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Mima Xari

Mima Xari

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Love me pram but its to heavy

I love my pram but its not lightweight ! The only issue with the mima xari is the lack of storage and it takes up so much boot space ! The bassinet is lengthy and pretty comfortable, the seatbelts are easy to out on and take baby out which is always handy

Purchased in September 2018 at Bubs n Grubs Online store for $1,500.00.

Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Love my MIMA XARI!

I see all these negative comments and wonder why??!! This pram is light, easy to push, baby loves it and it is eye candy too.. It’s easy to assemble and dissemble when getting in and out of the car and ours came with a complementary cup holder and rain cover. Absolutely love it! Thanks Mima for this awesome product - Lorraine :)

This is a good baby carriage.

I bought mine from a high end baby boutique for $2,500. However it included everything even the matching diaper bag. This price seems very low to include everything? When I purchased mine all the items for the stroller sold separately. I know the frame itself was about $500. Please be careful and make sure you receive everything.
It's a beautiful stroller, definitely an eye turner. I received so many compliments and to this day I have not seen one on the street. Definitely worth every penny for comfort, luxury and classic. There is also a footmuff for the stroller check it out..
my stroller ..... it's a bit heavy for me .... but it's so beautiful And the baby is always very comfy.....

Don't buy anyone

Its the worst stroller that I ever had The frame makes a squeaky sound too louds....its expensive for this problem very pretty but very cheap and customer service in USA is very rude i used the stroller a few times and seems is the leather is going to peel dont recommend this stroller.

Do not recommend

Very badly made. Sqeekes all the. We got 2 strollers and we only use this one to go to church and its sooo embarrassing. We connected them about it and they told us to send it in. So we did. We got it back maybe 3 weeks later and there was oil just running thru all the joints. So we emailed them and they send us a new one. But the same thing it sqeekes. We talked to other people that have this type of stroller and its the same thing. Also when folded the stroller takes up to much storage. Don't recommend anyone to buy.

So in love with my Mima Xari

I just love my argento mima xari. It's so easy to maneuver, very quiet and a joy to walk around with my son. Would definitely buy it again and again! The customer support in Australia is very friendly and helpful.
Thank you mima for making me and my son so happy.

Minimal product, poor storage

Totally impractical product, poor storage and I feel like there isn't enough protection for my child when in the pram itself. Nowhere to put anything but very light and easy to manoeuvre and packs away in a flash, however I wouldn't recommend this pram if using daily. It's okay for a stroll

The worst pram around, total waste of money

This pram is an absolute waste of money. Stylish and something to look at but not practical. Gets stuck when you try to unfold it and fold it back up. The closure lock is weak and has already come loose that it doesn’t hold the frame shut anymore and I’ve only had the pram for 2 months. Cannot clean it as it marks so easily and nothing gets the marks or scratches out. No storage room in the baskets underneath. It makes ridiculous noises and the wheels cannot take any kind of jolts or bumps in your path. Have attempted contacting Mima Australia and distributors in Melbourne via email but they will not help nor do they seem at all interested in providing a solution for my broken closure clip.

Hate this product

It is not easy to maneuver.. Latches stick hard to close. It isnt east to fold, it isnt easy to carry. It is a pain in my butt! This was a waste of my money and time. Loved how it looked, but looks are the only good quality. Save yourself

The baby stroller isn't worth what it costs

It's been a little more than a year since I bought this baby stroller, and its structure seems to be very weak, plus the leather part that the baby puts on his feet is all loose! I would like to know if the company provides any support because a stroller in this amount can not have this kind of problem! definitely not worth what it costs!

Black mima xari

Love the look of this pram so stylish. But I'm so fed up of it marking I had to put a thick blanket over the hood on the car because when it marks its permanent and doesn't come out so annoyed after this is a very expensive pram! Also sun umberella is the worst !!! The clip isn't tight enough and the amount of times I've had to run down the road for it not to mention it has hit my one month old ( at the time) in the face the weather was sunny (obviously) no wind and it still falls off . I've had a replacement and it's still the same if they want to sell this pram and this price they need to invest into these comments on this page and correcting them !!!

Nice looking but not worth the $

Bought this stroller & was thinking it would work very nice & baby would love it but that was not how it turned out. Received the pram & after one month of use I had to buy a new one. Waste of my money & time trying to fix it. The stroller made so so much noise I could not even take it to church because of the sound it made. Very poor quality. Baby couldn't fall asleep because of constant sqeek it made. Wish I had known that earlier. Now can't get my money back & no use out of it.

Beautiful show stopper but not super easy to take around

I wanted this pram well before I had my little boy. The pram is gorgeous and I get stopped all the time by men and women alike, great convo piece. I've so far only used it in bassinet mode. It is not easy to travel with, in fact I only really use it to walk the neighborhood. I sometime lug it out to show off, but really not worth the hassle. It takes up my whole trunk (getting an SUV soon). Thank god I live in a pretty hip area so that I can show it off without putting it in the car. The storage is a problem when you fold it down because it does not lock, it just flaps open as there is nothing to keep it closed, I've lost things because of this. I ended up getting something else if I needed an easy travel solution. If you live in the city like NYC and walk this is a great stroller, it's soooo beautiful. If you have to get it in and out of a car you may not like it.
See my blog with actual photos on the Mima Xari for more info! https://www.theluxemom.com/?p=74

Do Not Buy Mima Stroller...

So i recently brought the mima stroller less then a year ago. I have contacted the company in regards to the stroller on numerous occasions and yet to assisted. The mima xari i brought has been giving me problems with folding and staying in an upright position. This stroller cost me over a $1,000.00 and should be serviced when needed... Mima SUCKS....

accessories are useless

I have recently bought the Mima stroller, it's so pretty and cute but the accessories are really not useful and very cheap, the umbrella is cup holder is very loose and useless. wish I had some more research on buying them.
I bought them from Lussobaby in Vancouver, Canada, customer service not too bad but they could have been better, demonstrating the stroller in a better way. all in all I was expecting a better service.

If you're looking for style and not function

This stroller is very stylish but it ends there....the functionality of it just isn't there especially for the cost. I had an orbitz stiller for my first child and I had no complaints about the price point (which is higher than mima's) because it was worth every penny. Why is the winter package I purchased so thin? I went to the neighborhood play ground and like the Orbitz many other stollors winter bag is a thick "down like" bag that has both a back and front coverage. Mima's does not...the cover or bag also attaches to the base of the stroller so when getting in and out of a car you have to remove it then leaving it hanging off the base...then as you close the base the wheels touches the bag that you will then place back on your baby. Not to mention when I ordered from website they asked for copies of my ID...Never had that experience with any online realitor

Garbage Stroller

Although this stroller is a really nice looking stroller, it doesn't function well at all.

After using it for less than a month, the frame feels like it's about to break and makes an annoying squeaky noise. The wheels don't turn well and any sort of bumpy terrain and your stroller becomes useless. The zippers have broken on both the pod that holds the bassinet and the bumper bar. The canopy is a joke. Barely covers the child and so annoying to push back and forth.

My child is also only 18 months and rather small for her age, but she's still about to outgrow this stupid stroller.

The storage is annoying and pointless. You can store a waterbottle and your rain cover...that's it.

Overall, the quality is worst than a walmart stroller.

This Pram is AMAZING

We LOVE our Mima pram, we have it in white with the black frame, we are constantly getting stopped everywhere we go with people admiring it. It is very easy to clean and my daughter loves riding in it. Highly recommend! The customer service is also amazing, I asked a lot of questions on Facebook before I committed to buying this pram and the guys were extremely helpful, even now I have asked a couple of questions and the after sales service is just as amazing!

Best Buy

I am very happy with my Mina Xari. I bought mine in Atlanta but I live in Dubai. I use it every day to drop off my daughter and pick her up after work and its been perfectly amazing. I drive a Passat cc and it fits well in the trunk of my car.

One thing I love most is that its not common so each time I am at the mall people stop and admire it. My friends call it the Ferrari of all strollers.

I hate this cheap made stroller

This has been the worst stroller that I ever had. The frame is so cheap it makes a squeaky sound I have called customer service about the issue they are very rude and since I got it as a gift and didn't have the receipt, they didn't want to help even though the manufacture date was still under warranty. I finally got somebody to mail me a chassis when I was in tears crying about this problem. I had to send them a video of the problem and they replaced it and send me a chassis scratch up it look used and I still have the same noise problem. The wheels look worn out but in total I have use the stroller about 15 times and the leather parts are very cheap and it looks like it's going to peal soon. I wish someone will help me. I don't recommend this stroller to anybody, it's very pretty but very cheap and customer service in USA is very rude.

Hi Jesse, I am very sorry to hear you are not happy with your MIMA pram. It is unfortunate that you are not in Australia because we would have loved to help you. Hope you have better luck with the US in future.I wish you were able to help me because Mima in New York is not helpful and very rude I would never buy another product from Mima again.Jesse can you send me your details and I will pass your comments over to head office for you and hopefully they can help you out. You can email me at info@coolkidz.net.au

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Hello my son is 10months old but his head touchs to the awning/sun visor is the re ant solution for this? Thank you for the help
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Hi, my brake system won't stop down to lock off. Can anyone help?
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My Mima Xari stroller seat is stuck doesnt go up stays lock in the number III position, how can i fix this?
3 answers
Hi, I am having the same problem it won’t budge. Can you tell me if you fixed it?Hi, I have the same problem but stuck in position 1. Can you tell me did you resolve it or did you need to return?Hello, at least my problem was just that i was not pulling the piece far enough it has to be pulled all the way up in order to cagnge the position on the seat!! It works perfectly!!no need to change the stroller. Hope it helps


Mima Xari
Price (RRP) $1,499.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 17 kg
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Included)
FeaturesArm Bar, Cup Holder and Under-seat Storage
Weight13.4 kg
Folded Dimensions89 x 42 x 62 cm
Release dateOct 2011

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