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Maxxis MA-751 Bravo

Maxxis MA-751 Bravo

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About to fit a second set

Have had a set of 751s fitted to our family Mitsubishi Challenger for just over 100.000 kms and found them to handle well in all conditions . We use them off road for firewood collection and often tow our caravan . Very happy to fit a new set later this week .

CarMitsubishi challenger

Good value for money

Brilliant wear, a little noisey on the 100 series Toyota Land Cruiser but what would you expect from a A/T tyre?
We have had NO issues on the road wet or dry and they suit our off road (gravel) needs.
I would purchase them again because they just keep going and going.

Car100 Series Land Cruiser

Great value, plus 100,000km!

Have just removed 275/70R16 MA751 from the Landcruiser @ 100,000 km!
Great on-road performance and worked reasonably well in the grass and gravel on weekends.
To me this means great value for money, they're going back on because on-road performance means a lot to me, both wet and dry roads, and no punctures either.

CarToyota Landcruiser

Ok tyre but too noisy

Had these tyres fitted to a 3.5 Ltr v6 2000 Mitsubishi Pajero - did the job alright but anything above 60kms by far the noisiest tyre ever owned and made vehicle feel like a truck - replaced with Goodyear wrangler adventure that were chalk and cheese quieter and improved handling and road feel

CarMitsubishi Pajero

Great Tyres

Got a set of these tyers fitted at our local Tyre retailer in Lithgow NSW - was very impressed with the grip and how quite they were. They were available less than 24 hours after we ordered them - so there must be good stock available as well. Good product

Car2012 Toyota Hilyx

Maxxis for Maximum comfort

I had a set of these tyres on a Landrover Discovery 2 and found them to be very good value for money with the added bonus of giving a comfortable ride on or off the road and also quiet on the bitumen, unlike many other muddies. No doubt there are more seriously capable mud tyres out there for those who venture into the most aggressive 4wd locations, but for the vast majority of Touring 4wdrivers these are an excellent choice.

CarLandrover Discovery 2

135k and still going V8 Landcruiser and Rav 4

I have had these on my 100 series Landcruiser V8 since 2012 and completed 135k without a problem.
Quiet on the road compared to previous BStone DDueler.
Largely on bitumen around the city with long country runs but some off road and towing a tandem axle caravan.
If I had one issue it has tended to slightly under steer on occasions but that could be attributed to speed. Not very light on the pedal.
I am considering replacing them now as I have one outside edge worn on one tyre. My fault. Rotated only the road tyres every 10k. Spare untouched. If not for worn edge could go another 15 and could push 20k but would not advise it.
At time of purchase well priced and now consider very good value. I will be using them again.
Have also fitted them to the Wife's Rav 4. Great performance and quiet. No under steer.

Car2003 Landcruiser 100 series V8.


Coming up to 100,000 on my land-cruiser. Only rotated twice and appear just under half worn. I use mainly on road, but do get out off road a little. I would recommend based on my experience which are inexpensive and hard wearing all terrain. I tow a little as well and no problems.

Maxxis MA-751

At this stage I am happy with these tyres they are not the best that I have had but for the price they seem to be a reasonable cheap tyre very little road noise and not too bad in the wet handling is good for anyone looking for a cheap Tyre Maxxis MA 751 I would recommend them

751 bravos vibration

hi put a set on a explorer were very noisy after 6000ks vibration and noise unbearable I have had 3 other sets of bravo tyres been fantastic maximus are replacing the tyres today great tyre rep in qld for maximus my tyre service tried to say a wheel bearing noise if I was stupid it would of cost me a fortune

New Maxxis not as good as old ones?

Purchased a new set of 751 A/T Maxxis for my 100 series cruiser after getting great wear and no punctures on old set. They are also a very quiet tyre with good grip on both road and dirt. Problem is the new set are wearing and cutting up excessively despite rotating, keeping pressures correct etc as required. It seems the new ones are a softer compound and may now be made in a different location, ( heard this complaint about other makes which I did not believe until now!). Anyway the tyres are only around 15000ks old and are 50% worn so not looking good.

Great wearing, good value

I'm at around 50,000km and they don't even look half worn, I've just brought another Landcruiser and will definitely be putting these in the 32's straight on.
I don't know where the noise complaints come from because apart from the odd pre balance worble they are very quiet.
I've never seen such great value and I hope they never change, I pushed the old Landcruiser around hard corners in the wet and these tyres have never come unstuck.

Only an Average Tyre 325/75 R15

These tyres are fitted to a Jeep Cherokee XJ in decent order. Used for road, towing and off road.
On the road the tyres are excessively noisy. They are actually noisier than the 31 inch mud tyres they replaced and considering that they are not such a chunky design I find that interesting.
Road grip is average. Adequate under brakes, will let go in the wet in corners if the camber changes suddenly.
Off road I find they again are only adequate but nothing excitable. Sand grip is good enough, will not bite as well as I would like on rock.
For the price I paid next time I'll be going back to Firestones.

Noise, grip

great alrounder

purchased for my old hyundai terracan and found them very quiet, long wearing, great traction in most conditions....perfect if your touring on lots of dirt roads
80 thousand plus Kms.... purchased for my old hyundai terracan and found them very quiet...
I had more road orrientated before these and I cant beleive the difference in wear....good deep tread giving a long wear life ...very happy
cheap price lonf wearing and reasonably high levels of grip in varied conditions
they werent free lol

Road noise - terrible

The road noise between 70Kph and 90Kph is unbearable, I cannot stand it to the point that I am considering replacing them early, maybe selling them or using them on my trailer. I've checked tyre pressure, it was slightly off but even once inflated correctly, the noise is slowly getting worse. (about 30,000k on them so far)



Coming up to 85000 on my landcruiser ute rotated only twice since new appear only 50 percent worn , quite on road excellent off road used approximately 30 percent off road . The first time I have purchased maxis and will purchase the same again great for towing and the price is right
Price, performance,kilometres

Maxxis 751 Bravo

Had Goodyear muddies on my Patrol so after reading good reviews on the Maxxis 751 Bravo A/T 275/70-16 size tyres.. I decided to give them a go. At $220 fitted and balanced they are good value for my hard earned cash. First impression: so smooth and quiet on the road.Huge change from the noisey , vibrating Goodyears.....
Maxxis 751 Bravo are Good off road as well in the bush and beach with mud being their only weak point. I tow a 3 ton caravan also and the Maxxis 751 Bravo handles the extra weight no worries. With 20.000 km on them so far they look barely worn. They also give good grip in the wet . Had some [censored word removed] pull out infront of me in Sydney in the rain and a panic stop saw the Maxxis 751 Bravo pull up my 3 ton loaded Patrol beautifully. I would highly recommend these tyres to anybody as they are a very good budget all terrain tyre.
Cost , wear , looks , quiet , smooth very capable all terrain tyre

Highly recommended! 110K +

Purchased Maxxis MA-751 245*70 R16 with new alloy rims for my 2009 toyota hilux. 4 years later after a few tyre rotations and pressure consistently at 38 psi I have successfully reached 111,000 kms and would get more out of them but noticed that their grip in the wet is starting to deteriorate. So back to Bob Jane we go to get a replacement set. They have recommended AT-771 although they are a softer compound so I wont get as much ware they have suppieror grip in the wet.
Cost effective at 111,000 kms from this tyre
Slippery in the wet once worn

Excellant tyres for all conditions

I have had a set on my Toyota Prado for 98,670 Km. They are almost ready for replacing, will definitely going for the same. I have had the front ones for only 48,000 Km, they will have to wait to be replaced. I have had Cooper's, the first time I went on a dirt road, I got a flat.
Right price, reliable, in dry and wet conditions and no road noise.


I did 80,000ks in my 80 s landcruzer still got 40% left been off road done the powerline track and smashed the dunes at wedge north of Perth fantasic tyres would never buy anything else quiet on the road and great in the WET AND WITH THE WAY THEY HANDLE AND THE PRICE

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Questions & Answers

I bought a maxxis 195r15-MA751 thailand tyre. is it 8plr or 6ply...??
1 answer
8 Ply

Can anyone tell me if these tyres are commercial tyres. I need to know as my car has to go through RW. Thanx, Frank
2 answers
No I don't believe they are commercial tyres, I could be wrong, however when I purchased mine they were 70%Road/30%OffroadPass a roadworthy without a problem.

How can I buy this tyre?
1 answer
I purchased mine from Bob Jane T-Mart, but they now have a later model set which provides more grip in the wet but a little less wear, so I chose them.


Maxxis MA-751 Bravo
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