pizza in 3 minutes. It's pull down door was also a nice idea.

Apart from that:
1. The fan keeps running for up to a minute each time it finishes microwaving. Extremely annoying.
2. Microwave function is awful. It does not heat consistently at all. Food in the center is frozen while the outside is burning hot. I have to keep mixing my food every 30 seconds for equal heat distribution.
3. Menu is impossible to use without the manual. I feel like I have to memorise codes to get it to work. If you had a screen that tells me what options I have, that would be amazing.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Very poor design

The top to bottom opening door causes difficulty when removing hot items from the oven. The menu is difficult to use. The oven makes cracking noises when heating-up and the turntable rattles around in the oven when in operation. The local representative has reduced the cracking but not the rattly turntable. We are very disappointed with this oven and expected better from LG.. and we did read the manual.

I tell everyone how GREAT this is!!!

This is the 3rd convection microwave I've had in 11 years and I just LOVE it. I don't have a 'regular' oven as I have a small kitchen, so it was important to get the purchase right. My first lasted 10 years (a Smeg) before it gave up the ghost. I never could get the hang of combination cooking on it, though, and it didn't have all the features the modern ones have. The second, a Kogan, I just gave away after a year as it drove me crazy. This one, the ABS (black) model is fantastic!! I've had such fun cooking all my old recipes, plus a lot of new ones. I had built a cabinet especially for my first convection microwave with all the correct ventilation allowances and this one slotted right in and the allowances are the same. You DO have to pay particular attention to that as it does throw out a lot of heat, just like a regular oven does.

So far I've done:
- several, OK, a lot of "Healthy Fry's. Chicken schnitzels (frozen to beautifully browned in 15 minutes - turned once); a full tray of 6 frozen pork and apple cider sausages (frozen to wonderfully caramelized in 16 minutes -turned twice);
- 9 hours slow cooked chicken bone broth in the insert from my small-ish slow cooker;
- 1 litre yoghurt overnight on the 'proof' setting
- steamed vegetables in the steamer
- scones on the roast and bake cook setting
- scrambled eggs in the microwave, plus lots of reheating of cups of tea.

There's a big menu on the inside and it's a bit difficult for 'oldies' to remember the settings when you shut the door and need to dial them in. So I keep the VERY well written instruction manual on the top of the m/wave and just use it. It shows you step by step (in pictures!!) what to do for EACH type of cooking. Just wonderful!!

It's a bit loud on the 'Cooling' section after cooking, but it doesn't last long - it's about as loud as my kettle. The cooker becomes a bit endless when it goes for 9 hours like for slow cooking bone broth (most slow cooking is only 3-5 hours) or for yoghurt, but I just run it overnight and it's fine.

There is a cute little song played when it's finished cooking - no where near as jarring as that loud 'buuuuzzzzz' you get on some machines!

I LOVE that the door opens downward and not to the side. I was always afraid I was going to snap the door off on my other ones if I leaned against it by accident. This just seems more natural. It sits at an corner angle in a cupboard on my bench top and there's plenty of space in front for the door to open onto.

The other main reason I bought this particular convection microwave is the location of the steam function. Some of them require the water to be poured in through the back, which means that you have to lean over the oven to get to it, which I thought could be dangerous. In my case, with it partially built in, that is also impractical. With the LG, you put the water in the base of the steamer and you are good to go. Plus the steamer is so cute - it looks like a plate cover in a fancy restaurant!!

I've been thrilled with everything!! Plus the slow cooker, the yoghurt maker, the rice cooker and the steamer baskets have now gone to the Op Shop and out of my cupboards!!!

I bought this 2 months ago when Joyce Mayne (Harvey Norman) had a big sale and I got a really good price. I hadn't thought about getting another one yet but decided to look because of the annoying Kogan one. The salesman listened to me and suggested the LG and I'm soooo glad he did. I also got 12 months interest free!!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

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Questions & Answers

I have just brought this product and I have followed instructions on set up once I place water in microwave and press start for 30 seconds it is still cold am I doing something wrong please help
2 answers
A cup or mug of milk takes 90 secs to be hot enough for a coffee, 30 seconds would not even start warming it. You will probably find you'll have to add extra time almost every time you cook.Yes need longer than 30 seconds. Every time you press the start button it goes up by 30 seconds... or you can turn the knob too, to set the time required.

My lg neither keeps turning off randomly. Why? It’s only a few months old. Not happy cause it wasn’t cheap
2 answers
I've not had that problem but the turntable is becoming very noisy and sometimes jerks and shudders. My experience with LG was very poor and they were disinterested in the many problems I was having. I wish you luck.Just take it back to the shop you bought it from. They have to fix it

We keep getting an F-1 symbol on our panel and it seems to be for no reason. Any ideas why, it is brand new.
1 answer
I don't get fault codes, I just find that the programs are hard to follow. When I try to defrost it par cooks the item yet when I try to heat or cook something it takes such a long time. LG say that because there is no actual fault they won't do anything.


NeoChef MJ3966ASS (Silver)NeoChef MJ3966ABS (Black)
Price (RRP) $829.00$709.00
Type ConvectionConvection
FeaturesChild Safety Lock, Grill Function, Inverter and Sensor Cooking Child Safety Lock, Grill Function, Inverter and Sensor Cooking
Dimensions 325 x 540 x 523 mm325 x 540 x 523 mm
Turntable Diameter360 mm360 mm
Door MechanismPull HandlePull Handle
Colour / Finish Stainless SteelBlack
Power1,100 W1,100 W
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)

Visit official website - Download manual
  • MPN: 36527833 and MJ3966ASS
  • GTIN13: 8806087857610

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