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Marce Blanc Mattress

Marce Blanc Mattress

Medium-Firm and Soft-Medium
4.8 from 172 reviews

Best purchase I have ever made. Value is amazing. Better than my $3000+ mattress.

Title says it all, but we bought this for a spare room and it is now our main bed. Our $3000 mattress has gone to the spare room and this has taken it's place. We got the medium-firm in the 31cm. We tossed up whether to get the CoolGEL in the medium but swapped for this, I'm sure that would have been nice but we are very happy with this one. I really look forward to sleep now, as I'm waking up much fresher. Maybe less turning I don't know, but couldn't recommend enough!

Purchased in April 2019 for $325.00.

Value for Money
Sleeping PositionSide
Adjustment PeriodDays
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues No
Discomfort No
Heat Retention No
Perceived FirmnessMedium


Mattress arrived on time which was very fast, was extremely comfortable within an hour after opening. Since sleeping on it my back and neck have felt much better, I no longer wake up feeling sore. Its nice and firm but not rock hard so it remains comfortable.
I was nervous about this because it seems so cheap but the product seems durable and high quality. Extremely happy with my purchase. High quality and great price
I was offered a reward however I would be leaving the same feedback regardless.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Affordable and a good night of sleep

Mattress gets a little less firm after a week but not to soft, doesn't stink of chemicals after opening the vacuum seal.
Overall quality is really outstanding with this price tag.
Very recommended!

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Amazing Matress!

After reading so many reviews on “mattresses in a box”, I decided to go with the Marce Blanc 31cm Memory & Latex Pocket Spring queen mattress for our bed when staying at our daughters house. I figured that since we would only need it one weekend a month or so, it was worth a try and the price was GREAT!! Well, any concerns I may have had, were gone after the first nights sleep! It was so comfortable!!!! Even more so than my expensive $2000 mattress I have at home!
I purchased the medium/firm, I have found that it has great support for my back, as well as being soft enough on my hip (bursitis).
I will definitely be buying another one for my sons bed when I upsize his soon!
And the bonus??? Free metro delivery!! You can’t lose!

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Brilliant mattress! Better than a 6k one!

I love a soft mattress so got the soft-medium. It’s like a cloud. We ran an air Bnb with these mattresses and nearly every guest commented on how comfy they were. These are an awesome find

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Thank so much Evie. I'm glad you love your mattress and it is a great point you make about not having to spend big in traditional stores to get the same quality. Have a great night sleep! Kind Regards, The Marce Blanc Team


I made a purchase purely based on reviews here and it was the worst online shopping experience ever. In short, this mattress was a total waste of $319. Seriously disappointed with this cheap product and the level of customer service the seller provides. [name removed], the sellers representative, is rude, aggressive, offensive and unwilling to help. As for delivery, you have no idea when you can expect the delivery. Seller’s chosen courier company wouldn’t even send you a text message prior to delivery. If you are considering this mattress, please do yourself a favour and look for other brands.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
This is not a review of our product and is a problem with the delivery which is out of our control. I'm sorry for the courier issue, however you need to read the listing before purchase. The courier has authority to leave. If there are any access restrictions and this is not possible, you will be required to collect from the depot OR pay for a re-delivery. Your ignorance of this detail caused the issue and lead to you rejecting the delivery as you were not willing to collect from the depot or pay for any costs involved for re-delivery and did not take into consideration the costs involved in rejecting freight (as we are charged for this freight as well). We were more than fair and offered a resolution but you were again unreasonable. Please in future ensure you read the delivery details before purchase, especially as you are buying a large product and are in a gated unit complex. We service thousands of customers per annum and 99.9% of customers are extremely happy with both the product and delivery. It is unfortunate however on this occasion you are placing blame on us. Regards, The Marce Blanc TeamI am simply sharing my experience here hoping other people don’t waste their time and money like me. I will let people decide who is being unfair and unreasonable. The seller initially asked me to bear approximately $100 including their eBay fees for the $319 product which I cannot even use. I just bought my first home and am left with almost no money but still offered to bear half of their selling costs just to end this tiring dispute but the seller simply ignored me. I’ve wasted $319, my annual leave, hours and hours trying to sort out issues with seller’s chosen courier company, phone bills and hours writing to this seller who is unwilling to help. I just hope people don’t go through this kind of unpleasant experience.

Quality Mattress!

I purchased a queen size, medium/firm mattress back in July from this business not knowing much about these mattress in a box mattresses but there advertising seemed to be a lot more knowledgeable of their mattresses than some other competing brands so I opted to go with this brand. Mattress was shipped very quickly and I had the mattress in less than a week, I was super impressed. The box is quite large and heavy, was a little difficult to unbox and roll mattress out but I’m only a small female so that’s the reason why haha a few piercings into the plastic and the mattress grew very quickly, was quite amazing to see it expand. Once the mattress had expanded I could tell it was such a good quality mattress, only the finer materials used just like advertised. It’s also pretty cool how you can sleep on it straight away. A lot of reviews, people have noticed a smell when mattress expands but I didn’t notice that at all.
The mattress is a perfect thickness, the bamboo material used on the top is so soft and the coolgel memory foam is so spongy and amazing to lay on. Another thing I really like is the pocket springs, they really do not disturb your partner just like it says unlike the pillow top mattress I had previously. I have always had a bad back and this mattress has given me the comfort of not waking up everyday sore. The mattress has maintained its shape and firmness, I really couldn’t fault this mattress at all, it has really been the best mattress I’ve ever used And nothing but quality used! For the price, you cannot go wrong, I was sceptical at first but I’m so glad I made this purchase. Brand Warehouse even offered me a $20 refund for my review on this mattress. Now that is superior service. Thank you so much Brand Warehouse!

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Absolutely love it!!

I’m a very fussy sleeper as I sleep so awkward and change positions every night, for the price I took the gamble and brought this online, I’m glad to say this is one of best mattresses I’ve had, absolutely love it, really good quality, well made and most importantly, it’s comfortable! This mattress will not disappoint, very happy customer, would not hesitate for a second to buy again!! :)

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great mattress

I was a bit skeptical about buying a mattress that cheap and i thought this will be just an ok mattress but it actually exceeded my expectations it is very comfortable
And i am very happy that i purchased this mattress and saved myself a heap of money that i would have spent on buying one from other stores.
Highly recommended. This is the medium firm

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Marce Blanc Double Mattress Medium Firm.

I did a lot of research into which mattress to buy, I suffer from back pain and was prepared to pay almost any amount to have something comfortable. Years ago I paid a lot of money for a 'foam' latex mattress that didnt have springs. It was superbly comfortable for the first six months then it sagged and became very uncomfortable....it was replaced under warranty and the replacement mattress was superbly comfortable and then ....you guessed it ...it sagged again and became an instrument of torture again.. Because of that experience I was very cautious about buying 'foam' type mattresses again however I saw that this Marce Blanc used a combination of springs as well as 'foam' so I thought I'd give it a try.
I've been sleeping on it for a couple of weeks now and I'm quite impressed. Its firm and supportive and feels good to lie and sleep on. My bed base is flat and rigid board with no slats / springs. I believe placing this mattress on a soft sprung bed base may compromise the mattress function although the company selling them states that any base (sprung or rigid) is suitable and can be used.
The order process (E-Bay) was a doddle and the bed was delivered very quickly. It took about 5 minutes to undo the packaging and the mattress expanded very quickly and gave the impression of something something made with decent materials and well put together. Some people winge about the smell of the foam when its unwrapped....honestly it didnt bother me at all. Overall I can say that, todate, I'm very happy with it..... will it last? We'll see. Even if it only lasts a year its been worth the money. Honestly I have no complaints to tell you about otherwise I would state them here.
Yesterday I received a follow up e-mail from the company enquiring as to my mattress experience to-date and asking if I would be prepared to write this appraisal. For my time the company stated I would be re-imbursed $20.00.
I believe this mattress was a sound purchase and represents good value at the $300.00 price point. I would have no qualms in recommending a purchase of this mattress to my friends and family.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Bought 1, ended up buying 4 for the family, couldn’t believe this mattress existed at that sort of p

Use to wake up at the first tick I heard, after using the marc Blanc, I now Enjoy a deep sleep waking up satisfied
Bought my family new marce blancs and couldn’t be more happier.
Worth the money I spent,
Love it and probably will not change to another mattress for a long long time

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Just bought my fourth Marc Blanc Mattress

I have found these mattresses to be great value and excellent quality. They are heavy and have a luxurious, expensive feel. I sleep on a king myself but I have purchased three queens for my B&B.
Guests often comment on the lovely comfy beds.
I have previously paid inflated prices for mattresses that claim to give back support. The medium firm Marc Blanc is as good as any for my back.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Best mattress I ever slept on (email don't know how to upload)

I wish I knew about this mattress a long time ago. It is very comfortable and i no longer wake up with back ache. By morning i feel i have had a good nights sleep. Now my husband always makes the bed as the corners are a little too heavy for me to put the fitted sheet under. We are both very happy with the Marce Blanc Mattress.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

4 years on and no longer able to sleep on it

I purchased this mattress 4 years ago.
Used in in the guest bedroom for a while and after started to using it in my own bedroom. It has been great for the past few years but in the past weeks the mattress has sank and I have started waking up with bad back pain.
It has been 5 starts until then and I still think is a great mattress for the price. I wished it lasted a little longer....
Would I buy it again? Maybe yes for guest bedroom only if not used everyday (might extent the life of the mattress). Note I don’t believe they make this version anymore therefore the new ones might have a longer life span.

Date PurchasedMar 2014
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Thank you for your review. Unfortunately, the foams used in the PillowTop in our first generation mattresses experienced this degradation over time. The current 2018 EuroTop/PillowTop layers are now sourced from Japan rather than China and are much more resilient over time. In saying above, PillowTop mattresses with this sort of thickness will experience compression, as the layers of latex / memory foam / foam simply will not hold their original shape over time, this is just physically impossible for these materials. The compression does stop, however it is most noticeable in the beginning and slows down very quickly in progression. Mattresses worth many thousands of dollars (usually purchased in retail stores) with a PillowTop of this thickness also exhibit the same compression. This compression is normal however not normally comfort issue. The only way to avoid this is to purchase the older/cheaper design styles which have less than 2cm of pillow-top (as you will barely notice the depression before it hits the springs and can't go further). This however this is obviously not going to be very comfortable so the thicker pillow-top is preferred with the trade off being more compression. The other alternative also is the all foam mattresses (like the Koala brand and others sold in Harvey Norman for $8000+), however these being 100% foam experience this effect even more. It is simply unavoidable with PillowTops of all kinds and qualities, however we aim to provide a very low cost option so that replacement if required is not large outlay. Mattresses have a real life of 5 years at the most, longer than this and they become unhygienic (dust mites, dead skin & dust accumulation, etc). Kind Regards, The Marce Blanc Team

Best quality for such a low cost

I ordered a king single.The mattress is very comfortable. First I really doubted the quality of the mattress. But when I started using this mattress , I really felt it's worth .I guess that even a 1000 dollars mattress could not give the comfort and quality that this mattress gives.I strongly recommend for anyone who is looking for a best quality mattress for a low price.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Yep, another 5 stars

Bought on Ebay was delivered in 3 working days, easy to set up, check out how easy it was on my un-boxing and setup on youtube
[weblink removed]
bought 2 single Med/Firms, very comfy with great support. This mattress looks and feels just like the $800 branded ones. No problems with sitting on the edge of the bed, you wont slide off as with most complaints I read with other manufacturers. I bought it for my two sons, they will put it to the test over the coming months, if all is well I've got my eyes set on their 34cm Queen Gel top range. Unfortunately they don't make these for single size beds. will update review in a few months time. So far very happy with the purchase.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Thank you...Happy Customer x 2

This is the second Marce Blanc mattress i have purchased after having mine (Queen size Med-Firm) for more than a year now i find it to be so comfortable, has good support and i get a really good nights sleep on it waking without a sore back like my old matress used to give me. Knowing i got a quality matress at a Great price I had no hesitation in purchasing a second one for my daughter who absolutely loves the comfort of her new Marce Blanc. The only thing is i now have extra trouble getting her up and off it in the mornings! I would definitely recommend Marce Blanc to others and to be honest would never set foot in a bed store again. Quality for price that the stores cant beat.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Unbelievably Good

I had my old mattress for 17 years, but when I began to have "kidney" discomfort every morning, I decided it was time to get a new mattress, urgently.

It was fortunate I consulted "Product Review", and read the reviews of various of various brands of mattresses.

I never dreamed I would a find a mattress that had a green rating band from end to end, indicating extremely strong positive reviews from buyers of Marce Blanc mattresses. When I read the individual reviews, it seemed that about 99% of Reviewers awarded 5 stars. And at such a budget price of $309, delivered to NSW from QLD at no extra cost. I felt it was a no-brainer to order one straight away.It arrived by Courier on the predicted date.

The double bed mattress came rolled up in a box, and was *very heavy. Certainly no lightweight cheaply built mattress! It is a very substantial mattress very deep in build, in fact the deepest I have ever had.

After cutting a little of the plastic it was sealed in, it jumped out like a jack-in-the box. It is recommended that after puncturing the plastic, you wait 10 minutes before further opening. Then 2 hours before you sleep on it. The memory foam takes 2 weeks to fully expand and decompress.

Marce Blanc mattresses are beautifully made, and use NZ wool, Chinese silk, Egyptian cotton and bamboo fabric. The cool jell side, is the top, and by touching both sides, you can tell it is cooler. The mattress has 5 banks of pocketed springs.

The mattresses are firm/soft. You do not wallow in the foam, so do not imagine the mattress will be too soft. And 2 people can move on the mattress, without either feeling the movement.

I can understand why other Reviewers have suggested it is as comfortable as a cloud.

If you developed a bad back from your previous mattress, do not imagine one night's sleep on this mattress will remedy your back problem. It may take 3 nights, but you may feel a bit better after the first night. If you thought it was great the first night, imagine how much better it will be in a couple of weeks.

If you look at the other brands on "Product Review", you will note that some are too hard, and others did not score too well. Whilst most buyers will be skeptical of a mattress of any size for $309 being any good, they will feel like they won the lottery when they get on of these mattresses on their bed.

There maybe a slight new foam smell the first day of use, but by the second, it had dissipated.

There is no indication of where the mattress was made, but heck, what difference does it make? I suspect China.

Order one or more without hesitation! I purchased from Brandwarehouse.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Should have bought it earlier!

I purchased a King size 34cm Coolgel mattress after reading some very good reviews. I was dubious that a mattress with such a low price tag would be as good as what people said, but decided that I would give it a go.
When I received the mattress it was quickly set up replacing my other 12 month old one.
Honestly can’t believe how comfortable this mattress is! It Mould’s to your body and any movement from me or my wife was not felt throughout the night. Our backs feel great and sleep seems deeper and less broken, waking up feeling like we’ve had a decent nights sleep for a change!
Should've bought this mattress earlier!!!
I have already recommended it to friends and will be buying more to replace mattresses in other rooms when the time comes.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Best mattress.Best quality.Best price.2nd mattress we purchased

I bought the King size 34cm cool gel mattress. The 1st mattress I bought was a King size Air mesh. I wanted to purchase the same one again as we really loved/love it but unfortunately we had to leave it when we moved country and state 3 times. Brand warehouse no longer stock the air mesh mattress and I was worried about buying the cool gel as Brand warehouse said it wasn’t as Firm as the air mesh medium firm and the cool gel was only medium. Anyway, we took a chance and are glad we did as it is sooooo super comfortable and still quite firm enough. It is huge and King sheets barely fit it so I will have to get super king to cover the height of the mattress on the sides. But I would definitely recommend this mattress.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

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How long is the warranty?
No answers

I need to buy my two children new mattresses and would like to know if the cool gel is suitable for use in a cold climate? We sometimes get in the minus temps at night. Sorry if this is a silly question, I’m just not familiar with cool gel in mattresses. Thank you
1 answer
Hi Bec, Standard memory foam typically retains heat for longer than standard foams. Hence they developed CoolGEL memory foam to improve the properties of heat transfer to stop the overheating feeling sometimes experienced in hotter months. So it is not that it is going to cool you down so much that it will not retain heat more than a standard foam to potentially make you overheat in summer months. Kind Regards, The Marce Blanc Team

Hi. Would like to buy the 31cm med firm mattress but is curretly out of stock. When will it be available again. Thanks
1 answer
Please check back on the 15th of May (in approx 8 days). New stock will be arriving then. Thank you for your patience. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/112455876356 Kind Regards, Ryan


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