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Maclaren Rocker Elite

Maclaren Rocker Elite

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Not great for the money

Very plasticy, very noisy when on vibrate & parts rattle, only one setting for vibrate which is pretty strong, hood doesn't recline so not that easy to get the baby in, it clips on with plastic clips which isn't very easy to get on and off. Our baby seems quite comfortable and it has recline but I wouldn't recommend this product.

Made my life easier

Both my babies slept really well in this rocker being quite snug and when awake were easily settled by rocking with my foot. Very handy that you can make it recline up especially after a feed or to look around and lay flatter for longer sleeps. Can take cover off to wash. Can fold up so portable when travelling. Found it most useful in the first 4 months for both babies, but as they grew longer the shape of rocker would make the head/chin drop down.

Baby loves it

I bought the Maclaren Rocker Elite in Black and my baby just loves it. He has been on the rocker since birth and loves chilling out on it to nap or people watch.

We don't really use the vibration often yet it does work on occasion to soothe him, yet he's normally pretty chilled out so we just don't have a need to use it.

The rocker seems comfortable, we put a fluffy comfy blanket on it to make it more comfortable yet the toys that came with it are super boring... my 3 month old looks at me with "year right" eyes when he sees it so I have taken them off and put brighter more colourful ones on.

We love the fact it has the handles to carry him around safely if we move into other rooms and it's always a hit at the in laws house as we take it over and he can sit down and see all of us when we are eating or lounging around.

Worth the money though in my opinion!
Style, comfort level, easy to move around
The bland and boring toys that came with it - prety uninspiring

Beats my old rocker by a mile

I had a really basic rocker for bub no 1. I couldn't use that one till he was 3 months and he had developed enough head and neck support. He never really wanted to be in that one for very long. With bub no 2 I bought a Maclaren and used it right from birth. The material is good quality, dark in colour so doesn't show any dirt from my toddler climbing all over it. The cover is difficult to get off to wash, I still haven't achieved this, I have looked for instructions on you tube/the Internet and can't find any. The rocker can be put into a fixed position or left to rock. It can be used with bub laying back or upright. The shoulder straps are too difficult to unclip so we ended up just using the waist belt. I never used the toy bar as it looks like it just gets in the way of putting bubs in and out. The toys do look a bit boring. The shoulder straps still get in the way and because I'm having difficulty getting the cover off they remain in the way. If I could remove the cover, I may be able to pull the straps through and store them behind. All in all my daughter loves her rocker, she is always happy to be put in their and has even fallen asleep. I haven't tested the vibrate mode yet as pulling the cover back to get to the battery has proved difficult. Straps on the side for carrying are great but should be able to be folded up so they don't drag on the floor. My daughter has used this from birth till now (she is 4 months, but weighs 7.6kg). I think we will get a lot more use out of this rocker.
Adjustable positions, ability to rock or be locked in position, comfortable padding, removable hood, folds compactly for travel
Shoulder straps, cover hard to remove

3.5 stars

This rocker is ok if u have a baby who wears five 0 to three 0. My son who was a big boy from the start looked very uncomfortable quickly and has outgrown this rocker. Whilst he still uses it occasionally he looks like he can slide off the edges. It has hood for sunshade
Vibrates, trendy neutral colours, hood
Not suitable for my big boy but would be fine for an average sized baby


This product is great for newborns and when visiting friends places, the baby can sleep in it. It's also useful for baby's afternoon catnap. The sunshade was good to darken the surrounding and induce baby to sleep.

The shoulder straps are really hard to clip and we never use them, instead we tuck them behind the head rest.

Also after using it for awhile the rocking motion has become quite squeaky.

When changing the positions from fully reclined to seated, you need to be careful that you don't catch your fingers or hands.
Easily transportable
Shoulder straps are hard to clip
Head rest moves around
Need to be careful when changing the position not to catch hand or fingers


My daughter spent hours in this rocker when she was smaller. She would sit in it after feeding and she used to fall asleep. Great thing about this rocker was that she never slid down in it like she did with a few other rockers she tried. Great product!
Great Rocker. Seat seems really comfortable and very easy to adjust its recline. I love the feel of fabric. The cover is easy to remove for a wash.
Toy bar can not be adjusted, so it gets in the way of putting baby in the rocker. I used to use it without the toy bar, but it meant I could not use the sunshade.


Got this as a gift and it was perfect for my tiny baby to put in straight away as the head rest was totally supportive and she was strapped in safely. HAted the shoulder straps as if she was screaming you had to unclip those annoying push down clips so we ended up cutting them off and keeping the waist strap only. The vibration was perfect and the seat can be seated upright or on a higher level.
great from birth when arms need a rest
hard for baby to rock on their own and needs FUN toys that play music


I recieved this from a friend who has one and used it for all her children (Not this model but a similar one) and she was also happy with hers.Same brand also
I found it useful to rock my baby to sleep and would use when i went to visit friends as he would sleep in it anywhere rather then take the bassinet with me.It did come in handy and would recommend this rocker and will be using for my other children as is still in good conditon and does wash well.
Practical fabric, easy to keep clean
Different sitting and lying positions
Has a sunshade so you can use it outdoors
Looks comfortable for the baby.lots of padding and had adequate safety restraints
Could be a little more colourful and better activity toys for the baby to look at.
Maybe a little pricey.


Although it is quite dear, it is good quality and definitely worth it. Bub enjoyed relaxing in the rocker, while watching TV. I could also put him in the rocker, with the stationary position on, while I had a shower, or made dinner etc.
Folds up easily for transportation or storage. Several recline positions are handy, depending on whether bub wanted to sit up or lie. Bub loved the vibration option and often fell asleep in the chair. I liked the option to turn it into a stationary chair as well.
It can be difficult to put baby in & out of the rocker with the toy bar attached - but luckily it can be removed. I used it without the toy bar most times.


I didn't use the vibration feature. My boy now nearly 2 still sits on this infront of the TV and rocks it. Well worth the money and we will definitely get a lot of wear out of it. It is easy to fold up and just tuck under the lounge or cot. We used to bring it with us whenever we travelled. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a bouncer/rocking chair
really good product. comes ina range of colours. the shade cover is brilliant as i used to put him outside while I was gardening. Great brand.
nothing I could think of.


I purchased this after recommendations from a few friends. Whilst it's been a good rocker, I know I could have bought something similar for half the price. My daughter didn't care whether the vibration was on or off, so that was pointless for us. I never used the hood & always had that pushed completely back. I used to change the toys over often which was easy to do as the Maclaren ones are just attached by velcro hooks.
Nice & sturdy. Able to be rocked or placed in solid position. Has toy bar & vibrating function. Nice & comfy.
Hard to get to battery compartment to change batteries. Quite expensive.


A great rocker, really well built. I've used it since my bub was only a few weeks old, and she seems reasonably comfortable in it. A much sturdier construction than many other brands on the market, and given its quality compared to others in the same price range, very good value for money.
Very sturdy, bub seems comfortable. Adjustable seat - can recline a fair way back or be sitting reasonably upright. Sturdy straps for carrying (but would never carry it with bub in it). Material is machine washable. Has inbuilt vibrator which bub found soothing - sometimes! Cute little toys attached for bub to play with.
The should straps are way too long and I found that they didn't do up sufficiently for me to think that baby was securely fastened.


Has been a great buy. We took this rocker when we visited other people as it would fold up compactly and fit nicely in the car. Our baby could sleep in the rocker and also sit up and look around. Good when you want to keep baby off the floor. We also used it as a short term highchair when baby started solids and could not sit up on own. The supplied hood is removable. We used the hood when outside gardening etc. to keep sun off baby's face.
Nice soft material which is fairly easy to clean. The sitting position is adjustable so can accommodate baby laying down or in a sitting position. Has gentle vibration for baby. Folds easy for transport. Has hood which is useful when outside. Light and easy to carry.
Strap between legs is a little bulky.


TBH I only bought this because the rocker came in an adorable pink and grey design. Turned out to be a great buy though! My little girl got good months and months of use out of it. LOVE this product! Would recommend to ANYONE!
Very cute colors and designs. Canopy/sun shade covers baby well if you go outside. Can also be removed if preferred. Very well padded and comfortable for bub. Can adjust/recline seat depending on if bub wants to sit or sleep. Can be turned from a rocker to a stationary 'seat'.
Easy to wash. Has handles to quickly move the rocker from room to room.
Baby can be hard to get out of the rocker if the toys/canopy is attached. Cannot adjust the toys position without also adjusting the canopy.


I received this as a gift when my baby was born. She was 4 weeks prem, and a teeny one...and she looked so snug sleeping in this rocker. I wasn't able to put her in the harness until she got much bigger as it wasn't adjustable or at all suitable for a little little one...but that was OK, 'cause she was never really too far away from us then. The multiple positioning system is fantastic, I change it for her all the time now that she's 4 months old and likes to look around. The retractable sunshade is fantastic, and good inside too if you're encouraging baby to sleep and want to make the rocker darker and more cocoon like. The fold out legs are a good feature, as are the carry straps and the velcro toy loops...we've attached all sorts of things on there! All in all a great product, just wish the harness was better for newborns.
Comfortable, can be locked into multiple positions, great sun shade, cute toy bar, has feet that fold out if you don't want it to rock, well made.
The padded harness bit that goes between baby's legs is too big for little babies, they get swamped in the harness.


I got lots of use out of this product (including the cute toys). I would have to say that it is one of my favorite early purchases. In fact I was so happy, I felt confident in buying a Maclaren stroller later on. One of the best elements was how easy it was to move my daughter around this house. It would get lots of use when I needed to do housework or check emails.
Easy to carry. Easy to clean. The vibrate function helped to get my baby to sleep Easy to move from rocking to stable position. Lots of safety features.


I absolutely loved this rocker when I first saw it. The chair is of very good quality & great design. The dangling toys comes with the sun shade/hood are very cute too.
It's very pretty, and looks very comfy for babies.
The rocker becomes really compact when folded for easy storage or for bringing out. The carry stras are great too. Sitting position/recline is very easily adjustable. It was easy to recline the chair more once my baby fell sleep in this rocker.
My daugher seemed to prefer a bouncer than a rocker, but it's no fault of this rocker.


Best gift that was given to me, Easy to move around the house and allows bubs to sit up. Baby falls asleep often in this rocker and the carry straps allow me to carry bubs to the next room with out waking him up. Has vibrations, and material is soft and wipe-able.
Great rocker, Baby can sit up or lay back, rocker can be folded for portability, Has vibrations, and material is soft and wipe-able.
Nothing major, though when the hood/toy bar is attached bubs can be a little hard to get out, I use it without this for that reason.


Love this bouncer - our baby loves to sleep and just hang out in it. Was so easy to transport around that I could sling it over my shoulder using the straps and take to Mother's Group for our baby to relax in. Material is easy to clean - just throw it in the washing machine! Little toys on the overhead bar are cute, and they are also attached using velcro so you can mix and match with your own toys as well, ensuring that baby is always happy to be in the bouncer.
Very comfy for baby; easily folds in half which makes it very compact for transporting to friends places and when travelling; nice soft material.

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Maclaren Rocker Elite
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