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Unbelievable yuk.

I have bought Maltesers since I was 5 years old. They taste nothing like they used to. They used to be brown in the middle, now they are almost white. I got a large box for Christmas and cannot eat them. They are sweet and yukky. The biggest disappointment ever.

Raspberry malteasers

Not nice at all. Has a bitter taste. I don't think these will be on the shelves for long. Maybe they should of tried strawberry or just stayed with original flavor. Yuck.


Maltesers are delicious. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate but Maltesers are great! But...They have shrunk - the best bit is the crunchy centre - not a fan of the smaller ones

The UK Malteasers are still fantastic..... but.

There are two other countries making them. This summer I got quite large bags at a dollar store and they were wonderful. Recently I went back and they had Malteasers in boxes, I bought like 10 boxes and ended up throwing away eight of them. If you knew me and my Malteasers, I would never ever do a thing like that..

Uninspiring, where has the maltiness gone?

I always loved Maltesers,a real treat.Flavour and texture has changed hugely in the last few years. Tastebuds can change as we age, but this is not the case here. Texture and flavour has changed for the worse. Has the recipe been changed?I have continued to purchase periodically in the hope of improvement, sadly today I give up! The taste to me (and friends and family) is actually not enjoyable.

Movie deal is a ripoff!

I bought these because the pack advertised a 'two for one' movie deal. Don't waste your time! It costs $21. Limited participating cinemas in qld. I checked the 'standard' pricing for my local participating cinema- it was cheaper to purchase two adult tickets than this deal... PLUS the cost of the maltesers!! Hey, Mars, can you say RIPOFF??!! Check out their website for cinemas available before you buy. The

OMG... Love them..

Why have I not tried these before.. Love them.. For anyone who prefers dark chocolate these are heaven, even if milk chocolate is your thing I think you will find them addictive.

they are perfect!

every flavour is really good. i really like the milk ones with honeycomb. the dark ones are perfect. the Teasers bar is the best because it has the most chocolate in it. If only I could get my hands on Galaxy/Dove. the only thing bad is the packets are small


Maltesers are very light and airy chocolate treats that taste great. They are small spherical shaped pieces of honeycomb that have a thin layer of milk chocolate covering them. The honeycomb is very light and starts to dissolve the instant it hits your tongue creating a interesting taste sensation. The milk chocolate is very smooth and creamy and melts easily. Together the chocolate and honeycomb are made for each other. They are available in two different sized packets. They are great to share around with friends and family. Its hard to put them down once you start eating them but they do get a little sickly sweet by the end of the packet. They are available from all good supermarkets and convenience stores. Competitively priced.
The chocolate and honeycomb taste great together. Reasonably priced.


These are a great chocolate. If you like honeycomb but don't like it too hard then this is perfect. I like having these at the cinema and they are a great one off treat. Can get a bit boring sometimes if you have them often. It would be nice if they brought out white chocolate ones or white chocolate and raspberry, that could be a nice change and something different to try!
I love it when they melt in your mouth.
Once upon a time I bought a packet of these and felt like I got heaps in it. Now it feels like they don't put as much product in the packet and manage to charge more.


I would buy Maltesers at any price as they are so yummy and the way the chocolate and then the honeycomb just melt in your mouth, the taste is just sensation in its self to experience and no other lollie can give off the same feeling. These treats are worth their weight in gold as I believe that they really give enjoyment to people.
A great tasting treat that just melts in your mouth - a treat that you cannot resist.
That the packets are not a lot bigger.


a great milk chocolate treat that has a honeycomb centre that just melts in your mouth and can be enjoyed by all family members, comes in a variety of sizes.
an enjoyable chocolate treat that just crunch and melt in your mouth,covered by a smooth thin milk chocolate outer shell. They come in various sizes, my favourite is the large box which doesnt last long in this house. Easy to open packet and safe for little children to consume no fear of nuts hidden inside. taste best when slightly warm as i love the melting chocolate moments, packaing isnt over the top, simple but easy to find
non that i can think of


This products is great for the whole family. The chocolate for not hard for small children to eat due to the easy-to-eat centres. They come nice small packets - great for the school lunchbox. They come in larger packets, which is great for parties or eating as a special treat. A must-by if on special at the supermarket!
This is a nice product. The chocolate coating just melts very easily and the centre is just so crunchy.
Due to the chocolate coating, it is very unhealthy. Only eat this as the occasional treat. Additionally, there is not a lot of chocolate coating on each malteser - I would prefer if the coating was thicker.


These are wonderfully crunchy chcolates which are great for anyone who has sensitive teeth and wants a softer chocolate which is still crunchy. These are so good, I can easily finish off a bag (any size), but end up feeling a bit sick afterwards. I like to eat these only when I really want them because they are too rich and I dont want something so unhealthy on a regular basis. They are fantastic as an occasional treat.
These are yummy chocolate treats which just melt in my mouth.
They are very high in calories compared to other chocolates, so I dont buy these unless I really crave them.

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