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Makin Mattresses Bellissimo 2016 Range

Makin Mattresses Bellissimo 2016 Range

Duet 2000 2016, Duet 4000 2016, Duet 4000 Firm 2016, Duet Firm 2016, Duet Medium 2016 and 3 more
4.0 from 31 reviews

It is good to sleep on

it is so comfortable to sleep on, and it is firm but soft to lay on hard to explain
When the wife moves at night time it does not disturb my sleep

Purchased in July 2019 for $2,495.00.

Value for Money
Sleeping PositionBack
Adjustment PeriodDays
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues No
Discomfort No
Heat Retention No
Perceived FirmnessSoft


purchased bellissimo 2000 July 17,[$2595.00]- a couple of months later it was returned to be "checked out ", we had a large hump in the middle of the bed, not matter how it was rotated or turned, after one night the hump returns, the bed was replaced several months later, at no expense, the same again, we call it our sports car, two bucket seats and a console in the middle, a poor quality product, and we know why Mr Harvey doesn't sell them, . We were told that when having a daily nap, sleep in the middle, you can't, you roll off every time. Certainly an expensive mistake.

Purchased in July 2017 at nerang.

Value for Money
Sleeping PositionSide
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues No
Discomfort No
Heat Retention Yes
Perceived FirmnessMedium
Hi Sorry to hear of your troubles, this certainly is very unusual. Can you please email me some images to productreview@makinmattresses.com.au and I will come back to you with next steps.I sent in photos as requested, when do we get a reply ???Hi Unfortunately the email was never received to the address supplied. I believe our General Manager is now assisting you with you enquiry.

Time for an upgrade, we should have done it years ago.

This super comfy mattress is of the highest quality I have seen from any of the other stores. We shopped around looking to replace our old mattress. We saw the same thing in every other store except at Makin Mattresses. The quality of the product construction and the fact they'll show you what's inside the mattress compared to a mainstream brand.
Delivery was prompt and free with our bed.

Purchased in December 2018 for $2,495.00.

Value for Money

Their advertising rings true!

From the moment I saw the Makin ad I could relate. I have bought 2 ensembles, Sealy and Sleepmaker in the last 4 years and was very disappointed with both. As the Makin ad says it seems like a cheap way to make a mattress with the pillowy top part forming body impressions very quickly. After paying so much over the last few years I was hesitant to make the same mistake again.

The deciding factor for me was the Bellissimo 5 year comfort guarantee, the idea that I could get the comfort level adjusted in the 5 year guarantee was the selling point.

Also I was hesitant with a pillow top kind but once it was explained that Makin use micro coils to provide the comfort element I was sold. The thought of all the hot sweaty foam from my previous purchases is the stuff nightmares are made of.

So far I'm extremely happy with my mattress and recommend to all my family and friends (seems I'm not alone with the terrible experience of other brands).

Purchased in January 2019 for $2,495.00.

Adjustment PeriodDays
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues Yes
Heat Retention No

Game Changer! Best sleep ever

From the first interaction with Makin Mattresses we knew they were unique. They were full of prompt and helpful advice via the messaging service and once we got to the store the helpful and knowledgeable service continued. There was no hard sell and the mattress was delivered two days later. My wife and I are sleeping so well and aches and pains first thing are a thing of the past! Thank you Makin Mattresses, we will be recommending our friends and family shop here too.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Great bed and service.

Recommended by a physio for back issues this bed has, thus far, been supportive and comfortable. However, we have recently changed the inner content (outer layer) of the mattress to a medium firmness as makin mattresses has a 5yr guarantee....returned on the same day! The carriers were excellent also. Acclimatising to wk 3 of the rotatation/flip has been very good. It is certainly a well-made construction as we purchased the base with drawers as well. And we are not overheating like prior beds made from latex and another with memory foam. It's good to know we can sleep at a normal temperature and feel rejuvenated. Kay was patient and thorough in her explanations. Our first MM mattress, Kay helped enormously. Better than Mr Harvey for sure!!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Comfort exceeds our expectations.

Compared with other mattresses we have tried and owned this mattress is superior in every aspect. We have both experienced better sleep and believe the double sided feature will facilitate maintenance of shape and comfort. Great product.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Had the best sleep for a long time.

My wife sleeps right through the night now never did before. Don't wake up hot and sweaty any more. We have only had the bed for a short period of time but all ready notice a difference when we get up in the morning. Not tired like we used to be.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Awesome bed.

Service was awesome. Mattress was expensive but well worth it. Best sleep in a long time, no more aches and pains. Well done!

Comfortable bed

Have been using for 4 weeks. Mattress is comfortable and draws in base are very handy. Showroom staff were knowledgeable and cutouts showing what is inside the mattress was useful in deciding which mattress to buy. The separate pillowtop is a good idea but the first time I found it a bit challenging to flip by myself as we don't have a lot of floor space in the bedroom and it hasn't got the stiffness of the bottom mattress so it tends to fold over and is still fairly weighty. No doubt I will work out a better way to do it next time. Rotating the two piece mattress is easy enough and flipping the bottom mattress is also straight forward. The 5 year comfort promise is handy to have.

Best sleep I've had in years

Best mattress you could ever buy! It's so comfortable and supports my back and hips, in the morning I wake up feeling my absolute best and can walk like a 16 year old, not a 50 year old full of arthritis.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hello L Mason thank you for taking the time to post a positive review. We are pleased to hear you are feeling the benefits of our quality Australian made product and welcome you to the Makin Mattresses family. We wish you many more years of best sleep !

A bella Mattress!

Extremely life changing. Ive had the mattreaa 4 weeks. And gradually im noticing better support and sleep. I have Fibromyalgia and spine difficultys. So this is a real test for my condition. I recommend Makin Matresses to anyone who was like me ,on an endless trail of bed shops! Dont waste your time. Visit a store..

I also mentioned Jessica in another review i was to fill in. Jessica in Brown Planes Makin Mattresses.This lovely spirited young woman Is so amazing. She is not a pushy yappy salesperson.She knows the product, and leads one to a variety of types of mattresses Soft med soft firm.Jessica advises one trials each one out a few times It certainly doesn't take long to figer our when your sore regions are held well and the spine alignment is correct..Jessica -after the choice I made , then shared a little of her own story with L4/5 lumbar disc protrusions. .which I also have. And how shes never slept so well and been pain free on her box spring topper ensemble. "Belissimo" is the word indeed for your company, and the amazing view through the windows to see men woman at work making all the varietys of mattresses you make., is quite overwhelming.. I noted that my words re Jessica whos one of the sales people didnt get into my comment...So here it is.. Caio, Irene Higgns.Hello Isy, thank you so much for your kind words and sharing the wonderful experience you had at our Browns Plains store. Your a 5 star customer - Thank you !Thankyou kindly. Do you have a mattress protecter that has a under waterproof backing please? Just incase a cup of tea was to spill or some other issue.the mattress cover I have is from you and is very good. I'd use it on top still. And may I ask for an age pension discount please? Im just out of Sunnybank Private Hospital so in bed. If you can tell me the cost for queen size protective cover, plus delivery from Brown plains Factory, that would be absolutely wonderful. thankyou kindly Irene aka Isy.

In hospital from back pain from sagging Super King Bellissimo - no resolution

We spent $$$$ on the top of the range super-king bed. Not even 12 months of owning it, it's sagging and the most uncomfortable bed to sleep on. The topper crumbles up, the mattress we rotated as per directions and continue to rotate. Now it's rotate every 2-3 days otherwise you toss and turn all night and wake up with a bad back. I called the Browns Plains store and they said it was a three week wait for bed collection so they could check it. When they finally picked it up three weeks later, the truck driver didn't pick up the mattress only the topper as he eyeballed it and said it was fine (I wasn't home that day). I'm sorry, had the truck driver been sleeping on it the night before or the 8 months before that?? When I called the store back to ask why the mattress we'd been waiting for 3 weeks to be picked up wasn't picked up, the young sales woman was rude, unhelpful, said because the truck driver said so. As a consequence, my husband had 2 unpaid days from work so that we can wait for the truck driver to do his job properly and pick up the mattress another day. It was brought back, dumped at home and is worse than ever. Not only is it worse, we don't even know if something was done to fix it as no one from Browns Plains store followed up. My husband and I can't sleep on the bed together because it sags so bad, he has to sleep on the hump in the middle. Not only is this company dividing marriages, the bed was so uncomfortable when it was dumped back, that he now has a severe injury to his back which flared up another medical issue and he is now in hospital. So far 2 days off work for the truck driver, 1 week off work because back pain from bed and another week so far in hospital. My suggestion would be to have someone from your head office give me a call asap and provide me with a proper, polite, solution of either replacing the bed or giving back our money, otherwise the next phone call I make is to our lawyers. So you can't use an excuse by not being able to locate me details of the invoice - Invoice: 25370. Enough of the run around.

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Hello Maria, these type of experiences are best resolved by contacting the store directly and allowing them to work with you towards a positive outcome. We are confident our friendly staff would be eager to help and assist you in anyway they can considering your circumstances. Please contact us directly at productreview@makinmattresses.com.au if you feel you are not getting sufficient support from the store.

best comfortable matteress in 40 years

the matteress is so comfortable and the pillow top you can turn around and upside down as well as matrass more than you can do with other ones this is perfect for us

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Hello Mike, thank you for your review and you point out a great feature of our mattresses. The whole range at Makin Mattresses are double sided and this is to ensure you get twice the life from the mattress. Great service, Australian made quality product, longevity and the best nights sleep are all essentials at Makin Mattresses.- Thank you Mike

Sleeping Well on my new Mattress

Sales person not pushy; Showroom good choice to try; waited 17 days for delivery (Easter delay); Delivery gentleman polite helpful.

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Hello Mary, Thank you for your review. Both our showroom and staffs approach is to ensure our customers feel relaxed and not pressured in anyway. This allows our customers to focus on making the right choice for them. Our showrooms have a wide offering in comfort to suit everyones budget. Being we are the manufacturer we usually have everything in stock ready to go. Thank you for taking the time to write a review Mary.

Brilliant Customer Service

Recently I had cause to contact the company regarding a small tear in the top mattress (Bellissimo 2000) they immediately got in touch with me to provide help.
In just a day they had arranged for the item to be picked up and taken back to the workshop to be repaired, there was no questions or hesitation
In just 24 hours they had repaired the item and got it back to me.
To be honest I have never experienced such fantastic customer service and support in my life.

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Hello Cafday, thank you sharing your Makin Mattresses experience. Makin Mattresses pride ourselves not just on our great customer service before the sale but also after. We stand behind our quality Australian made products and your experience just highlights one of the many benefits of purchasing from the manufacturer directly. Thank you for sharing your experience the above repair ensures you will continue to love your Makin Mattresses Bellissimo mattress for many more years to come. - Thank you Cafday

Back-saving comfort

You know how you do surveys and there's a point where you're asked: how likely are you to recommend this company to others? Well, I reviewed the mattress I bought and recommended it to my father-in-law.

I'm still breaking in my mattress and there is a chance I might take advantage of the 5-year warranty to exchange the topper for a different hardness level.

However, I no longer need to get out of bed during the night and roll a tennis ball or a golf ball around under a sore spot in my back. I don't wake up with a sore neck either.

I bought my wife a similar mattress last year because she was going to have a hip replacement and would need to sleep in a separate bed to me. Then, in Feb she had knee realignment surgery. Despite all that, her mattress has been a blessing. In March, I decided my 4-year-old chiropractor-recommended mattress had to go. I should have ditched it sooner.

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Hello Yuri, thank you for taking the time to share your experience and the strong recommendation is greatly appreciated. Our Bellissimo Comfort Promise offers unmatched piece of mind. As the manufacturer our ability to reconfigure the feel of your mattress in the event your comfort needs change ensures the longevity of your "double" sided mattress. - Thank you Yuri

Best nights sleep of my life!

From the moment my husband and I walked into the Makin Mattresses store we knew this was different to the rest of the mattress shops we'd been into. Once greeted by the most helpful and friendly staff we were talked through a number of options and shown what exactly is inside their mattresses. We bought a Bellissimo Duet 2000 and could not be happier. Best money, even though it was much cheaper than we were willing to spend, we've ever spent! I can't recommend Makin Mattresses more. Knowledge, service and a superior product.

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Hello Jodee, thank you for your positive review. You join many happy Bellissimo customers across Australia. Makin Mattresses takes pride in the the products we produce and love to showcase them in our showrooms. There are certainly many benefits to buying from the manufacturer direct. - Thank you Jodee.

Bellissimo duet 4000

Have only had this mattress for about 1 month but all good for now.
We bought 2 queen size mattresses, 1 for us and 1 for the spare room. Julie, our salesperson at the new Perth store was really helpful in guiding us through our purchases. She was knowledgeable and explained the difference between the usual 1 sided mattress and the Bellissimo duet. We bought a new mattress because the expensive one that we had was starting to form a lump in the middle. It’s comfortable and seems cooler to lie on, which is a bonus for my partner. I have a few joint issues and I am finding this mattress comfortable. A small issue with delivery was dealt with promptly and amicably. Will update later.

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Hello Ted, being among some of our first customers to purchase from our new Perth store we appreciate you taking the time to write a review. Although we are new to Perth Makin Mattresses has been around since 1975 and we greatly value our customer relationships. In fact in our established stores across Australia over 50% of our sales are from repeat customers. We look forward to building the same trust and confidence in our products with all our new Perth customers. We are confident you will enjoy your Makin Mattresses product for many years to come and know that you have the piece of mind that we are here to support you now and well into the future. - Thank you Ted

Terrible mattress quality and poor customer service

I have a chronic back problem for 30 years. 10years ago I purchased a top of the range bellissimo mattress from makin mattresses and I was very happy with it. When it was time to upgrade I overlooked the sales of well known brands from other retailers and purchased a Bellissimo Duo Double Bed Mattress ($2295) What a mistake!!!
I had difficulty with this mattress from the start. Makin' Mattresses offered to re-construct the mattress for a fee of $200, so I agreed hoping it would resolve the problem. It did not!
I contacted them and they told me to trial it for 4-6weeks, which I did, flipping it and rotating it at regular intervals. NOTHING CHANGED. My mattress sags in one area, despite the rotation of the mattress and does not provide any support for my back.
I tried to get into contact by calling but my phone calls fell on deaf ears and I was constantly told "We will call you back" but my messages were never answered. I persisted and one of their managers FINALLY agreed to a site visit after the area manager was notified.
This was not a pleasant visit. What a joke. He came to find fault with everything he could ignoring the defects in the mattress which was evident. To top it off a cordial email suggesting I could purchase a bed base off them plus delivery but the warranty would probably be voided due to a flex in the side rail. The flex in the side rail was all of 2mm or less when I sat and put all of my weight on the middle of the side rail (Im 104kg).
I saw their advertisement on the Big Bash Series and nearly fell off my chair! How dare they throw off at harvey norman when the only thing worse than this mattress is their after sale customer service. I am extremely disappointed in how I have been treated and how this issue has been dealt with.
I would strongly advise everyone to purchase through a major retailer because if the product is defective you have the retailer to back up your claim.

February 6th 2018 Update: Ignored again...

After writing a review 2 weeks ago "Terrible mattress quality and poor customer service", I was told by MakinMattresses@productreview that they would follow up on my situation with the "utmost urgency" and that they were "shocked". Well I have not been contacted. After re-giving my details and store of purchase. Just like all the other unreturned phone calls, emails to the area manager.

As I said to the area manager in an email, "I have felt like a dog chasing its tail and constantly dealing with smoke and mirrors".

Now they have ignored a review read by 401 people. Nothing has changed. They have my $2295 and I have a dodgy mattress. I am very disappointed. I have wasted a lot of time and energy in this matter which should have been resolved earlier. Completely unnecessary.

Hello Richard we are shocked to hear of your experience and would like to followup on your situation as a matter of urgency. Could you please contact us directly at productreview@makinmattresses.com.au with your contact details and store of purchase. We will be swift to make contact with you. We have the up most confidence that we can rectify your poor experience and as a returning customer restore the confidence you had after your first Makin Mattresses Bellissimo product. We look forward to hearing from and eager to resolve this matter. - Thank you RichardI have supplied my name and contact details but have still not heard from anyone.Hello Richard in following this up we believe we are well on our way to a resolution to your concerns. We look forward to a future update from you.

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