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MicroCloud Mattress

MicroCloud Mattress

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Thank you MicroCloud

We purchased mattresses and associated items from MicroCloud for our luxury accommodation, Laneway Apartments Port Fairy. We slept in comfort when we tested the mattresses prior to opening in January 2019 and we have received positive feedback from our guests since.

Jonathan was extremely helpful throughout the purchasing process and we highly recommend the MicroCloud product.

Purchased in December 2018.

Value for Money
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Hi Laneway, thank you for sharing your experience. We're pleased to know that things are off to a great start and your're guests are sleeping well.

Excellent Product, Excellent Service.

We needed to replace our ageing innerspring mattress and wanted to get something good quality. We visited all the local bedding shops and tried all the high-end mattresses we could and had it narrowed down to two mattresses, each at a different store.

We went back a few times to try and pick a clear winner but couldn't decide. I decided to look through reviews online of both mattresses and found that both of them had an average of 1.5 stars out of 5! this was due to the materials breaking down in both of them around the 4-month mark and becoming lumpy.

It also seems that from the reviews that the retailers and the manufacturers were not much help in resolving these issues with the retailer palming the issue of the manufacturer and the manufacturer not responding to customer complaints.

I have since spoken to other people that have had similar issues with mattresses they have purchased through retailers. I wondered if mattresses are being built to last the sales cycle before they start to break down as this seems a common theme on this site for some other mattresses.

After ruling out our best two options we needed to start from scratch again, but we didn't want to end up in the same position with mattresses from retailers that would fail in a few months. I looked on this site to see what mattresses had good reviews and there were only a couple that seemed to have consistently good reviews. A couple of those were mattress-in-a-box mattresses which we weren't sure about, and the other option was MicroCloud. I read all the reviews and liked the idea of buying a mattress from a commercial manufacturer; typically their products are of high build quality and worth any extra cost.

After reading all their reviews we got in contact with Jonathan to see if we could come and lay on a mattress at the factory, they said they don't have the ability for customers to try out the mattresses, which we felt disappointed about given that buying a new bed is such an investment. I then found on their FAQ page that laying on a mattress for a few minutes is not representative of how good a mattress will suit you. This would be true of the mattresses we shortlisted from the retailers based on the reviews and from stories from friends of their experience. As stated in their FAQ, you really do need to sleep on a mattress for a while to see if it is going to suit you.

We decided we'd take the leap and order a bed and hope it paid off. The ordering process and customer support were excellent. We needed the bed delivered to a country area in a short period as we had friends coming to stay and our current bed was being moved to the spare bedroom. Jonathan contacted his courier and assured us he could have it made and delivered to us on time. Before the bed was shipped Jonathan got in contact to say that the wooden legs we ordered weren't in yet, but was sending us another set of legs so we could use the bed and would send the wooden legs when they came in, this was fantastic service and helped us out given the tight deadline.

When we got the bed, we further understood why laying on the mattress in the factory would have been a pointless exercise, the materials were all stiff which makes sense for a newly manufactured mattress with quality materials. The mattress took a few days of use before it started to soften up, but felt like it was fully broken in at around the 4-week mark. At this point, the mattress felt amazing, no partner disturbance and an underlying firm feeling with a nice soft layer on top, a proper premium mattress feel. We are now just over the 6-month mark of owning this mattress, and it still feels as good as when it was broken in, we are very happy with our purchase and now recommend MicroCloud to others.

The quality and the service for this product a great, big thanks to Jonathan for helping us out!

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Hi Jay, thank you kindly for your thorough review and sharing your purchase experience. As you described, we often hear of the struggle choosing a mattress in a physical retail store that offer too much choice. Our customers have faith in our reputation. We have been a bona fide luxury hotel supplier of bedding for over 12 years. We're very pleased to know that you have been sleeping comfortably, the products have held their integrity and you had an excellent customer service and delivery experience. Thank you for your recommendation to others.

LOVE it!

It took me a couple of nights to get used to my new mattress, but now I just love it. We went with two long singles zipped together to minimise partner disturbance and I never feel my husband move (I can still hear him snore though)... we also brought the super king doona and it is lovely, just the right weight.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Thank you for sharing your experience, Caroline. We're glad that the two long singles combination have eliminated the partner disturbance issue. Our doona really is popular for the lightweight factor and ability to regulate temperature superbly.

Sleeping on a Cloud

My mattress is very supportive and it has retained its shape. My MicroCloud Mattress with topper feels like sleeping on a cloud. Love, love it!
Have recommended it to others.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Hi Fran, thanks for your review. We're pleased to know you're having that cloud-like experience.

Love our new mattress

We just love our new mattress so much more supportive on our body's. The first few days we were not sure. It was firmer than our old mattress. After two weeks we truely love it and my back is so much better, my husband thinks it great also. I am a hairdresser ( middle aged, maybe a bit more) . I am very grateful to have found Microcloud. We also bought extra pillows. We stayed at a holiday house and loved the mattress and the pillows and found the tag. Did a quick google search, so the products sold themselves. Jonathan was very helpful from Microcloud and I couldn't recommend his company higher.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi Kyla, thank you for sharing your experience. Perhaps within the first couple of weeks your body was adjusting to a mattress that gave you proper support. We're so pleased to know that your back pain has alleviated as a result of the new mattress.

A very good choice

Having had a good experience with a hotel bed bought 10 years ago this new bed was a very good replacement choice. The online purchase process was easy and Jonathan case managed the delivery processes very well (including the inevitable hitches). The bed is extremely comfortable-soft, even top but very supportive solid feeling core with no movement. The mattress is comfortable with or without the topper. The accompanying pillows, topper and mattress protector were a bonus.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Hi Sadrose, thank you for your review. We're pleased to know you're enjoying the well balanced combination of comfort and support.

Good purchase - after 2 years

I meant to write a review ages ago, but the advantage of writing it now is that my MicroCloud bed is 2 years old, and I can honestly say it is just like new. Having had 2 hip replacements, this mattress was an important investment for me. My 2 previous beds, both big names, sagged within months but this one has retained its gentle firmness. I bought the Plush version of the bed. I do use the mattress topper that is recommended.

I found that paying up front online was challenging, but I had already purchased other MicroCloud products (mattress topper and pillows) which were all high quality, so I bravely did it and I'm so glad I did. I stayed in touch with the MicroCloud team during the manufacture of the bed as it took a bit longer than expected. During this time I was a bit nervous, however, it was duly delivered along with a lovely gift, and I have not looked back. I would buy this bed again and have recommended it to friends and family.

Date PurchasedApr 2016
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Hi Roz, thank you for your review (better late than never!). Very pleasing to know it has provided better sleep by improving the comfort and pressure relief for your hips. Part of our design is to use materials that bounce-back and hold heir shape better than most, so it's reassuring that our mattress is holding its integrity.

Excellent mattress. Firm and supportive but plush - great for side sleepers

Like most of the reviews on here, I was hesitant at first to purchase a mattress I have never physically tried. Also like most of the reviews, I should've purchased sooner. As a side sleeper and always having preferred firm mattresses - I have often mistaken "supportive" for "hard". It was never a problem in my teens and early twenties but in the recent years I've been experiencing a lot of shoulder/trap tightness.

I found the microcloud MATTRESS to be firm and supportive, but with a top layer of plush for comfort, and the mattress itself is perfect on its own, depending on what you prefer. I would say shoulder tightness improved from 8-9 to a 6-7. I gave it 3-4 weeks of mattress only, and then tried it with the TOPPER. After a few nights of sleeping with the topper, tightness went improved to a 3 for now, which I thought was impressive given its efficacy and duration, also taking into consideration my occupation which is perpetually stressful on the back, neck, and shoulders. Definitely needed time to adapt to the plushness I wasn't used to.

The PILLOWS - I purchased them separately a year ago but found them too soft and never "quite right" with my previous mattress (which was firmer), but have found that they work perfectly with the mattress of the same brand/plushness.

The SERVICE - Jonathan was a pleasure to deal with and high regard for goodwill - went out of his way to put together the perfect order that suited my needs. He answered all my questions with patience, there was no pressure to buy when I wasn't sure previously. There was also a small error in my order which was rectified immediately.

The DELIVERY - Delivery to QLD seemed to me a bit slower than buyers from VIC. The mattress itself was made promptly and without delay, but I would be more realistic about the delivery times (this is more a delivery company issue rather than microcloud). Also for future reference, best to inform them if you want them to deliver your mattress anywhere other than the ground floor - delivery guy said to me "he wasn't aware it was going upstairs, or else they would've sent a 2 man team to do the job", but was nice enough to help me help him move it upstairs anyway, which I really appreciate, but it really shouldn't have been necessary in the first place. It's a good thing the mattress was not too heavy. Seems like I'm not the only one with a complaint about the delivery.

Overall - I find that the quality of the mattress (mainly, but the other products too) rivals and possibly even exceeds some of the more expensive brands out there, especially if you factor in the price.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Hi clickjo, thank you for taking the time to share your experience. A fantastic result for you that our bedding has helped reduce shoulder tightness, provide more comfort and excellent support. Regarding delivery, there were two men booked for your delivery and we are checking as to why this wasn't the case. Our delivery partner has always provided great service and perhaps this occasion was an unfortunate hiccup. Regarding the other review referring to delivery, that was a one off oversight at our end and we have tightened the process to ensure that doesn't occur. Thank you again for the details feedback.

Great mattress

The mattress is very supportive and quite comfortable however I am still adjusting to the feel of it being different from my previous mattress. As I've only had my new mattress for a short time I am unable to comment on how durable it will be. The service provided has been excellent along with the ordering process and delivery. The mattress topper and pillows are excellent. I would recommend the products if you are looking for comfort and support in a matress. The mattress is also very light in weight so is easy to maneuver compared to the weight of others I have.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Hi Carole, thank you for your review and recommendation. The mattress has been designed to be both comfortable/pressure reliving and supportive. If your previous mattress was lacking in either department, then occasionally it takes an adjustment to the improved feel. Our hotel/accommodation industry clients who are required to change sheets frequently, especially appreciate the lightweight nature making their job easier.

Should have done it sooner.

Last year, bought a mattress topper, was so impressed I had no hesitation in buying the mattress package. After only a few nights my backache has disappeared and I actually want to go to bed. Soft and very comfortable but with support .The pillows are also great. Jonathan could not have been more helpful, so was the delivery man.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Hi Danijo, thank you for your review. We're pleased to know our mattress has helped eliminate your back pain and lead to more comfortable sleep.

I never knew what I was missing

I'll be honest, I never knew that I wasn't sleeping on a good bed. My wife wanted a new bed and I wasn't really sure why, and ours was an expensive name brand bed that we were sleeping on, so should be really good. Anyway, we went away for a weekend and stayed in a luxury Melbourne hotel as a treat, and was surprised that I seemed to sleep better and move less. So before we left the hotel I made a point of lifting the sheets to get the name of the products. We took delivery of our new handmade bed and mattress last week. Wow, what a revelation! We've had the bed for just over a week now and I genuinely can't speak more highly of it. I never knew what I was missing! I now sleep soundly every night and even look forward to going to bed early. The only problem is that I have been ruined for life, as I will now struggle with other beds when I go away. Nice problem to have really, and will make me look forward to coming home.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hi Gavin, thank you for your review. It's very pleasing to know that our mattress and other bedding products have helped you achieve better sleep immediately. Our customers love the fact that they can re-create a luxury hotel bed in their own home. Great timing coming into the cooler & wetter months!

Best mattress I’ve ever had!

Excellent products and reliable and friendly service! Mattress is supportive, excellent for a bad back. Pillows, duvet and mattress topper are a must, my dog also agrees... I highly recommend MicroCloud bedding!

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hi Flick, thank you for sharing your feedback. Pleased to know it's helped with a bad back. We often hear that our bedding is also enjoyed by furry friends.

Exceeding our expectation

We are a Banjo Paterson Motor Inn in Lakes Entrance, we have been shopping around for good mattress in the market. The outcome has proved that we have made a right decision purchasing from MicroCloud. We had thought the customers' feedback would be somewhere just above "average", however, the actual feedback has much exceeded our expectation. Most guests come to us when checking out emphasizing that they had a wonderful sleep, especially for those who have back issue. Some guests even commented that they would like to "take it home". MicroCloud's mattress is indeed of what they claim a quality of five-star hotel mattress.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Hi Danny, thank you for your review. It has been a pleasure working with the Banjo Paterson Motor Inn to help gain improved guest satisfaction & comfort. Any guests who are interested in purchasing our luxury mattress for their home, they are welcome to purchase by e-mailing info@microcloudbedding.com.au

Excellent and on Cloud9

Bought the king mattress and quilt. Came with complimentary covers, pillows etc. Jon and Tony were easy to deal with. I chose the older mattress for quicker delivery given that it is handmade. Only a minor delay of 2-3 days. The verdict after 3 months: the Mrs and I absolutely love it. Find it hard to drag ourselves out of bed! Comfortable & soft on the top, yet firm underneath. If you are going to get one, go for the Topper ! Absolutely no regrets !

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi Jeremy, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Sorry for the slight delay on delivery. A rare oversight from our highly reliable delivery partner but pleased it was rectified quickly. We are pleased to hear you're both having comfortable sleep. As you mentioned, we designed our mattress to be not too soft and not too firm. That way you have the benefit of both luxurious comfort and excellent support. Our customers really do love this unique combination that we have achieved in the mattress.


After much research and many a shopping trip we finally settled on the MicroCloud mattress and topper. Should have done it months ago. Had the best nights sleep last night. The whole thing was so simple and easy, thank you Jonathan. Online ordering and advised throughout, delivered on time right to the bedroom! The bed is firm but soft, very supportive but at the same time there is a softness really lovely.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
Well it’s July and the bed is still really comfy, just love this bedHi Cec, thank you for your review and follow up comment. We designed the mattress to combine excellent support with luxuriously plush comfort, so it is pleasing to see that is exactly how you have described your experience!Spring is here and this bed is just as supportive and luxurious as ever. I have just purchased 2 more of the pillows as they are so comfortable and soft. Couldn’t be more satisfied. Oh and I’m not suffering from overheating either! Thanks MicroCloud

Good mattress but delivery service a concern

The bed is very comfortable and is high quality. The topper is very nice and the two pillows are good. I also like the 7 year warranty on the topper and the mattress protector.

I was happy that there was no new mattress odour - a great relief, as previous shop bought mattresses always had a terrible odour for at least a week.

However the delivery service was an issue.

Only one delivery man arrived to deliver the two mattresses and two bases by himself. (not sure how he thought he could carry two mattresses and two bases himself?)

If I was home alone,the delivery man would not have been able to carry the mattresses and bases up the staircase alone. Not sure who he would have had to contact to bring in another delivery man?

Luckily, my partner was home on the day, but had to assist the delivery man carry the two mattresses and the two bases up the staircase and unfortunately he hurt his back in doing this.

I was not told that we had to ask for an "assembly option" to have the mattresses and bases assembled, but I didn't expect just one delivery man to arrive and for the customer to assist in hauling the mattresses and bases up the staircase. Badly organised.

We had two mattresses to be zipped together and couldn't find the instructions because the delivery man had wedged the instruction paper between the two mattresses, it was a very clumsy delivery service.

We didn't know that we had to actually assemble the mattress ourselves, nothing was explained to us that it was our responsibility, I actually thought that Microcloud's delivery men would take care of all that.

I wasn't kept up to date with the progress of the mattress construction, like other reviewers said they had been. I actually had to call the office to find out the status of the mattress.

I found [name removed] from Microcloud very good to talk to and very informative about his products, he explained the pros and cons of mattresses and materials companies use to make their mattresses.

However, I feel confident about the Microcloud bed, but I wished the delivery service and being kept up to date with the progress of the mattresses, worked more smoothly and I definitely didn't expect to have to assist the delivery man with hauling heavy objects.

A big improvement is needed with the delivery service from Microcloud.

To other customers, make sure you get all the facts and correct info on the delivery service, otherwise you might get caught out like we did, or if you are a single female how on earth would you be able to help haul a mattress up a staircase?

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hi Tania, thank you kindly for your review and feedback. Pleased to know you have found the mattress & accessories comfortable and of high quality. We hand make the mattress and base here in Melbourne which takes approx 2 weeks. Once this has been made we notify our customers the order is ready and we'll take the next step in arranging delivery. There was a delay in getting back to your partners e-mail due to the Easter holiday period. This is still not an excuse and we need to make sure we are better prepared to handle busy times and public holidays in the future. Most deliveries there are two men sent for the job. In your situation, unfortunately extra labour was not available based on the location. We agree, you should have been informed of this and is something we will better communicate to customers in the future. Regarding setup/installation -- Very rarely do any customers require this to be done by our delivery people. If they do, then it has typically been requested at the time of the order. However, it is a service that we can offer. In future, we will ensure we give our customers the option of installation at the time of order instead of leaving it up to the customers to request. Thank you for the feedback. It has assisted us with some key takeaway's that will in turn provide our customers with a better service.

Comfortable mattress and great customer service

After sleeping on a waterbed for many years we bought a supposedly good quality new mattress. We are not heavy people but within a week the mattress had body indentation marks and was uncomfortable.

While researching toppers I found the MicroCloud site and fortunately we ended up being able to return the mattress we had bought and straight away I ordered a MicroCloud mattress.

I never thought I’d order a mattress online without trying it but after the bad experience we had I went with my gut instinct and am so pleased I did.

We both find the MicroCloud mattress & topper very comfortable & are really happy we bought it.

The customer service from MicroCloud was excellent and everything went so smoothly

Thanks MicoCloud

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Thank you for your review. Very pleasing to know you're both sleeping comfortably and found the ordering/delivery process seamless.

Best investment in your sleep

We purchased a queen package for our spare room. Over summer we've had lots of visitors and every single one of them have commented on how comfortable the bed is. I have taken the topper and pillows for our bed and will order more. It truly is the most comfortable bed!!

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Hi Sarah, providing exceptional comfort and better rest / sleep is precisely the outcome we strive for with our clients from our entire range . Thank you for your compelling and helpful review it is indeed appreciated. Your guests are very welcome to contact us anytime. Regards, MicroCloud

Nice comfortable mattress

I recently bought the MicroCloud Queen mattress which comes with the mattress topper, mattress protector and two pillows. So far the mattress has been comfortable and definitely gives me better support than previous mattresses despite the plush feel. I am still adjusting to the softer feel of the mattress compared to firmer mattresses in the past but the mattress is definitely comfortable and I would recommend!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Hi Nath, thank you for your review. Our mattress is designed to combine plush comfort with excellent support. Pleased to know that our design goal has aligned with your experience.

Best we've slept on.

Having been used to a soft bed, my first impression was it felt very firm. Then I realised it was actually very soft under all the contact points but I had confused 'supportive' with 'firm'. Very rarely do I get numb limbs from sleeping on them anymore. I'm a hot sleeper and find it doesn't trap the heat in a big way. My wife's back problems have been minimised and we both agree this is the best mattress package we've slept on.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Thank you for your review! We designed the mattress so that you get the best of both worlds -- luxuriously soft comfort and excellent core/body support. Essentially, not too firm but not too soft. The next key criteria was breathability and ease of airflow. Glad the mattress is ticking all the boxes for you & your wife.

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Questions & Answers

Is the Microcloud mattress flippable? Are pocket spring and Polyurethane foam two different mattresses? Have your pillows already and love them. Do you have a catalogue you can send please?
2 answers
Hi Banger, thanks for getting in touch. Our mattresses is designed to be rotated end to end, however we can custom make our mattress for you so that it can be flipped. For full details we suggest visiting www.microcloudbedding.com.au/hotel-quality-mattress or call 1800 95 33 22Thankyou for your reply. Bottom line...cost for double bed, tailor made to personal specs?

how much?
1 answer
Hi Marianne, please contact Jonathan directly on info@microcloudbedding.com.au. He will be able to assist you with specifics and guide you with his knowledge and courtesy. Regards, MicroCloud

What firmness would you rate the bed as? The review stating it has a distinctly firm feel has me a little concerned about ordering online. I weigh 55kg and husband about 85kg. Our current mattress is a medium and I feel it's too hard on my hip area as I'm a side sleeper. Thanks.
5 answers
Although I wouldn't classify the mattress as ' soft ' it is certainly a lovely feel when used with the topper that comes with the package. After sales service is excellent as well . Good luck with your purchase.Thanks for your question and we agree with Kyle that the MicroCloud mattress gets great results because it has been designed to ensure comfort and also support without the feeling of being too firm or too springy . The free MicroCloud mattress topper working together with the MicroCloud mattress is an ideal and unique combination that also ensures pressure point relief and less tossing and turning. The fact that many people take the time to visit mattress retailers, make a decision to purchase and then still be unhappy with results suggests that this process is often unsuccessful. I do hope this reply is helpful, feel free to contact us directly on 1800 95 33 22 . We have a combined total of over 65 years experience in understanding bedding and also creating great comfort outcomes for our clients. Regards, MicroCloudThanks Kyle and MicroCloud for your response. I have already been in touch and am close to ordering. Just wary after our last (very expensive and uncomfortable) mattress purchase!


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