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Maxi-Cosi Luna

Maxi-Cosi Luna

3.5 from 13 reviews

Great car seat

My daughter seems very comfortable in this car seat and often falls asleep.

You can take parts of to wash which is a little tricky but I find this common with all car seats.

The buckle is easy to use and relatively easy to adjust.

The side head support looks comfortable and is easy to adjust. It is also very easy to fit in different cars - takes only a few minutes.

Purchased in October 2018 at Baby Bunting for $388.00.

Build Quality
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Car ModelSubaru Impreza

Best seat for a kid

We have a little Houdini who ca get out of every seat, mostly because he just isn’t comfortable. In his Maxi cosi euro NXT, he was perfectly fine, but all the “big boy” seats aren’t secure, safe or comfortable enough. Not until we purchased this one. The padding is GREAT!! He never overheats anymore. The added support on the headrest is a god-sent because his head no longer flops. He never protests getting into the car anymore and he is in perfect comfort. The best part is that I can even put the 6 year old in there in case of emergencies because of how easy it is to adjust the seat for either kid. Every single penny spent on this seat, I’d spend it again and not go through the headache of trying others out. Also, the after sales service of Maxi Cosi (Dorel) is second to none. They are friendly and efficient.

This seat and every other Maxi Cosi is what I recommend my friends and nothing else compares.

Absolutely love it

Both I and the 3/yo absolutely love this. It’s her “big girl chair” which ticks all the boxes for me, the side impact protection is a big plus and the adjustability is superb. It is quite heavy but very stable in my small car, and she is able to get in and out with ease. Cup holders are a bonus too but not necessity. The arm rests she really enjoys. It is a very versatile seat at a good price.

Great concept, poorly executed

I loved the concept, and bought four. Two for each car, for each of my kids. My sons heads always fell during car trips, and i was hopeful that these would fix the issue.
Unfortunately, the adjustable head rest on one is impossible to adjust and is stuck on the lowest settings. The clips on the head rest fabric unclicks when the kids heads rub against them, causing them to flop loose, and be unsafe and frustrating.
They are impossible to clean without removing the seat, which frustrating when i paid to have them installed.

Very disappointed with the quality. Broken after 6 months of usage. Bolts inside the seat came loose

We bought the Maxi Cosi Euro 4 years ago. Now upsized to bigger Luna seat. Amazing to look from the outside, the fabric started pilling after the first 10 days road trip that we had in Melbourne. The one we bought brand new 9 months ago from an ebay retailer just failed mechanically. I took photos for our defected seat after 7 months of usage. How can we upload them for your reference? The panel that support the headrest and shoulder pad just came out completely loose with two sharp bolts came out in the location at the lower back. Hard to imagine what would happen in the event of an accident. The seat is unusable. I will try to return the seat for something better and can be trusted with good crash rating from various test organisation ( Don't just trust one resource).

Appears amazing but beware of the poor CREP rating

We returned this seat - the day after we purchased it the new 2018 CREP ratings were released rating this seat as 1 out of 5.

The reason we purchased this seat is because we were told that this seat had superior safety features with state of the art side impact technology to protect baby’s head in the event of an accident.

Well, be aware that the seat performed poorly when crash tested getting 0/8 for managing impact energy to the dummy's head in side impacts, and also received a 0/16 for minimising forward head displacement (critical feature). This information can be found at https://www.childcarseats.com.au

I was disappointed that this seat is advertised as having superior side impact protection when independent tests have shown otherwise. It may meet minimum Australian safety standards but it is certainly not performing in a crash test as a superior seat as Maxi cosi claim. I would expect superior to mean it exceeds Australian standards.

I feel the advertising is false- selling a safety feature as superior when it is being tested as the opposite. I have nothing to go by when buying a car seat but the honesty of the car seat company and the independent assessors that check their claims of safety. I chose to believe the CREP testing review in the end.

The seat does look great and appears comfortable with nice fabric, cupholders and an easy adjust head rest. It is lovely to look at, but at the end of the day, it is not the safest seat on the market. I would have been happy to pay 3 times the price if it rated well. I really wanted to like this seat because it looks to great on the surface.

We chose to go with another brand with a better rating. Sorry Maxi-cosi.

Good car seat

We have had this car seat for nearly a year now.It was very easy to install my husband did it without any problem. My son loves it seems to be very comfortable for him, drink holder is very practical. Easy to clean although we haven’t had to clean off any major stains so far.

Love the easy adjustable straps

This seat is so easy to install into your car. It’s not too heavy. The straps are easily adjustable by a tab that’s lifts up and down instead of having to undo them and redo them back up once they’ve been adjusted. The fabric is so nice and breathable. Easy to clean. Has cup holders and is stylish.

Average for a $500 seat!

Bought from Baby Bunting we were told that the cover was easily removable. The question I should have ask was can the cover be removed when the seat is fitted. We always get our seat professionally fitted for peace of mind and do not want to be removing the seat every time our toilet training daughter has an accident.

For a seat that is meant for toddlers who are toilet training it would be nice to see a cover that can be removed without removing the entire seat. Even though we use a wee matt, it still gets thru near the straps..

Not recommended.

It's ok

I picked this seat after i had a car accident and had to throw our old seat out.
My son loves the seat and seems comfortable in it, the only thing is whenever he falls asleep his head flops forwards (he's 4) which never happened with our old seat. Also hes too small to reach the cup holders.
One thread had pulled and has run along the whole seat in a big line which is disappointing for an almost $500 seat.
It is easy to strap my son in though. Honestly if i could choose again i would pick something else.

Terrible Design

I only purchased the Luna for the headrest support & it doesn't work, my son's head falls straight threw it. No matter how we position this seat it fails. When my son is not in the seat it rattles terribly. To advertise this safety feature is wrong as even when he support is out, with very gentle pressure its pushes back in.

Great car seat

Easy to install with few handy and good features - headrest, isofix, seatbelt will not twisted around like the others, also love the fabrics which stay cool in summer and warm in winter, easy for maintainance and keep clean. Overall my daughter loves her brand new Maxi cosi Luna car seat

Perfect Booster Maxi Cosi Luna!!!! i highly recommend it

Been using this Maxi cosi Luna for about a month and for the first time my daughters head didn't flop while sleeping. She has 2 other baby seats of different brands and i struggle to push her head in the headrest and hold it so she won't get a stiff neck. The design of the seat makes it so easy for me to thread seat belt through when installing. My daughter has some health issues and she went through three surgeries on the head, back on her spine, and below the stomach and i have never been happier to find a car seat that has everything i need to keep her safe and comfortable. Headrest is so soft keeping her head comfy and secure with the lower set from head flopping around while i drive and I don't have to keep looking back anymore. I no longer struggle to keep her harness straighten everytime i put her in thank goodness for that anti-twist. So THANK YOU MAXI COSI for designing the LUNA.
I highly recommend this Car Seat to anyone who's looking for a harnessed booster 6mnths to 8years.

Questions & Answers

I’ve tried my son (4) in this seat and noticed there isn’t much head room between the head support. Has anyone had issues with 5/6 year olds heads fitting snug/uncomfortable between the head supports? Don’t want to buy now if he will grow out of it within a year Thanks
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Price (RRP)$549
Age Range6-96months
ISOFIX CompatibleNo

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