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Mason & Brophy Strata Management

Mason & Brophy Strata Management

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Worst ever!

Be warned, this Strata Management company is terrible. It’s the worst customer service I’ve experienced in a long time. I’m trying to complain to the office manager about our Strata Managers’ lack of competence and her rudeness to me and the office manager won’t even get back to me...!

Lisa Simonetti

Lisa deals with matters in a fast, efficient and friendly manner. She demonstrates a sound knowledge of strata issues. Quotes are quickly obtained from knowledgeable professionals. Lisa is readily available by phone and responds to emails in a timely manner.

Great Strata Manager

Lisa has been an excellent Strata Manager, promptly helping our building with any requests from the owners. We highly recommend, as a member of the committee we are happy to have her onboard.

Lisa Simonetta Strata Manager

Lisa is a fantastic strata manager. She came on board and quickly got up to speed with the buildings committee members and has added a lot of value to our property and owners in such a short period of time. Lisa takes the time to listed and understand and genuinely cares for her customers.

Lisa Simonetta Strata Manager

Lisa Simonetta was appointed as our Strata Manager in March 2019.
Lisa quickly impressed our owners’ committee and myself as secretary, with her courtesy, maturity and knowledge. She has given us more information than our previous managers and we were even sent an account to check and authorize, something we wanted but did not get in the past. She has processed my request for quotes promptly and the companies selected have been appropriate and within reasonable distance of our unit building.
She is always contactable; always available by phone and always answers emails quickly. Lisa ran our recent AGM with pleasantly confident professionalism. She presented and discussed our budget clearly and was able to address issues and answer questions straight away because she brought her laptop to the meeting. The Minutes were posted to us within a week.
I am delighted Lisa is our Strata Manager. She has excellent people skills and I hope she will be our Strata Manager for many years to come.
Judith Powell
SP 1969

Excellent Strata Management

As an owner/body corporate member, Ihave been dealing with Mason & Brophy for 17 years. I have found them to be friendly, approachable, dependable, efficient and thoroughly professional. I would highly recommend them.

Chris Stokes of Mason &Brophy

Our Strata manager is Chris Stokes who is very experienced professional and courteous and as the point of contact for our block I always get a quick response to any queries particularly so when urgent repairs are needed

Team of Excellences - Mason & Brophy

Well done Mason & Brophy and Heather McIlwain (manager) for your continual assistance and work on our complex. We have made some significant improvement to the premises and this process has been effortless thanks to your management.

“ We could not of done this without your help”

Thank you.

Heather McIlwain

I have found our Strata Manager Heather McIlwain to be very professional, very knowledgeable of strata matters and always returns my phone calls and emails promptly. She is very accessible whereas our past manager, Chris was not. Until Heather took over the management of our property, the body corporate was considering changing Strata Managers.
Mason and Brophy supply very good tradespeople who submit quotes promptly.

knowledgeable, helpful,excellent service

Heather McIllwain at M&B has been a saviour for our Strata Building. Her response to all our many problems is always speedy and professional and her team of tradesmen have always delivered, as expected.Emails and phone calls have been promptly answered and queries always followed up.
I have no hesitation in recommending her to other Strata Committees.

Incompetent and Unethical

I've joined a new strata being managed by M&B and found them rude from the go get and constantly making mistakings. The other committee members tell me it's gone downhill since they were acquired by PICA group but they have really frustrated everyone involved from the committee through to suppliers. They have incorrectly chased payments and been late paying suppliers and have a terrible reputation, even to the extent we have lost good contractors who refuse to keep working with them. I personally tried to mediate an improvement on behalf of our strata, but was told they didn't need to improve or change and that any issues were our fault entirely? We are currently engaging fair trading NSW to support us as they will not release management to a new company after being given three months notice by the terms of the contract which is expiring at the end of the year, they are now trying to say that our particular strata contract has a three-year notice period?

Excellent service and attention to our needs

Requests are always dealt with in timely manner and the knowledge base and customer service are 100%.
Chris Stokes does a fantastic job.

Reception and Management

I was given the run around for a week, no management and reception skills. IF and when the phone is answered.


Mason and Brophy are not to be trusted. They use every opportunity to attempt to pass additional charges on to strata plan owners. Whether it is an expensive quote, or a brand new 'invented' extra corporate service. For example, recently they decided with a power company to send a letter to all our owners advertising a private electricity 'discount deal' for owners.

Owners did not ask to be 'advertised to'. Mason and Brophy conducted this advertising on their own initiative BUT they then put a charge through our accounts for 'marketing' of $200! Imagine that multiplied by 100s of plans. Nice easy money if they can get away with it and they thing they have a right to charge for this? They likely received some fees for this 'advertising to all their strata plans' from the electricity company in the first place.

If you complain about their behaviour their response is not to respond.

They do not reply to emails necessitating multiple attempts to get a satisfactory response. They do not vet AGM agenda notices or advise the EC to ensure that the notice itself and motions within comply with the Act. They barely even try to observe the SSMA 2015. They do not count votes at meetings or take into account proxies numerically.

The manner is laissez faire.

We have constantly had to source our own quotes for work. They have preferred contractors who also appear in the loop with delivering an overpriced quote time and time again. They attempt to insist owners 'use only their listed contractors'. They even charge the contractors $400 a year plus to list on their trades 'compliance' system.

Behind Mason and Brophy is a corporate behemoth that continually invents new ways to extract more for no extra services from Strata plans.They overwork their managing agents with way too many plans to manage each. Mason and Brophy are arrogant suggesting that 'we only follow orders from the executive' (in other words breaches of the Act made by Mason and Brophy in delegated roles such as Chair and Secretary are owners responsibility not theirs). Their payment protocols and management of strata funds are sloppy to the extent of paying monies without meeting minutes, quorums or any scrutiny whatsoever.

Avoid. Unethical corporate business model. Not good service.


I called Mason and Brophy today regarding a issue that I’m trying to solve with my electricity company and explain the situation to a lady who answered the phone (she didn’t want to tell me her name) and asked if someone could give me access to the meter because I needed to check my meter number and reading ( that is my legal right).
This lady not only refused to send someone to give me access to my meter (and not even bothered to explain why she wouldn’t) but was so rude and arrogant! She simply hung up the phone on me!!! That’s unacceptable! Where is the company’s professionalism?
I’m not sure if her attitude was because I’m a tenant and immigrant but it’s completely disgusting!
I would never recommend a strata company who treats their customers in such a disrespectful manner.

Jai Rathore - professional, knowledegable, experienced and personable

Jai has given us such confidence in expertly, quickly, and confidently, turning around the predicament we found ourselves in, due to the inexperience of our previous Strata Manager. He quickly showed us his ability, by arranging builders/engineers and advising us the fastest, cheapest and best way to fast-track the repairs to our building. He runs an informative A.G.M. and gives attention to each question put to him, by the meeting, with patience and knowledge. He communicates well and promptly conveys messages to the committee and quickly replies to our concerns. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have Jai Rathore as our Strata Manager.


Jai has been a great find for us .From the beginning he came to our premises ,introduced himself and familiarized himself with the building .He has always been prompt in communicating and I know I can always contact Jai if I have a query without feeling I am being a bother .Best manager we have had in over14 years .We are in professional hands with having Jai as our strata manager . Regards Wilma

Professional Strata Manager

MAson and Brophy is a well run and professional Strata Management company. Tom, our strata manager has brought to the role an enthusiastic attitude, and along with a professional approach. HIs ability to solve any problems seamlessly is much appreciated and his effective communication with all parties means quick resolutions. Highly recommenc

Extremely Professional Experience through the last 5 years

One of the best results I have had in purchasing my investment unit 5 years ago, was having the Strata Management handled by Mason & Brothy. Glenn Smee acted for our Strata Plan and in every dealings, he was extremely efficient and very professional. Glenn's speed for getting things done and his courtesy can be highly recommended as with this firm.

A great manager, and strata

Tom, our strata manager is very professional, easally contactable, which in my opinion is a big plus, as I also work in a customer service industry. On helping with work orders and problem solving I have found Tom first class on behalf of Mason and Brophy

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Questions & Answers

Every year Mason & Brophy Strata manager presents a wrong set of accounts to AGM - huge mistakes, which confuse the Owners. A few of them are elderly and easily confused & taken advantage of. Is there a regulatory body which can look into this issue?
4 answers
Ask your question on Flatchat forum run by Jim Thompson. Flatchat is all about strata. Strata law reform has recently come into effect which will hold Strata Manager and the EC legally responsible for decision making. My experience with M&B - they are the worst strata company I have ever dealt with, left a building in a state so bad that one of the bottom flats couldn't be tenanted - a concrete cancer issue reported in 2008, not dealt with until 2013 - eventually the owners had to fork out over $60K each to fix it. They gave each owner 14 days to cough up the money or pay 10%. Completely disorganised and a frustrating company to deal with, I am glad I am done with them. I have BCS at a property in Randwick, comparatively they are 5 stars. Deal with issues as they come up, have a 10 year plan and actually DO IT! eMason & Brophy are part of BCS ( Body Corporate Services). The meeting should possible have been adjourned and a proper set of accounts re issued. Not all hold ups are due to the Strata Manager, they are at times held up by the Committee/ Owners Corporation. DUnhappy Owner, To answer your question. Strata Community Australia and the Office of Fair Trade.

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