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Maclaren Quest

Maclaren Quest

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Great pram

This has been a terrific pram, I’ve had it for around 3 years and it’s still going strong. The only limitations are storage underneath and you can’t really hang much off the back or it can tip. But the same would be said of any stroller. My child is still loving using it at 4 yo. It is very lightweight and I can even fold and easily pop it into the boot one handed. Highly recommended.

Purchased in January 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage


Ligt and very convenience stroller for little mum. It is light weight and easy for fold. Convenience, small size stroller, easy control, perfect for little mum with light shopping with their baby without relative or friend go with.

Purchased in July 2012.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Everything I wanted!

I bought this stroller for our Disneyland trip in December but I keep it in my car and use it all the time. It's the best! My daughter naps comfortably, stroller has a full recline. Its very easy to recline has 3 settings. I would assume it can be done while there in the stroller just depends on how light your child sleeps.
Easy to pop up, & fold down if not wearing flip flops. It's compact just like an umbrella stroller should be, doesn't take up much space.
I just wish it would roll when folded so I could drag it. It's difficult to carry with a toddler when she says "I done riding".
But other then that it's everything I wanted in a stroller. I would buy it again

Great design - helped enormously!

This replaced a dubious stroller that was 'sold' to us at a well know baby shop and prompt fell to bits (cheap wheels disintegrated). This was a dream to use comparatively. Glides along smoothly, great strap system and packs up lovely and compact. Just so easy to fit into the boot - no problems at all. I will be sticking with proper known brands from now on!


Love Maclaren Strollers. All of them.
Great fir travel, don't take up much space in the car.
All 3 of my children had Mackarens, my friends and family also.
They go for ever these strollers.
Worth the money and them some.
We haded these strollers down through the family.
They are really light. You won't get a lighter stroller on the market.
Maclaren invented the umbreller stroller.

Very good light stroller

This stroller is very light and easy to load and unload from your car, it's the main reason we bought this one.
Easy folding and unfolding. Very durable, we've used it since our first baby newborn, she's now 3 years, and it's going to be used for our 2nd baby now. The only negative is if you're going through a rough surface or off-road, the wheels are a bit too small so it can get stuck or harder to push.

Couldn’t have survived without it

I used it for my first one who is now 25 mths and now using it for my 2month old - loving it. I attached britax unity capsule using an adaptor as I didn’t think it was secure enough for newborns/infants although the instruction says it can be used from 0mths. I have now attached Lascal Buggy board for my first one to ride on. Perfect for short strolls, no need for a double pram.
Sometimes hard to roll smoothly over bumps and humps because wheels are not as big and stable as deluxe prams but that’s quite expected given the light weight of the pram. Easy to fold and fits well into my small suv (Audi Q3). Definitely the to-go pram if you only had to pick one.

Good stroller for the back boot

This pram is fairly lightweight and definitely easy to maneuver. Folding is easy, but to carry it in a folded position is not so comfortable. We had it for two years and the build quality is very good.

The downside is that these prams are not allowed to be carried on aircraft, whereas something like a YoYo can be carried on board. One other issue is that it does not handle bumps very well, but I think this is a trade-off between weight/size and shock absorber installed.

Sturdy Pram and Stroller

Purchased this Pram stroller for my daughter and its super easy to Use.I carried it for my international travel with my kid as its very light and easy to maneuver. This Pram can be used anytime for shopping, travel etc as its easy to fold,unfold and carry.I am happy with this Pram's quality so far as it doesn't take lot of space in the car.Highly recommended..!

Excellent stroller

Bought this stroller a few months ago and couldn't be happier. Its light weight and takes up hardly any room in the boot of my car. Also love that you can recline the seat. Its just great quality. Price is a bit high but got mine on sale for a bargain!

Easy fold and unfold!

Purchased from David Jones.
Easy fold and unfold! But the cover seems a bit smaller so it doesn't really cover the sunlights.
The inner fabric of the cover intacts to the wheels when it is folded so it can get dirty sometimes.
The cushion is not soft enough for newborns.

Great pram

I am very satisfied with the pram. Super easy to use And light very good to use domestic or for travelling. I dont need to drive big car with this pram. Its good quality but is not as sturdy as city select or bugabo. So please dont put heavy things in the handle because its very easy to fall down.

Very handy lightweight pram

Overall very happy with it. Sturdy and compact, folds up umbrella style to take up minimal space. The bottom basket can be difficult to access with the backrest laid down, but that Is pretty much my only complaint. Fabric can be removed and washed easily. Overall quite stylish and practical as far as prams go!

Does the job

This stroller does the job. It's easy to manoeuvres. Folding and unfolding takes a little getting used to but easy once you've got the hang of it. It comes with a strap for carrying which helps, although I find it a bit bulky to carry around. Although that's probably standard with most umbrella strollers. I like that it can recline for when bub sleeps, although it doesn't completely recline flat. I like the little pocket at the back and also the small basket underneath which are both helpful in storing small items. Its sun shade doesn't quite shade our bub - it's a bit too high up I think?

Overall it's a great little stroller, it does it's job and is well made. Great for short trips to the shops or to places where you can't fit a huge pram e.g. the bus.

Awesome stroller

It is easy to maneuver (although grandma would disagree with the unbuckling of safety stray and opening the pram, she finds it hard to press and how to ensure the pram clicks once opened). It is only for babies after they can't sit but it was worth it.

It is light weight so it doesn't hurt your back. It has flown all over the world with us through airports, potholes and in / on international landmarks. it has lasted 6years and it is still working. It doesn't have the latest upgrades in safety features because of this but we have never found it unsafe if you are always vigilant near public transport.

This is just perfect

I have had my current quest for over 12 years and it is still going strong. It is lightweight and so easy to fold, unfold and carry, plus small enough to fit in most car boots. Over the years I have converted several people to the Maclaren Quest. I would strongly recommend it to any new mums.

Brilliant excellent maneuverability and safety

Easy to fold ,unfold , comes complete with locking wheels no runaway to worry about
Rain and Sun cover attachment
Excellent build quality and safety built in
Easy to remove and wash covers and seat
Plenty of storage included
Nothing we found matched it on the market for price and quality
Highly recommend even the grandparents found it easy to use

Should've bought this from the start!

We have been through a few prams now - still have our big off road one, but cheap strollers have been discarded along the way. I was always hesitant to get a maclaren due to the high price tag.

Ended up buying a second hand one, which is 5 years old.

**In Australia not many people seem to be aware of the recall on all maclaren strollers from 2011 and back, due to the hinge amputating a few poor children's fingers. It's illegal to sell these on ebay without the hinge covers, but people still do. **

Anyway, the quest we have is fantastic

Very lightweight.
Can fold one handed with an 11kg baby in my arms
We have a buggy board attached at the back and the pram can handle that with an 18kg child and an 11kg baby sitting in the pram
Easy to steer with one hand

Small canopy, but ours came with a canopy extension add on from the previous owner.

Would not hesitate to purchase again if this one ever breaks

I wish I did look into some other stroller for travel !

I was a happy owner of maclaren quest until it was sitting new in the box of our garage.
It was a grandmothers present for 1st upcoming birthday in 10 months time. So for 6 months it was in the box until we went for our holiday trip.
Omg it was such a hassle by travelling with this stroller that need to be given away over the flight. Both ways we were searching for it as someone wouldn't get it out and we were worried it will get lost while we are in transit.

About the actual stroller.
Any acessories in Australia hard to find and if you did be ready to pay at least $50 unless its second hand one.

The hood getting dirty of the wheels when folded, always need to put plastic bag over it.

The hood is not suitable at all for the sunny weather. You have to buy an extra one for an additional big $.

I'm still keep forgetting on which side the clip is to unfold the stroller and keep searching for it.

Its not possible to fold/unfold it with one hand. Unless you a pro.

The front wheels started to squick in 2 months time and our bub is 10,5kg only.

Break hard to apply. It keep on flipping back/off. So annoying.

The stroller not worth those money that were spent on it $399. I truly with we got a different stroller as a present.

Excellent reliable stroller

Our quest is 3 years old and has been around the world. I'm sure the treatment it has had from baggage handlers has been less than gentle. It is still going strong. The seat is deceptively large and lies flat. My 4yo is still happy to go to sleep in it if my 1yo will let him. It is light and easy to push around. I cannot fault it.

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Questions & Answers

Hi - can the MacLaren quest be taken on international flights? What about outdoors? How does it go when it is outdoors on footpaths and rocky roads? Also is it hard to fold or can it be easily done with one hand? Thank you
2 answers
You can travel with the stroller definitely but it's not able to be taken on board as carry on luggage like the Mountan Buggy Nano. It's quiet long when folded. It's a very sturdy stroller to take out for travelling or going to shopping centre. Not ideal for rocky roads like say Mountain Buggy strollers, they don't have any suspension or air filled tyres which would absorb the shock. It's easy to fold. The folding mechanism is better on the newer model. I'd say it would be easy to fold with both hands but can easily be done with one. I highly recommend you try it out in store or borrow a friends to see if it's for you.We are currently in turkey with it.. we had no issues on our flight.. we would leave it at the gate and then get it back when we land.. we switched 3 planes to get here and got our maclaren everytime. its been great outdoors.. turkey is very rocky all over its almost as if footpaths don't exits so our maclaren has been doing very well.. we take it everywhere with us.. although folding can be done with one hand opening the stroller needs to be done with 2 hands.. my sister in law is with us and she has the recaro easylife.. one hand fold and open.. very comfy and easy to use aswell.. the only thing is it doesn't recline flat for baby to sleep.. hope this helps with your decision..

I want to buy a stroller to keep at my house for grandchild due in Oct. Also the parents may use it on trips instead of taking an expensive bugaboo on plane. I am looking at the Quest Elite or red quest stroller. Which would you recommend & why? Are both suitable for a newborn? Regards, Carol Schoknecht
2 answers
The Quest I have is an older model and it's fantastic, super light approx. 5 kgs and compact and easy to fold. The newer model does carry baby from birth but unfortunately is heavier and isn't as compact as the older model. I was looking for a new stroller with my third baby due next month and opted for the Urban Nano instead. Nano folds easily and is very light and compact. To carry baby from birth I purchased the bassinet for extra $99. Baby Village is currently selling on-line for $319, normally $399. You might want to consider. Otherwise there is the Mountain Buggy Swift which is about 9kg, is compact, easy to fold and great for walking. Cheapest on-line price is $599. I didn't get the Swift as the handle on the newer model is a bit low for me. I'm 5'8 and plan to do a lot of running and walking post-birth. I'm considering purchasing a second hand older model where the handle is higher. Good luck!I don't know about the red quest so I cannot comment. The quest elite is not suitable for newborns. I'd rather get something that has a bassinet. We didn't buy the quest elite until baby was after 6 months old but in saying that I use it all the time now, more than my other bigger pram

Hi I have been looking for a stroller to take on holidays for my 18 month old. Is this model the Quest Elite (sorry so many different models want to make sure I purchase the correct one)? Does this recline flat? Is this good for travel? We will be doing a lot of walking and sightseeing. Thank you
2 answers
Hi Perfect for travel, lightweight and folds easily. I have tried cheaper strollers but ended up selling. This is great and still going strong with my third. It reclines but not flat. My daughter still sleeps in it though 22 months. Mine is a 2010 too they the newer ones may have more recline. The hood could be longer but newer ones may have fixed this?The basket like most strollers is ok but can only be accessed when seat in fully upright position.Great! Thank you, I think this is the one ill get. We are not going away for a few months so will keep my eye out on the specials ☺.


Maclaren Quest
Category4-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $499.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 25 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible No
Capsule CompatibleNo
FeaturesSuspension and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialSolid
Weight6.2 kg
Release dateDec 2006

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