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Lindt Gold Bunny

Lindt Gold Bunny

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Breanna G

Breanna GSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 4 reviews

The most amazing chocolate ever!


Lindt Bunnies are so amazing and worth every expense! Lindt is the creamiest chocolate and all you can taste is quality, perfect mini gift for someone who loves chocolate or deserves a treat, you won’t be disappointed.

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles for $2.25.

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  • 4 reviews

The bunny is back!


You know it's Easter when the bunnies start appearing :)

The ring of the bell, the taste of the chocolate, and the smile on my family's faces are just some of the memories I owe to Lindt. Lindt chocolate is smooth and creamy, and the bunny is a perfect size for a sweet treat.

I look forward to them every year!

Lindt balls don’t taste the same


The flavour of the Lindt balls has changed and taste cheap like they are made out of inferior chocolate. They taste different, so much so that we will no longer purchase them, even though we have always brought them on a regular basis. The new taste has really put us off.

Not the samesarah


Something has changed .. this year the Lindt Easter Chocolate wasn’t very nice. It doesn’t have the smooth taste and texture. It tastes like cheap chocolate......no longer a fan.

Normally yummy but the bunnies are now soooo salty


I love Lindt choc. I especially love the melt-in-your-mouth choc balls. And until this Easter I loved the choc bunnies...but oh lordy, they seem so salty this year. What's going on? Do the supermarkets stock an inferior version or something? My antennae are definitely quivering.

Olivia L.

Olivia L.seattle

not happy


i bought this bunny, thinking it would be all filled in, but once i took a bite out of it it was HOLLOW it said nothing about it on the label

Lindt Gold Bunny


Tastes like sale. Worst Easter Bunny in the history of chocolate manufacturing. Vomit smells better. Total waste of your time and money. Avoid, beware. Lindt is crap.



  • 28 reviews

Hazlenut Version


I have actually gone off Lindt in recent years. Use to be brilliant for taste. Either my taste buds have changed or Lindt have changed the recipe or started using cheaper and poorer quality ingredients like Cadburys have. I don't know.

Anyway happened to try their Hazelnut Gold Bunny yesterday (I adore hazelnut anything) and was impressed. It tasted really good.

Never seen a hazelnut version before.....so I hope this is an ongoing edition to their Easter range.

Not As Good as Norwegian Chocolate


It was pretty nice I must admit, smooth like butter slathered onto my tender manbosoms, but in chocolatier Hannah's words "not As good as norwegian chocolate" .


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 675 reviews

Yummy Treat



simm_meevic, 3020

  • 256 reviews



a smooth milk chocolate that wont let you down, a great little gift for easter that is attractive yet not too expensive
these are very classy looking smooth andenjoyable treats. great gift idea for easter as the cute bunny wrapped in gold makes an attractive gift however it isnt too expensive. the little red ribbon comes with a bell which my younger children cant resist playing with. lindt is a well known and reputable quality milk chocolate that meets my expectations every time, readily available in large chain stores
never enough



  • 92 reviews



I love to both give these as gifts at Easter and also to eat them. The chocolate is just devine and they never leave you feeling like you have eaten too much chocolate. They are a bit more expensive than other Easter eggs, but they are worth it.
These are so and the chocolate they are made of is very devine that they are the perfect gift to give to someone at Easter. I like the fact you can get a small or large one and they really do look special.
That there is not more chocolate in each one.



  • 133 reviews



The chocolate makes you salivate and just one look. After one piece melting in you mouth, you just can't stop.
I love the ears of the bunny- they're the best part because they're solid chocolate. They're easy to find in the supermarket, Target, Kmart, DJ's & Myer.
The cost of lindt chocolate is a bit expensive.



  • 50 reviews



A delicious treat which has the traditional Lindt formula that is absolutely fantastic to eat. I'd recommend it as a gift for somebody who loves chocolate around Easter time especially given the shape and size of this product. Definitely one of my favourites.
A great treat and a good gift for anyone who enjoys Lindt chocolate. It is especially useful for Easter time, given its shape and size, though I'd buy it earlier as it is cheaper when it isn't Easter time.
Expensive and quite small, so it's easily finished. It's also not very filling.



  • 95 reviews



I love giving Lindt Gold Bunnies out for easter. They are a lovely gift and everyone appreciates them. Great for teachers, bosses, work collegues even the mother in law!
You can find them at all supermarkets and major department stores, and are not expensive as buying truffles from a chocolate specialty store. The taste is creamy and delicious. Worth a try for those not familar with Lindt's great tasting chocoltate.
A great gift for easter, lovely packaging, chocolate tastes so luxurious and delicious
Can be expensive compaired to other chocolates on the market, but the price is well worth it.



  • 101 reviews



Although I absolutely love and adore Lindt chocolate, I just can't justify the cost to purchase these bunny shaped chocolates. They do make really beautiful gifts but unless you have a huge budget to spend on chocolate, it is probably best to steer away from these. It would only take a few seconds to destroy the foil and then you're left with the same ordinary Lindt chocolate underneath. Buy a block of Lindt chocolate in the cardboard packaging instead. It's better value for money.
They are presented in gorgeous golden foil in the shape of bunnies. They are great gifts for Easter time.
These chocolate bunnies are on the expensive end of the chocolate market in my opinion.


TracyJW.A., 6077

  • 62 reviews



Oh who wouldn't love one of these ( or even a few!) as a gift!!!! The quality is secound to none- everything is extravagant - gold foil paper, bow, gold bell, the chocolate is the best I've tasted - but then again its Lindt so you know it will be good. If you want to impress - give one of these!
Beautifully packaged, elegant,classic. Smooth velvety chocolate. Sheer quality. Makes a delightful gift. love the little ribbon and bell.Who wouldn't fall in love with this cute chocolate bunny!
The price! Definately for a special occasion!! Although the quality of the smooth, rich, luxurious chocolate makes it worth while :)


beautyqueenvic, 3824

  • 228 reviews



i love all lindt chocolate but these bunnies are so cute and so yummy, they are a perfect gift, the chocolate is so much better then the cheap bunnies so i would rather pay more and get better quality, quality over quantity is always better
i love the lindt bunnies, they are the cutest thing i have seen, i even have a top stuffed one that i love, the chocolate is amazing and i love that they comes in different sizes now too, i always get some at easter time
they can be quite pricey but its easter so its only once a year so that ok


sherriVic, 3802

  • 154 reviews
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I had a couple at easter and they are just delightful, especially if you refrigerate the chocolate first. They have a magnificent, rich, smooth taste that just melts in your mouth (and probably right down to your hips but even that didn't deter me).
The taste, of course. This is a lovely smooth chocolate and it is quite a nice thickness too-not too stingy the way some chocolate eggs can be. They are also extravagantly wrapped. They make a lovely gift but thank goodness everyone knows the brand isn't cheap because they aren't very big.
You pay for these, believe you me. They are dear. I find myself looking at them at times and wishing they could downgrade the foil ever so slightly and upgrade the rabbit size.



  • 226 reviews



Lindt Gold Bunnies are a delicious chocolate treat made from wonderfully rich, smooth Lindt chocolate and beautifully packaged in gold foil with a lovely ribbon and gold bell. They are perfect for gifts at Easter, or just to have for yourself as well. They are quite expensive though but these bunnies are not your average run of the mill Easter bunnies. Lindt chocolate is famous for its delicious flavour, that is smooth and rich but not overpowering or heavy and these bunnies are not exception.
Delicous, smooth, rich chocolate. Wonderfully crafted. Each bunny comes with a little gold bell.
Very expensive.

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