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M&M's Milk

M&M's Milk

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Allergy trigger

I love chocolate but was never a big fan of m&m's so haven't had any in years. Got a packet of holiday-themed red and green m&ms for Christmas. I got a bad skin rash on the back of my hands within minutes of eating, and later my IBS flared up as well. I never get symptoms like these from any other chocolate. Be warned if you are allergic / food sensitive!


I'm a fatty and I love chocolate. Any kind any where. You can eat it when your happy or when your sad. You can bake it in a cake or have it as ice-cream. The things you can do with chocolate are endless.

Come on into the wonderful world of chocolate

Leeeet's get roooigght into the revieeww!

Keemstar aproves, and I miss Harambe so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much.

Best not to think about it

I bought a pack on the way home from seeing an old friend. We hadn't seen each other in a spell and there was some emotional content to the evening. I thought the M&Ms would help but now I just feel sick and a bit weirded out by that strange beast change. I think the coating to chocolate ratio is just right.

I’m an M & M addict

These are the perfect solution to my chocolate cravings with their bite sized candy, instead of having to eat a whole candy bar.


•The size makes it easier for consumers to eat

•Is produced by a reliable brand

•Comes in a resealable bag which is great

•Great quality produced for decades


•1 bag is not enough

These M & M’s are the best and I’m absolutely crazy about them!

Foreign object in M&M peanut chocolate

While eating M&M peanut chocolate I have found some strange object in my mouth. It looked like a tooth. I immediately took it out if my mouth and was literally frighten for my life. I took pictures of it and contacted Mars and Health Department immediately. It's been at least 4 weeks and I haven't heard from Mars back. I still have these horrible pictures if anyone interested. Be careful what you eat Nd never buy Mars products anymore.

Experiment with it

I just love it. You can eat m&m’s in so many different ways, munch a handful of it, put it as a decoration for your cake, cupcake, toppings for your ice cream. I like pounding it then mix it with my favorite vanilla ice cream (melted) with peanuts then freeze it up again but my brother use it as a filling on his sandwich. Much of an effort but I just love how we blend it with everything we eat (but we make sure it doesn’t taste awful). Much of a childhood experiment. Do you have food experiments with M&M’s before?

Guilty pleasure I can't resist

These are perfect for people who hate them you suck haha

M&M's are so delicious and who doesn't like them that is alright it doesn't matter and for the people who haven't tried them try them
They are reliable energy efficent and inexpensive


These are small chocolates which are so famous because they have been around for such a long time. I like the classic colours and can eat a pack easily. The crispy outer shell is so thin, but still so delicious! I love to just let it melt in my mouth and then wait as the chocolate takes over. These are great chocolates and they come in a variety of pack sizes now. They are great if you want to eat them at the movies, or to snack on at work, because they are easy to eat, so no crumbs or flakes falling on my shirt. Overall, I cannot say anything bad about these naughty chocolates and my only dislike is the fact that they will add onto my body weight if I eat too many of them.
I love m & m's, plain or peanuts. They are so easy to eat, and great to give the littlies and we can decide how much to give them. I have a dream to fill a swimming pool full of m & m's and then to just dive in and start eating them. Okay, that may be a bit too much, but I can always dream about these so yummy chocolates!
They do melt in your hands if the weather is slightly warm/hot or if your hands are slightly warm, so better eat them quick :) My only dislike is that they are chocolates, so I cannot eat a lot of them.


I love when they have special promotions and introduce new colours or make the one colour available in a pack for sale (ie when you could buy a whole bag of purple ones). They add a delightful splash of colour to party favours. Although they comes in small pieces, it is hard to control yourself and stop after a few handfuls. I enjoy the crunchy texture of the candy combined with the soft chocolate inside.
Cute little pieces of candy covered chocolate that comes in different colours to delight the children.
These chocolates can leave the colour residue on clothes and hands if not eaten quick enough or in warm weather.


Everyone loves this classic product, but recently "nanny" gave some to my two-year old and within minutes my daughter was rainbow coloured. Hands, face, clothes-you name it. The small amounts came of easily, but the hands were suprisingly hard to clean. For this reason, I will only buy smarties who have gone artificial free! The only exception is m&m minis which are smaller in size and great for cake decorating.
well-known, readily available & tastes good (like 99% of chocolates on the market). Easy to eat and moreish
artifical colourings!!! The price (unless they're on special)


Okay for cake decorating, or entertaining if you want something small to put ina bowl. But not all that delicious as the coating is pretty hard and thick. There are better alternatives,in my opinion, but they are okay.
Once you get to the chocolate it isn't too bad. They come in good colours for cake decorating. They are small, so they aren't bad for entertaining, just pour some ina bowl.
I am personally not a big fan of them as far as taste goes as I don't like the thickness of the coating, it overpowers the chocolate. I would say they are reasonably expensive.


This is my idea type of chocolate. I can have some in my bag all the time. easy to eat, the taste is good and a lot colors in a pack make me feel good. The sugar shells add the favor to the chocolates, make it even better.
I like the color, the favor, the shape, the size...


These are SO much better than any competing product. I love that there are so many different varieties, and they are always coming up with a new promotion, like halloween with black and orange packets. The adds are super cute too! The colours are pretty for decoration but can be a pain for staining. The staining is especially bad if you put them in the fridge and then they warm up again :(
Fantastic treat, the sugar coating is not overpowering in flavour so you can really enjoy the chocolate inside.
I know the slogan says melts in your mouth not in your hand, and that is true of the actual chocolate but the colour on the sugar coating DOES come off in your hand, or on your furniture, although it is cute around the kids mouths lol.


M&M's are a yummy candy and chocolate treat that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The candy coating helps prevent the chocolate melting on contact with your fingers. Can be found in practically every shop and service station that sells chocolate. Popular with kids! Great for parties when placed in a glass bowl, and for decorating cakes.
Yummy chocolate concealed by a brightly coloured, crunchy candy coating.


M&M's are brighty coloured sugar shell that conseals yummy chocolate inside. M&M's are great for kids, birthday parties, decorating cakes, biscuits or just to eat alone. The bright coloured chocolate treats are great for filling up jars and bowls to add immediate fun to any table or party scene. Fantastic to snack on in the car anywhere even at home while watching a movie with the family. I love eating M&M's with thier bright colours and they are going to be a hit at your next party.
Great brightly coloured sugar shells that cover yummy chocolate.
Hard to open packet.


M&M's are a delicious chocolate treat that can be enjoyed almost anywhere. They are great as a party food, and they look great when displayed in a glass bowl. Their famous coating prevents them from melting too easily and is great for when you are on the go. M&Ms are also very versatile and come in handy when making treats like cakes and desserts and the kids love the colours.
Fun and tasty snack. Visually appealling. As their slogan says goes "melts in your mouth, not in your hand"
Packet can sometimes be a bit hard to open


M&Ms are fun! Ask any child. They are great to share, to swap favourite colours, and to decorate sweets with. Children love the flavour, as do many adults. Whilst they still can melt a little, the candy coating protects the chocolate from a massive melt-down, making them easier to transport than many other chocolate snacks.
Tasty and colourful. A large glass bowl of M&Ms are always a really exciting addition to a children's Birthday Party table. They also make great decorating items on birthday cakes, cupcakes and biscuits.
Kids tend to spill them when opening the packet. Not great for car travel, in that respect.

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