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MAMMA Double Electric Breast Pump

MAMMA Double Electric Breast Pump

4.9 from 34 reviews

A Working Mamma's Best Friend

The MAMMA double breast pump is modern, clean and aesthetically pleasing. It's minimalist style also means its small and very quiet for a pump.

I have used a couple other pumps (both electric and manual) and none have been as effective as MAMMA I especially love the closed system so as my milk doesn't go back up into the tube which it does with other pumps (which means it's easier to clean).

I am able to get plenty of milk for my daughter which I need now I've returned to work, and there is no pain or bruising, just a full bottle :)

LOVE it!

Purchased in November 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Usage Frequency Long-term
Milk Expressing FrequencyOccasionally (once a day or less)
Feeding Methods Breastfeeding

Amazing Pump!

The Mamma double electric breast pump is incredible. I have previously had another 'top brand' pump and it has nothing on this baby. I was looking for a compact double pump to make my return to work a little less stressful. I brought a second hand mamma pump and have not looked back.
The suction is intense and draws milk so quickly and efficiently but doesn't cause any nipple trauma.
I was having issues getting the pump to function as a double and couldn't figure out the issue. I emailed the team at Mamma baby Care and they sent through some trouble shooting tips and an offer to honour the warranty even though it was a second hand pump (still in the 12 month warranty period).
Overall it is an incredible pump and the team have great customer service.

Purchased in February 2019 for $100.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Usage Frequency Long-term
Milk Expressing FrequencyFrequently (more than once a day)
Feeding Methods Breastfeeding

I wish I found this pump earlier!!! It’s AMAZING!!!

I LOVE this pump! It's just so effective!!!
I’ve been struggling to express on my work lunch break and this product is a game changer! I can now express both sides at the same time quickly & effectively while eating lunch at the same time!
I’ve tried other pumps on the market and this one by far is the best!
It’s comparable with other bottles too which is so handy! Australian made by mummas!
Cannot recommend this product more!

I LOVE this pump.

I have found this breast pump a dream to use. Being a first time mum I was so happy to find something so quick and efficient. I would recommend getting the bra with the pump as having free hands means multitasking while pumping. The customer service I received from MAMMA was also outstanding. I have been recommending the product to all my friends becoming mums and will continue to do so. Thank you MAMMA :)

Fantastic pump

I purchased this pump after being unsatified with my Avent single pump. The Mamma double pump is easy to use has great suction reducing pumping time, love the timer feature, easy to assemble and best of all so reasonably priced! I purchased the pack that included the bra, I am an f cup and it fit well. Highly recommend!!

Pump up the jam!!!

How good is this!!! I use this at least 3 times a day and the amount of Boobie milk I get is amazing! I literally only need to pin for 5-7mins m. I loved the affordability of this pump and the fact it’s an Australian company. Thank you Mamma, my son refused to take to my breast and this was a life saver with how efficient it was.

Love love love this pump!

The perfect breast pump! Affordable and so easy to use and clean. I have used this pump exclusively for the past 10 months everyday, multiple times a day and I can’t recommend it enough. 10 minutes is all I need and I am done. I tell all of my pregnant friends and patients about it and will continue to do so. Love love love this product!

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Thank you Brooke for sharing your MAMMA experience with us, this means so much to us! We're so happy to hear how smoothly you've been able to exclusively pump for 10 months - what a trooper mama! Also thanks for the recommendation to your mama to be friends - so appreciated! Cheers The MAMMA team

Life Saver!!

My MAMMA pump was an absolute lifesaver when my twins were born prematurely and refused to latch on the breast. After a couple days trying a Medala pump in the hospital my nipples were very sore and I was tired from its time consuming cycle. So I switched to my Mumma pump and never looked back. I bought the pump from a baby fair and was sceptical because I had never heard of it before and it was half the price of anything else on the market. Using it though I was able to express 100% of my twins feeds for almost 4 months. A feed for both babies took around 15mins on the double cycle and the with the support bra I could get folding and things done at the same time. Had it not of been for the Mumma pump my twins would never have recieved the benefit of breast milk. Thank you ladies from Mumma!!

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Thanks Leah for sharing your MAMMA experience with us! We're so pleased to hear how you trusted a small local brand like us, and that you were able to exclusively express for your twins, go super mama! Cheers The MAMMA team

Fantastic Pump!

This pump is fantastic, and was especially a lifesaver in the early days when my newborn needed tube feeding and top ups due to jaundice that required hospitalisation. It is comfortable to use, easy to figure out, quiet and has always managed to get plenty of milk out of me! I recommend it to all my pregnant friends.

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Thanks Erin for sharing your MAMMA experience with us! We're so pleased to hear how well it is working for you and helping with your newborn! Also thanks for the recommendation to your mama to be friends! Cheers The MAMMA team

Love this pump!

I am sooo impressed with this pump - due to BF issues I am exclusively expressing so it is super important to have a comfortable and fast pump. I can express so quickly and easily take apart, sterilise and put the pump back together in no time atall. Definitely recommend this pump to other mummas who want their hands free when pumping and to get milk quickly for bub!

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Thanks Alex for sharing your MAMMA experience with us! We're so pleased to hear how well it is working for you, and thanks for the recommendation to other mummas! Cheers The MAMMA team

Good suction and settings

The pump is great for suction and levels of suction, level 1 on this pump is stronger than the highest level on my old tommee tippee pump but you can’t get different sized flanges and the ones on the pump are too small for me so it can be uncomfortable and leave you swollen

Use it every day !

I purchased mamma double electric breast pump before I had my baby thinking I would express my milk to bottle feed her. The breast pump is sleek, lightweight and simple to use and transport. The parts are well made and have not had a problem with them so far after 4 months.
I rarely use both pumps at the same time as I can pump a lot in just 3 minutes. The instructions included were clear and precise to assemble the pump and after a few practices I can set it up in just one minute. I use the setting the pump comes with for pump speed and length of cycle but you can create your own (this can be a bit tricky and took me a few reads of the instructions to master it).
I love this product and give it 5 stars. The only negative I have found with this pump is that the pump action starts as soon as you turn it on. I wish it started with the massage first as it can be painful to pump without a bit of stimulation first! It gets me every time and I always forget to start with the pump off the breast.
Highly recommend- great price for this product.

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Thanks Coral for sharing your MAMMA experience with us! We're so pleased to hear how well you are going, and WOW for pumping in 3 minutes! The MAMMA pump remembers your preferred settings for when you turn it on next time. If you turn your pump off in the massage mode (and keep the pump plugged to the wall), it will automatically start on massage mode for your next round of expressing. Hoping this helps and gives you a more comfortable experience. Cheers The MAMMA team

Easy to use, compact and comfortable

I love the pump! I am a first time mumma and during the hectic and sometimes stressful time learning how to breastfeed and increasing milk supply this pump was easy to use which was great! I have been using the pump at least 4 times per day to help increase my supply and having such a quick to use product helped to make the task as easy as could be. I love the different strength settings and simplicity of the unit. It is comfortable to use and It’s also easy to put together and wash. Would highly recommend to other mums!

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Thanks Jen for sharing your MAMMA experience with us! So pleased to hear how well you are going, and thanks for the recommendation to other mamas! Cheers The MAMMA team

Loved it

Bought this for my partner and she is more that happy! It is comfortable for day long use. I find little difficult to clean it at beginning but got use to it in just few days. I would surely recommend this product to anyone who finds it difficult to manage the feeding.

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Thank you for sharing your partner's MAMMA experience with us, and thanks for the recommendation! Cheers The MAMMA team

I would marry this pump if possible !

I previously had a single electric pump of a popular brand. I found it was getting more and more frustrating and so looked around for a double pump. I had seen this one on Instagram and took a leap of faith - loved that it was Australian mums that had made it! It came quickly and with great instructions. It’s been love since first use. I breastfeed bub and used it at night when she was sleeping through and now use it straight after she goes to bed for an extra bottle. I have also returned to work and take it with me to pump through the day. I can more than easily pump enough to provide for bub (she eats 4 x 150 ml bottles while away from me in the day) and I make a spare bottle for the freezer every second day. The pump is wildly effective (as you can see from that outptut!) and gets the job done in about 10 minutes. I love that it has a timer and can swap from single to double, let down to express phase with just the touch of a button. I didn’t think it was that quiet but I don’t pump with a need for that so it doesn’t bother me. I’ve also found their customer service to be amazing, I’ve ordered spare parts (because I’m a ditz) and have always found the woman to be friendly and super helpful. I cannot love this thing more if I tried - do yourself a favour and buy the bra as well! Was a wonderful last minute decision and makes such a difference when pumping at work.

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Thank you Rebecca for sharing your MAMMA experience with us! "I would marry this pump if possible" - just priceless! We are so pleased to read your review! Cheers The MAMMA team

Does what it says it will

It is a really good machine that emptys my breast really quickly. They provided a couple of spare parts which is excellent. They have the quickest delivery service I have ever experience. The machine looks really nice and I like that it has a timer. Its easy to clean and maintain but because I’m expressing more than actual breastfeeding I might need to purchase a second set of pumping accesories. Im not sure if its available though as the website ony sells bottes and membrane

Now if I’m being really picky here a couple of minor things I found with this product.
This is the second breast pump I bought as I wanted a double pumo so its faster to express when I go back to work. My first pump was an Avent. When it comes to comfort I rate Avent more. My nipples are really sensitive and I’m not sure if the initial “let down” happening simoultaneously is the one causing the pain or does it have more suction and thats why it empties my breast between 7-14 minutes.

I find the pumping bra is very fiddly and wouldn’t be ideal if I use it at work. I purchased an all in one bra and just waiting for it to arrive. I’m hoping that is what Would suit my lifestyle.

I find the tube and the power cord are too short for me to multi task.

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Hi Jo, Thanks for your review and for sharing your MAMMA experience with us. Please feel welcome to email us on info@mammababycare.com if you require any extra accessories that are not sold on our web site and we will happily accommodate where possible. We encourage all our customers to reach out to us if they have any questions in regards to the pump so that we can provide advice to ensure our customers get a comfortable pumping experience. Hoping to hear from you! Cheers, The MAMMA team

Comfortable and Efficient Pump - Recommend

MAMMA double electric breast pump is very comfortable to use and as a busy working mum, the effectiveness and efficiency of having a double breast pump with multiple pump settings meant I spent as minimal time pumping as possible and at the same time getting maximum supply for my daughter. Double win.

It would take only 10 minutes of time to use the machine. I have recommended this product to my friends and Mother's group.

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Thanks Natalie for your review and for recommending us to your friends and mother's group. Much appreciated! Cheers The MAMMA team

Outstanding pump, my best friend in the early new mum weeks

The product is outstanding in design, looking sleek and sophiscated. The attachment of the breast is comfortable and very effective. Pumping takes no more, in less than 10mins this quiet and powferul machine collects more than enough milk for my daughters feed. Small and lightweight the Mammababy care works to patiencely extract the milk without harshly hurting your nipple. Never have I use the pump and had discomfort or pain. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the device and I feel blessed to have found it when I did. It was the one thing in those early new mum baby days that was just easy and effective.

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Thanks gorgeous mama for this review - so appreciated! Cheers The MAMMA team

Lifesaver for twins!

The Mamma Breastpump is a lifesaver with my two newborn twins! So glad I made the investment. It's comfortable to use, really efficient. It takes me about 10-12 mins to express both sides. And takes only a few minutes to clean. I definitely would recommend this to my other mama friends.

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Thanks lovely Dani for sharing your MAMMA experience that you have had with your beautiful twins! Cheers The MAMMA team

A busy Mumma’s best friend!

I can’t recommend the MAMMA double breast pump highly enough! It has been the best investment I’ve made since having my second bub! I can express a full feed in 10 minutes!! It’s super easy to use and quick to clean. For busy Mumma’s who need to multitask when expressing the pump and bra combo is a game changer!

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Thanks Penny for sharing your MAMMA experience with us! 10 minutes expressing - go mama! Cheers The MAMMA team

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Questions & Answers

Hi, is this battery operated for when im travelling? Or can it be plug in the car?
2 answers
Hi Jo, No unfortunately it's not battery operated (I ended up having to express in the parents room when travelling recently).Hi Jo, thanks for your question! Unfortunately, we do not offer a portable battery function quite as yet, due to the fact that there is currently no strong enough power bank offered in the market that actually meets the same (or even close to the same) suction performance of when using the pump plugged in. Many battery operated pumps currently available compromise with suction strength (meaning you end up pumping for a longer time) and/or require you to change the batteries frequently. We are in the process of doing an extensive research & trialing a number of power banks to develop one that will meet our high quality standards as it is important to us to accommodate active mums like you - and we will also get in touch with all of our existing customers to get this added to their existing pump if they wish, meaning there won't be a new version of the pump required. Welcome to get in touch if you have any other questions.


Double Electric Breast Pump
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