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M&M's Peanut

M&M's Peanut

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Best candy once again 2019

Melts in your mouth not in your hand.
Well done to all who make this snack experience possible for me and my family.
Love the experience, every time I enjoy the satisfying taste of M&MS peanut.

Purchased in August 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $4.25.

So disappointed

The recipe appears to have changed. I bought a pack recently and it no longer tastes delicious with a peanut taste and lovely chocolate. Instead it’s sickening nasty sweet, like cheapest chocolate, can’t even taste the nuts :(

Purchased in June 2019.

the best M and M s

I know children may need a nut free zone but these are the best taste best peanut and easy to chew. Please keep these ones I enjoy these the best. fresh and lovely

I’m very upset

peanut m&m are my absolute favorite candy and recently I bought 2 dozen boxes and and majority of them did not have any peanuts and some had a funny taste. This is terrible service I wanted my money back but the company never answered. I will not eat m&m until they are fixed.

Used to Love them

I used to love them but recently they changed the packaging from 220gr to now 180gr and still asking for the same price :(
Absolutely disappointed and stopped now eating this product.

Party Park m&ms is so convenient!

I recently bought the 'Party Park M&M's' at woolworths and it is delicious. But the thing is I am most excited about is how large the bag is! These party parks are great for parties, with a large amount of quantity (1 kg of m&ms) for a cheap price.

They have changed

I have always loved these but bought a box this week and they not only taste 100 times sweeter but leave an awful after taste. What on earth have they done to them ?

Any peanuts in the M&M's Now

Artificial Peanut flavouring tastes rubbish! Bit upset! Is this an allergy thing? It doesn't even taste like peanuts... sad now. Why do you have a 20 word minimum.

This is perfect

I absolutely love this chocolate, defiantly will be buy more next time I go to the shops, the peanuts inside just top it off


I have been eating these for very long, and me and my sister noticed that not all of your m&m's have peanuts in them!!! I AM MAD! FIX NOW!!!!

Too sweet, not chocolaty

I think the recipe in Australia is different from America. The sugary coat/outer crust is significantly thicker and sweeter. The chocolate layer is barely there and the peanuts are not of good quality. I bought the one that comes in boxes.
The balance of sweetness, creamines of chocolate and crunch of peanut is not of huh quality. I would appreciate it if the sugar coat is not too thick, the chocolate to taste richer and better, and the nuts to be crunchy & bigger.


Love them since I was a kid! The crunchy peanut and coating is a good treat when watching TV or while driving around. I just limit my treats lately though as my bloodsugar is high!!! But this is uch a nostalgic candy!

This is perfect!

They are so amazing that they don’t last long. The flavour is just addictive and this happened to be one of my favorite snacks.

Love them!

They are so amazing that they don’t last long. The flavour is just addictive and this happened to be one of my favorite snacks.


•One of the best peanut butter flavored candies on the market.


•They don’t last long.

•Unhealthy snack

I tend to binge eat on these so they really last only a week or so. It isn’t the healthiest option on the market – but you’re allowed to indulge once in a while and these are just really really yummy!

The big m and m

When you eat M & M's the outside is crunchy and there is some chocolate in there and that's ok but I could live without them. The peanut M & M however goes crunchy on the outside and then some chocolate and then crunchy in the middle due to the peanut treat contained within.
Crunchy and then soft and then crunchy again
Sometimes the colour distribution in a packet is uneven which unsettles my OCD, haha.

Oh . wow.

This treat has captivated my taste buds through and through , i often find myself at the common deli or candy bar asking myself which snack i should indulge in and i usually find myself walking away with this beauty. Chocolate covered peanuts with a colored shell, whats not to love? Be careful though , they're so good you often find your hand looking for an endless packet, only to come up short.
What is there not to like about them

Peanuts and chocolate

Mars M&M's Peanut are decadent bite sized little treats that I love to eat. Its true that once you start eating these its very hard to stop before you reach the bottom of the packet. They are roasted peanuts which are covered in a delicious milk chocolate coating which melts in your mouth. On top of the milk chocolate is a sweet candy shell which are coloured in an assortment of bright colours to tempt everyone. Very crispy and crunchy and so very tasty. Available in two different sized bags, but really why would you ever pick the small bag! Can be purchased from all good supermarkets and convenience stores. Fairly priced.
Crunchy, Crispy and very nutty. Great flavour
Contains peanuts so keep away from people with nut allergies

So tasty

We love m&m's and especially the peanut ones. They are so tasty. We often buy them when we have a long drive.

They are one of our favourite snacks and have just the right combination of peanut, chocolate and a delicious candy coating.

They come in different packet sizes, but we usually buy the largest. We've been tempted to buy the bucket on occasion because the more the merrier right?

Anyone who loves chocolate and nuts will absolutely love peanut m&m's. Look out for them on sale as they are often on special at different stores.


Whoever thought up the idea of Peanut M&M's was a genius! The taste and texture is perfect and they're a bit favourite around here.
Peanut M&M's are the perfect combination of creamy chocolate, crispy shell and crunchy nut. They are the kind of thing you can't just have one or two of and the packet usually gets finished very quickly in our house.
They're too moreish... I can't stop eating them!


If my husband comes home with a packet of these I know my waistline is in trouble because I can't resist them. I could probably eat a whole packet on my own if I let myself. They are just the perfect size and taste in my opinion and you just want MORE!
The combination of the chocolate, candy shell and the peanuts is spot on. One of my favourite chocolate treats. Also available in a mix packet with the crispy and plain which is good if you can't make a decision.
It would be good if they had the choice of natural colours instead of the bad colours.

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Questions & Answers

does each colour taste different?
1 answer
No it's just food colouring not flavored ones so they all taste the same....yummy of course!!! The best ones are the Peanut Butter orange packets which are available in the USA. Enjoy!


M&M's Peanut
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