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100 times better than a liquid chlorine pool

I've had the magnapool with magnesium for just over a month and I swim in it every day. The water is so much clearer and silkier to swim in than the previous liquid chlorine set up. Our local pool company installed it and comes once a month to check chemicals and do any top-ups, so apart from cleaning the leaves out of the creepy-crawly basket, there is nothing to do but enjoy the pool. I hated having to test the water all the time and add liquid chlorine, so this is very easy-care and pleasant to own. It might be my imagination, but I think my skin is actually softer as well, which is lovely. I can't recommend this highly enough. I know others have said the hydroxinator will only last 3 years, but even if mine does I'll still be happy with the use I've had out of it. I feel like I have a Health Spa in my own backyard!

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Best Pool Ever

We had been reading about Magnapool for a while and thought we would set up pool to be Magnapool.
We thought if it does live up to expectations we can revert to back to saltwater.
However we cannot recommend the Magnapool enough. No chlorine smell, no sting of the eyes and just a great all round feel on the body. At first there was a slight different taste to the water, but this disappears after 2-3 weeks.
It is without a doubt the single best decision we have made in designing and setting up our pool, it was easy to set up as well.
You wont look back.

Absolutely love Magnapool and wonderful for little one's

We installed our Magnapool system in January 2017 and it has been awesome. The water absolutely sparkles, and everyone that visits comments on it. It's soft and silky and leaves no chlorine smell or residue on your body and/or swimmers. No red/burning chlorine eyes either - it's the best. We had our little one in the pool at 3 months, and it was absolutely wonderful not having to worry about harsh chemicals - I truly believe that a little float in the pool before naptime, soaking up the magnesium helped her sleep during the early months...and probably still today at 2 years of age. We are also finding that the Magnapool is helping with her eczema, flair ups disappear after a few swims in the pool - which is just wonderful. From a maintenance perspective, it's been super easy. I would absolutely recommend Magnapool to anyone with a pool it's well worth the investment and the support from Zodiac and our Zodiac dealer has been fantastic.

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Thank you so much for your 5 star review. Happy Swimming!

Magnesium part is fabilous. MagnaPool control centre failed after 3 years.

We converted our saltwater pool to a magnesium pool in July 2015. Very happy with pool. Water feels soft and silky, leaves no sticky residue on your skin and pool has been easier to maintain. However, the MagnaPool control centre and cell are another story. The equipment was more expensive than other brands but we chose to install the complete MagnaPool/Zodiac system. The equipment warranty is 3 years. Toda y - 3 years and 5 months after installation - the control centre failed and needs to be replaced. Yes product worked well - until it failed - just outside the warranty period. So if you have a spare $2500 to spend on your pool every 3 years, choose MagnaPool. We have complained to MagnaPool and are waiting for a response. However, we are one of many in this area whose MagnaPool equipment failed around the 3 year mark. Any product that just makes its warrantied period before it fails is not good. Would recommend you look around at other brands of controllers.

HI Deb, Are you able to send a DM with your contact details? Thanks.Hi there What is a DM? DebHello Thank you for your reply. Happy to send contact detaild but what is DM? Deb

Best Ever Pool

We've had our MagnaPool for a year now and can't get over how the water is amazingly stable and soft, least amount of salts/chemicals we've ever needed, considering it is in full west sun it is quite incredible and the water is crystal clear - best pool we've ever had!!! Best pool cleaner too.

The water is wonderful on skin, hair and eyes, the standard comment from everyone visiting is how amazing their skin feels and you don't need a shower or wash your hair afterwards, which is great for long hair. Regular swimming manages psoriasis as well. Just love it :)

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Hi there, Great to hear that you are loving your Magnapool. Happy Swimming!!!

Great pool system

We love our Magna pool. Wonderful soft water and never burning chlorine eyes. Don’t mind the taste of the magnesium either. Pool water is always clear and inviting.

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Thanks for the great Review. Happy Swimming!

Just the best

After going from a old concrete chlorine treated pool to a new Maga-pool we have nothing but praise for this system.
Everything so simple to test and maintain,
We have many more spare hours now for swimming!

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Thanks for the Review John. Great to hear that your time is now enjoyed in the Pool

On balance - Fantastic!

Water feels great on the body but takes a little getting used to on the taste! Also less hassle with constant additives compared to the salt chemistry. Wish we had done it sooner.

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Hi David, fantastic to hear that you are enjoying your MagnaPool. Happy swimming!

Everything I dreamed of.

Works fantastically and very easy to use and it’s nice to know that a simple check of water once a week is all that is needed. No of this adding extra chemicals or salt once a week to get the ph right.

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Hi Kev, thanks for the 5 star review. Great to hear you are happy with your MagnaPool! :)

magnapool control centre and cell

As a past magnapool customer I've had my fair share of issues with the original equipment (OEM) to the point where the 2nd Cell within 5 years stopped working recently. After conducting a market scan there are now many different salt / mineral compatible units available at competitive prices to consider however the latest magnapool zodiac control centre and cell are top of the range in terms of value for money, easy to install and straight forward to operate. I strongly recommend considering the new magnapool zodiac system especially if you have children where the magnapool chemicals provide advanced health advantages (to all ages). Thanks to Zodiac for keeping such a great product going with the advanced innovation and technolgy and making our job as pool owners easier having peace of mind in a solid product. Great work! Regards Tyson

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Thank you for this 5 star review. We are so pleased to hear that you are loving the Magnapool system. Happy Swimming!

Fantastic system

We love our new pool and love the Magna pool system even more. It's the best and we highly recommend it

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Thanks for the great 5 star review! Happy Swimming!!!

Magnesium is your friend.. eczema gone

I've been using magnesium as a recovery tool after hard training. Now I just jump into the pool and I feel relaxed.

My daughter suffers from eczema and with our salt water system it would flare up. With Magnapool we've never had a drama.

The water appears so much clearer too.

Great product.

So much better than salt water

We had our pool upgraded to a Magnapool 9 months ago, and it's the best thing you can do for your body. The feel of the water is smoother, it is far more refreshing. Honestly the best thing you can do for your pool.
For me and my family, we have found that it has made an outstanding difference when it comes to the enjoyment while we're in there. It just feels better!!

Questions & Answers

Looking at getting magnaspa for our spa. The instructions say a 3 kg bag for 10000 l but it doesn’t say how often or what maintenance dose is on the website
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Hey Arlene. I've had my large saltwater pool changed over to magnapool (cost around $2000) for nearly 6 months now and I'm loving the clarity of the water and the silky feel of it. I have the local pool shop come out once every four weeks (costs $65 plus any chemicals) and they manage it all for me. The only thing I do is empty the filter basket weekly. Since set-up, they haven't added any magnesium, only acid and balancers, so it seems to be using less chemicals than the salt version. If you want to do it yourself, you might have to ring Magnapool and ask them what their protocol is for checking the chemicals in the pool and adding more. I don't like touching that stuff, so I'm happier to let the pool shop do it all.Hi Louise that seems like a great price - can you share where you purchased ?

I am about to put a magna pool system into our new pool. Can you please advise what are the advantages of a ES3 over the entry level. Our pool will be 10m x 4m by Narellan Pools. Many thanks - Sally
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My Magna pool control centre seems to be making a louder running noise than normal. It’s ok when it’s on for a short time but overnight running I heard it running much louder than normal which is pretty quiet. Everything else is doing what it should. When I turn it off it now whirs for a few minutes. It never used to do this. It’s just gone approx 3.5 yrs. does this sound like an issue? Thanks
2 answers
Hi Anna Definitely sounds like you have a problem. We have just replaced our Magnapool controller after 3.5 years and last week we had to replace the cell as well (after only 14,000 hours use). 3 years seems to be about the normal life cycle for Magnapool products. That said, our controller is pretty much silent. The pump makes a little noise on start up and not much running. Would call your local Magnapool dealer for a diagnostic check. Regards DebRats! Thank you shall do


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