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very cunning company

not very good picture on the cars they sale, so they can rip you off, Dishonest advertising,and don,t give very good information BE AWARE OF THEY , are very cunning, and will rip you off any time , in my case i was done 2 times :(

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo


Brought a 2010 Ducati from the report and pictures they supplied. They supplied the transport company to have it shipped to Melbourne. On arrival the Steering damper had been removed.. approx value.. $500-$800.
Saying.''Manheim will have to decline to compensate you for missing part, as the evidence is not sufficient enough sorry" Photo at auction on the bike.. photos on arrival... missing...!!
" As this vehicle was signed for at the gate (by someone) and taken as is we cannot determine when this missing part actually went missing"
Pack of crap..!!!


Warning - Dishonest advertising on online Hail Car Manheim Auction.
Cars listed as no or min damage (1 and 2 on scale) when they have substantial hail damage. Photos taken in low light so dents and broken glass do not show up.
Beware!! Don't bid without viewing vehicle in person.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Manheims Auctions my understanding as a buyer.

There is both good and bad when buying through Manheim Auctions. I have purchased a number of vehicles from Manheims Auctions over the years and dealing with the auction process you need a little understanding of how it works and be able to handle stress well. You have to have some knowledge of what your bidding on, Manheims is a disposal outlet for Insurance companies, dealers, repo’s and private people etc. These vehicles are going cheaper for a reason. The staff at Manheims will have no knowledge of the prior history of anything they sell nor will they be giving that vehicle the white glove treatment or detailed description you may be after so if you’re wanting a “YouTube Doug Demuro” type graphic description and a full money buy back guarantee then you probably best to stick to a licensed Dealer and pay the extra for this privilege and there are good and bad within Dealers too.
As a bidder/buyer you must have some knowledge and expertise and acceptance of what you’re bidding on, we in most case are determining the value of that vehicle by bidding.
On a positive note some employees within Manheims stood out and are a credit to them, they were exceptional to deal with and very helpful and deserve some credit when it’s due like Kayla in accounts Melb and Ben in Warehouse in Canberra and Dennis on front counter at Woodpark Smithfield in my case they had been helpful and made my purchases less stressful, thank you, I give them the Thumbs up.
The negative, I wish Smithfield didn’t pick up good running vehicles with no WOVR with their fork hoist and then use the spreaders, in my case a vehicle with minor impact as described and documented with photos shown online can become major damage, bent rims, crushed exhaust and extra panel damage.....just a little gripe that’s all.
I will continue to buy from Manheims, the bidding system seems fair and honest and I feel the vehicles I have purchased have been of good value overall in my view.
I hope this review helps others understand.

Rip off

Got screwed bought Nissan navara at auction not once did they say any thing was wrong with motor I live nsw Queensland border I said will fly down pick up the car paid $75 for unreg permit so can drive back north . Got in car motor making noise no chain of responsibility let me drive out airbag light on hand brake not working tyres almost flat pissing down rain no wipers only got back to Hume high way motor explodes locking whole car up going side ways down freeway almost taken out by truck and other cars rang manhiem was told by person named heather that's how it is too bad and I have emailed manhiem no response at all just after your money nothing else .also I have recording of auction process no mention of motor.

Faulty Faulty Faulty. Dont put your family at risk!!!

Purchased a car around 4 months ago from Manheim Altona, Vic from their 'BUY NOW" department. Last week whilst driving car completely shut off whilst travelling between 60-70km an hr putting the lives of my children at risk, advised Manheim State Manager [name removed] of the issue however were very quick to say that they were not willing to acknowledge any part of the issue as the car was 2 weeks out of warranty. Also i found out that the vehicle was sold to me with an open recall on with regards to a potential danger involving LPG system Recall number A17210440, this recall involves a potentially dangerous LPG leak which can potentially cause a fire danger. I have three young children and I would have never in a million years have purchased this vehicle had I known of this recall. I have expressed my frustration towards both of these issues with both State Manger however he was extremely ignorant and stated very arrogantly that he doesn't want to here about these issues and to seek legal action if I have a problem with his answer. Manheim you have put my family at Risk and I will be sure to make your poor quality standards and the fact of selling faulty cars known.


We have bought for the last time from this dumping ground. We have been caught out with cars with severe mechanical problems and recently a car that is to far gone to be repaired due to structural problems NOT what we paid for with our $$$$ over $8000 on an unsalable unsafe UNROADWORTHY vehicle sold from a drive through sale. Absolutely sick of their TO BAD attitude.

Over priced

I've been in the auto industry 25 years. To go to auction and auctioneers are starting auction at almost retail as il prices. Anything worth buying has the legs bid out of it and if it's cheap it's probably cheaper as p for a reason. Premiums are a little pricey on cars under $1000. Staff are please and auction is generally ok.

If you want to sell your car here read this:

When you want to sell your car here, take the price they offer you online, divide it by 2 and -$500. That is the price they will actually offer you. Don't waste your time here unless you're desperate. They will give you some scenario of a car that is way 'better' than your car that they recently sold at their auction. They will say that this car is newer, less kms and whateverthehell and it was sold for peanuts therefore your car is worthless.

Poor service

I bought a manual car from Manheim and when i went to receive the car it was auto and found the engine light ON and they would return it or help me to swap it, it’s actually really hard to trust them again.

No work ethic.

Buy a car with grade2 rating. And when I went to pick up engine light was on. 2nd time after successful bidding they refused to give car, as owner don’t wanna sale for that price. They asked to pay 500 more.. staff is rude as they know we don’t have proof of any bidding. Always do record online bidding as they may say you were put on hold by auctioneer.

No ethics.

I used to purchase regularly from Manheim but find now that the industrial equipment such as large ride-on mowers, tractors, etc seem to be mostly defective items. I completely understand that to some degree, there is risk associated with auction purchases, however I don't think it ethically sound when the auctioneer suggests that the equipment is a great buy because it was ex-council and council maintained (I refer specifically to Dale who has used this line of suggestion for years).
I won't ever return which is a shame as I'd spent a great deal of money with them over the years.

Rude useless terrible customer service, only eager to take your money

Bought a car had issues after the sale. The customer service guy is argumentative dismissive and aggressive. Don't buy from these guys as soon as you walk away they don't care one bit if something isn't right. You won't walk away satisfied and the process is not a pleasant one. Go somewhere else!

They stole off my car

Don't ever, ever let your insurance company take your car to Manheim at Smithfield for insurance assessment. They stole items off my car and in the processes they also scratched and damaged my car. They completely denied it, My car was at no other location. The told me they are not responsible for the damage. The laughed at my face, and the young man on the front counter was so ignorant. I've never met people like this. They are very unprofessional and do not care about peoples property.

Terrible Customer service.

I had the worst experience ever dealing with this group. Totally unprofessional, rude, disgraceful group.
Manager [name removed] is the most racist guy I have come across in my whole life. When I expressed my concern with him over the phone, the only thing he said to me was make sure you spell my name correctly and I can hear everyone around him laughing loudly at the back and hanged up the phone on me. I will be writing a formal letter of complaint to the management.
I wound't recommend anyone to do business with them. Stay away from Manheim Melbourne.

Don’t trust Manheim

I bought Mazda cx3 from Manheim. After two week later we discovered that the car had a problem with brake system. ABS brake was leaking and the whole brake system was damaged. None of these issues were listed in the descriptions. Please be careful if you want buy car at Manheim.

Haven’t had any problems

I’ve bought several cars & bikes over the last couple years, and have been happy with the process. Granted, I have only bought salvage vehicles from them. I initially signed up to buy back my stolen scooter, as most insurance companies sell through them. The only issue I had was, one car I bid on was listed as a repairable write-off. It actually turned out to be NOT listed on the WOVR (a win for me!). I’ve picked up a few bargains from there (a Ford Laser I paid $125 for, which passed pit inspection 1st time after minimal work & I just sold for $1500). I got a Merc for $275 which I just got registered, getting ready to sell for a couple grand, and now working on a turbo Volvo that cost $225. It’s more of a hobby for me, I guess, but my missus isn’t too impressed I have 5 cars out the front! I’ve yet to purchase a fixed price car.

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I have now bought a licensed car from Manheim. Fees are a lot higher for licenced cars, so you have to allow for that in the price, but I was, and still am, happy with the whole process!

Happy customer)

I wAs happy with John he was very helpful . Prices were very fair I would buy a other car from them


I bought a car from this auction within it plates , so assumed it was unregistered
A nightmare ensued as in fat. The car was registersed , but had no plates.
The after sales experience was the very worst I have ever encountered, and have had to go through signing stat decs and wasted a lot of time and now have to wait for the rego to e cancelled .

These guys couldn't even hand in the plates over two weeks later.

Be careful to make sure you check all the car details befor purchase as you may go through the same problems .

Never had this problem at any other car auction in 25 years

Manheim Auctions is cheat

I bought a Honda Jazz automatic car advertised for a fixed price from Manheim Auction in Perth. In the condition report different things were mentioned regarding car parts but and no defect about engine was mentioned. Manheim did not allow to have a test drive on pretext of safety (sucks). Actually the car had problem in its gear transmission, as it gave jerks as I drove home. I brought the car to them next day. They refused to entertain the complaint. As a cunning entity, Manheim knew that customer cannot go to lodge complaint as car is 10 years old. I had to spend around thousand bucks to get the car fixed.

Be very suspicious as you intend to buy from Manheim. Try to have a good test drive. Be particularly careful, if vehicle is not covered by warranty.
Manheim lost the respect of customer and appears to be least concerned about their own prestige.

My 2 cents:

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