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Love N Care Techno

Love N Care Techno

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Very hard to clean in crevices after a month it stinks. Seat is so low and tray is so high baby can’t use arms properly. Legs are so unnecessarily bulky, foot rest is far too low. Overpriced piece of junk, definitely wouldn’t recommend it. Only good feature is that it is on wheels and has a good size tray for eating.

Wheels are great, okay to clean. Seat angle not great.

I love the fact this can be wheeled around and is comfortable for bub. The seat is very oversized for him (9mo) though and the seat angle is not adjustable enough in my opinion. There are some nooks and crannies making cleaning annoying too, but I was given this product for free so can't complain! Tbh I would consider a cheaper model though, especially as it retails for around $200 in some places which is definitely overpriced.

Worth it

I m a first time mom and I bought it when my baby was 6 months old and she has been using it since then . No bigger issue just sometime she wasn't comfortable with the harness but she isn't comfortable in car seat too so , I don't think it's chair problem . Overall it's a really good stuff for us and I would like to buy again for my other child

Pandora love and care high chair

We bought the pandora love and care hoghchair for our 6m old. The chair's back legs extend too far back and pose a tripping hazard. They are easily missed on the floor. The chair is too big in its design for little bubs with tray table sitting at bubs chin level. When supplier and shop were contacted about these issues they were rude and refused to offer any solutions or help. Please do not waste your $$ on this poor customer service and poor chair.

Difficult to clean

Breaks dont work. Too big for a 6 month old. Almost imposible to clean. Expensive and too big and chunky. Good things are : easy to assamble, it has weels an it has a big tray and storage basket. The plastic cover stains very easily. If you are after a good chair look somewhere else

Falls apart.

My 3.5-year-old chair has disintegrated. The plastic that holds the frame together has fallen apart. This is the last straw for a chair that has always been impossible to clean and my child also got her arms caught in the frame as other reviewers have mentioned. Would not recommend.

Great and easy to use

This high chair is one of the best I've had mainly because of the well thought out design that has allowed for a basket underneath (Perfect for bibs), hanging hooks on back for tray storage, wheels and it has a soft and wipe able cushion seat. Great functionality due to those features but also has high low function and lie back seat settings. Long wearing as I got mine secondhand and it looks and feels like new


It recommends the high chair from 6 months plus but i wouldnt recommend it. The harness dosent go tight enough around the child. The adjustable bits on the harness are far to easy to move- my 6 month old can loosen the straps by wriggling! It is a pain to clean- most chairs are though. The tray dosent sit close enough to the child and seems quite high in comparison. Would be nice if you could adjust the foot rest... wish i had my old high chair from my 1st child.

Great high chair

I bought that chair for my third child because old one was broken and happy with that brand.Yes cleaning is not easy,but all chairs needed clean and its not easier.Good price ,good levels.However,I used it just for one year from child age 1-2,because my child decide to seating with us on the table:)

Not worth the price tag

Purchased this chair as first time parents for our boy, while he was a bub it was fine, then he started wanting to feed himself etc and quickly discovered that the chain is a pain to clean properly, you basically have to pull it all apart to clean it properly.. and now just over a year after purchase the plastic that holds the legs in place has cracked! thank god our little guy was not in the chair at the time this happened!

Worst highchair, don't buy!

After having to go through dept of fair trading I am getting a refund on this chair. My child's arm gets stuck in it and after trying to get a refund with lovencare I had to take it further. Not only that but the tray is too far away for finger foods and the top bit that comes off(so you can wash it) doesn't clip down tight enough as my child just pulls it off! It's also hard to keep clean as there is too many spots for food to hide. Would not recommend this to anyone.

Unsafe, unpractical, badly designed

Wouldn't recommended

We really like this chair when our son was 4mos old. However, now that he likes to feed himself, its not so great. I feel like this purchase was a problem of being a first time mom. The tray is way too far away. Not only does food get all over our son, but I think its deterring him from using forks and spoons. He can hardly reach his plate and thus grabbing with his hands is probably a lot easier.
great for really young babies. Insert allows the babies to be nice and snug.
Not great for toddlers over 1yr who want to feed themself.


We have been using this highchair for about a year. It is easy to use on a regular basis and easy to store, but it does take up a bit of room.
Cleaning is ok, straps get dirty and some food falls down crevices that are hard to get to, but not impossible. The seat just wipes clean with a damp cloth.
One side of the storage basket will often detach, but nothing falls out. We only use the storage basket for bibs and the occasional toy. It would probably hold a few bowls/plates etc.
Wheels work, but don't lock particularly well on hardwood floors. i.e. my daughter can still push the highchair around when the wheels are locked, but it would require an adult to move it when she is seated in it and the wheels are locked.

Haven't really used the recline positions as we bought the highchair after my daughter could sit up. She occasionally falls asleep while feeding and we recline her then. The full recline is maybe 45 degrees. Leg rest does not adjust.
Various heights are useful. I can stand and feed her without too much bending over on the highest setting (I'm 174cm tall). We can also lower the chair to sit directly at the table.
The dual trays are good, easy to clean, easily snap on and off. We push the tray in beyond the "3 positions", which are all very closely spaced. I have dropped them several times on tiles and hardwood floors and they are yet to crack and/or break.

Generally a good purchase for the price. It does its job as a highchair.
Worth the money. Easy to use and clean.
Takes up a lot of storage room, straps get dirty easily.


I did not like this high chair.
Have been using this high chair since my son was 4 months by 7 months I wanted to start finger food so my son could play and learn to use his fingers but could not do this as the tray is too high he can't even see over it, he is now 9 months and still can't see over and have his arms on the table so I have purchased a new high chair.
The tray did not slide in very far so sliding down and slouching was able for my son which did not help with his posture. The tray is very bulky.
It is very hard to clean too many nooks and wheels don't work very well nor the breaks!
Would not recommend!
Only the storage basket
Everything listed above

handy high chair

Just got this high chair after being skeptical about buying an expensive highchair. The tray comes out easily but is difficult to fit in a standard size sink to wash. The basket at the bottom is handy to store wipes as my boy is a very messy eater.

It's easy to roll around the house as I have him sitting on it while I prepare dinner. Unfortunately the seaay isn't high enough so wet had to buy some foam to boost him up so that he can get his and above the tray.
Easy to remove tray. basket is very handy to store wipes etc. adjustable height
tray is a bit bulky. even when wheels are locked it skips around on the tiles. seat to low.


We love this chair! It's so easy to use. Folds up, reclines, adjustable height (great for bench top as it goes quite high), easy to clean, easy to move around, lockable wheels, stylish look, the list goes on. Bub seems quite comfortable and even enjoys sitting in it when it's not meal time. Can't fault it.
Easy to adjust and keep clean.

Really pleased!

I'm loving this high chair!! Just started our 4mth old princess on solids and its been amazing! She loves the chair!
I love the adjustable height because she can sit up at the table with us or if we're being lazy we can lower it and she's in the lounge with us!
And loving the recline options as bub is almost sitting on her own the recline position allows her to sit up but not topple forward!
Love the double tray! And ease of use to remove!!!!
Only complaint is the wheels jam heaps seems to be only able to move one direction!
Got it on sale so can't complain about price! Excellent value for money!
Double tray, height and recline options
Wheels jam!

Great product

I'm really pleased I bought this chair. It's sooo convenient, having most (all?) features that you're likely to want in a high chair. The biggest bonus for me is that it is very high when at its full height - they say the "highest on the market" - and as we have a bench style kitchen table it's perfect because baby can sit in it and the 'table' part of the high chair is at the exact height as the bench table so it's just as though he is sitting with us at the table.

For those with an island bench or bench that you sit at, I would suggest this particular high chair would be ideal also. When at it's lowest height it's perfect for sitting on the floor or couch to feed and I've even put baby in it to sit at my keyboard and piano for a fun activity and I know he is safe.

For this purpose, it's great that the arms of the chair can be easily raised to fit under the piano and keyboard and for those with a table which you'd like your baby to sit at properly, you could raise the arms of the high chair but lower the seat so he/she just fits under the table and it would just be like a normal dining chair (albeit a little wider at the base). I find it easy to clean, easy to wipe, nothing has stained so far and it looks nice, crisp and clean white/grey and relatively stylish... well, at least not too daggy!!.

The harness is easy to use, both to put on and take off quickly and has little twisty parts to it so you can't get the shoulder strap twisted (why don't other harnesses have this feature??!!). I'm pleased it has castors on the legs and wouldn't bother with a chair that doesn't as there's many a time when I need to pull him close to me or move him out of the way slightly and it would be very difficult with them.

It also means that when I'm preparing meals or cleaning up in the kitchen I can maneuver him so he can be near me or within eye sight to keep him happy or engage him in what I'm doing. The table is very easy to remove with one hand (central release device underneath) and the basket is easy to access (although it would be great if it was more accessible from the front - currently only from the rear).

A few minor complaints - the swivel on the castors have locked a couple of times particularly when trying to turn on too sharp an angle and this has resulted in scratches in my nice new Jarrah floorboards (not happy!!).

The base is quite wide so with our small bench table it takes up a little too much room to fit other chairs close by, but I'm sure the width is partly for safety. It's very difficult to adjust the height with the baby sitting in the chair (though I think the instructions say not to do this so perhaps I'm just trying to take shortcuts that I shouldn't).

In fact adjusting the height generally (with or without baby in the chair) is actually quite awkward as its a two handed maneuver and if raising from the lowest height you need to get on the floor, use two hands but also put weight on the base to lift up the seat part without lifting the whole chair - a tricky move!!

Apart from these minor points, it's a great chair and for the price (I think very, very reasonable at approximately $150 I paid at Baby Bunting) you can't go wrong - a very, very similar Steelcraft chair cost an additional $100 or more and didn't raise nearly as high as the Techno.
Good height - ideal for benches. Easy to use, easy to clean. Lots of features. Fantastic value as one of the less expensive chairs on the market but has more features than most.
Castors lock occasionally. Can be awkward to adjust height. Wide at the base. There are classier chairs out there (but I'm sure they have less practical features).

Not for people without air conditioning

I have found the chair good to use, and easy to put together. Some food does stain the vinyl. The biggest problem I have with the chair is that my daughter overheats in it. She can't finish her meal without getting very upset and ending up getting fed sitting on my lap. Defeats the whole purpose.
Easy to put together. Good adjustment with height, reclining.
The castors stick. Way too hot for bub, even without the infant pad. Not the easiest thing to clean.

Very happy with this chair

Bought this chair in desperation when bub 3 months old. He didn't like his swing, pram or lying on the floor for long periods due to reflux & it was difficult to get anything done when having to hold him all the time. Found he loves this chair & one of his favourite things is to watch us preparing dinner of an evening. he sits in the chair & laughs as we cook dinner.
Like the fact that its height adjustable so we can also sit him in chair in the lounge & he can join in whatever we are doing.
The recline is good as well & we were hoping bub might fall asleep in the chair but he doesn't.
Getting use as a high chair for feeding now & I could see that it could become filthy quite easily but i've been giving it a quick wipedown after each use. haven't had to wash the liner yet but looks like it would wash well.
Bub loves it. Height & reclione adjustable. Ok from 3 months onwards

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