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Maxi-Cosi Mico AP

Maxi-Cosi Mico AP

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Complicated and confusing to install

From the moment I bought this I thought my newborn will be the safest and most comfortable. Installing and adjusting is so complicated, I recommend you have professionally installed and take notes or record the professionals on how to adjust it. A bit pricey but didn’t matter as long as it’s safe. Buy man it took years off me trying to install and adjust, and yes my partner also tried.

Also, if you’re petite and carrying an approximately 3-4 kilo capsule plus your newborn... god help me if she was more than 6 months... it’s impossible to carry. I have an uppababy vista that can have the capsule placed on it but haven’t had the chance to buy the adapters to connect it.

Purchased in December 2018 at Baby Bunting for $350.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Installation
Ease of Carrying
Car ModelMercedes-Benz GLA-Class X156 GLA 250 4MATIC
Pram TypeUPPAbaby Vista

Love this capsule. Saves me waking the baby to get out of the car all the time

1. I take this out of the car all the time and it’s simple to attach to the car. I usually carry it.
2. Easy to clean as you just take the cover off and put it in the washing machine
3. Handle is useful
4. Easy to get installed from certified person

1. I think baby actually prefers the car seat in our other car
2. I have adapters for a bugaboo and I find it difficult to get on the right angle (it’s not the same angle as in the car.
3. It’s quite large so the seat in front of it in my car has to be quite forward and there’s not much room in the front seat (ford focus)

Purchased in December 2018 at Amazon for $235.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Installation
Ease of Carrying
Car ModelFord Focus
Pram TypeBugaboo Cameleon

Handy capsule but could be improved

We have a newborn and purchased this capsule so we didn't have to move our baby out of a car seat and into a pram. First thing is the baby does seem to find the capsule very comfortable and falls to sleep most the time in the capsule. He does feel safe inside the capsule, and we purchased the Mico AP over the lighter MAXI COSI Citi as it rated higher on independent safety tests. I guess the downside to that is that I wouldn't call it a light capsule and as our newborn grows I do question how easy my wife will be able to move it around.

Probably the biggest issue I have with the capsule is the strap on the capsule that connects to the strap attached to the car seat is quite fiddly to unclip as you need to try and unclip with one hand and hold the strap with the other to prevent it slingshotting into your childs face but the design means you need to get the clip on all sorts of angles to disconnect.

The other negative is that the removal of the capsule from a pram requires you to push two buttons in on either side of the capsule and lift up, this is not a simple task to do alone and I feel would have been a lot more straight forward if only one button was required to release so you could push the button and lift at the same time to eject the capsule.

Overall though for what we paid I'm happy enough.

Purchased in December 2018 at Amazon for $240.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Installation
Ease of Carrying
Car ModelToyota Kluger GSU40R
Pram TypeRedsbaby JIVE2

Worst purchase ever.

I just bought this capsule today from Baby Bunting. Installation manual says you need to use a locking clip to secure the capsule but it doesnt come with the box. I tried installing the capsule without the clip and it looks very insecure.

So I ringed Baby Bunting and learned that it is optional and it "adds" to security of the capsule and costs $5.99.

So picture this, you buy a $379 capsule and come home and find out that you need to drive back to get this $6 worth accessory.

I will definitely go back but just to return it.

Purchased in March 2019 at Baby Bunting Physical store for $379.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Ease of Installation
Car ModelMitsubishi Outlander

Fantastic Car Seat

This Maxi-Cosy car seat was a complimentary addition to the pram bundle that I purchased from Baby Bunting. It did a fantastic job for the first 6months. It was safe and secure for my little one and gave me peace of mind in those early months. It is on the more expensive side, especially as it is only a capsule for the first 6months, but it is a very high quality baby capsule. It was very convenient that I could use it as a baby carrier and use the adaptors to put it on the pram as well, to prevent disturbing the little one.

Disappointed with this product

We purchased the capsule as the store we purchased it from said its a very popular capsule and well made.

We have had nothing but trouble
The hood of the capsule is flimsy and keeps falling down.
The strap that is connected at the head of the capsule is faulty the screw always comes loose and belt falls out. Very unsafe.
The straps always twist which is very annoying when trying to get a baby into the seat.

Very disappointed with this capsule as it is one of the more expensive ones.

Nice and light

Nice and light weight - great for going from the car to the pram without disturbing baby. Definitely worthwhile to get the clips to convert to the pram.
Not something that I would leave the baby sleeping in at home for long though. Good to store for future babies to get moneys worth.

Great for those first few months

I had this for bubs and was so handy to be able to transfer bubs in/out of car and onto pram easily. Saves disturbing the baby. However bubs out grew by 4 months and we had to get a new seat which is more expense so early. We have for bubs 2 at least. Bubs was ready to move into another seat too as they are only small.

So convenient

The maxi cosy AP was a lifesaver. It was so handy to get around and not have to get the baby in and out constantly. Super easy if your just running in somewhere. Fits on the pram perfectly!
The only negative is the shade cover needs to come down a bit lower.

Can’t live without

I rented a Maxi Cosi AP with my daughter and used it all the time. It clicks into my pram so it’s so easy to get baby in and out of the car and transfer them while sleeping. When we were expecting our second it was one of the first items we went out to buy.

Very good - also very good brackets that fit in with any pram

Very good capsule. My baby slept like a log in it. Also very good to get brackets for your pram and you just snap the pram in and off you go. Very good. Would recommend to any new parents. Makes the trasporation of baby from car to pram seemless!!!!! Just fantastic

Good for big babies

I use this capsule daily in the car and clip it onto my baby jogger pram. Very easy to use. Fits big babies (my 97th%ile boys fit in it until 6 months).

Great being able to just park a sleeping baby under a table or plug straight from car to pram or vice versa. Easy to install.

Very useful but couple of things would make it better

I bought this capsule just after baby was born because something unexpected came up that would require us to take baby out a lot. I had heard from many people it’s a waste of money because you can only use it for 6 months. However I have found it to be very useful esp because baby was born in winter so we didn’t have to worry about transferring baby in and out of the car and getting cold. Also, she loves how snug it is and will easily dose off either in the car or when it’s on the pram. When we are at the shopping centre we just keep her in the capsule and she’ll sleep the whole time, and she sometimes doesn’t even wake when we put her back in the car and take her back into the house. Compared to a bassinet, I think it’s much more comfortable and snug. the only gripe I have is it’s hard to take off the pram, even my husband who is much stronger than me struggles to do it by himself as you kinda need a third hand to do it well. Also, there is a strap with clip that you use to secure the capsule to the car seat that is located at the top of the capsule. It’s in an awkward place and if you don’t store it properly can hit the baby in the face. It’s also designed funny making it hard to clip on and off. Other than that I like it and don’t regret buying it even though my baby will prob grow out of it by 4 months.


Great capsule. Used it from birth for our daughter. One lever at the back for easy release of capsule from base. Very sturdy carry handle. Great canopy for shade. Easy to install when we would swap the capsule between our 2 cars (we used isofix which was so so easy). Was nice and snug for our daughter which I found reassuring. I read some reviews saying that it was too tight for their children. Each to their own but I prefer my child to be safe and snug - it’s not called a child restraint for nothing. my daughter was a bigger bubba and I still thought it was great!! we used the Redsbaby pram and again the adapters were very simple to use.
Overall great car capsule.

Best decision to buy when expecting a baby

Having this Capsule made my life an absolute breeze with a newborn, easy to install the base and very simple to carry capsule to and from the car to house or into the pram. My pram was comparable once I got adapters, which aren’t expensive, cosy for bub and very secure for them.

Great capsule.

We hired the Maxi Cosi Mico AP when we had our son. It’s a great capsule. It’s really easy to get in and out of the car, it’s light to carry (even when Bub is in it), it’s compatible with our Redsbaby pram and our car (fitted with isofix). It was easy to install utilising the isofix plug in our car. Our little one sleeps in it quite regularly so it must be comfortable for him! The only thing I don’t like about it is it’s quite large when it’s on the back seat so the front passenger ends up sitting on top of the airbag with not a lot of leg space. Overall, still a very good capsule.

Perfect for newborn

I bought this capsule for my newborn as it is compatible with my bugaboo pram and it has been the best thing I bought. It makes transition from the car to the pram so easy and on a hot day being able to bring the capsule inside and Poo bub in before going outside has been super handy

Awesome lightweight capsule

This was the first carrier we had for our bubs. Easy to install. A bit hard to take out if you have a small car. Awesome thing is the bubs fits nice and snug in there and we don't have to wake him getting in and out of the car. Even though the capsule being the lightest on the market once the baby passes 3 months it becomes quite heavy to carry. The pull over cover fabric comes off easily at the end but not a biggy. We bought adapters for this capsule to put it on top of our city mini pram.

Isofix is poor

Purchased the isofix version specifically because it generally means a much more secure fit. However the isofix implementation on this is awful. It's poorly designed and isn't compatible with our Volkswagen despite the car being isofix standard compliant. With isofix attached and tightened to maximum, the base is dangerously loose and not secure at all. Further when I contacted support they were highly unhelpful, refusing a refund and telling me I should have checked first. The isofix connectors on the base are a poor hack and the manufacturer has not put effort into designing the base for isofix. Rather it is a poor workaround using the seatbelt system.

We are now forced to consider our options. A poorly fitting dangerous seat, or go find a different brand.

Buyer beware.


I bought the maxi cost AP limited edition for my second bub and it has been one of my best purchases. I have to do school pick up and drop off with my eldest and I simply click the capsule into my pram and off I go. The best thing is I DONT NEED TO WAKE THE BABY. Which in my opinion is priceless! The limited edition is especially great as it comes with the gold fold down sun protector and magnets to hold the straps out (which are the best!). The capsule is really easy to get in and out of the car and relatively easy to carry if needed. Anyone who doesn’t get a capsule I think are NUTS.

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Hello,just wondering what is the exp.date of Maxi Cosi MCM 2010 ? Thank you
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Hi purchased a British maxicosi capsule isofix base and want to know if it does fit an Australian maxi Cosi mico AP capsule?
No answers

Why haven't the isofix base units that are used in the EU and UK made it out to australia? Are they less safe than having the tethering strap or is it just Australian standards insistence on the tether strap that is the hold up - similar to their reluctance to embrace isofix?
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Mico AP
Price (RRP) $549.00
Minimum Age Newborn
Maximum Age 6 months
Dimensions 760 x 440 x 630 mm
Colour / Finish Devoted Black
Weight4.3 kg
ISOFIX CompatibleOptional
Manufacturer Warranty10 year(s)

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