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Best Mozzie treatment

Love the eczema cream for my son's mozzie bites. He flares up really bad and with 2 days they had significantly improved using this cream. Thanks Little Bodies for making such a versatile cream.

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Hi Emma, Thank you for taking the time to share your review. Glad that the Eczema Relief Cream gave your son the relief you were looking for.

Tiny people are precious ☺

Little Bodies is a product that treats tiny people's skin with gentleness and respect ! Their health is important too and deserve equal nuture and care every single day .

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Hi Millie, Thank you for your review. We are glad to read that you are happy with our little product range.

The best

our baby was on steroid eczema cream for over 3 weeks, before finding this. We were amazed; redness cleared up completely in 2 days, we use the whole range now.

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Hi Mel C, Thank you for taking the time to share your review of the Little Bodies range. We are always so thrilled to read of the improvement of the skin of our little consumers. We market our range as a regimen of care as the best way to care for your little ones eczema prone or sensitive skin is by using the product range together so we are glad to read that you are using the whole range.

It worked! And fast!

my daughter’s eczema was increasing between her elbow fold and back of knee. As I returned from overseas I saw how inflamed behind her knee was. Within the first application of Little Bodies eczema cream she stopped scratching! In just a few days it miraculously dried it out and was clear within less than 5 days!
No more steroid creams known to thin
the skin. This is a must have for eczema. Smells beautiful too my daughter puts it on herself. Very glad I found this!

Hi Angela, Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are glad to hear that you have successfully been able to manage your daughter's flare-up using the relief cream. We greatly appreciate you sharing your experience with us.It’s so good to have a natural alternative!

I am so glad I found this!!

My daughter was around 5 months old when she started to get some very dry and red patches all over her body. One day she ended up having a rash all over her arms and stomach because she kept on scratching. I tried so many products on her however nothing made a difference. I saw this at Woolworths and decided to look it up. After reading so many positive reviews I went back and bought the entire range. I saw results after 1 day and there was such a big improvement. I have been using this for almost 6 weeks now and could not be happier. I would definitely recommend this to everyone who has a child suffering ezcema because this has saved my sanity.

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Hi Joanne, Thank you for sharing your experience with the Little Bodies products. Wonderful to read of your positive experience.


I have been using the Little Bodies eczema wash and shampoo on my baby and his eczema has now cleared up. I really like how it is soap free and being 2 in 1 makes it so quick and simple to use.

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Hi JacJame, Thank you for taking the time to review the Little Bodies Eczema Wash & Shampoo. It is always fabulous to read that our products are helping consumers and their families. In order to protect sensitive bodies from shampoo run off, it is important to be cautious of what products are being used to wash hair and potentially washed over the body, hence our 2 in 1 formula.

The best product I’ve tried

My little boy is 8 months old and has had eczema for about 6 months and it was getting really bad where he would scratch himself and it would bleed instantly and his face and neck looked red raw all the time. I’ve tried many other products to get it under control & nothing was helping. I purchased the body was then went back for the rest of the products once I saw his baths clearing it up. It just needed a little more. So the lotion and relief cream were perfect! So happy & he looks so much more comfortable!! No more red skin! Thank you Little bodies

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Hi Kara, So wonderful to read your review. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. It is so hard to watch a little bub suffer. We are thrilled that you have found our products to be helpful. Often times changing the wash that you use is a very important step in helping to get sensitive skin issues under control as traditional soaps and shampoos can often flare up skin rashes and irritation. And you are so right, the "trick" is the 3 step regimen of care.

A saviour on our family holiday

Whilst on holidays on the Gold Coast, we found ourselves missing a few items from home. We’d never tried this brand before however saw it in Woolworths and are so glad we gave it a try. Our 18m old son Theo was dunked at the beach and being in the salt water seemed to flare his eczema up. Thanks goodness we had this product to rely on... summer eczema almost 100% gone in 24 hours... might have to try this on my itchy pregnant skin...

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Hi Sally, Thank you for your review. Very glad to hear that the product has been such a welcome find for you. As with other products used during pregnancy, we recommend that you consult with your healthcare professional before choosing to use the product on yourself.

Quick relief and not just for little bodies!

Wonderful product that is readily available in the supermarket. It has really made a big difference to my son's fingertips which would often get red and scaly (still unsure of cause). I've also used it on my skin which occasionally gets red and inflamed and within an hour the redness virtually disappeared!

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Hi Nat, Thank you for taking the time to review the Little Bodies products. Glad you have found their availability in Woolworths to be of convenience to you. Good to hear that you've found success using it for "little bodies" and for "bodies that are not as little". :)

Life changer

I Absolutely recommend Little Bodies Eczema lotion to anyone with a little one suffering. My Daughter Fifi was shy and embarrassed of her hands when she had flare ups she was in pain and no creams were working. After 1 week her hands were unrecognisable and she had no flakey skin. We use it everyday

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Hi Katina, Thank you for taking the time to review the Little Bodies products. We are thrilled to read that your daughter is managing her eczema so much better with the use of our range.

Amazing product glad i found it

Tried qv on my sons ezxcma and it made it spread all over my sons body when it was only on his stomach.
Used little bodies for two days and it completely disappeared and made it stay away for almost a month.

Will not be trying anything else this product is amazing

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Hi Angiejx1415, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We are very glad that the Little Bodies range has been beneficial to your son.

This product is amazing - best stuff I've ever used.

I love this product so much - at times that I've had skin breakouts i have used it too and love it, smells amazing too which is a bonus. My kids love it as much as i do which says a lot because they usually had smells & certain things.

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Hi Elira, Thank you for your review and feedback on the Little Bodies range. Glad you have found something which suits both yourself and your children.

I'm 20 and this is the first product that has calmed my itch!

This proudct is my life saver my eczma is so bad that I need wet bandages but since Little bodies moisturizer my skin has been able to keep calm and take away the itch and I have never been so thankful.

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Hi Chelsea, Thank you for taking the time to review Little Bodies Moisturising Lotion. Sorry to hear that you have suffered for so long but glad that you have now found something that is right for you and is making your life much more manageable.


I was getting ready to take my son to the doctor, nothing seemed to be helping his eczema. I found Little Bodies at Woolworths & thought why not. So happy I did!! It's been 3 days & the redness has gone, he has stopped scratching, & some patches have cleared completely. Now recommending to all my friends and family.

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Hi Happy mum, thank you for taking the time to review the Little Bodies products. We are thrilled that you found the product at Woolworths and gave it a try. Thank you for recommending the product to others. We hope your little one's skin continues to improve.

Best eczema product on the market!

Winter brings unwanted dry skin and eczema in my house. I am very cautious about what creams I put on my one-year-old so I was so happy I found Little Bodies eczema moisturing lotion. It contains Colloidal Oatmeal which has been so gentle on my daughter and the smell is mild pleasant and not overpowering like other creams. It turned her skin from dry and patchy to smooth and soft and I’ve been recommending to all of my friends. It’s also so convenient it’s at my local Woolworths store, so I can grab some the second I run out. Definitely a must have for all babies, toddlers and children with dry and sensitive skin.

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Hi Ellisha, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the Little Bodies Eczema Moisturising Lotion. Thank you for recommending the range to your friends it's always comforting for a parent to go on someone's recommendation.

Life changer

After trying so many other products i was over buying products that didnt work and was recommended little bodies. Within a week mr 2's flared up ecsma has almost completely gone. We cant thank you enough

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Hi Chanelle, Thank you for sharing your experience. We are so happy to hear that your little one has found relief through using the Little Bodies products. As a parent to a child who suffers from eczema, I know personally how hard the trial and error process with eczema creams can be. Thanks again for your review.

Amazing and sanity saving

These products have been a life saver for my family. My little girl had a major flare up recently and these have saved my sanity. Highly recommend for any mother who doesn’t know where to turn

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Hi Jordy, Thank you for taking the time to review the Little Bodies range of products, we greatly appreciate customer reviews. We are thrilled to read that you have found the products to be of such value to you and your family. Thank you again for sharing your experience. We are currently running a tag and win promotion. Take a look at our insta page for your chance to enter to win a gift card.

Gentle, amazing and effective!!!

We absolutely love LB we have now been using for 2 weeks and our little ones skin is leaps and bounds better and no more steroids. Amazing! Thank you so much!

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Hi Chloe, Thank you for taking the time to share your review of the Little Bodies range of products. We are so happy to read that your little one is doing so well. Thanks again.

Loved it for my little one’

I was sent to try out Littlebodies skincare products for Arya. Arya doesn’t have eczema but she suffers from dryness on her body during winters. I started using products by little bodies, specially the moisturizer and it has shown amazing result on Arya’s skin. Her cheeks are back to being soft and pink. No more dryness on her body. I am in love with all products by littlebodies and would highly recommend anyone suffering from eczema or early signs of it. Also look forward to be using these products in future.

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Hi Aryamumsy, Thank you for taking the time to trial and review our products. We are very happy to read that even though Arya doesn't suffer from eczema, you still found the products to be useful in helping to manage her dry skin. At Little Bodies our philosophy is that prevention is better than cure and looking after skin by managing dryness and making use of gentle products suitable for sensitive skin is an important preventative step in caring for young skin.


I’ve been using the lotion, cream and the wash and love them all!! My daughter has very dry skin mainly on her face. The cream clears it up within a day or 2 if it flares up. I try to use the lotion everyday to prevent as it is a lighter option! Nothing else has helped previsouly or makes it worse so I’m so thankful I tried this!

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Hi Jess, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We are always very happy to hear from our customers and testimonials are very helpful to those looking for eczema solutions so we can't thank you enough for sharing your thoughts. We believe the quality and efficacy of our products speak for themselves and are glad to read that you are a happy consumer who has finally found a solution to your eczema troubles. Thank you again.

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I’m sure if my one month old son has eczema or not but he has rush on his skin and I feel like all the products I got are making it worse please help.
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My kid have eczema and I brought they said it dying when I put it on them is this normal? I've tried everything
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Hi Sam, Thank you for being in contact. My apologies, I don't completely understand your question. It appears you have bought Little Bodies but have some concern. I'm just unsure of what your question is. Would you be able to please call our customer service line on 1300 241 519 so we can help you further. Thank you.