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Service department Errors

They just lie about the service cap pricing. They record the correct date and time of the previous service in the service log book but an incorrect one on their computer system, and insist on charging based on a clearly erroneous entry on their computer system, even in the face of a stamped, correct service logbook entry that I am following. How does this happen!? When you point out their errors, they just keep countering with one trumped up excuse after another as to why they are still going to screw you for their mistakes. Absolute Zero customer care! For this they lose me as a service customer and as a returning vehicle purchaser. They obviously have plenty of business so they don't care. Nice car, Mitsubishi, but shockingly dodgy operator. AVOID.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store Location|Chadstone

Terrible service no knowledge on PHEV

Left my 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander for BMU reset and battery cell smoothing and DBCAM at Brighton Mitsubishi in Melbourne
They have kept my car 4 days and even the manager told me that he drove it home without my permission!
They have done nothing on my car but replaced my front 2 tires with some used Pirelli tires
I'm taking them to VCAT

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationBrighton Mitsubishi Victoria

Essendon Mitsubishi

Essendon Mitsubishi John ( Manager) New Car Sales Man . Discriminating and sexist towards female potential buyers. John the Manager or new car sales man had falsely advertised several cars on Carsales.com for under $50,000 and then jumped up by $3000 . I asked to purchase because it was still advertised at the advertised price , he bluntly said No! Definitely not. No negotiation nothing ! John treats women customers terribly he is truely a caveman in a suit. The Car was a a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Exceed $48,999 Drive away. I will be seeking redress for Mitsubishi using illegal Tactics by false advertising ( I have proof) a cheaper price than the actual price.

Good On you Essendon Mitsubishi John , for giving every other dealer a bad name.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationEssendon Mitsubishi

Very poor customer service,poor product.

Reported driver's seat moving from side to side and clicking when driving around any corner.
Obviously not only is this stressful to put up with,it is also dangerous since the safety of the driver and passengers, centres from the seat.
Amongst all the other creeks and cracking that brand new Pajero driver's already put up with,it just makes the vehicle feel very cheap and poorly put together.
I had to pay for a independent diagnosis of the seat to find out that Mitsubishi Australia puts no bushells between the height adjustment rods and the seat frame ,hence the noise and movement,this is not normal and my mechanic was shocked.
Outcome after patient Emailing is what apparently is the usual go to alternative to just fixing the customers reported problem 'Its up to Mitsubishis standards ,so we will not be able to do anything for you'.I would not recommend this company for the lack of service you will receive
nor the product for how far the quality has been allowed to slip nor the stress at seeing yet another company do all it can to avoid fixing a fault rather than take ownership and value their customers and their reputation.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Store LocationKings Mitsubishi Geelong

Drive away happy...err don't think so!

My business owns a 2015 Triton. The Triton's are good value for money but can have a few minor issues. My Triton started blowing a little black diesel smoke at 45K and has become progressively worse to the point that large clouds of smoke are emitted under 2,000 revs. At 75K I took the Triton into Cricks Mitsubishi Nambour. They kept it for 3 days acknowledging it was smoky and they were doing various things to track down the issue. After 3 days of poor communication they return it saying there was nothing wrong with it and that all diesels blow smoke and was comparable to another similar Triton they compared it with. So now I have a ute that is virtually unsaleable. Do not bother taking your Mitsubishi to the dealer, take it to any half competent mechanic (the Mitsubishi guys either are incompetent or their business plan is not fix anything under warranty if they can possibly avoid it) and pay a lot less and avoid the patronising and condescending attitudes. I am taking my Triton to a Repco mechanic that will actually help.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationCricks Mitsubishi Nambour

Terrible, there is no customer service. Very hard to talk to a person

Waiting for over a week for a real person to call me back. They have had my car for over two weeks!!!! Only answering machines, this is not good enough

Product Quality
Customer Service

Mitsubishi South Morang

Drove my 2011 Outlander for a recall service (3). Upon arrival, I was told it has to be serviced as well. I told the guy it's not due for service because it's only 120k on the odometer and service is due at 125k. He insisted so I relented.

2 days later, I saw a rubber cover dangling under the engine bay held only by a single screw/clip. And I also hear squeaking noise from center/left aircon fan.

Brought it back and I was told they did not touch that cover and blamed detached cover to a bump scratch which is rusted. I told them, Why did you not see it when you checked under the car??? Made me buy clips to reattach cover. Aircon fan, of course, not their fault also?! Re-book for additional service?!

Never again to a dealership car service once warranty has expired!!!

Return Claim MadeYes

VERY BAD Customer Service @ Wangara Mitsubishi!!

DO NOT take your car to WANGARA Mitsubishi. The Service department is rude , blaze , ineffient and unfriendly .
I took my car in today to get serviced , airbag look at and a few recalls done .
No Greeting on arrival , Surname . Sign here . Pick up at 4pm . What ? You don’t have a courtesy car , bus anything as I am here with my 3 year old and you are miles from anywhere . No you missed it at 8.30 am . Is that the only one . YEP !
Just signed . Be ready at 4 pm .

Could it be that hard to retain customers Wangara Mitsubishi ? I don’t think so . Not hard to give good customer service .
“ Good Morning Madam , Welcome . How can I be of Service to you today . Do you need to be dropped anywhere as we have a empty Courtesy bus outside the door ( that does 1 trip a day ) ? ... Have a great day ! “
CUSTOMERS if you can go somewhere else to get your car service you will be far better looked after . As Wangara Branch DONT give a crap about their customers .

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Terrible Service

Disgusting customer service from your dealership. We had a problem with our 4 year old Mitsubishi Triton where the motor blew up. This car was within the warranty period when it occured. We had the vehicle towed to the Berwick dealership where they said they would look at it. A few days later we recieved a call stating they had released some oil from the car and it appeard “sludgy” and they would not be helping us any further. We still did not know what had caused the motor to blow as they refused to take it apart and said that it was our fault. We provided log books and receipts to proove our maticulous servicing history and that’s when they found that one service was 3000kms over due. Are you telling me, that everybody gets their car serviced on the exact date everytime it’s due? Absolutely not! After 3 MONTHS of trying to negotiate with them and contacting their head office they still refused to help. They used the one and only late service as a loop hole to reneg on their responsibility to a paying customer who’s car was barely 4 years old, bought brand new and still Within warranty. They took no accountability at all and didn’t offer any help what so ever. We were forced to purchase a reconditioned motor costing a whopping $9000. It appears by these reviews that they are very good at taking your money when your purchasing from their dealership, but the minute you need to use your warranty don’t expect them to help you. They have proven to be a very untrustworthy and very unprofessional team. Think twice before purchasing a Mitsubishi vehicle.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Beware of Toowong Mitsubishi

We bought an Outlander from Toowong Mitsubishi, and whilst the service BEFORE we bought was good, different story after. As soon as we got home, we noticed 2 scratches on the lower panel. This had definitely not happened on the 10 min drive home. We called then straight up, they said to bring it in. They looked at it, and the assessment was "You've obviously scractched it". Obviously legally, this is on us - we should have crawled around the car inspecting it for imperfections at the dealership, but we didn't (I guess caught up in the excitement). We have countless friends,family, colleagues who have purchased new cars, got home and found scratches. Not a single one of them has had any problem with getting it fixed (let alone being accused of doing it). After spending 30 plus thousand at a dealership, it is an abhorrent show of lack of good faith and trust to stand there over a scratched panel (small) which surely would be peanuts for them to fix, comparatively, and accuse you of lying (when saying you didn't do it). If I had known the kind of treatment one would get as soon as the money cleared, I would have avoided this dealership like the plague and if asked my opinion by anyone will be recommending the same. It irritates me greatly that there is not a rating of 0 stars to give.

Poor Customer Service, Pathertic Service Staff

I bought a Pajero sport new from Landers, love the car! Hate the dealership, they are incompetent, I have had to take it back time and time again for the same thing, they are pathetic. I got quoted 2000 bucks for a 90k service, my local mechanic is 600. The service staff have no idea, I was telling them what the issue was most of the time. Call Mitsubishi hq and they just palm me off! Last Mitsubishi I buy.

Getting PARTS is very difficult.

I have issue with my outlander boot. The two rods that holding the boot are faulty and the car is still under warranty. It has been a while waiting for the parts. (around 3 weeks). Is Mitsubishi Australia does not hold any stock at all???? Are all parts need to come from Japan?????. I call Mitsubishi Australia and the told me most parts need to be re manufacture first. (realy ?????... the car is only 3 years old.) and they already running out of spare parts.

Australia's worst Mitsubishi Dealership should be sacked [name removed] #Maitland Heritage Mitsub

Monday 12 December 2018
The warranty rebuild on my Mitsubishi Triton manual gearbox was booked 4 weeks in advance so they could order parts and arrange a replacement vehicle. I was told on the day of booking they "should only need the car for four days" but booked it for five just in case.
So far so good right?
Dropped the car off and was handed the keys to the loan vehicle. Again, should be good to go by Thursday.

Friday comes. Absolutely no status updates at all. No communication.

I called at 9:32 a.m. to allow them to get the morning bookings out of the way. I asked, can you confirm if the car will be ready by 12:00 midday? After checking with the service manager the answer was a resounding yes.

After a previous poor experience, I just had no faith in them. After an earlier service, I was advised the vehicle would be ready at 4:00 pm. I got the car at 5:30 pm. I missed an important personal appointment and was not happy. Should never have gone back at this stage but it is a company preferred supplier (not any more :))

So on the back of my bad experience, I rang again at 11:36 am. Is my vehicle ready? Again after another enquiry of the service manager, it was still on the hoist. I asked would it be ready at 12:00 as previously agreed?
The answer again was "yes".
Suspecting that it wouldn't be I advised the person on the other end of the phone they had 24 minutes. Would it be ready if it were still on the hoist? I was told again "yes".

Having felt lied to on the previous service I drove to #Heritage Mitsubishi Maitland with my journey ending at 12:20 pm. Enough time (4.5 days) to complete the job.
I arrived to find no car in the car park. Not a good sign already - giving the benefit of the doubt I walked in and asked to pick up my car.

"It's not ready" was the reply.

My response: see you on Monday. Well, the response was panic and indignation. How dare I!

The dealership rang me at 5:09 pm advising the car was finished. Imagine waiting another 5 hours in their stuffy and uncomfortable little waiting room.

I advised the service person I was not happy with both their lack of communication and inability to stick to a commitment. Over promising and under delivering made me cranky as hell as it wasn't the first time. I told him that due to their stuffing me around they could deliver the vehicle to my place of work on Monday. What should have surprised me was the response. "that's not going to happen". No apology for any inconvenience. No, "how can we make this up to you"? The arrogance and lack of care can only be described as disturbing. If that is the ground level attitude image what they don't do when servicing your car there. Needless to say, I won't ever be back and would like to volunteer this dealership as Australia's worst. # Heritage Mitsubishi Maitland. [name removed] grow some cahooneys and sack them as Mitsubishi dealers. They are hopeless.

The time now is 12:52 on Monday. I have not had another call. They have not escalated this internally nor has any apology been forthcoming.

Airbag Electrical Issue

Took my 5 year old Triton to a Mitsubishi service centre in the outer Eastern suburbs of Melb to have Airbag dash light issue looked at as the light was staying on all the time. Mitsubishi charged me $176.00 to diagnose a problem they said was with the SRS Floor and Roof harness, they said there was a short in the wiring and needs replacing. They then quoted me $974.00 to replace the harnesses which they said would fix the problem. I then decided to speak with an Auto Electrician who checked the system and found a loose connection under the dash, he charged me $346.00. If i had of gone to the Auto Elect first I would have saved $176.00. The moral of the story, don't relied on the so called expert advice from Mitsubishi, get another opinion! if i hadn't I would have been out of pocket $1150.00.

Product support

Sales & service are fine but response to warranty issues in my case seemed OK initially but now they say "all that model make that noise, it's characteristic. There's no claim under warranty." In my view no reasonably built and maintained engine should be making the kind of tappet noise I hear in my NX Pajero Exceed. There from new & increasing.

Not happy with my service

We took our Triton to Rockingham Mitsubishi for its 90000km service When we got the car back the motor was covered in oil I took it back the next day to complain they took it always to clean it we got home we check it again they did nothing still left with a dirty motor on inspection with all their checks they checked the windscreen washers worked and they don't. They change the oil in the gear box but not the filter. They said my breaks need skimming but you don't skim slotted routers. After paying $1600 for this service and only half of the service getting done I would never recommend Rockingham Mitsubishi.

Scam Mitshubushi Knox

I bought a lancer from them for $17000 and recently I called up to get a pay out figure. They informed me that my paperwork says that I borrowed 18649.

Persistent, convincing and good reassurance

Wasn't too sure at one point of what was being offered. She reassured me I had made a good decision....
Only time will tell!!
Thank you, anyway, Kirsty.

Southside Autos-Never Finance a vehicle from them- big cheats

Never Ever finance any vehicle from these cheats, they offered me an interest rate when i showed them the prevailing lower interest rate, they promised me bring down their interest rate to almost match what I was expecting, at the time of delivery they tricked me by increasing the comparison rate by 3.5%..

The laziest arrogant car dealers: NIGHTMARE

I am disgusted in this day and age, that this level of service is acceptable and people actually buy cars here, in Rockingham. I stood there for ten minutes before someone deemed to ask me anything. I had to deal with arrogance and rudeness and slippery behaviour. Not transparent whatsoever, in all honesty it was like they didn't want to sell a car. I was looking at spending over 30k which I have just done elsewhere. The way this dealership is ran, they don't deserve hard working people's business. My keys were held ransom until one of the senior guys finally got out of his chair, by then the arrogant lump junior sales guy, had offended me too much e.g comments like " you obviously know nothing about cars or the industry". If any senior Mitsubishi Regional Managers are reading this, check it out, as you are losing business, unless I'm mistaken, selling cars still requires manners and sales people with actual people skills?

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