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Mitsubishi AVANTI SRK-ZSA-W Series

Effective and Efficient

We purchased this for our second bedroom and it does a wonderful job in cooling a small space and keeping it cool on quite a long setting. It can be left on over night as it doesn’t make too much noise and we are very happy with our purchase so far!

Purchased in February 2019.

Ease of Use
Noise Level
Heating / Cooling Speed
Room Type Small Bedroom


MHI AVANTI 2.0kw reverse cycle. Product number in brochure SRK20ZSA-W (product number at good guys DXK06ZSA-W). Note I called Mitsubishi and was told no difference in the models. Same thing.

Not many top brand manufactures make a split system unit smaller than 2.5kw.
Was happy to find MHI offers a 2.0kw system in their new 'Avanti' range, as its $100 cheaper than its 2.5kw big brother and similarity cheaper than 2.5kw systems across other brands.
Installed in a bedroom measuring L3m x W3.4 x H2.5m, the extra 0.5kw grunt was not needed, and besides, using the 1st or 2nd fan speeds will generate similar if not the same cooling power and sound outputs as the 2.5kw models.

These small Mitsubishi HEAVY industry units (not mitsi electric) are super quiet, both inside and outside.
Comparing the manufacturers spec sheets to other popular brands panasonic & Fujitsu, the MHI has lowest sound rating both inside (19db) and outside 58(db) on the low setting. Seriously, you can barely hear it.

There are 4 fan speed modes: 1 ultra low silent, 2 Low energy saving , 3 Med standard, 4 Hi powerful.
So far Ive only needed the first fan speed set to 22/23 degrees for comfortable summer night sleeping.

I was unfamiliar with this brand when shopping around, but dont be put off by it. Comparing the newest models from Panasonic, Fujitsu and MHI, they all basically the same features with up/down/left/right/smart louvre controls, timers, programs, quiet modes etc . The only thing I found the MHI does not have is the human sensor function - which would not be needed in a bedroom air con anyway.
A nice feature it does have is dimming the LED light all the way to off - as I like my bedroom to be pitch black.
The only thing I wish for is a back-lit remote control to use in the dark.

When deciding what brand to buy, my first instinct was to go the Panasonic. But given the 2.0kw is $100 cheaper and not made by other brands, PLUS MHI had a $50 cashback at the time when others did not, it was worth the risk to try MHI and save $150.
Glad I did. I am very happy with this units cooling ability, and quiet operation.

Prospective buyers should really consider if they need the extra 0.5kw top-end power of 2.5kw system in smaller rooms, as the MHI 2.0kw has all the same features as the other brands, is super quiet, and comes with an instant $100 saving.

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Edit. After a month of use in the Perth summer nights I’ve been really happy with the unit. I’ve discovered using the “dry” mode instead of “cool” and set to 23 degrees is the optimal setting for me. It rarely seems to be on anything other than the first fan setting which makes it super quiet and efficient. This range should be considered as a serious contender to the top dog Panasonic.

Questions & Answers

Hi. Im looking for split system for 60m2 timber home on Bass Coast in Victoria. Would you recommend either the 5 or 6kw MHI unit or another unit?
1 answer
Hi KV, With that size room, it's likely you'd need at least a 7.1kW unit (our Bronte series would be perfect) however there are a number of other factors to consider including how many windows you have, the direction they face, insulation, type of floors, etc, etc. We suggest you head onto our website and click on 'Where to Buy' to find your local dealer who will be able to recommend a suitable unit for your space.

What is the difference between this avanti series and the MSZ35 GL series?
2 answers
AVANTI® Series of wall mounted split system air conditioners seamlessly combines European design with superior Japanese engineering. Developed by award winning Italian designers TENSA, the AVANTI® series. The AVANTI® series of split system air conditioners is best suited to small and medium spaces 2kW to 5kW. GL series sizes 2.5 kW – 7.8 kW. Difference is style and size basically.Hi Bruce, The MSZ series is produced by Mitsubishi Electric and we are Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a completely separate company. While Mitsubishi Electric make other products such as fridges, hand dryers, etc, we focus on doing one thing well which is delivering heavy duty, high quality air-conditioners. For more information on the SRK35ZSA head over to our website mhiaa.com.au.


Indoor Unit Height290mm290mm290mm290mm
Indoor Unit Width870mm870mm870mm870mm
Indoor Unit Depth230mm230mm230mm230mm
Cooling Capacity2.0kW2.5kW3.5kW5.0kW
Heating Capacity2.7kW3.2kW3.7kW5.8kW
Cooling Energy Rating5stars5stars4stars2.5stars
Heating Energy Rating5stars5stars4.5stars3stars

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