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Miracle Blanket

Miracle Blanket

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No escape!

I'm not very good at fixing a tight swaddle and my 6 week old was constantly wriggling her arms out of traditional swaddles and then waking and getting upset. She hasn't been able to escape this one though! Its easy to use, just a bit fiddly tucking the arm flaps underneath bub. My baby tends to fight swaddles so sometimes she still gets upset when in this one, but it does what it says and keeps those arms tucked away.

Purchased in April 2019 at The Sleep Store for $39.99.

The Miracle Swaddle

The swaddle has helped my baby be comfortable when sleeping, it is an excellent product! I would recommend it to anyone, when they start rolling over you can still use it just loosen the arms after being wrapped. My baby is 6 months and still using it even though he rolls over, he is able to get his arms out beforehand. Yes, poor stitching quality with the wraps as they do get holes in them but it doesn’t effect used and you do need more than one

Great at trapping baby's arms

This swaddle was highly recommended by my midwife. It definitely does the trick of swaddling the baby so their arms can't get out. It's cotton thus comfy and breathable. A lil fiddly with the long tail, but still simple enough to use in middle of night nappy changes. My son needed to be in the right mood to enjoy this swaddle, if he was sleepy he loved it, else he did not enjoy being trapped at all. Agree with some of the other reviewers about sub standard quality, doesn't feel like it's worth rrp $50. I got mine for $30 from nursing angel on sale.

Didnt help baby sleep

I bought this before baby came and used immediately from birth hoping for a miracle but baby still didnt sleep. I just want other parents to know that it may not work for some babies. I think its because our baby liked his hands up, so we needed an Angel wrap which the miracle blanket cannot do. I would suggest waiting till baby comes first, use a normal blanket and see what type of swaddling if any does your child like.

Great product but quality could be improved

This product provided a good wrap for baby and we thought it helped us settle bub too. My only gripe is that after about 4 weeks of use both of the miracle blankets we had purchased started to get tiny holes at some seam joins. I emailed the company the feedback but never head from them. None the less I would still recommend the product and hope that the quality improves.

Terrible customer service and poor quality

My miracle blanket ALSO had holes appearing after just two weeks of use. When I emailed them with photos, I was also completely ignored. It does work to keep bubs wrapped but it's definitely not worth the money paid given the poor quality and terrible customer service. Very disappointing! D

Great product but bad finish and customer service!

I bought 2, a normal one and thebamboo ones, baby loved them, however the finishes are terrible, holes appearing after a week, stitches poorly done and getting undone , emailed them with pictures to ask for a replacements twice and got comp,etely ignored, also delivery took two weeks. I would have rated 5 if it wasnt for that, such a shame.... For $50 a piece you would expect a decent long lasting product!!!

Baby hated it

My Baby hated it. the good times lastst for about 1 hour, baby got very hot even without any clothes underneath. Hard to put on. The price was good and quick delivery. No I will not recommend to anyone. I tried several different times to use and each time the same.

Love it because it is easy to use.

I have a list of baby products I can't help but recommend such as a Harvey Karp's Happiest Baby on the Block book. This is second on my list. Absolutely love it. So easy to use even I could do it. Helped our little one sleep through the night for the first 4 months.
So easy to use.
After 4 months of use every night a few holes started to develop but it was well used

Definitely works! Sceptic endorsed!

After trying two different brands of sleeping bag/swaddle, i was very sceptical of the miracle blanket for my 8 week old. She would continually get her hands out of any wrap or swaddle product and knock out her dummy, thereby causing her to cry and fuss so i would put the dummy back in, re-wrap her, and the process would start over again!

On trying the miracle blanket, she fussed a lot! Obviously, my little girl doesn't like being restrained! She has not once gotten her arms out of this blanket! On the website, it says "soon your baby will become calm simply at the sight of the miracle blanket!" which i literally laughed at! But believe it or not, after about a weeks use - she actually does! With any other wrap or swaddle, she cries as i'm putting it on, but not this one - she honestly does calm down even while i'm wrapping her! Only downfall is that when wrapped as per instructions, it can be quite warm - perhaps a version made with thinner fabric would be a good idea? But all in all - i will be buying another one, and definitely recommend!
Calms baby, can't get her arms out
Fabric is a bit thick, can make her hot even wearing only a nappy

A Miracle It Is!!!

I honestly think that this is one of the best baby wraps out there in the market. If used properly, then no matter how much your baby wriggles or struggles, they cannot get out of this one. It's such a sleep saver for everybody! Highly recommended. I buy this for everybody as a welcome baby gift.
Not expensive, actually works, lightweight

Houdini proof swaddle!

My son is a master escape artist & wakes himself up everytime. I kept improving my swaddling technique & he kept finding a way out! Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe worked for a while but he eventually busted through the velcro. Miracle Wrap has kept him swaddled almost everytime, he will wriggle out if he's not snugly wrapped though, follow the instructions & it should be Houdini proof.
Houdini proof, nice fabric although it would be hot in summer.
The foot pouch isn't long enough.


I found this swaddle by chance surfing internet forums on baby sleep issues. I had no idea of sleep, swaddling or how to calm a crying baby when my first son arrived and we ended up co-sleeping as it was easier being that I worked nightshift and needed my son to sleep when I got home in the mornings. 2.5 years later he is still sleeping in our bed and I couldn't have 2 kids in bed with us when the 2nd baby arrived.

My second son arrived a month early and spent 2 weeks in special care nursery so routine and sleep was paramount when he arrived home. Someone in a baby forum recommended the miracle blanket so I thought I'd give it a go.

We live in Caboolture so it's quite hot and humid. The swaddle is made from stretchy cotton like tshirt material. I have my son in it with just a nappy underneath so he doesn't get too hot. I found that muslin wraps whilst lighter, do not stretch and bub can easily work his way out of them. This is not the case with the miracle blanket. You do however have to use it absolutely correctly or they will find a way out. Watch the instructional video on the internet on how to use it. The idea is to keep their arms at their sides (bound) to inhibit the startle reflex which wakes the bub up. We use it all day long, for every sleep/nap. He is 14 weeks now and not rolling over yet so we can still use it. I dread when I won't be able to use it so routine is absolutely essential to us right now. He currently knows that as soon as that wrap goes on it's sleep time and it works a treat. We have a fisher-price power swing plus for noisey times when others are creating a racket in the house and he sleeps for 4 hours in the swing with the wrap on. I just have 1 leg out of the wrap so that he can be secured in the swing comfortably and safely. If the wrap isn't on, or if I let him have 1 arm out of the wrap then I'm lucky to get an hour.

Honestly I wish I had known about this swaddle 2.5 years ago with Mr Independent as it would have changed our whole style of parenting. DS1 still sleeps with us while DS2 has slept in his cot since the day he came home.

If there is anything I would recommend to new parents for their sanity it would be the Miracle blanket, fisher-price power swing plus (no battery, mains power) and a DVD called Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr Harvey Karp. In fact I think they should all be recommended at antenatal classes and advertised in maternity departments.
Sends my baby to sleep within minutes. Keeps him asleep for 10 hours before he wakes on his own. There is an instructional video on the internet showing you exactly how to use it. You must watch the video to put it to proper use.
Expensive. You need at least 2 of them. Can't use them once the baby is able to roll over.


This wrap is quite comparable in price to other similar wraps on the market and I definitely recommend this one to friends with newborns.
Once you get the hang of how to use it, it is fabulous. There are several other similar wraps on the market although I found this one to be particularly effective as the wrap goes around baby's body several times to ensure they can't escape. The material used is quite stretchy so once it is on it doesn't easily budge. The arm flaps were especially beneficial as my daughter was prone to getting her hands out and scratching her face - this wrap stopped her from doing this.
It took a few goes to get the hang of it. It also only comes in one size so once baby grows out of it, it may be time for something else.


This is a good product to use if you can't get the hang of swaddling with a square wrap. I used to swaddle bubs with a square wrap but she always managed to unwrap herself. My baby always used to get her arms out to soothe herself and I just couldn't bring myself to pin them back as they recommend in the instructions. But she always slept soundly even with her arms out.
Keeps bubs warm and snug. Bubs feels safe and secure wrapped up tightly. Bubs can't easily unwrap themselves.
Can only use it for a very short time as once they manage to get their feet out they are probably too big for it.
Annoying to have to wrap the long part of it around so many times. Baby tends to wake up because you have to lift them up so many times to get the wrap around them.

What's so miraculous about it?

It was useful for the first 2 weeks but as my son grew older, the blanket just wasn't secure enough to keep him swaddled for long. My son was no Houddini but within minutes, he was able to get his whole body out of the blanket that it just proved useless. I had tried pinning it together with a nappy pin but no success. My son also got overheated in it.
It was fine to use for the early weeks
Wasn't secure enough as my son got older


We live in a very hot climate and had a summer baby but she never got too hot in this (we had the cooling on at night anyway). My husband preferred to just use muslin wraps as he could wrap our daughter very well this way and they are just as good and much cheaper if you can use them well. I preferred the miracle blanket because it was easier for me to wrap her in this. I did find the arm flaps a bit difficult to use. I would still use this wrap again if I had another baby.
Fairly simple to use and works fairly well.
A bit expensive for a blanket.


It's a good idea, it just didn't work for us. Having to learn how to use it took up extra time we just didn't have and the bub didn't like being so bound in.
I felt it was a little more restrictive than I like for my little one, a bit too impossible for them to move around a little bit, which while the advantage is that she won't get our her hands and scare herself or scratch herself, the down side is baby can become frustrated at the complete inability to move.
Too complicated! Nothing as basic as swaddling should need an instruction video to use!


Despite the problems we have had with it, it is a great product. It still works on our boy at least 70% of the time.
When used properly on an average sized baby this is great.
As someone else has stated, the leg pocket should be a little longer. Our son is in th 90th percentile for height in his age and had to bunch up his legs a little. Also, if the baby starts arching its back and moves its arms, it can escape the arm constraints and houdini out.


We bought this blanket with great expectation as we were so sick of our little houdini escaping every single swaddle configuration we tried. This blanket worked for about 1 week before our baby figured out how to get out of if. It was very annoying as it was an expensive purchase and didn't seem to have any results. Another big problem was that the leg pocket was very small and our baby who is on the longer side, really hated having his feet constricted by the small space. We are quite disappointed with this product.
Easy to use
Didn't work for my baby

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