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Mitsubishi MSZ-GL Series
Latest review: We have had this air conditioner for six months and have had it working on hot and cold... beautifully works and so quiet... so cheap to run... Had it going two weeks and

Mitsubishi SRK-ZMA Series
Latest review: Works very well for 3 rooms in a very hot house in the middle of our brutal summer. As a native New Zealander summer in Canberra is pretty much as extreme as my moderate temperature body can handle.

Daikin FTXS20/25/35KVMA
Latest review: I recently had this unit installed as both hubby & I are lousy sleepers. It is such a pleasure to come home from a long day and go to bed in a room that’s cool & quiet. This units night time mode is b

Fujitsu Lifestyle ASTG09/12/18/22/24KMCA
Latest review: This Fujitsu Reverse cycle split system is fantastic. It is quiet but quickly cools the large bedroom/ensuite/walk-in robe area. It can be run as fully automatic based on the temperature set and will

Panasonic ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Inverter RKR Series
Latest review: Love this Air con, super quiet sometimes forget it is on. Very simple to use, heats well as well as cools very fast. Sometimes in the middle of winter the heating takes a little to start I think this

Mitsubishi MSZ-GE Series
Latest review: The cooling is very fast, just after a while, the whole room has been very good, and the whole is ok. Workmanship is very fine. Looked very strong. The noise is basically not, and it is very

Daikin Cora
Latest review: 5 months ago had this unit installed in my 2 year old bedroom: 3 months after installation the unit developed a clicking noise. Installers advised issue with motor and needed to call Daikin for

Mitsubishi DXK-ZMA-S Series
Latest review: In the WA desert, where the dust is thick, the temps reach 45+ for weeks and the aircons never get a rest, these units never seem to complain. We had used many other brands (including most of the

Kelvinator KSV25/35/50/70/80HRG
Latest review: Great cooling and heating function as have used this for both due to living in Melbourne. When it has been hot it cools really well and in cold weather it heats up well. Remote seems to work well

Panasonic ECONAVI AERO Z-TKR Series
Latest review: Purchased this Panasonic Cool Only Split System for my master bedroom just over a year ago. The 2.5KW size is perfect and with living in a hot city (Perth), have found it cools my room very quickly.

LG P09/12/18/24/28AWN-14
Latest review: We do not recommend LG air conditioners. We purchased our air conditioner on 31 July 2017. In August 2018 it stopped heating. A repair person attended and fixed it. In January 2019 it stopped

Fujitsu Designer ASTG09/12/18KUCA
Latest review: We have installed four of these Designer series split systems in the bedrooms of one of our properties. They look stunning - sit close to the wall, and the white on the front panel is a pure white

Fujitsu Lifestyle ASTG30KMTA / ASTG34KMTA
Latest review: Unit stopped working December 2019. Unable to get an authorised dealer out for about 3 weeks. When a service agent was able to inspect they found that the installation was ok but there was a leak

Daikin US7
Latest review: We had this installed at the end of last year, together with a 2,5KW unit. Everything was great. Just last week, when I tried to use the controller, it would not work. I thought we needed new

Kelvinator KSD HRG Series
Latest review: It is a great little unit, the price compared to other brand sized units is considerably lower. Can't fault it. It is quiet, cools a bed room down quickly and is very cheap to run. Been up for six

Stirling (Aldi) STR-23RSJAIF (2.3kW)
Latest review: It is so good and very good and it works amazing and my favourite product from the good guys! I got 2, and the do the job! I think there are the best. The way they work is easy to set up and place

Fujitsu Lifestyle ASTG09/12/18/22/24CMCA
Latest review: The Fujitsu aircon we bought is a great unit, I'm not sure how I got on without it. Cool's the house down very quick, silent unit and very easy to operate. I am 100% happy with this product and would

Mitsubishi SRK-YL Series
Latest review: Purchased one of these to replace a main air con at a property. It is a big unit and cools the entire house down. Purchased to replace a very old mitsubishi which had well exceeded its life,

Mitsubishi AVANTI SRK-ZSA-W Series
Latest review: MHI AVANTI 2.0kw reverse cycle. Product number in brochure SRK20ZSA-W (product number at good guys DXK06ZSA-W). Note I called Mitsubishi and was told no difference in the models. Same thing. Not

Kaden KS Series
Latest review: Very happy with purchase of Kaden brand Evaporative air-conditioning system replacing a 17 year old Brivis. It has been a reliably cool workhorse in hot uncomfortable spring and summer conditions. It

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