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Medela Pump In Style Advanced

Medela Pump In Style Advanced

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This was given as a gift and is used about 3-4 times per day. Easy to pack up and bring to grandparents house or to work to pump at lunch time. Easy to cart around and relatively discreet with the tote bag style. Pocket to store the tubes when not in use and extra room inside the bag for whatever else needs to be brought (wallet, phone, bottles etc).

Excellent product

This Medela breast pump is Simple to use and very easy to clean, I bought it for one of my daughters who had mastitis and now uses it all the time so hubby can feed child with a bottle, will buy it again for my other two daughters when they have their own children.

Very easy to use and clean

I got given a Medela Pump in Style Advanced. At the beginning the baby was having trouble latching and I had to pump all the time. It was not able to pump my milk because I was very full. In the end I had to see a lactation consultant who told me that I shouldn't use the double pump, and should just focus on pumping one side. After my supply started to settle, this worked quite well. I would be interested in trying other brands though. It's easy to travel with and maintain.

Most lactating mothers can't live would this

Use for 1 year. Good use bilateral and good suction so more breastfeeding milk in a 15 minute period. Easy clean with soap and water.
I would definitely use this product again. Travelling with this product is also easy to consealm looked like a computer bag. Also can store other needs in the bag.

Awesome pump - makes expressing a lot easier

I never usually right reviews but I've tried other pumps and found this to be far be superior. I usually only need to pump for around 5 -10 minutes and can get up to 200mls in this time. I highly recommend this pump. It is comfortable to use and would recommend this to anyone looking to express either regularly or occasionally. 10/10!

not good for the baby

I have been trying to breastfeed my almost 3 months baby for hours and it is most the frustration he is and I am than the solution I was expecting. not easy to breastfeed the baby. I wouldn't use this product again ever, it upsets the baby without any results

Good pump but not the best

Used the Medela Breastpump for a few months until I decided to look into a new one because it eventually started hurting my nipples. The suction on the Medela has a strong rough pull and it really hurt to the point where I didn't even want to pump anymore (but I kept going).
On positive note the pump is easy to clean, maintain and travel with.

A real life saver for a Mum pumping regularly

I started out with the Medela Swing and the plan to pump only ad hoc as needed, but when I had issues with my baby latching and was spending 30-60 minutes pumping each session, time I couldn't spare once my husband went back to work, I began looking for a faster solution.

After researching extensively I bought the The Pump In Style Advanced and I couldn't recommend it enough. I'm getting more volume as a hospital grade pump, have the confidence that the strength of the pump will maintain my supply, and the ability to do both sides simultaneously means I'm done in 10 minutes and back to focusing on my baby. A real lifesaver.

Edit: After writing this review I've received a few queries about where to buy & power converters so have come back to add this info -

Check out US Amazon to purchase, as at the time of writing this review I don't believe this is available for purchase in Australia anymore. Not sure why as it is excellent.

Make sure you order a power adaptor as well. The pump will not work properly just plugged in to our power with a travel/plug adaptor - you need something to actually convert the power to our voltage.

To get delivered to Australia, there are services which provide a US Postal address and forward you the package i.e. Australia Post have started this service. If you google it you'll find a few options. There is a cost involved but was worth it for me, as this is my first baby and hoping for a few more who I will also use this for.

I haven't included any links as these will change from time to time, or voltage info as I'm no expert, but Google will give you the rest of the answers. Hope this helps!

Best investment ever

I bought this pump 7 yrs ago straight after having my first baby. Having used the hospital pump which was a Medela pump I didn't think twice about looking at other brands. This pump is like the range rover of breast pumps. It really delivered in performance and efficiency. I had to go back to work when my first bubs was only 3 months and was allowed to pump 2x a day at work. I was worried about taking too much time, but with this pump it only took me 10 minutes and I got a lot.
A year ago, I had my 2nd baby and out came the pump again, still performing at its best. Again the pump delivered what I needed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this pump to any new mother or anyone looking for a really good, reliable pump.
Super easy to set-up, easy to wash equipment, easy to store milk bottles that you can attach teats to. It also operates on batteries, should you plan to go somewhere where there is no access to power and it also comes with a hand-pump. What else can you ask for!
Expensive, but well worth it!

Excellent Pump!

I have now had this pump for almost five years and it's great! I can empty both breasts in seven minutes with little to no pain and discomfort. I have used other pumps before and never been as successful as this one. The accessories are great, parts are easy to come by (but somewhat expensive) and I love that I can pump, store and feed all from the same bottle. All four of my children favoured the Medela teats, so it was a win win situation all round. Using it as a double pump can make you feel somewhat like a jersey cow, but I think that's a small price to pay when you take into consideration the ease of use.
Easy to use, reliable, comfortable.

I can read a mag while I pump...bliss!

I bought this pump prior to having our second child after only having a manual with our first. We are now expecting baby number 4 and I cannot wait to start stock piling the breast milk! It is the easiest and most efficient system to use. Being able to pump from both breasts simultaneously meant I could express whenever it suited me as it only took around 15minutes, and with the push of a button I could manage my own the letdown meaning no discomfort. Coming in a handy and discreet backpack has meant I have been able to take it to work and express quickly and effectively with minimal disruption. It also comes with a cooler bag, ice brick and extra bottles (all that fit snug in the back pack) meaning you can keep your milk cool without having to pop it in the fridge, a big bonus if you are not in the most conducive work environment.
Efficiency, effectiveness and freedom


I used this several times a day and loved it. Don't know how I could survive with out it. I went back to work when bub was 4.5mths and breastfed / expressed till she was almost 10mths.
Would absolutely reccommend. It can be pricey, I got mine from www.soulmothers.com.au on sale for about $400. I haven't had any problems, discouloration wasn't an issue for me and I am keeping mine until I have my next child.
Electric, dual pump, Hands free with a bit of imagination (ie. pull your bra up over the breast sheilds sit back and read a mag!) quick to express and it's fairly discrete in the backpack. Cooler bag is great too.

Wish I'd found it sooner - brilliant, quick, comfortable, efficient... But pricey.

I loved this pump. When I first started pumping I began with a single basic hand pump, then upgraded to the electric version of it. When the motor blew after only a few months of daily use I was lent the Medela Pump in Style Advanced. Couldn't believe the differencce! So comfortable, so quick, so efficient. What a liberation. I've used it a few times a day for about four months now and feel I should return it to it's rightful owner to on-lend. I'll be buying my own to keep! The price is a real off-putter, but on the other hand I can't imagine a better pump, so really it's a bargain. Now to find the actual money...

Would absoultely recommend it.
Reliable, efficient, comfortable, fast, portable, quiet

Expensive but worth every penny and more!

I purchased the Medela Pump In Style after I found out that my son was unable to latch properly. I was determined to feed him my breastmilk since I had milk but after trying an Avent single pump, I was keen to get a double pump to (a) increase my supply and (b) reduce the time taken to express. I picked the Medela Pump In Style after reading the outstanding reviews on Product review and other review websites. I found out that the Pump In Style is no longer supplied by Medela Australia so I purchased it through Amazon from the US for around $260 USD ($350 USD including postage).

The minute I started using it, my supply increased and I found that instead of expressing for 40 mins (20 each side) I only had to pump for 15-20 minutes because I could do both sides at once. Because it is a hospital grade pump and because it is designed for mothers who are solely expressing, I think it has been designed to be very efficient. At my peak, using the pump I was able to express over 1 litre a day.

There were a few down sides to the pump:
- the AC adapter cannot be used in Australia as our frequency is different from the US so I had to use the portable battery pack - to save money, I bought rechargeable AA batteries x 8 and this worked perfectly but was an added extra cost I was not expecting
- the pump motor broke at around 6 months, but Medela US was happy to replace the entire thing within my warranty (however they do not post outside the US so I had to get them to post to a friend in the US who then sent it to me) - the Medela customer service team are so helpful and friendly that I didn't find dealing with them difficult and they sorted out the problem very promptly

If I had given up and decided to go to formula, I calculated that it would end up costing a lot more than the cost of the pump so despite the upfront cost of buying this pump, in the long run it saved me money and it was also the best option for my baby. I'm so glad that I made the decision to get the pump!
efficient (cut down the time taken to express), increased my milk supply, able to be used for sole expressing
mine broke down but customer service was great so not really a problem as it was replaced under the warranty, if you purchase an overseas model it may not be able to be used in Australia due to differencesin frequency and voltages


If you don't want to spend over $2k for the symphony this is great value at around $400-$500. Overall I really like this especially if you are going to make good use of it. I think paying that extra couple of hundred instead more and get this instead of the electric hand pump.
Pumps very similar to hospital grade medela symphony. Does pretty much the same job. Comes in a back pack with handy cooler for individual bottle coolers for expressed milk. Can be used either as single pumping or double pump action. Can be operated with 4x AA batteries.
Its just abit noisier than medela symphony. Other than that its great.


I've not experienced a problem with let down that others have mentioned. I bought this pump to replace avent isis I had last baby. Have found it to be slightly better due to 2 boob function. I really like the breast cups - soft plastic is comfortable. I wish I had this last time as I expressed more then than I have this time.
Portable, quiet, backpack, parts readily available, strong pump - but adjustable for times when you have sore boobs etc. Fast & convenient (2 boobs at once is fab option). FAST.
Bit pricey, but worth it if you are expressing daily.


i used this pump for 15 months every 3 hours and it is still going strong. currently packed up in case bub 2 decides to not breast feed too. pricey to start with but cheaper than formula in the long run and better for bub as well. if you are a committed mum looking for the best to pump out the best food for your bub this is it!!!! i was so happy with it!!!!
easy to use, double pump, very portable
liked everything


A good quality tool for serious breast milk pumping. Keeps its value for resale. Bottles can only be sterilised by boiling or using the Milton bleach system, which eventually clouds the plastic.
This has everything you would need if you are regularly expressing breast milk. It all fits quite tightly into the back back but there is really no room to store anthing else. It is a very powerful and effecitve pump which can be used as a single or twin pump. the insulator bag is handy if you are working and expressing milk to take home. It can be resold after use to recoup some of your cost.
It is relatively heavy. The initial investment is quite high so I would only buy it if you have a need for daily expressing.

Just like hospital pumps

I've bought my pump before my daughter was born w the intention of using it when i went back to work. it's been 4 weeks since DD was born and having a tongue tie I've had to rely on this pump to keep breastfeeding her. I've used the medela symphony in hospital and to me this pump works just as well.

Hi, can I ask whether you had trouble purchasing your pump via Amazon in the USA and using it here in AU? I am thinking of doing this but wasn't sure it would work here with the different voltage? Thanks!!! LizHi - It depends on what it says on the power pack if it says something 110v/240v then you're okay. you just need to get a converter. We use 240v here in aus.


I paid more for my pump than I did for any other simgle baby product.
I used it for 5 months with my first.
I upgraded to the soft shields when I had my second and pumped daily after returning to work for 12 months with my second baby.
I have used it quite successfully whilst siting at my desk at work, double pumping and maanged to avoid any comps with formula for my second daughter...she went straight to cow's milk when she was ready.
I really love my breast pump, and am very happy with the purchase.
There is an attachment that connects to the cigarette light of a car, so I could use it whilst travelling for work without going through too many batterires.
The battery transformer stopper after approximately 14 months of use, but a replacement was delivered tome (in remote NSW) from Melbourne and I received it within 3 days.
I have attached all makes of narrow neck bottles to it, so Idon't have to decant milk when I get home, I just put the new supply straight into the deep freeze.
There is no room for anything else in the pack after you get the cooler bag and the shields in the top.

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Where can I buy the medela pump in style in Australia? I see all my American friends with it and I can’t find it anywhere. I don’t like the swing and don’t want to rent the symphony
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Where can I buy the medela pump in style in Australia with the right adaptor?
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Hi there, I see from product review.com that you have all used the Medela pump in style and recommend it. I have just bought one from Amazon but now realize Australian voltage is different. Did you have this problem? If so, did you use batteries, how long did they last? or get a converter or something? or was yours purchased in Australia? Any tips much appreciated Thanks, Belinda
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Hi. I purchased mine from Australia, so I didn't have that problem. I would contact Medela and ask for advice about a converter. Sorry, I can't help any more.


Pump In Style Advanced
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