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Good service

Good products, took a bit for the after sale service to kick in, but good work, keep it up, thanks!

Excellent service.

Delivery was very fast! Placed my order on Monday night & they sent it off Tuesday morning! I received emails at every step of the transaction (e.g.., order confirmation, preparation in progress, package delivered, package in transit,..) giving me piece of mind they were working on my order. The CISS for Epson Workforce was a breeze to install except no instructions on where to put the tubing. Hope the quality is as good as the service.

Works a Treat

Installation was very straight forward as instructions were easy to follow.
Quality of components look quite good.
Print quality looks identical to that using OEM ink cartridges. Research before purchase found inks are sourced from reputable manufactures.
No longer bound to buying over priced OEM ink cartridges that end up in land fill as ink tanks are refillable.

Excellent product, great customer service

I bought a refillable cartridges for my Brother printer a while ago. Was very easy to install and use. Staff were very helpful, Recommend for everyone who want cheap but best quality ink cartridges for printers.

Not worth a 1 star!

When I looked at the reviews most were good, however, some stated customer service was bad. I wish I had taken more notice of them! I had an issue with one cartridge, and after a week a new chip arrived but I was unable to replace it. I called again and was talked to as if I was an imbecile. Throughout this process, I bought original Epson cartridges as I work from home and could not be without my printer. After many more exchanges, I received a replacement cartridge. I had actually requested a refund on many occasions throughout these exchanges but this did not occur. The cartridge arrived too late. My faith in this company has been severed! I will not be using this company again and if I were you I would take note of this review. Try Inkstation instead, cheaper and easier to deal with, that is my recommendation.

Impeccable service.

I brought a CISS from Mir-Aus nearly 12 months ago and it recently played up, a couple of emails exchanged and then I get a call to Queensland from no less than Turkey. They bothered to call from the other side of the world. A big surprise and a big help. Old fashioned after sales service that deserves praise.

MIR the greatest

I have for over 5 years bought all of my ink cartridges and CISS systems from Mir. Would not go anywhere else. Great people great service and quick friendly help with all problems. Fast delivery after sales service etc
Thanks again MIR cant live without you

Awesome products, great customer service

I've been buying printer accessories from miraus for the last 4 years,they work really good and everytime I need any assistance they are so supportive.

Working Well So Far For Brother Printer

I have been using MIR AUS refillable cartridges for Brother printer since 6 months ago. Purchased another one for my friend's office last week. I haven't got any issue. The price offered is very competitive and I am happy with the ink quality.

brilliant system and service

I have been referred to Mir Aus from one of my friend who uses Mir Aus CISS for more than 5 years. 3 years ago I bought the CISS system from Mir Aus and I print more than 50 pages every day. after 2 years last week I Contacted Mir Aus to buy CISS for my Wife's business. This is a brilliant system and service from Mir Aus. Highly recommend. Thanks to the team at Mir Aus.,.

Issue Quickly Resolved

I bought their refillable ink cartridges for my Canon MX926 printer. They worked so well for the 1st few months that I purchased 2 more sets for my 2 daughter's printers. A Canon MG6660 and another MX926. After a few weeks 1 of the sets of cartridges began flashing and the printer screen was displaying an *INK CARTRIDGE ERROR* message on all of the colours. I contacted MIR-AUS who requested some photographs showing the issue which I took and emailed. They immediately sent me a new set of chips ***FREE OF CHARGE*** and which were quite simple to replace. The ink cartridges stopped flashing, the error message on my printer screen disappeared and the printer is working fine. Thank you MIR-AUS.

A very happy customer

I have bought a number of refillable cartridges from MIR. They just work which is more than can be said for many other suppliers. They have fast delivery and are very responsive to questions. I will be back when I need more carts.

Problems eventually solved by good follow up support

While I never could get the original large cartridges purchased for my Brother MFC – J6920DW to work reliably (these are no longer sold via Mir-Aus), Merali sent smaller replacements and with continued support from Merali, these are now doing the job.

A brilliant outfit

I'm a cranky old man, and I really love it when a crew like Mirali and co never put a foot wrong.
I have been ordering my ink from them for a few years now and it's always the same story. Make and order and it shows up in 48 hour ordinary post. Go figure! Well, I think it was Fastway Courier but the price was only $12.
If people are buying their cartridges from the various mobs around the place; it demonstrates clearly they can't use a pocket calculator.
I bought a CISS system a while back and in 4 years I used well under $80 for ink. And I printed a number of volumes of handwriting analysis books. 8 to be exact. That worked out to be around 2500 pages. The ink in the tanks only went down by about centimetre out of a hundred ml tank.

So as I said if people buy ink etc elsewhere, they show a complete lack of arithmetic skill.

Thanks again Mirali.

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I wanted to put the invoice no. on the review but had issues with the scanner. The invoice no. is: IN011967. BTW, they sent rubber gloves and five syringes for the different colours. Brilliant!


Purchased Refillable cartridge system & came in reasonable time (1 week). No specific instructions for my product; had to look up multiple options & use the nearest approximate.( not exactly the same as mine). Very messy, time consuming process & only worked on the first refill. Have had problems each time I tried to put back refilled cartridges. I have reverted to normal cartridges now. Disappointed with customer service when I asked them to help me.

Excellent Support, Excellent Product, I Will Never Regret Knowing Mirali, What Else?

With a quality product in Australia i could not believe such a limited amount of people bought this product. ^v^ I bought a HP OfficeJet Pro 8610 CISS a while ago and it did not work to begin with because i accidentally updated the firmware just after i bought it. But luckily Mirali ordered some chips for me to replace the old ones. And i had happy printing for about 1600 high quality borderless A4 images. But when the ink ran out i decided (tricked by) this offer on eBay for another refillable cartridge. I regret that to this day that the bad quality ink i bought on eBay ruined my print head. So i chucked the HP out. I am happy with the courtesy of Mirali to help me try to pick a printer before i actually bought the ink. But i decided at the end that i will stay with my backup printer Canon MG5560. The package is still in it's shipment status and i will reply when i receive it but i estimate from my past that those cartridges will work even better than my HP. I am so looking forward to the CISS arriving, i am so determined towards printer ink that Mir-Aus makes. And by the way if it is Mirali reading this would you like us to advertise Mir-Aus on the epoch times newspaper in Brisbane? Just telling you guys but i check my shipment status page nearly every 30 minutes, that is how determined i am. I hope one day i might work for Mir-Aus. Hope you get my message. Buy the product it is great! -James. :)

I received the CISS system a while ago for the Canon MG5560 it was excellent and did not fail at all I am glad I bought such an impressive product I cant really criticise on the fact that the initial setup was a tiny bit messy on my fingers for 4 days. But it was all worth it for the money I have saved for not buying original cartridges for my canon printer and going with such an outstanding alternative. The ink quality can directly compare to the original cartridges but a lot cheaper for what I am getting. I cant thank you more miraus.Bought a pack of 8.5oz (250ml) color CMYK cartridges for my new brother printer, and a pack of refilling syringes, the syringes fit perfectly in the cartridge and refill is at ease. Got to give credit to brother as well for allowing me to continuously use one cartridge without chip reset. I think the Mir-Aus ink produces better and more vibrant colors than the original brother ink cartridges.Bought elongated Brother Cartridge and testing, i'll give updates on it

very good service

will do business with this company in the near future very good service.the delivery was prompt and no damage to item

I am using MIRAUS system for more than 5 years without any hassle!

I have used Ink systems for years, am now on my fourth Epson printer.Very happy with them. MIR-AUS look-after me all the times without any hassle!

Excellent CISS System, very happy with the purchase,will buy again for sure.

I recently purchased a CISS system from miraus for my BROTHER printer. It was a smooth transaction, no drama at all. The delivery was super fast (arrived within 1 day of purchase). The system has a very good design, and I could install it effortlessly just in few minutes. It works fine & the quality of the printing job is impressively amazing.

The customer service was really helpful and friendly. I am very happy with my purchase, and will buy again from miraus.

Regret Getting an Mir Ciss

Got this MIR CISS unit for exactly 7 months and 1 day.....the black ink cartridge got an U150 error "The following ink tank cannot be recognized", tried all possible solutions to get it to works again, no luck, tried online help rep from MIR, could not help me out but come down to need a replacement chip for the cartridge, unfortunately MIR only cover 6 months warranty for the chip-set, online help rep said the chip cost $5 each, but i can get the chip for free if i purchase ink from them ......"hello".......$141.50 MIR CISS unit that last for 7 months and 1 day, to hell with that .......long story cut short in the end the online help rep talk to the manager and offered to send the replacement chip for free........but the offer of free chip with ink purchase put me off..........SO I SAID NO THANK YOU......and like my others printer, I will go back to RIHAC CISS unit.................guys others reviewers are so lucky, but not me............I thought try something new and maybe better...........in the end waste money and times

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