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Lynx Body Spray

Lynx Body Spray

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Smells like insect spray

I bought the ladies Lynx and when I started using it, it smelled like insect spray. It is strong and so strong that my partner got sick from the fragrance. I never repurchased again because we were going away for the weekend, and after my partner had a horrible sneezing and sore throat, it ruined the entire trip. So I say, it's strong and irritates the nose, but maybe okay for some users. Not for me.

Purchased in May 2012.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes

Best deodorant

The smell is perfect lightly scented not too strong. Works really well. Love using this product, I’ve tried other brands and lyxn simply works the best. The price for a can is a bit overpriced in my opinion but it’s worth it.

Smells like cats pee

Purchased Lynx Africa Body spray thinking it would be ok.Sitting in my lounge room,l thought l could smell cats pee(which l hate).Where,s that putrid smell coming from???...Then to my horror l discovered it was my Lynx Africa body spray.Straight in the shower l got to get it off me!..

Lynx Body Spray

Lynx has been around for a long time and has lasted the course. The range has a great range of scents. Lasts all day and will endure you stay fresh.

Body Spray Deodorant

I’ve bought the LYNX Apollo, Black, Chocolate (discontinued), Gold Temptation Body Sprays at $3.99 on Special at my Supermarket and Chemist.

And since I am the one smelling this body spray on my man, I select the fragrance that best appeals to my sense of smell. Thus is the law of attraction; it is very personal from woman to woman… plus a man’s chemistry can seriously affect and change the whole balance of these body spray fragrances. E.g. spray the LYNX Apollo on one guy and it’s appealing; spray it on a smoker and it may be a repellent?

If you remember the days of wearing BRUT and OLD SPICE you can now chuck ‘em in the bin where they belong, cause LYNX is here with a variety of sexy sprays that are by far more appealing than those old repellents.

Please note this is a Body Spray deodorant NOT an antiperspirant; as antiperspirants clog up the pores of your skin, not allowing the skin to breathe naturally. Antiperspirants can and do stain clothing!

[+] Variety of fragrances, no stains to clothing to date
[-] Has the usual Alcohol, butane, propane ingredients and is; Extremely Flammable!

Gives me asthma.

Check out the ingredients in this foul-smelling concoction ...... You do not need to coat your skin and your lungs with these chemicals. Wash your body. Wash your clothes. Use a non-toxic deodorant such as a crystal based non-scented roll-on. A clean man smells much sexier than a man covered in butane.

About average

I used to buy them lynx deodorant from Coles supermarkets heaps of times believing the advertisements that it attracts the girls only to find out that it doesn't though lynx deodorant spray packs do smell good though sometimes they hard to get the spray working

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It's easy to spray when I can actually get the spray going / recently I bought 3 lynx deodorant spray from convenient chemist in wollongong and could only get 1 of the spray packs to work

Expensive, but the deodorant lasts for a long time.

I cannot comprehend some of the issues that people have raised in regards to this product. The two main issues raised here are the price of the product, and the fact that the nozzle stuffs up. The price of the product is roughly $6 - however, provided that you do not overuse or misuse the product i.e. spray it everywhere, or substitute it for air freshener it should last for quite a long time. The nozzle stuffing up is either the cause of the company, which is quite unlikely, or the cause of the purchaser not knowing how to twist it open.

There are a variety of scents to choose from, and again, the high price tag is because this product lasts for a long time. To avoid purchasing faulty deodorant, give it a bit of a spray before you purchase it.
Lasts a while provided the product is not misused.
There is a faulty product every now and then, so again, its simply unlucky if you have purchased a faulty one.


Oh this is just terrible. It smells truly dreadful. If you are a man do yourself a favour and buy something decent! If you are a woman...why are you even reading this? It might cost a bit but trust me blokes ...despite what the ads say, you will not have women crawling all over you. You will have them running away in disgust. It is cheap and it smells cheap and we can spot that a mile off! Give this a big fat miss boys!
Nothing. It smells like some kind of cheap air freshener. Or toilet spray.
Nothing. See above. Yucky yuck yuck.


I had purchased some of this for my husband and soon notice that my son kept borrowing it. According to my son, Lynx is the best and coolest product to have in regards to deodorants and body sprays for teenagers. It's the only one my son will use. They do go on special regular so that is the time to stock up. Only problem is my son likes to decided on which ones to purchase.
Great long lasting smell. Many scents to choose from and a great range of products.
A bit pricey. Which scent do you get? Many to chose from.


All I can say isHubbyl;oves these he has a good range to choose from and he smekls great all the time. I think they may cost a few dollars more but then if you went with a cheaper brand the smell may not last as long and Hubby wouldnt want them. I dont find buying these for hubby to be to expensive after all he needs to feel just as good as i do, and his choice is Lynx Bodyspray. I have asked Hubby what he thinks of Lynx and he says it is the best and he likes the range and most of all he says he feels good all day long. What a happy Hubby I have thanks for the help with Lynx.
My Hubby loves these.


lynx has now brought out the new twist bottles which my partner says are great,he really likes to buy lynx as they are always bringing out new scents every month so you can always go to the local supermarket or store and just test spray the new ones to see what one you like,they dont leave any white marks on your under arms or on your shirts like other body sprays do,the only downside is they keep rising in price so they are pretty expensive but most deodarants are now
they are always bringing out new scents
it is expensive but most are now these days


My partner has used Lynx for as long as I can remember. He obviously likes it as do I, except the new click spray nozzle has broken a couple of times and renders the product useless. If you can find the old cans (ie at the Warehouse) they are better
Great scent range
The new 'click' packaging


Lynx is an all time favourite in our household. My son and boyfriend love it, and have used it for a long time. all their smells are great, my son loved the chocolate, and now some of the newer scents better. I can't go wrong if i pick up any of them!
They have a great smelling range


A good body spray especially for teenagers who might not be keen on the idea of using a deodorant!. Nice masculine scents that are not too overwhelming!. A well price product- not too expensive. Lynx body sprays keep you both feeling and smelling fresh , despite strenuous exercise. Highly recommended for the sporting enthusiast. Also good , in that they don't stain clothes when freshly applied.
A good non - chemical scent makes these great for men or teenagers who are physically active. Not a cloying smell, all the different varities are okay.
Some of the containers are a bit 'bodgy', not letting the spray fuction work properly.


Overall, my husband has gone through a lot of different bodysprays, but has been buying the Lynx brand for quite some time now, he is convinced it is the best and won't look elsewhere, and I must admit he doesn't stink so I'm happy too!
My hubsnad used the Lynx Bodyspray all the time, he loves the smell and the twist lid. I must admit I don't mind it either, it can have a kind of manly sexy smell to it, but sometimes I think it also depends on the skin it is going onto. My husband plays lots of sports and obviously sweats a lot, he likes it because he says it really does help to get rid of the sweat smell and keeps him fresh as long as possible.
He believes that it runs out pretty quickly, however, this could also be because he seems to bath in it sometimes!!


Given the price that they are selling, not many other brands can beat it. I won't be suggesting my favorite as everyone has different taste. But I'm sure with their large range, there is a type to suit everyone out there. Currently I'm trialing a different type, but I'm pretty sure I will be going back to lynx in the near future.
Love the twist head design, I've lost the top off previous or traditional design countless times. Comes in a wide range of different scent, which in my opinion don't smell cheap. Competitive pricing and they do the job.
I think they are only a deodoriser, and not a anit-perspirent. If your after a anti-persprient, I suggest you look elseware.


My hubby always buys Lynx. It's cheap, effective and smells divine (except the scent called Africa!!). Phoenix and Anti-Hangover are the best smells and they last a long time. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a good cheaper body spray!
My husband loved the anti-hangover scent, it was in a lime green bottle, It lasts a long time, relatively cheap, they come in great gift packs in a variety of scents, the matching shower gels smell great on men, it's available at nearly every store which stocks deodorant so it's widely available!
Nothing yet


I think this product would suit teenage boys more than it would suit a man. While initially I liked the smell of this product- I was the one who bought it for my husband I am now a bit over it. My husband however quiet likes it and it hasn't caused any skin irritations and although not an anti-perspirant it works well at covering BO.
It doesn't smell that bad once it has had time to settle. Very cool twist lid design.
It is instant headache material for anyone who inhales this stuff. It is not cheap for the same price I would reccomend the rexona brand for men( I think you get twice as much).

Questions & Answers

Is lynx ever going to do a special edition of their old body spray's like the original lynx body spray,spice body spray,java body spray,tempest body spray and so on, i really think they would be a sell out if you went back to the old skool sprays?
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That would be good of they did make special edition sprays, it would be popular.

isn't lynx a mans deodorant?
1 answer
Yes it is.


Body Spray
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