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Britax Safe-n-Sound Compaq

Britax Safe-n-Sound Compaq

3.9 from 50 reviews

Great price point

This is such an affordable car seat! Not only is it a great price point its suitable from ages birth to 4 years so it will have a good life. It was also one of the only car seats that would suit my car-Nissan Juke.

Purchased in February 2019 at Ebay for $170.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Installation
Ease of Height Adjustment
Car ModelNissan Juke F15 ST Auto

BABY car seat

The most uncomfortable car seat we purchase for my love. It is very narrow even for my tiny little Angel, te surface is difficult to take out to wash, the worse car seat we purchased.

Purchased in February 2014.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Installation
Ease of Height Adjustment
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Hi YSL, thanks for taking the time to leave a review, we're sorry to hear that you're not happy with your seat. If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Compaq KOHL

Just bought a second car so require a second seat. Baby Bunting got a special so bought the CompaqKOHL. Installation was tricky to lock the belt strap through the yellow Forward facing belt path. Diagram from the manual was not clear in this installation part.

Apart from this, everything was fairly easy to install. Really like a few new initiatives; the adjusting headrest and belt. Previous model required removal of both belt and then slot through the hole. Now with press and left and voila, easy adjustment. The pocket for the back belt storage also come in handy.

We bought this seat because we can take it on holiday and on to the plane as it CASA approved.

Removal of both car and plane is easy. Installation for car is a bit more difficult, I found the Honda CRV was easier to install then the Holden.

Plus it come with Crash Exchange programs.

Overall good sturdy toddler car seat, definitely much more improvement from previous model.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a wonderful review Andrew and helpful feedback! If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Very happy with it

We researched and bought the Compaq as quite a few people told us we wouldn't get a rear facing seat into a Mazda 3. It just fits behind the passenger seat, although I believe that is more to do with the car itself than the seat. Both my partner and I can travel comfortably in the passenger seat though we are not really tall.
Having bought it for a second baby we were aware that newborns may need head support so we didn't feel this was an issue. (Happened with an Infasecure as well)
Bubs seems quite comfy and I have no concerns regarding his safety in this seat, he is quite securely strapped in. The only thing I would not is that the arms straps are hard to loosen as he grows - you do have to pull quite hard.

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Hi Jessica, thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a terrific review! If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Good seat for older bubs, NOT from birth! (MKII)

This seat is great for bigger bubs with head control. I purchased this for my newborn and the product needs to advise customers that a head insert is needed for younger babies. This seat became dangerous for my bub even at 2 months old due to there not being any head support and risking my daughter airway. If a car seat is going to be recommended from birth appropriate supports need to be included.

Great seat!

This car seat was easy to install. The soft covers come off easily for machine washing. Just remember where the snap buttons are! Baby is very comfortable looking. We tested the seat for comfort by putting him in a few and this one was the stand out. Happy with our purchase.

buckle is very hard to lock "click"

Quite disapointed in this seat as my husband was sure he didnt want to buy a "cheapo" seat so we went to baby bunting and spent quite abit on this. My issue is that the buckle is very hard to click in and lock .. you really have to make sure its locked because it easily comes undone and has on multiple occasions while driving. My mum was also quite surprised when she put my daughter in and it just came undone cos it didnt click. Safe to say i probably would have been better to buy one from target for under 200 would have faired better and that is what im going to do.

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Hi Anna, thanks for your review and sorry to hear about your disappointment with our product. This definitely isn't a common issue for a new seat, however it sounds like your harness buckle is sluggish and needs to be cleaned! To restore the harness buckle to good working order it needs to be cleaned as follows: A. Remove the harness buckle from the restraint: From the underside of the restraint pull each crotch strap 3-bar slide, turn the 3-bar slide on its side and push back through the slot. B. Place the harness buckle under warm (max. 40 degrees Celsius) running water as shown below. Let the water run through the mouth of the buckle for five minutes. Check the harness buckle is clean by engaging the harness tongues and buckle several times until you hear a click. C. If you still cannot hear a strong audible click then repeat the cleaning process several times. D. Refit the harness buckle to the restraint ensuring the red button facing outwards and the 3-bar slide is fed through the same slots. If the Harness Buckle cannot be returned to its original working condition we recommend your contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 1300 303 330. Warm regards, the Britax team.

Great Seat

Great seat! Really easy to install and use. Havent had any problems. We have used this as a back up seat and it has been Really easy to clean and take in and out of the car and easy to pack away. Baby loves the seat. Was a great price and all round great product

So so

Very compact which is good for my tiny car. It's easy to remove the washable parts to clean .however , none of this matters when my baby hates sitting in it. She would scream every single time we put her in. We have since changed to another car seat and she stopped screaming.

Seems comfortable but those bloody straps!

Once in, our bub seems comfortable (albeit he's only 9m now). But the STRAPS! As with many other comments, the button was clearly broken. It would take me pulling with all my weight and my foot in the seat to loosen the arm straps - not exactly practical if my son was actually in the chair! We had it fixed (free under warranty) by an authorised repair shop (thanks Britax!) who also just removed the button. So we have to reach in and blindly find the lever with a thumb but it is still pretty stiff. I essentially reach behind the seat and pull the straps from the back...which I suspect wont be practical once he's facing forward. Very frustrating, not to mention Grandma really can't manage it at all.


Easy to install in to my Mazda 3 sedan. Fits just find with enough room in the front seat for my 6ft partner to sit comfortably. Baby seems comfy enough too. But it seems the straps loosen when I don't want them too.. Forever tightening them (which I find difficult)

Straps don't tighten up once Bub is in the seat

When I put Bub in the baby seat, the straps don't move at all when I press the button. We have two cars so I bought a different brand of car seat for my other vehicle and no probs with that one at all. I've had friends help me out with no success. The back padding also doesn't stay up. Would definitely not recommend this one.


I have used this car seat for a while but the button you press to readjust the straps keeps popping out. Highly annoying - especially when you are in a hurry and you need to search the car floor for the spring and button! Not sure if I would recommend this seat.

Difficult to use

I've had so many problems with this seat. The padding always slips down and makes it difficult to get bubs in and the straps seem tight when it's really just that all the padding needs pulling up. It really is not compact, yes, it's narrow but it touches the front seat of my holden COMMODORE when rearward facing. Also, difficult to adjust the straps when rearward facing and it is impossible to get bubs out of without waking him up. I had to turn him forward facing at 7 months because I couldn't get him in and out (he's long and after almost taking his eye out for the hundredth time trying to get him out under the belt, I gave up). I've bought a different brand now and much happier.

Tightening strap

I find this very difficult to tighten the straps once bubs is clipped in. It seems fine when she is not in the seat but will not budge when she is in it. Not sure if I am doing something wrong. it seems like a few people have had the same problem.

Hi Kate, thanks for your review. If you're finding this difficult please feel free to contact us on 1300 303 330 so we can point you in the right direction to have one of our authorised repair agents have a look at your seat for you. Kind regards, The Britax Team.I contacted britax and they put me in touch with my local person who promptly fixed it. Just needed a bit of readjustment. It's still a bit stiff but a lot better

Horrible, Unsafe

Doesn't tighten when child is seated, straps remain loose. Even after you work hard to get the straps tight my son still gets his arms out and leans all the way forward. Best and MOST EXPENSIVE seat out there?? Well it was definitely the latter.. over $500 we paid so our son could be unsafe every single trip.. Dreadful.

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Hi Tegan, thanks for your review, can you please give us a call on 1300 303 330 as it sounds like something isn't right with your harness, thanks in advance, kind regards, The Britax Team.

It's ok but I wish I hadn't bought it

This is an okay seat. It fits well in a mid sized hatchback and my son initially looked pretty comfy in it.

I find it very hard to adjust the straps. My toddler is very tall for his age and I doubt he'll still be in this seat to 4 years as advertised.

It would be more useful to me if, rather than listing age ranges, height ranges were used to assess suitability to use this and other seats.

For tall kids, it might be worth considering the 6 months to 8 years models.

I'm sure it would be great if it could actually be installed.

The seat looks like it is well priced for the features, but not being able to fit it to my Mitsubishi Outlander in rear-facing mode without having to go out and buy an extension strap is just pathetic.

The installation pictures in the manual show the anchor being attached to some sort of magical anchor point that exists less than a foot from the headrest of the rear seat, seemingly in mid-air. I would love to know what cars have this floating wonder of physics so I can study them.

Meanwhile, the rest of us with non-futuristic cars might need to stick with anchor points at the base of the rear seats and have to purchase an extension strap to anchor the baby seat.

Compact but only just fits mazda 3

This is fitted well and very comfortable for my newborn whom was only 2.5kg at birth. The harness height adjustment is a breeze. Installation was easy as the manufacturer has a YouTube site to follow. Fits into my Mazda 3 behind the passenger seat although the passenger seat is positioned in the most forward position so no tall people riding with me.
Easy harness adjustment
Only just fits in mazda 3

very happy!

After purchacing a maxi cosi capsule (terrible) and unity capsule, we needed another seat to allow us to extend reawrard facing. It has really high markers and even my 2yo could fit rearward facing. My 5yo neice could fit FF and it gives enough room for my 6foot husband tofit I the front seat of our mazda 3. It sits quite upright which is great for a reflux bub and has heaps of padding. Oh and I just love that you dont need to put the belts through those silly slits to adjust the height, instead its a grwat little pull leaver thingo. I also love the recline feature. It is very very high though which makes it difficult to put bub in.
height adjust, padding, compact, recline, extended rf, height markers high
very high

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Questions & Answers

I have the compaq MK11 and have noticed that when my daughter is strapped in if she leans forward or pulls on her arm straps they come loose?? Why is this happening this is not safe!!
1 answer
Hi Kyra S, Thank you for your question regarding the Safe-n-Sound Compaq MKII. Please email some photos to au-support@britax.com of your child in the restraint so we can see how the seat is adjusting according to her height. Kind regards, the Safe-n-Sound team.

I have purchased the Safe n Sound Compaq MKII from a shop which is closing down. If I have any problems with the item where do I go to get it fixed? I live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and purchased the car seat from Buy4Baby Narrabeen.
1 answer
Contact Britax directly. They will refer you to a service centre nearest you if and when you have any issues. It won't matter if the baby store has shut, as the warrantee is with Britax, not that shop.

We are looking at getting the COMPAQ MKII for our twins. Does anyone know if the buckle clips in one side at a time or do you have to put them together to clip it in? We live 150km away from the closest baby store so it's hard to get there. Thank you
1 answer
left one will click in alone


Britax Safe-n-Sound Compaq
CategoryBaby Car Seats
Price (RRP) $449.00
Minimum Age Newborn
Maximum Age 4 years
Dimensions 685 x 440 x 425-520 mm
Colour / Finish Kohl Black, Greystone
Weight7.6 kg
ISOFIX CompatibleNo
Convertible Yes
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)
Replaced byBritax Safe-n-Sound Compaq AHR

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