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Maclaren Techno XT / XT Elite

Maclaren Techno XT / XT Elite

Techno XT and XT Elite
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Best travel pram

We used this pram for the first time for our travel to Malaysia. It was the best idea ever as it folds easily and light to carry around. Its has a cover that keeps bub dry in case of rain.

Purchased in February 2019 at Baby Baby Online for $495.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Packing & Storage

Great quality

Very good safe and strong pram. My baby loved it it's so comfortable I put him in it straight away go to sleep

Love this pram

I bought this after having a second child. Before this I had a iCandy strawberry (which I Loved but had to sell to get a double pram) and baby jogger city select double. I bought the mclaren to use it on holidays and when I have only one child to take with me. I absolutely love how light this is and how easy it is to manouver whereas the bigger peaks don't do that. Only thing I wish was a bigger basket and easier to get to it, but I understand you can't have that in an umbrella pram. Really love this and having this as a 3rd pram I understand that you don't necessarily need a big pram unless you do heaps of walking with it. This one would be enough.

Forget the pram, buy this stroller from the start!

Before I bought a pram, a good friend told me 'just buy a Maclaren', but of course I didn't listen and bought a pram (Jane Epic). My bub likes to lie flat to sleep and modern prams have a permanent 90 degree 'seated' shape even when tilted back, so he sleeps much better in this when out and about. This stroller turns on a dime, is light-weight but sturdy, folds easily and takes up far less room in the back of the car (it only fits horizontally in the boot of my XTrail as it is quite long when folded, but easily sits on top of other things like suitcases). I love the extra shade built into the hood and the fact I can steer it one handed through a doorway while holding the door open with the other hand, or through narrow shopping aisles. Yes, the basket isn't as big as those on full prams, but it's a lot sturdier than most other strollers so you can hang a light-medium weight nappy bag on the back with no issue.

My little boy is quite tall and is already growing out of the Epic, however the Maclaren will last for as long as he needs to be pushed around. I love my Maclaren Techno XT!

Most amazing stroller!

Lightweight, easy to close, top of the line features that are well thought out, outstanding quality material and ultra comfort...I have had many strollers but none compares to this!


I purchased the Techno XT before moving to NZ from Australia in Feb 2014. I previously had a big Steelcraft Pram. I like how small the techno folds, it fits into my Mazda 3 boot with plenty of room to spare. Very easy to manoeuvre around little shops in the mall and sturdy enough to take for small walks. As mentioned in other reviews, the basket is hard to reach when the seat is fully reclined, however it's not too much a hassle to pop the chair up and back down if I need to put something in it. Recline is simple and always done with one hand, not sure how other reviewers find it difficult to recline!?! Overall, worth every penny I paid for it and hold value too. I looked one up on trademe NZ tonight and exact same model/colour as mine is selling for $400!!

I can't find fault with this pram

Versatile, slim, maneuverable. We bought this pram with the arrival of our first. It came with everything. Sun canopy, rain cover, travel bag. We have traveled with this pram all over, and its light, quickly collapsible, easy to package. Super comfy, my boy has been in it since day one and still uses it and hes almost 3! Don't be fooled by expensive and complicated designer prams. This is your one stop shop, pimped up umbrella pram for all your needs. Its fully reclinable so its usable from 0-5. Love my Maclaren
Supe slim (Only mum going through super narrow aisles in super market)- Super affordable- Excellent turning Circle- Light- easy to fold- Can be fully reclined but also sits upright really well.
Only thing i can imagine someone would complain is that is forward facing and some people dont like that. Also if its windy the kids get the full wind but if you put the rain cover (which is included in the initial purchse) your bub will be snug and happy

best pram ever.

buy one. buy one now. its light, folds to nothing. baby lays back. fits a newborn basket. the sun shade goes all the way down. wheels are sturdy and absorb bounce. i had bought with my first child a massive does everything very expensive pram with air tyres. i broke it within a year pulling the stupid thing apart to put in the car over and over. it was heavy and large. everything this pram isnt. you can fit anywhere with a maclaren.
light. steer. design - its pretty. bought it on sale!

Worth every dollar

This stroller is perfect for a small car and is very light. It easily fits into my Hyundai Getz. There are some cons to it but the pros far outweigh them. I love using this stroller and enjoy shopping with it. The absolute winner for me is the very easy and smooth manoeuvrability. I can turn it around with one hand. I used it for my son since birth he's 18 months now and still using it.
Reclines all the way down, Very easy and smooth ride, easy to manoeuvre, canopy goes all the way down blocking all the sun, very light, fits into hatchback boot, easy to fold and unfold, good for newborns too.
Canopy starts sagging to the side after a while, weak canopy, small basket.

After loads of research

I bought this stroller 2nd hand after loads of research and I am definately impressed and glad I spent more then I had originally intended to. It's super easy to steer, is lightweight, easy to fold down. It folds down nice and small. My seven month old is really comfy in it. The sleeping bag is so toasty I want one for myself :)
Nice and small but sturdy enough to take almost anywhere.

Not User Friendly!

Found this stroller horrible to use, purchased as a spare the money would have been better spent if it was burnt. It waseasy to steer through shopping centres, shame I dont use it in there because you cant access the basket due to the inconvenient storage pouches which hang over the back and arent removable, the recline on the seat is almost non existant and requires both hands to do, so dont plan on trying to recline it if you have anything at all on the back because the pram will tip. I find myself kicking the back of the pram all the time and avoid adjusting the straps because finishing a 1000 piece puzzle would be quicker. The hood when extended likes to fall backwards and wont stay still, its easy to push as long as you dont plan on taking it off a perfectly flat surface wont even go from the road up a sloped pathway easily, if I didnt like my friends so much I'd try and sell it to one of them!

I'd never buy the product again, not user friendly at all!

A great stroller for every day

We bought the Maclaren Techno XT after testing a large number of strollers and have been really happy with our choice. It is sturdy but light. It was not great for a new born but will last as baby grows. It is extremely easy to navigate tight spaces and suits an urban lifestyle.
The Techno XT is light and easy to get in and out of the car (once you get the hang of putting it up and down). Like all of the Maclaren strollers we tested it has great maneuverability and easily navigates tight spots (such as cafes and check out isles). The seat can be reclined completely making it ideal for baby to sleep in. The handles can be put up so it is more comfortable for my partner to use. The sun visor unzips and can cover the baby completely. The buckle on the five point harness was hard to use when we first bought it but it is now easy to use.
You can't attach a bassinet to the stroller or have a newborn facing you. I found this a bit frustrating for the first few weeks. But I bought the stroller as I knew it would be a good long term investment - although it would not be my first choice for a new born it is great for babies 3 months and up. The Maclaren Techno XT is great in the shops and any paved surfaces but can be bumpy on rough surfaces. The basket is only suitable for a small items and is difficult to access. This is common with umbrella style strollers.


This pram is not suitable for newborns, I think it would be better to buy one of the other (cheaper) Maclaren umbrella strollers for 3 months and up as you will not use it much for your newborn - they can't see you, which many dislike, and it just doesnt look that comfortable. By 3 months and older they are more happy facing forwards, and for that stage you can happily buy a lighter and cheaper Maclaren.
Very light, easy to collapse, easy to push around confined spaces such as shops. Good sunshade.
NOT suitable for newborns. I bought this for my newborn and regretted it. I ended up getting another pram which was rear-facing, so my son could see me, and also was more comfortable.


I bought the Maclaren Techno XT over all others because it suits what I want out of a pram. It's light weight so it's easy on my back. It's mega easy to pop open and fold down and doesn't take up much room.
So often I see mothers wrestling about with their prams that seem to be the size of a small car and I don't see the point. You don't have to dismantle the thing to fit it into the car and there is still room for shopping.
Baby looks very comfortable, safe and protected from the elements. The sun shade bit opens all the way over to cover baby so there is no need for hanging anything extra over for shade.
When it's cold you can put the foot muff section on which pretty handy as you don't need extra blankets which can get kicked off and it makes a good sock catcher.
It also comes assembled in the 1 box so you don't have to fiddle about putting anything together (appart from the foot muff). And unlike most prams, what you see is what you get. A lot of prams are sold in sections, which is fine but all those bits and extras can really add up to crazy $$.
I know people have complained about the price of the pram but I think it is worth it. One of my friends has put her 3 kids through her Maclaren and it's still going strong. Plus if you keep it in good condition the Maclaren prams re-sale is quite good too.
Safe, very easy to use, light weight, looks comfortable for baby, no hidden extra costs.
I find it difficult to move the seating positions down but maybe I've not quite got the hang of it. I found the instructions hard to follow. It would be good if it came with a instructional dvd.

Brilliant stroller/pram from birth

Sturdy light stroller that's suitable for use from birth. It has cover for the feet for winter months and the hood can be opened and lowered down for wind and sun shade. Most brilliant design.
Suitable from birth and folds up easily. Easy maneuverability.
Difficult to access the basket when the seat is laying down

Convenience +++

When i had my baby my friend sold me a peg perego which steered like a freight train. So my # 1 advantage of my maclaren is it turns like a dream, even one handed in an over crowded chemist. Also when going for long walks around the neighborhood the pram maintains a straight driving line, which i now see it a huge advantage (a pram that crabs really hurts your legs and back after a while).

The added bonus is its light, before with a big pram i found myself carrying my baby into shops rather that dealing with the pram. now its so simple I use it all the time.

My son is very curious and active, and he likes the maclaren - he can see out easily and seems comfy. Im almost 6ft tall so its handles are perfect for me, no bending as i walk. its a sturdy pram too, not much wobbles or squeaks.

The only down-side (hey nobodies perfect) is the fabric gets dirty easily (for the baby who eats on the go) and if you to many shopping bags on the back it falls backwards. my son was a bit shocked but not upset when it happened, jsut cant forget to take my hands off. Oh and the seat isnt reversible, which might be a problem for little babies. The set up and down takes a bit to get used too, but after a few days i had it mastered. i would advise practicing at home! the belt buckle again is difficult, but its child proof - my bub has worked out other buckles but not this one.

Maclaren's hold their value well too, so if #2 comes sooner than expected we can see it easily. My baby is a toddler now and he still loves it.
Turns like a dream, super light and folds up small.
bit top heavy when shopping bags are on the back and fabric gets messy quick.


Bought in Australia and used since child aged 6 months. Three months use in summer (heat, sand, grass, etc.) then a move to Germany. Rough pavements, cobbles, humidity in summer, occasional sub-zero in winter, mushy ground, rough dirt tracks through wonderful parklands, narrow aisle shopping, incredibly crowded shopping district malls, cars, trams, trains, busses and a few flights to other countries, twice-weekly walks to the neighbourhood grocery shops. This stroller is still coming through all this without issue. Sure, the under-seat storage area is only designed to carry the day needs of the child and the odd small bits and pieces, but this is what a stroller is all about — the compactness is worth it. It is easy to hang shopping bags off the back from the pushing handles, so long as you keep in mind that you need the child's weight in the seat as a counterbalance for loads that you really shouldn't be hanging off there anyway. This stroller is definitely in my rather short "Well, I made a really good purchase decision there!" list. And the reason why I have spent the time to write such a long review: blokes look after their kids too, and need be comfortable with necessary products just as much as women do.
I'm a bloke, but this comes from my missus also... Good seat positions to full recline. Easy uncliping of shoulder straps to leave waist straps clipped to groin strap which still provides a secure child "lock-in" (brilliant for older child in winter clothing). Quick and easy fold/unfold. Doesn't take too much nous to strip the fabric seat out for washing and put it back in correctly. Excellent manoeuvrability in tight shops. Good rain protection. Good sized wheels; handles slush, rough ground, cobbled pavements, etc. very well. Easy to run with or walk one handed when front wheels are locked to straigh-ahead position. Well balanced with and without child for holus-bolus lifting from street-level up door-steps into tram carriage. Exceptionally robust and reliable under the inevitable stress conditions that occur from time to time with child rearing. Maclaren strollers are internationally represented and the models are relatively long-lived. My son likes getting into it and staying there — and that alone counts for quite a lot!
Leg-rest extensions fiddly to extend and require nimble fingers. Front wheel directional steering locks are tricky to engage by foot (easy enough though by bending over and doing it by hand).


I do love this pram except for the basket and the price. There would be other strollers out there that do the same thing for a much cheaper price.
The best sun hood around. Goes all the way over and blocks out sun perfectly or gives baby privacy to sleep. Very lightweight. So easy to push one handed. Easy to fold. Love the footwarmer as there is no need to bring blankets which get lost. Good looking pram.
Basket is terrible. Whatever can go in is basically not coming out! Pockets on back of hood feel weak. The recline feature could be made easier to use. Price is way too expensive.


I would highly recommend this stroller. It is excellent quality from Maclaren. Although it is very expensive unlike other cheaper brands it will last more than one child and comes with accessories ie footmuff/ zip off liner, rain cover and mozzie net. Although the basket is small it is only a stroller afterall and not a pram. Even though it is difficult to get to the basket when reclined, I would rather that it fully recline than basket accessability.
It is also great if you can get one second hand as they are of high quality and built to last
I found this stroller fantastic, lightweight and easy to use. Unlike most strollers the hood is exceptional and folds right over. I love the footmuff as it eliminates the need for a blanket. Easy to fold up one handed. Also has linked breaks and a handy carry handle. Easy to manouver one handed and in tight spaces. Stroller also fully reclines so bub can have a easily have a snooze
Price. My husband tends to hit his feet on the back wheels and complains about it. Personally I think he just needs more practice :)Has a small basket which is difficult to access when fully reclined. Unfortunatily needs to hands to recline.


I bought this pram for the convenience of the size and weight. It is still great for that, but I found that my newborn didn't like not being able to see me, so I barely used it for the first 3 months. The foot muff was great - blankets always slip off. I've just bought a second hand Strider to be my at home walking pram, as the maclaren can be a bit rough on a long walk, but I still intend on using my maclaren all the time as my out and about pram as it is so easy to use. In hindsight I wish I had bought the bigger pram where I could see the baby first for when I had a newborn, and then a cheaper stroller for a toddler/running around.
very light, very manoeuvrable, fits through tight spots, can pack up and set up with one hand, foot muff - good for winter baby, big hood, lies completely flat
basket too small and non-accessible when pram laying down flat, need two hands to recline, can't face baby, other people always have a lot of trouble getting the buckle done up and undone! Tips over if it doesn't have a baby in it to balance the nappy bag.

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Questions & Answers

I'm currently looking at buying either the Maclaren techno xt and silvercross pop2. They both have similar features but I'm mainly after the high weight capacity and the zipped extendable hood. Can anyone confirm that the tehno xt actually does have a zip extendable part in the hood? Thanks in advance!
2 answers
Yes. The Maclaren TecnoXT has a zipped extendable hood with breathing mesh to protect from the sun and from over heating. It does not take weight well so it can warp if you put too much weight on the hood when its zipped (supermarket trips etc)It does! That is one of our favorite thongs on this stroller. The hood extends completely and is extremely sturdy. Honestly, for me this was a best buy and I would not change it. It is easy to maneuver and super lightweight. The full recline is amazing too...still find it hard to believe that it is an umbrella stroller.

Does this recline to fully flat? Can it take a buggy board?
3 answers
It does recline fully flat. I used it for my first from day one. The buggy board i am assuming its those skate board thingies you attach at the back and if that is the case yes you can. The buggy board is an issue if you are short like me however. You cant push the pram properly as your feet crash against the board and its very uncomfortable.ive seen most short women walking beside as opposed to behind which can maybe cause injuries.Not fully, but very nearly flat! It's so easy to just pull the little lever at the back up with one hand and slowly lower it when my daughter falls asleep and now that she's 2, also very easy to push it back up just with one hand again and it clicks into place itself.It does recline all the way! It's awesome and comfortable because the baby stays sleeping there long lengths of time. However, I'm not sure what a buggy board is...


Techno XTXT Elite
Price (RRP) $370.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Wheel MaterialSolid
Folded Dimensions107 x 50 x 79 cm

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