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Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

3.8 from 45 reviews

Beautiful scent

I bought this when I was looking for a soft and feminine scent for me. It is light yet seems to be present and lasts throughout the day. I only use about 2-3 sprays and that is enough for the entire day. It is a mild and soft scent, with a slight floral and very light musk scent.

Purchased in June 2018.

One of my favourites

I have used Lovely since it first came out. I used to have many perfumes but sadly i developed a fragrance allergy. I was very happy to discover i could still wear this. Lovely is soft and slightly musky and would suit all ages. Its hard to find now but i usually purchase from Chemist Warehouse at a very reasonable price. I also request it for birthdays and Christmas. It's a truly unique well thought out perfume that i hope will be around for a very long time.

US is making parfumes weaker

So I purchased Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely perfume n Budapest, Hungary last summer on vacation. I purchased it from Douglas (european equivalent of Sephora) at the Mall. The scent was indeed lovely and long lasting. So when I ran out last month I bought a bottle from Kohls and although the scent is the same it only lasts for about 2 hours vs. the one from Budapest lasted me all day, even the next morning I could smell traces of it sometimes. I compared the two bottles they both say Eau de perume so they are the same. This is not the first time I have noticed that EU made fragrances are higher quality even though they are the same brand and everything.

Perfect perfume with the cheap price

I've tried this perfume at chemist warehouse and bought it for my friend's birthday but I kept smell my hands after that like crazy so finally I decided to use it myself.
The smell is lovely , light and last long and it was so cheap.

Smells like dettol once it has dried

I tried this on at Chemist Warehouse and forgot about it. I got home and I was wondering who had been using Dettol then I realised I don't have any Dettol in the house and realised it was the perfume. From reading the other reviews apparently, this perfume has changed. I would not recommend it unless you want to smell like disinfectant.

Not the same anymore as it used to be weak as TEA

Me and my daughter has been using LOVELY for nearly 7yrs but our last purchased 15/1/18 was a disappointment. It is SO diluted the smell didn’t even stay on the body for more then 20mins and it suppose to be perfume. I question the quality of the ingredient but was refused refund by the MANAGER. Beware LOVELY doesn’t smell as it use to be anymore. Definitely don’t smell the same. Weak as tea. make me wonder if they are real LOVELY? I purchased

Perfect fragrance for any occasion.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely is one of my favourite perfumes. Whenever I wear it people say" Oh! you smell beautiful or lovely". It's not over powering. But subtle. Love it.


this perfume is okay I went to smell it today for a gift to my mum and it didn't smell as good as I thought it would smell, lovely wasn't so lovely ! but Anyway i got it for my mum and she loved it, i got it because my mum loves things that smells like that. people like different things I guess !


This fragrance is lovely. I bought a bottle of lovely this morning and I cannot stop smelling myself. This has to be the best light floral fragrance I have ever found.

Not the same

I agree that this perfume is not the same as it used to be. I loved the original Lovely scent I used to get at perfume counters of stores like Elder Beerman & Macy's, but now it is much cheaper and is not carried by the department stores anymore. You can find a less expensive version at stores like Target. Even the bottle is cheaper, no longer pink, cheap fabric collar, etc. I don't care about the packaging, but the manufacturing or ingredients must be cheaper as well. The perfume's smell is different once it reacts to my skin, changing the scent to something I don't like, and it does not have the staying power it used to. I can understand if they wanted to appeal to more women by making it more affordable, but it does not smell good, and I wish they had kept the original so we could have a choice. Now I'm looking for something else.

Terrible smell

I have bought this perfume many times in the past and it smelled good. Lately I have noticed the smell has changed. It is now overpowering and the smell is not nice at all. I even came up in a rash after using it.

Has It Changed

Sorry but has this product change? when me and my family first started using it, it was light, non over powering didn't react with other products and lightly settled on the skin. but now when on all 4 of our skin types it smells like burning chemicals. were I kept my old one and it smells light and flowery on all of our skin types.

Nice, light and kind of flowery

My boyfriend gave it to me for valentines day. I like it, it's not too over powering, it think summer is a good time to wear it, the scent seems to fit being in the sunshine! i dnt normally enjoy flowery smelling perfume but when i wear it I'm surprised how much I like it! It's long lasting too, which is great!
Long lasting

Not Good

I tried it in the perfume shop and loved it. I suggested my other half to get it for me for christmas. But it doesnt smell the same as it did. Its a too strong, overpowering, sickly sweet, old lady smell that takes forever to settle. Feel like throwing it out. Unlike Covet, which I find to be the complete opposite but has an hard to use bottle.

Obviosly not my thing.


I have a lot of difficulty finding a perfume that not only smells nice in the bottle and on some eles but also on myself, this is one of the very few that is in that category. It is very long lasting as the fragrence is still detecable when i get home from work, I also have a very sensitve reaction to perfumes and deoderants and this does not bother me at all, I love that I dont have to be over powered by the smell just so others can comment on how LOVELY it is
Long Lasting
Difficult to find local stockists

Lovely light fragrance

I love this, I originally bought a bottle for my sister in law for Christmas, but i so loved the smell I had to get some for myself. Its smells so soft and flowery and it reminds me of how my mum smelt when we were young. Its a comfortable fragrance to wear anytime as its a really feminine smell.
Gorgeous Flowery Smell


I would not buy this perfume for myself after testing it, and would not be suprised if most of it's appeal is in the celebrity endorsement. The scents do not really complement each other, blending fruits with musk AND patchouli?? Patchouli does not have a very pleasant scent, sort of an earthy 'hippie' girl aroma that stands out to me among the rest of the blend. Perhaps if it didn't have this it would be a bit better.
The bottle is not completely unattractive.
Is a bit busy to have any distinctive sort of fragrance and doesn't seem to last very long.


This is yet another fragrance I bought for my mother for Christmas when it first came out. It was in the mid range for perfume price wise. I smelt the flowerly floral tester in the store and I loved it. Luckily she loved it more and it was a hit. It was reasonably priced and I think the packaging was very attractive. I don't really like Sarah Jessica Parker as an actress or her other perfumes but this one is different and better compared to her others such as Covet. It's gone down in price since I bought it last and it's readily available at most chemists, priceline and Myer

Can young teenage girls wear this or is it to grown up scent.Yes, teens can wear this. It is a soft fragrance. I love it!


A sweet, fresh perfume that can be worn at any age and is best suited for daytime. There are no complex notes, but it is a pleasant scent. The price is great. Don't expect any compliments or comments, but no one will back away either. It's a pity it is a celebrity scent as it's availability will be determined by her shelf life. I would have loved this scent to be available through a perfume house.
As it's name suggests, this is a "lovely" perfume. Sweet and light, suitable for adolescents and even older folks during the day. It has a fresh, relaxed feel about it. Mid-sized, easy to manage bottle allows you to spritz as little or as much as you like. Available at a very good price.
Not really sensual enough for evening wear. (But this is more a limitation than a "con".) Doesn't last long on my skin.


This is a nice light fragrance that lasts most of the day. It is lovely to smell and lovely to look at the bottle. As with perfumes, its best you try it on your skin and see how it works for you. It is commonly found in most retailers and in chemists as well. I like it because its not overpowering.
This is a light scent which is moderately priced and cheaper if you buy it online. I like the softness of the fragrance and its not overpowering.
I don't usually buy perfumes developed by celebrities, but this is a good one to give a try.

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