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Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

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24 hour support NOT!!!!

Great program
But whenever I send in a question it takes nearly a week to respond
Not happy at all with that for the price

It does work, highly recommend

I stuck to the program, with a couple of cheat days and still saw great results esp towards the end of the program as my body really transformed. Definitely feel healthier and look better. Meals are great and exercises are tough but fun and you feel great after. Highly recommend, thanks MISH YOU are very inspiring

Intending to do it again

I lost 7 kilos when I first did this programme and felt incredible. Sadly over the few years since finishing bad habits crept back so......I am intending to do it again and am looking forward to it. For the reviews that say it is pricey and could get done info on line I would have to disagree. Whilst you can get info online I feel the programme keeps me accountable and offers much more than online recipes. I used to joke with my husband about 'my mate Mish' ! - for me it felt like a one to one personal trainer. Lost the weight and also got into running. Just need to start again and lose a few kilos and increase the running. I only hope there is a vegan programme - vegetarian was great first time but now vegan.

Best Programme Ive Ever Done

Wow, I cant recommend this programme highly enough. I did two rounds this year (2018) with 12Wbt to get in shape for my big five O and I'm still doing it now on my own. I lost 6kg and feel great! Want results for life? This is the programme to do!

Love it

“Great service highly recommend , Cant wait to get stuck into this round !! Thanks again for all your support

Simple, sensible, fun AND it works!

I love the 12WBT programme by Michelle Bridges. At 50 I thougth I had Buckley’s & none chance of ever getting back to my 20s&30s weight of 55kg. I looked carefully into MBs programme and really thought it could work for me as it keeps you accountable, there’s online support, very sensible nutritionally balanced eating plans that just work - even if you don’t use all her recipes (which are great) and stick to the basic principles, you’ll have success. The workouts online are really fun. Nothing like her Extreme DVDs. I lost 18kgs 4 years ago after doing 2 programmes in succession and I’ve pretty much kept it all off - bar 2-3kg fluctuation when I get slack and stop doing exercise. It reset me into some great eating habits and made me aware of portion sizes & calorie content of even some healthy foods like rice and cashews. I recommend 12WBT all over the place, and want to sign up again to get back into the workout habit again, which I’ve really missed. it would be great if there was a discount when you’ve already paid for 5 rounds but just want to continue to have access to the videos. Maybe I need to suggest that option to the team. Good luck!


So, if you stick to it, it works, but it’s also information that really is common sense. Eat less, exercise more, lose weight. It has the added bonus of mindfulness videos to help keep you on track, but given you have to buy all new food / ingredients to stick to the plan and you fork out $20pw for the videos / recipes, I find it expensive. Would be better value for money if you could stay on the program with a minimal fee after paying full price first round.

Program works!

Have been on 6 rounds of the 12WBT and absolutely love it. I have learnt so much from Michelle Bridges through eating, fitness, and mindset. Have lost so much weight, and would highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to loose weight. This program is more focussed on the proper and healthier way to eat, rather than quick fixes that don't last.

Great Exercise Program

Very well maintained website with great workout options from beginner to advanced. I did 2 sessions and it was life changing. Due to other expenses could not afford more. Love Michelle. All the Best


Very easy program to follow , amazing food and recipes only down side to the program is once the 12 weeks is over you lose access to the site so you need to join again , lost 12 kgs on the program , need to be consistent with exercise which goes hand in hand with anyone that wants to lose weight anyway , completed 2 rounds would do it again many times

Lost 15kg!

I have almost completed my first 12 week round and am very happy with my weight loss. I thought the program would be hard to follow but have found it really easy. I am a busy full-time teacher with four of my own teens/young adults. The best part for me was that my shopping list can be transferred automatically by Michelle's online site to Woolworths Online and I could choose between budget or normal (I chose budget) this means I could purchase cheaper brands. My whole family ate what I ate but they just added meat and extra bread, rice etc to up the calories as they're still growing. I walked most days and did Michelle's workouts, you can lose weight by simply eating the recipies even if you can't do the exercises. I'm vegetarian but there is a huge variety of meals to choose from. Now I'm almost finished the round, I'm going to move onto the Voome program which is still from the 12WBT people only it's around $6 per week for almost the same content. The main difference is the ingredients don't automatically go into Woolworths Online. Even all the recipies I favourited are still favourited. This program is extremely doable for busy people and like someone above said, there is no way it won't work if you honestly follow it.

I never knew healthy food can taste so good

I loved this program. I found it all inclusive Michelle has thought of everything and I have been blown away by the recipes and will be incorporating them into my everyday life. Portion sizes are smaller than I would like and I get this is so I loose weight. If I ate what I would like I'd never loose the weight I want to. Great program, excellent value for money. When I followed the program it worked, when I didm''t follow it and added extras it didn't work.
Love it Michelle.
Thank you

Cannot recommend

I cannot recommend this program because I just don't think you get value for money. If you have tried dieting other ways and done your research you will already have seen variations of the recipes elsewhere. They are basic and bland at times. Examples- breakfast banana smoothie recipe, minestrone soup, boiled egg with Vegemite soldiers, steamed fish with Asian vegetables, ham and salad wrap...get my drift??? Many meals are high in carbs with extensive use of bread, wraps, crackers - which is contrary to current diet advice and leaves you hungry. also, access to the recipes and videos disappear when your time is up so you can never refer back to what you paid for. There are better programs out there than this one.

Free weight loss info available readily online/Unnecesary expense?

Looked at the 12wbt website. Unable to access even "sample my recipes". All information was locked (ooohhhh, its soooo secretive) and without signing up and paying membership there was no good will or incentives to encourage/stimulate joining. There is so much "free" weight loss information online, there does not appear the need to be a real need, albeit maybe a psychological one (i.e. this one will work - it must be better so if I join I will lose weight this time because its a hidden secret), to join and pay for information that you can probably already freely access or obtain from your doctor/medical facility. Unfortunately weight loss will come from hard work, self control, medical help and a mind set to achieve the same. Sadly, weight loss will just not come from "joining" the 12wbt.

You will get results if your are honest

This program is easy to follow, the food is sustainable for the whole family and can be slightly modified for the other family members. For the comments i have read that you should get access to videos after completing the 12wks or the ridiculous comment that after 5 rounds and spending all that money you walk away with nothing, come on and be realistic. After a 12 month gym membership do they give you dvd workouts to take home? NO this gives you shopping lists, meal plans and a choice of workouts for about $16 a week. I consider that to be a bargain and a lot cheaper than a gym membership or a personal dietician and that's what Michelle Bridges gives you. You can print as many recipes as you like and the workouts. This is about being accountable for yourself.

Long term disappointment

I have done 5 rounds of 12wbt, yes I lost weight. I loved the workout videos as they fitted in with my life. My disappointment comes from paying $1000.00 over the 5 seasons and not getting any incentives. I would of liked to have been able to access the videos after each round or at least have full access to videos after a certain amount of rounds. It's a lot of money to pay in the long run. I have also put all the weight back on due to losing focus as can't access videos unless you sign up again. Yes you can purchase videos but they are not the same workouts.


I did not lose any weight because I found it difficult to follow the programme. Am coming to the end of my 12 wks . In all fairness there's good help there but no help to navigate through the maze . Still don't know how to get to the shopping list or exercise videos in spite of taking a day off Frm work just to do that. Would have been excellent if there was someone to call and ask how to do the programme.

If you stick with it-it works

IF you follow each week and do the preseason activities and stick with it, you will get results. It is as simple as that! The support amongst the community and the support crew is fantastic!

I've lost 33kgs in 10 months but I became obsessed

Losing weight was easy on this program, everything was at my disposal - meal plans, recipes, shopping list, exercise plans, support, motivational guidance, intuitive website - it is all fabulous and really was super easy for me to lose weight and improve my fitness.

I lost 14kgs in the first 12 weeks and continued on the program for the next 7 months losing 33kgs in total and getting to a healthy weight.

I found it difficult to stop losing weight even after increasing my calorie intake. I still pay for the program because I love the convenience of meal plans, the recipes are delicious and the exercise videos are great. I have increased my calorie intake to the highest available and my weight has stabilised.

I'd love some additional videos for people returning to the program or those like me trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I have a tendency to become obsessed with things so I took the program very seriously which enabled me to achieve my goal but also caused problems with my health including a knee injury due to over training.

My advice to people is that it's a great program and makes losing weight really easy if you are motivated to lose weight for the right reasons. Don't become obsessed with it, rest when your body needs it and take the weight loss slowly.

Did this with my wife about 3.5-4 years ago - now have a 3-year-old!

My wife and I did this together when we lived in Brisbane. It was definitely tough work but it was really fun doing it together and it stripped the fat off fast! Probably because I'm a bloke and I was eating the 1200 calories set for women - I lost 15+KG in the 12 week program - I was a little too skinny after it, and I have since then put it all back on! But the great thing about it, is the fact that I now know what I need to do to lose weight if I need to.

We were both the fittest we'd been since meeting and the result was she ended up pregnant which I believe is a lot to do with our health and the fact we had looked after our bodies better than ever before!

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How effective 12WBT is and how it help people
1 answer
Great program Great tasty recapies Great efficiency with online shopping makes it easy Great workouts Terrible coustomer service The staff are not there for you as advertised 24 hour support lol I didn’t recover an answer to my last 2 questions and have only asked 3 total in 4 months

How much is the average food shop per week? i have done this before and lost a tonne but I remember thinking it was $$$
1 answer
If your pantry is a healthy one and your regular shop is to , I found it was just really a tighten up on products I don't think it's any more expensive than a regular shop , I still believe this is one of the best deals around , it's not a diet it's a lifestyle change and the food is only turned to energy which I found got me more motivated because I wasn't eating garbage therefore had more energy and lost weight

I am vegetarian. Do you have vegetarian recipes and how will the program work?
1 answer
Yes, Michelle Bridges 12WBT has vegetarian meal options also, the program actually has a lot of vegetarian recipes which is good for me as I am also a vegetarian :)


12 Week Body Transformation
Program TypeDiet and Exercise
Duration12 Weeks
Price (RRP)19.99
SupportOnline and Group
Release dateOct 2012

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