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Lotus offgrid 15 foot

Love this caravan done about 2400 km in it now. Great van we upgraded some things but it’s mostly standard. Build quality is good not perfect but very good. Tow it with a Ford Everest no problem at all. Totally recommend Lotus and Luxury RVs in Rockingham

18' Freelander

I have nothing but praise for the Freelander. It tows like a dream, all weights are as stated, everything works as claimed and the dealer and company have been outstanding to deal with. We had it serviced recently and nothing was found to be out of order by the independent service technician who was full of praise for the quality. We have given it a pretty tough initiation over the last year and it has stood up to it well....

Floor Planrear door

Another 2014 freelander.

Many disappointments with what is supposed to be a quality van; about 25 issues in total. Our dealer has done nothing for us right from pick up day when the first problems started. G & S did not read the plan correctly & fitted the wrong hitch , had to take it home that way & chase up the correct one later & fit it. Later found that the hubs had damaged seals, will say that G & S were good to deal with & supplied all parts required to fix the problems. Other problems were bulbs falling out of the reading lights within the first 5kl, a design that was never going to work. A cupboard that was dragging on the floor& could not be opened,shower badly fitted,lock nuts on the ensuite sliding door left loose, loose bolts in the air con, hot water system kept comming loose, 90% of the screws did not align with the wall, just into thin air,high pressure gas hoses blew off at the crimps, solar regulator failed within 3 mths; Lotus was using a cheap chinese copy of the Prostar morning star regulator,Clearance light wiring jammed within the wall cavity causing a short circuit & cannot be got at to repair; same with DVD to TV.These & many more issues are not wear & tear, they are all factory issues due to some very crappy workmanship that they dont like being told about. I would have no reason to remain loyal to them if I was ever able to be in the market again.

Floor Plan19.6" center door, front bed, center kitchen with rear ensuite.

Love our Lotus

We found our 21,6ft Lotus Freelander very good towing on Highway or Off road. Has been on some extreme off roads and handle the conditions very well. Cape York, Central Desert Road and the Savannah Way.

Floor PlanFreelander

2018 19 foot Off Grid

We have just purchased our fantastic "green" 19 foot off grid van lots of storage very easy to tow and plenty of off road clearance. love the Lead Crystal battery setup, not sure why i need a generator, we have just done our first trip in the Pilbara not a single problem after 5000 km a lot of which was off the sealed stuff.
Many thanks to Luke and the team at L RV's in Mandurah for their sales advice and support.

Floor PlanYacht Queen bed with two bunks

My 2014 Lotus Freelander

After nearly 4 years, some 30,000k and around 400 nights spent aboard, I reckon I can make an educated comment. In a nutshell, the Freelander is brilliant. We have done the Birdsville Track and many other "off road" roads. In total our repairs have included one awning (torn of by a Tornado), one drawer catch (we loaded our heavy crockery in the top drawer), one electric brake actuator (Ii drove off with the handbrake on and it got hot) and a handful of what are maintenance items. Maybe we have been lucky or maybe patient and conscious of the need for regular maintenance.

Floor Plan21'6"

Best van ever

We bought a Freelander 2016 2 years ago
Best thing we ever purchased
Very happy with after sales service
From Gold Coast caravans
no major issues very happy with our van
Only wish we could use it more

Lotus Freelander

We purchased our Lotus Freelander in 2014 to discover it had many faults, most of which I had to fix myself as the company continually came up with reasons why they could not cover most of my complaints under the warranty and within the warranty period.
It started from the first time I went to use the van, to find out that there was absolutely no silicon used in the shower recess, so it leaked through the floor and walls. When I tried to phone Lotus I discovered that they closed for the Xmas period and so had to fix this myself before we could use it. The windows did not seal properly, the draws fell out several times and the slide in pantry collapsed. The draws were not installed properly and so continually broke the latches with more than 13 latches being replace. Internal use only connections were used for the solar panel on the roof which rusted and damaged the roof. The hand break cable did not work correctly and the cladding on the outside deformed. The floor bubbles, the tap in the ensuite was not fastened properly, a clip was left inside the cabinet around the washing machine and many other faults like exposed staples showing through the roof.

These were mostly simple quality issues and even though I returned the van for repair they were not fixed properly or completely leading to the same thing happening again. There were other problems which I have not listed, however Lotus and their distributor did not accept responsibility for all of the problems.

I have repaired or replaced most of the problems with the cabinetry or fittings myself, realigned and built supports.
In saying all of this and despite the lack of support from lotus, my van in now working better and we enjoy it. It is just the time and cost it has taken me to get it to a reasonable condition that is disappointing.

Maybe I am expecting too much from a caravan manufactory, which is to provide a similar quality and service as the motor vehicle or building industry.

Floor PlanFreelnder

We love our Freelander

Purchased a 2017 Freelander brand new in November 2017 and have been on 4 separate trips over the Christmas Holidays. Upon pick up of the van from the dealer, we found no defects. Once we used it, we found quite a few small things that were not quite right, most cosmetic. Emailed the manufacturer and they got back to us with a date to have the van looked at. The van went back in for warranty repairs in Feb 2018. Every defect listed was repaired by the manufacturer in a couple of hours. Nothing was disputed or rejected and our van is now perfect. Great service by Lotus warranty department.

Floor PlanCustom Layout

Top Van

Have taken my 19'6" Trooper on plenty of rought roads ( Cape York, Tanami, Gibb River, Kalumbaru) and not a single problem. Handles the rough & dust well with all the comforts of home. 60,000ks in 3 years & still looks good after a wash. Tows great behind a 200 Series Cruiser. Would buy another one when it's time for an up date.

Floor Plan19'6"

Excellent quality build

We've had our Freelander 12 months now and it has been down some beaten tracks so assume if something was going to go wrong it would have by now. the quality of the finish is perfect and can't fault the dealer or manufacturer. We wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

Floor Planrear door

Nothing but problems

Problems from day 1. Poor internal finishes, water leaking around hatches, tyres wore out after around 15000 kilometres, rear bumper cracked, poor company warranty back up. If you buy one of these vans you will have nothing but trouble.

Excellent Van

Quality is great finish is faultless, our 186Freelander with its fabulous suspension has been towed behind a Nissan Patrol and now a Ford Ranger and it tows like a dream, the factory suport for any issues we have had has been excellent every body we have delt with at Lotus has been MORE than helpfull!


We love our Lotus sprint and in a few years will be buying a lotus Freelander

We bought our Sprint 6 years ago and only had a couple of little things go wrong, which the dealer fixed without fuss.
I do keep the maintenance up as you should with anything.

Floor Plan19.6 mid door

Bought a used 2014 Trooper. Very happy with the van.

Very happy with the set out, Did the Gibb River Road and Savannah Way Burketown to Borroloola this year and no major issues.
Van has solid construction and control rider independent suspension.
Tows well with 200 series.

Good old fashioned service backing a quality caravan

I am satisfied with the quality and finish of The Actual Lotus build of the caravan.
Some of the appliances are a bit dissapointing but the only control Lotus has is to refuse to use the particular product.
When a certain field is Monopolised by a Company it does make it a bit difficult for the end product manufacturer to get a high quality finish.
And this where Lotus excel, Goce who is in charge of the manufacturing is meticulous with his requirements and the
and with what the customers expects,Yes problems arise from time to time but he is always willing to listen even though he is so busy that he doesn't get time to answer every inquiry posed.

The Caravan , in this a 23ft custom built Trooper is well constructed and after an extensive dirt road work out on the Birdsville track to Liegh Creek then the back track to Yunta via the back track was very rough and fine copious amount of dust came out on top.
There were a couple of sn\mall dust leaks around the fridge vents and some pipe entry points.
Corrugations were smoothed out by dropping tyre pressures on car and van to around 23psi and speed to 40-50 KPH, even slower in some sections.
The structor remained sound and even glassware in the cupboards stayed intact.
I removed the Weight Distribution bars from the tow tug and found it to be a much more comfortable ride .
The tug is a 200 Series LandCruiser 2008 vintage.

We are very pleased with the Lotus Trooper and will definately reccomend Lotus .

Floor Planfloor plan was customised to an east west bed with wardrobes across the front , rear on suit bathroom and off side center kitchen. Cafe dinette with leather seats.

Dream Off Road Van

Absolutely thrilled with our new 19ft Off Grid Lotus Caravan. Thanks to Mick at Chapman’s Caravans, Nowra, our purchase and 1 1/2 hour handover could not have run smoother. Nothing was too much trouble for these guys. Our van has performed beautifully and it is everything we hoped it would be. Perfectly designed and the layout works beautifully with our family of 6. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks Lotus and Chapman’s Caravans.

Floor Plan19ft Off Grid Triple Bunk layout

Great van

We have been owners of our 19'6" Freelander since April 2016 and have found the Lotus excellent, as with all vans there were a few issues that have been addressed by the dealer without question. On our experience, having been caravaners for over 30 years we would have no hesitation buying another Lotus in the future.

Floor PlanFreelander

Rubies van

We purchase our Lotus van in 2012 after having it for 2 weeks we took it back to the factory wanting our money back it was so poorly built and finished, they said they would fix . I dropped it of 12 weeks later they said it was ready we went to pick it up after looking at it I drove off and left it there, in the end I picked it up and have been fixing it up for the past 5 years , it had 32 things wrong ,crazy things like the vents in the water tanks where 1" holes drilled in the top of the tanks, red earth wires, no water tank fillers, reversing camera behind the bike rack, 13 unsealed holes letting dust in, gas certificate for compressor fridge, no manual for the van no water tank drains , supposed to have surflow pumps cheaper pumps fitted, gas heater fitted in the middle of the under bed storage rendering it unusable, the outlet for the gas heater is behind the awning leg so you have to disconnect the leg to work the heater. Door opening was to big for the door and wouldn't lock properly and on and on it goes

Lotus Offgrid - Everything that I hoped for

After many years of serious off-roading with a camper trailer, we felt like getting some luxury. We had been spoilt with the camper (TVan Canning), and wanted a caravan that provided reliability to match the TVan.
We found it in the Lotus Offgrid. Very strong, all the luxury you could want and in a small and strong package. 14 foot long, it contains a king size bed, shower and toilet, internal and external kitchens, hot water, air con, TV, and an amazing amount of storage.
We've thrashed it behind our Landrover Defender 110 and it's been terrific. We break the Defender but not the van.
Sure, there were minor issues at the start, but nothing that I couldn't handle. Hey, nothing's perfect.
Great value. It also comes with a great Lotus family on Facebook, who are positive, supportive and encouraging.
I fully recommend the Lotus Offgrid for an all round satisfying experience.

Floor Plan14 foot A

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were are your dealers please
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Melbourne were really helpful. I think Brisbane, Sydney, Perth look up website

Our flyscreen/blockout screen on our Lotus Caravan has come adrift at the sides on one of the windows, any suggestions how to reinstate it please?
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2015 Sprint. Having problems with the solar turning off. Needing to push the reset button Any clues as to what may be causing this to happen. Thankyou.
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