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The LG TD-H802SJW Heat Pump Dryer is the Worst Appliance we have ever purchased

We purchased this dryer because it was rated as a 9-star energy rating and wanted to replace our old standard dryer that we had owned for about 25 years.

We tried to use this dryer for our complete wash, clothes, sheets and towels.

We found that this LG dryer never actually dried anything completely, the items in the dryer were always damp, regardless of the cycle or time taken and had to be air dried after removal from the dryer.

The cycle times were extraordinarily long, several hours compared to our old dryer which normally took less than 1 hour to dry clothes, towels and linen.

Towels often came out of this LG dryer smelling musty and regularly needed rewashing.

Furthermore, because the drum only runs in one direction larger items such as towels and sheets NEVER dry because they are rolled up into a tight ball and remain very wet on the inside of the ball and damp on the outside of the ball. Running extra cycles to dry sheets or towels was of no use as they simply rolled up again and remained wet.

We returned the dryer to Harvey Norman on the 6th of May 2019 and asked for a full refund as in our determination the product was not fit for purpose and the LG advertising was misleading, in that it never actually dried the clothes, furthermore, if we had been informed of the cycle times and the other design limitation, such the drum only running in one direction and the fact, admitted by the sales person on the 6th of June 2019 that the clothes are always damp when removed from the dryer, we would never had purchased the product in the first place.

We have had several discussions with the retailer and have now referred the matter to VCAT for resolution.

Purchased in June 2018 at Harvey Norman Appliances Physical Store for $1,428.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Great for the home and the environment

I love this dryer. I've owned it for 9 months and haven't had any issues. Clothes dry every time and it is wonderful to no longer turn the laundry room into a hot and humid mess when drying clothes.

Purchased in September 2018.

Great Dryer

Lots of different program settings, nice audible notifications and it drys your clothes in a timely fashion.
My second LG dryer, first one bought 10yrs ago and only replaced as we bought a new LG washer and dryer as a pair.

Purchased in September 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Worst appliance purchase I have ever made - product and service received

I purchased this dryer to replace our 12 year old wall hung LG dryer. There were no issues with this dryer, but the old venting system and a broken wall exhaust was just slowly ruining our laundry. I decided to purchase the new LG Heat Pump dryer primarily because it was the newest technology, long term cost savings, and because our dryer and 2 washers had always been with this brand.
I purchased the LG Heat Pump dryer in Oct 2018 and from day 1 it never seemed to dry completely after finishing the cycle, regardless of which cycle I chose. Like other reviews, sheets tangled and come out with slight damp patches. I had to dry a load of blankets three times before they finally came out, resulting in stale smelling washing (also because I had forgotten they were in there after each cycle, but who expects wet washing to stay wet in a dryer).
I had the machine checked by a Service Centre rep in late December and they confirmed there was a fault to which they needed to provide the quote to LG to either approve the repair or provide a new machine.
Over the next two months I had to ring LG a total of five times to try and find out what the resolution was (no one ever called me to advise an update). Three times LG said that the Service Centre had not sent in the report - to which on calling the Service Centre they advised me they had sent it over 3 times now. The fourth time LG said they had the report, but the approving manager hadn't made any decision, so they sent another request for it to be looked at and decisioned.
Finally on 22 Feb my repair was approved - 9 WEEKS after the product was physically assessed.
The required part was ordered, and the machine collected on 26 Feb. I was told the repair itself would take about 3 hrs. However on repairing the first fault, and running a test, a second issue was discovered and another part had to be ordered. These things happen, and I don't blame the local Service Centre for the delay. However 9 weeks of having to dry most loads twice, and with a very expensive 'new' machine still being repaired 10 days later - this would have to be the worst appliance purchase I have ever made, topped off with LG's repair approval process/service pretty appalling.

Purchased in October 2018 at Appliances Online.

Great dryer however does tangle large items

Really good dryer, being a condenser dryer and 9 star energy rating, you really cant go wrong, everything seems to dry really fast and the setup was so easy. I chose to plumb it in so i dont need to empty out the water after every wash. Only complaint is with bed sheets and quilt covers it does tangle them into a big ball so the outside dries but the inside stays wet, means you need to untangle them once per dry cycle which isnt the end of the world but just something to know

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Happy purchase

We have it for 4 weeks from appliance central to replace our 10 Year old Maytag 7kg condenser dryer. It much more quiet. We use at least 5 times per week for mix load from 7.5kg Samsung washer, 1200rpm. We alway used quick setting “On then Start”. The power consumption was between 530 to 780 watts per load (using ALDI power meter to measure).

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Great Product but not without it’s issues

This is a good machine and the reason for purchasing was the 9 star energy rating, I wish I had read some more honest reviews prior to purchase.
It is a dryer, however it does seem to leave the clothes and towels a little damp, even selecting the extra dry function does not seem to help. For drying clothes and smaller items it’s great however sheets and doona covers and the like all end up in a massive ball and come out still really wet. You must open the dryer every 10 minutes or so to untangle them, this is annoying and means when doing bedding etc you cannot leave it alone. I raised with this LG customer care and they acknowledge that as the machine only has a single rotation and not reverse rotation this is a known problem. You would think for a $1600+ machine they would get this right and at least adjust the programming to offer reverse tumble action for larger items to fix this problem.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Great Dryer

I purchased this dryer as I also have the LG front loader and LG have a stacking system which allows dryer and washer to be very stable. Didnt ever think I would buy a dryer but there was a period of about 2 weeks non stop rain and we were running out of clothes hence the purchase. Just like the LG front loader this dryer also has many options and settings which allows you to set it to your liking.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

An intelligent dryer and most energy efficient with 9 star

- You can control using your phone remotely from anywhere any time
- It has a drying rack suitable for shoes, backpack, bags and etc.
- Most efficient on electricity and no water needed as it is a heat pump dryer
- Nice and quite include an led light to show you inside
- As it has a couple of sensors, as soon as the cloths dried it'll be stopped
- Its anti-crease feature is great. Just chose it with cold air and no need to have any ironing on most of the fabrics
- Downloadable some new drying program from the internet and send it to the machine using your phone
- My wife and I love it as each drying cycle cost is only 9 cents and it has a drain hose to pump out the wastewater automatically and no need to do nothing manually.
- Has safety features and child lock so, good for who has a curious child like us can use the machine with peace of mind.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

No problems so far

After reading so many bad reviews of heat pump Dryers we were not sure what to purchase. None of the main brands seem to have good reviews. We bought this because of the 9 stars and took a chance. Bought for a good price through good guys Ebay store. Well I can say so far it has exceeded our expectations, we often load it with a mix from towels to socks in the one load and they come out dry every time using the cotton setting. We have also not had any problem with bed sheets twisting up and not drying.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

9 star energy rating @ $0.09c per load huge energy saving + no hot air expelled, perfect for apartme

CHOICE rated this in their top 3 Heat pump dryer performance review recently and purchased it on that basis. A heat-pump dryer is now one of the most energy efficient appliances, period. Energy saving is significant...$0.09c a load compared to $0.50c and upwards for a standard vented dryer and that's been reflected on my last couple of monthly electricity bills that have been significantly lower. I No longer feel guilty about using the dryer.
It has an 8kg capacity, super quiet, loads of programs including different levels of dryness, has the cheapest running costs of any model in CHOICE's heat pump dryer review, WiFi enabled so u can use the LG app to program it and self-diagnose issues, has an internal light, laundry has come out brilliantly dry using the auto sensor dry programs, stacks on top of an existing LG front loader (either by the stacking kit that comes with it or there's a thick square of rubber that you can buy @ Appliances Online to stack it atop of non-LG front loading machines).
Best of all is that heat pump dryers don't expel any hot air or lint into the laundry or house, so in my case an apartment with combined bathroom & laundry NO MOISTURE DRIPS running down walls, ventilation not required so perfect for those living in apartments. The water is collected either by it's built in water tray or it pumps it out via a small hose to laundry tub like a washing machine would.
Long cycle time. Approx 2 hr , 30 mins for a cotton load but as noted above, the cost savings far outweigh the time in my opinion. .
Does not reverse tumble which means that bedding / sheets / large single bulky items often (but not always) form a ball which is dry on outside but still a little moist on inside.
Doesn't handle small loads well using the automatic moisture sensor - it's capacity is about 8-10 bath towels so plenty of material will pass by the sensor. With a small load items tend to cling to the metal drum so don't pass the sensor as often. THis is compounded by the dryer not reverse-tumbling. To resolve this just have to use manual drying setting but guessing and then setting the timer how long a load will take to dry is a bit of an art. I'd probably suggest buying a smaller capacity model (eg. 7kg) for those doing regular small-ish loads.
Heat pump dryers can't be mounted to the wall - they're just too heavy (approx weight of a front loader washer).

But I'm thoroughly happy with this purchase - it''s just nice not feeling like an environmental terrorist anymore.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Questions & Answers

Does the dryer beep for any length of time upon completion? I've previously owned appliances that do this, and it drives me nuts. I don't want appliances that scream at me "I'M FINISHED, I'M FINISHED, I'M FINISHED, I'M FINISHED" like a toddler.
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You can turn the sound off so this should not be a problem.


Price (RRP) $1949
Energy Rating9Stars
Wall MountableNo

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  • GTIN13: 8801031788101
  • MPN: TD-H802SJW

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