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Masters Home Improvement

Masters Home Improvement

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    Sad To See The Store Close


    Brought a washing machine , cheap price and a nice size for my little laundry. Very impressed with there products , i was sad to see the store close though hope another homewares store opens up around the area



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    Good riddance - Infinity cable sellers


    Bought infinity cable from these jokers and we all know how that worked out. Also aircon unit that was easy to organise and install but trying to get the advertised discount for it, well lets just say what goes around comes around, owned by woolies I believe, no doubt they will go under next, poor customer service too.



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    Ripped Off


    Sinking to new lows


    Weeks ago my mother purchased a rangehood from the Canberra store - as it was a display item staff asked her to return at the end of November to collect. When she arrived they had somehow lost the item and tried to get her to take one that wasn't even the right dimensions. They initially refused to refund her fir the product she never received then finally said "just give her a refund to get rid of her" - I have read the terms and conditions on the masters website about their liquidation returns and its states refunds will not be given for change of mind - not that they won't be given if they can't supply the customer with the product they paid for - disgusting

    All good things come to an end


    The staff are helpful and lovely. Masters will be missed. I like the music they play instore also. Better than the opposition.



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    BAD STAFF Member, disgusting attitude.


    There is no clearer way of being objective and factual.
    The female staff member at Masters Bayswater WA was so horrible in her manner towards me it made me feel sick to the stomach thinking of whom she might be working for next. Asking her about the warranty about an item I am buying, she barked at me to just go to customer service counter. She made no effort to say politely, kept saying she knows nothing. Who would ever want to employ such an ignorant person is beyond my comprehension. No desire to find out. No can do attitude. She is definitely a liability to a business.

    Faulty stock being sold during Liquidation period.




    Read sale advertising but interpret to advantage


    Example: Masters closing down sale everything 30 to 60% off plus for the next 2 days get an extra 10% off of your total purchase at the checkout, pretty clear that doesn't make it 40 to 70% off everything but as usual a minority read the ad then have there own interpretation. Always a pleasure shopping at Masters good luck to all staff for the future.

    Tricky scammers


    Test has out for wrong pricing at the register and refusal to refund wrong pricing!!!! Unbelievable. You can see the price charged but not the discount given.
    They have lots of other tricky practices. Eg the extra 10% is NOT 10% of the original price it is 10% of the reduced price ie if 50% it is 10% of 50% ie 5%


    SonjaCaboolture South

    Paint not As Describe


    • Verified customer

    Check your goods won't change a 180 dollar door


    Bought a door stain glass damaged they won't replace it and dealing with a liquidator not a manager. Just told me to go away and told me the door was cheap. I said it's no good to use so its not worth anything.

    Masters misleading discounts


    Masters have been advertising up to 50% discount. Then on the 17 and 18th of October they again advertised an extra 10% off at the checkout. Most people would think and expect a 60% discount if they purchased a product that had a in store discount of 50% (50 % plus extra 10%), that would be wrong by Masters calculations, how they work it is: They give you 50% off the original price of the item then apply the 10% discount to the discounted price, so the total discount is less than 60% of the original price. Good one Masters. The staff don't understand how it works either, they tell you its 60% off. I hope the ACCC have a look at this.

    Terrible Service


    I was DISGUSTED in the customer service i got today from a employee named "[name removed]" I called around 1245 19th oct . I have brought many items in the past and they have been replaced or thoroughly helped me get it fixed. Today "[name removed]" cut me off mid sentence said they hold no responsibility for the product and when i asked for her name so i could come and talk in person her reply was " nuh , I'm not giving out that information , its not my fault you can't remember things. Bye!' and hung up. Luckily i remembered her name so i can find her when i come in .
    I understand that masters is going out of business but that is no reason to let the customer service drop so far below average.

    Masters of Nothing



    I've just been to Masters store in Scoresby and returned disappointed and disgusted.
    I was standing in the queue to pay for my stuff where in front of me a gentleman who wanted to return a faulty product was not only wrongfully refused a refund but was treated quite condescendingly by the lady manager on duty. I dropped everything in my hands and left the store. No wonder you guys are closing down and good luck to your staff finding a job specially the lady at the front counter.
    SHAME ON YOU masters.

    One part Rort, one part untrained managers

    • Verified customer

    Bunch of thieves.. no wonder why it's going out of business


    Bought product from self after reading it. Turnout to be wrong product bcos labels were missing. Was getting 40 % off so bought it. Booked handyman to come and do the job. Handy man told me it's not right product. Went to return it just after 2 days. Manager said I am manager.. has no professionalism, no customer skills, kept my product did not give me return or payment back.



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    Masters the worst customer service ever and prices not as shown on shelf when they are scanned


    Anthony y

    Anthony ySydney, NSW

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    worst sevice ever


    i bought to ply of timber sheet i told him to cut to size they had no idea what he was doing he cut the timber to big i had come again for hm to cut it again it was cracked i returned them to be cut the size i i asked for a new sheet he said no i i should checked before i told me no need for me to check its new he was very rude had no idea what he was doing i left the the sheet he told me takes no responsibility for the item if it goes missing damaged poor service in indeed got no idea poor service poor attituide

    Terrible pricing


    The first time I went to a Masters store I knew it would fail. The pricing structure was soooo wrong. The same curtains Kmart sells for $19, were $70 at Masters. "art" canvases available at the Reject Shop for $20, were $120 at Masters.
    Cube shelving units at twice Kmart's price, etc. etc. If any of these lines were unique it MIGHT be justified, but none of their lines are. People aren't stupid.

    And the question remains, if an ordinary person with zero retail experience immediately spots the errors, how does a large corporation staffed with 'experts' get it so spectacularly wrong? I could have told them in the space of 5 minutes that their pricing would kill them.



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    Go elsewhere


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    Gail L.

    Gail L.asked

    Does anyone know what brand toilets Masters sold. I have a hairline crack in my cistern and am wanting to buy a replacement. Thanks Gail

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    Has anybody tried to assemble one of the kitchens ? The detail on the drawings is terrible . trying to assemble rawer & have no idea how to do it. No video tutorial available & scared I will damage the drawer trying to prise out a fitting to attach to front board . I will never buy the Profile range again

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    Why am I receiving this email?
    Please delete my email ,




    how do you get onto the big boss at their h/q? It is hard to contact anyone

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    Werner S.
    Werner S.

    Sorry didn't....spoke to telephone receptionist and asked for directions to complain...explained my problem....she then spoke with manager and arranged for replacement blade from stock on floor.... extremely bad product because of lack of parts ...I had been in touch on 2 previous occasions and told that they would ring back...which didn't happen...xtremly bad customer service


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