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Low Cost Conveyancing

Low Cost Conveyancing

1.4 from 12 reviews

No good at all, Totally Unsatisfied......

No good for service at all. Be aware and read all comments before making an informed decision. Poor communication most of the time. Terrible dealing. If you are dealing with them please don't expect red carpet treatment it is almost next DIY sort of service where you have to keep on your toes for the latest update and processing including everything. Prices and quotations are a big surprise as they say up to upcoming disbursements in their cost disclosure. Practically I would recommend going for a dot price conveyancing services where you are pre-prepared about the final costs.

Worst conveyer

They are the most unprofessional,expensive,unreliable and misguiding conveyer i have ever come across. My home buying experience was ruined because of their carelessness. Me being first home buyer i was eligible for stamp duty exemption not first time home buyer grant they got it all mixed up. They Ended up charging me triple amount then they initially quoted, no invoice was send regarding breakdown of the charges neither before deducting it in my settlement day through bank nor after. I only got a letter from bank in a week time with all the cheques bank wrote on my behalf n there was conveyer charges that shocked me. How is that even fair to start up with???During the process poor communication, lazy, rude over the phone, my solicitor is looking after my case. They have done this to almost all their clients and I strongly believe this time i have to take actions so there is no another panic frustrated victim like me. They messed with wrong victim this time, it cost me sleepless nights, frustration, immense stress and huge financial burden and i am not going to stay quiet.

not satisfied with the result

The team at first days of the process was satisfactory but when unexpected issues arises I was left in the negative side of the process. I am not satisfied withe result I thought they will guide me thru.

Worst settlement agent ever

Unfriendly stuff, no contact no update, poor service, even day of settlement never had a call from them. Never ever use them again in future.

Poor Service

Advising and requesting additional funds a day before settlement is not only unfair but disgustingly wrong, knowing that the customer is not in a position to say no at such a critical point in time, It left me feeling backed into a corner without an alternative option a day before settlement.
"additional charges" are almost always mentioned in a contract however that does mean you do not have a responsibility to inform your clients when those additional charges are going to be made and put in writing to the client at the appropriate time, not the day before settlement. Clients rely on transparency and open communication from their conveyance lawyer.

When I had this experience, I had a look online to see the reviews of people where I discovered that I’m not the first person who has experienced this, there are other people as well.


Was quoted $500 as I got a discounted price through a referral. In the end was charged over $1300 as I was told the $500 was only the professional fee and did not include disbursement and extras. Definitely not recommended as you do not get a service that is worth $1300.

Lovely staff who helped me immensely

After a lovely recommendation from my local real estate agent, I contacted Low Cost Conveyancing who were very professional from the outset. I might say that the ladies who work there were very professional in their approach with me and I found a lot of information they gave me to very helpful. I received quite a few updates from them by email which was good. I personally like phone talk over emails which is the only reason I did not rate them higher. Recommended.

Worst Customer Service ever

Initial cost makes looks like low cost but these lawyers have so much hidden cost which makes your bill go up like Sundried cost worth $100, Settlement charge worth $80 and all the quotes provided are Ex GST so you will be more out of pocket in the end


I did had good experience in 2009 but BEWARE of HIDDEN FEES which you will get to know only after SETTLEMENT.
Atleast 50% more than the QUOTED price - Very Unhappy


Pricing is not transparent and not cheap. Beware of signing up if you are not 100% committed as there is a cancellation fee for just making an application. Don't be pressured by real estate agents who endorse settlement agents as there are kick backs. Company does not respond promptly to e-mails.

Lack of communication and pricing structure

Epic fail

Don't even bother with them, we only went to low cost because the real estate agent we are selling with recommended them. Big mistake...They take your money as an up front fee because the form asks for your card details for work to begin then you get no response from anyone about where the contracts are. When we finally get a reply from them they tells us they have the right to charge an extra $195 as a cancellation fee on top of the $250 they had already taken and they have done absolutely nothing. Not a well run business at all. Seems they have paid a few people for positive reviews since the post too...

Poor Service

I used Low Cost Conveyancing service for my property transfer and found them to be quite unreliable. There were long delays in getting responses to emails. Lack of transparency to what progress has been made with with your application/settlement.In terms of pricing, they are more or less equal to other conveyancers. Therefore, I would not use their services for any of my future settlements.

Long delays to get responses, Delays in paperwork

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