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Maxxis AT-980 Bravo

Maxxis AT-980 Bravo

3.7 from 18 reviews

Destroyed after 2 W/E in Vic high country

I’ve had these on for about 2 years and maybe 20-25k km. Road noise is as to be expected.

Where these tyres have really failed is when I went to the high country in Victoria 4x4ing on steep rocky tracks. They performed well in terms of traction but the tread is severely cracked and chipped which is bad enough but the chips and splits in the side wall is the worst bit as it makes them unroadworthy and in need of replacing. The tread was wearing well so I was not even 50% through them. Can’t recommend going with a differen AT tyre strongly enough if you plan on doing any sort of rocky track 4 wheel driving.

Unless this was a bad batch (or Maxxis stand behind their products as I’m waiting for a response from the dealer/maxxis) I definitely won’t be buying another set.

My brother’s Micky Thomson’s dont have one chip after dozens of trips up there and arguably would perform better off road in the mud.

CarLR discovery 4

Really great

These are the first Maxis tyres we have purchased. Two of our sons run these on their 4 wheel drives and have nothing but praise about them. We found them the best value for money in the range offered to us at the time but now that we have had them for a few months we are totally impressed in road holding and performance.


97,000 KM and counting with never an issue

Installed these onto the UTE straight from the Factory and have loved them ever since. They've currently lasted 97'000km and I reckon they'll be good for another 15'000km at least.

Noise levels on the highway have been good, obviously louder than road tyres but not enough to cause any issues when using hands free.

I haven't used off road as much as I'd have hoped, but when I have they've been outstanding.

I will be buying them again when they finally require replacing.

CarFord Ranger Wildtrak 2016

Wouldn't buy again

Had the 31x10.5r15 on my car quite noisy when i first got them and they didn't even last 30,000 km before the outside edges started cracking and little chunks falling off and developing ridges on the tyre. They then developed a consistent "bump" when driving that persisted and worsened to a vibration, tyres were always rotated and always had good tyre pressure but made no difference. I think I'll be sticking to cooper tyres and just pay the extra for something decent.

Carholden rodeo

Best tyres

Best value for money.
Best tyres iv ever had. Done 80000 kms in them and only 2 have reached the unroadworthy indicator. Got em on my work 4x4 and its tows a 2t tradesman trailer full time plus the odd 4x4 trip here and there will definately be buying them again. Highly recommend them.

CarToyota 90 series prado


We had difficulty with another Maxxis tyre and were advised extensively by the tyre expert at Uluru. He recommended the AT-980. Tough, he said. And he said that is the tyre the reps use in the outback. And we have never looked back re out outback travelling. Very fair price too. Noise pretty reasonable. Durable...yes. Sometimes it is harsh just getting of the bitumen outback let alone off road work.

CarNissan 2010 dual cab ST

Equal to a BFG All Terrain but considerabley cheaper

Run Maxis 980 265 x 75 x16 on a 05 Hilux, approx. 60% of my driving was on gravel / off road, just cranked over 50k with approx. 20% tread left, my tyres get used hard but not one puncture.
Beach sand - drop the tyres to 16 -20 psi and the car is not working very hard,
Rock / shale - no damage to side walls and very little pitted damage (little chunks torn off tyre)
Black top - never had any road noise and no scalloping of tyres (mind you I rotate the 4 tyres every 5000k or after any longer trip). The rear end can lose grip sometimes going around a bend when wet.
High speed gravel roads - very sure footed and has never lost any grip at speed going around bends / corners.
Locations my 980's took me;
Gibb River x 4
Mitchel Plateau x 2
Tanami x 1
Great central highway x 4
Ruby Gap x 3
Duncan highway x 4,
Birdsville track x 1
Pilbara x 1000's k's

Great tyres would recommended them to anyone.

Just remember the life of your tyre and how good it operates not only depends on the product itself but also on drivers skill, knowledge of tyre pressures, maintenance of those tyres (correct pressures and how often you rotate your tyres), what type of 4x4 you have but also on luck. So look after your tyres and they will look after you.
And no I do not sell Maxxis tyres for a living :-)

Car05 Hilux C/Cab ute

Maxxis AT980 Bravo's in the Pilbara

Just wanted to share this feedback. These tyres are awesome out here in the Pilbara. We certainly gave them a thorough work out last weekend. We live in Newman and the track to Hickman Crater is pretty ordinary. It's been known to shred the odd Cooper or two in the past. These tyres are great on the iron ore rocks. We tried them out in the sand as well with no problems at all. Well worth going away from BG Goodrich AT's. Thank you. I highly recommend them to anyone.

CarPrado 120 series

Great All Round Tyre

I have had the MAXXIS 980 Bravo for over 12 months, and driven on just about all types of surfaces, and in different weather conditions, So apart from them being a bit noisy at lower speeds, they seem to handle very well. I have had to brake hard on wet Bitumen roads, and found them to do the job well, I have driven on wet muddy roads, and they have done the job because of their aggressive tread pattern, also great in sand, and recently I have been driving around the Alice Springs area, out to Palm Valley etc and they performed well on that track climbing rocks etc and no loss of tyre lugs, I have done 40 k and they look not even half worn, I also feel safe with the 8 ply side walls, so dollar for dollar I think they are great value, and won't be changing brands

CarMitsubishi Triton

Value for Money

Running good both on sand, mud and highway, a bit tyre noise at low speed driving but nothing much on the highway since wind noise is very much governing. It is more a light duty mud tyre.

Acceptable side wall ( not much deformation between 35psi to 18psi) and the tyre worn is acceptable.

Be ware on braking when raining or on icy surface. I was on a full time 4x4 with ABS so that was fine for me, but may be not as ideal for hard braking when rear wheel driving your part time 4x4.

Car2005 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5

Good value

Maxxis 980 at tyres are lasting well at 40 000 km so far, they hold well in the wet and they are quiet for an aggressive at tyre. Offroad and low pressure they perform excellently on gravel shale rock sand and even in mud don't let you down like less aggressive tyres can. Haven't had a puncture yet.
At $100 a tyre less than similar competitors they are good value though honestly won't last quite as more expensive brands, but dollar per kilometer they still come out in front.

Car2010 dmax

Fantastic value on and off road performance

The AT 980 were my first set of off road tyres for my Great Wall V200. I live on a 300+ acre property so needed something to get through the bush and rocky landscape however, I also commute 2 hours per day to work on the highway.
HIGHWAY: Excellent traction wet or dry and great on the steering. The tyre wears evenly and the square design keeps tread wear in the middle of the tyre leaving the corner lugs still with deep tread.
OFF ROAD: I never tested in mud however, gravel, rocks, bush and sticks did not stop them. They don't bag out very mucj when pressures are lowered but are still highly durable and comfortable in tje outback.
TOTAL KMS: 75,000 I got out of mine and that is with pleanty of shoulder lug left. Great value for money tyre at around $220 per tyre for 235/70R16.

CarGreat Wall V200

Not very durable

Bought the tyres halfway through a trip after i hat two of my tyres blow out on my touareg. they are great tyres but after 4000km and only about 150km on gravel roads i got a puncture in the side wall. Could just be unlucky but a bit disappointing as they were never put through any tough condition.

Car2004 vw touareg

Great tyres. wear well!

Had these tyres for 90,000kms and not even to the wear lines yet. Havent had a puncture and drive a fair few bush tracks. Handle well in the mud and off road. They are a tad noisy but that can be expected for a chunky tyre. I'll be buying them again.

Car2013 mitsubishi triton

Awesome tyres

265/65r17. Forestry contractor, the most durable tyre I've ever had. must be because its 8 ply, no punctures and great on the road and off road as well, I get between 50 and 60 thousand km's per set, got 6 utes all the same, cant beat them, amazing wet road handling as well.

CarMazda BT50

28000 kilometres on MAXXIS AT980 tyres.

Put a set of 5 on AT 980 BRAVO on my Pajero. So far after on 28000 kms they are worn down to wear bars. I have taken them back to the dealer to complain so he rang Maxxis rep and as yet no response. Never buy them or reccommend again.


Great mileage,a little noisey

I fitted a set of 255/70x16 980's to my 2014 ford ranger 4x4 at 63,000 km,now it's 255,000 km,just over 90,000 km.i rotate front to back every 15,000 km,and a couple of w/alignments.apart from some road noise there a pretty good tyre,on and off road.mosty road use but.i tow a tool trailer sometime as well.never had a flat or any sort of vibration issues.there pretty much stuffed now but still just legal(ok to use on my trailer)the ute has a 2" lift and 500 kg over rear springs and air bags.carries a lot of weight all the time.anyway I think there a good tyre and would recommend them to anyone.

CarFord ranger 4x4

Crap tyres

Fitted a set of new maxis tyres to my BT 50, 15,00 kms later they were half worn and couldn't be balanced properly and wasn't very nice to steer. No help at all from the dealer who was blaming the vehicle. Went to another dealer and fitted a new set of Michelin, it was like going from a T model ford to a Rolls Royce. In 50 years of driving I have never had tyres as bad as these Maxxis.

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Maximum speed permitted?
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AT980 is Q (160 kmh), R (170kmh), S (180kmh) and T (190mh) rated depending on the size https://maxxistyres.com.au/product/at980/

What's the different between maxxis at 980 bravo and at 980 worm drive tire 31*10,5 R15 ? Please help me in this! Tnx
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