Louvres don't move sideways

The louvres on the signature series do not move from side to side when using the remote control, you have to stand on a ladder and manually move the louvres. We did not find this out until after the unit was installed, we assumed all airconditioners had louvres that moved from left to right via remote control, this fact should be noted on all marketing material for this model and distributors/suppliers should advise customers. Due to this issue I would not recommend this airconditioner.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Awesome Air Con Unit. Love it Its very quiet and works well, keeps us very cool. Very Efficient

Love this Air con / heating split system, we have it in our bedroom. Air Con Unit is super quiet, barely even notice it's on in quiet mode(its super quiet), has lots of settings, cools the bedroom very fast and works well.I have also found it doesn't consume a lot of energy>Unit comes with a 5 year factory warranty. Also purchased it in winter and got a $100 cashback! Very satisfied

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Silent and Efficient - well worth the upgrade

I purchased the silver MSZ-EF from Harvey Norman for a good price. Their recommended installer came out on a public holiday and installed the unit at no extra charge. I bought this unit to replace a 15 year old Electrolux Kelvinator model that sounded like a jumbo jet. The new Mitsubishi is so quiet, that even on High fan speed it doesn't require turning the TV volume up. It is audible on the highest setting, but only slightly louder than the ceiling fan it shares our living room with. Lower speeds it is completely inaudible. The silver unit looks absolutely stunning and is seriously worth considering if your wall is something other than white. Coming from a non inverter system it surprised me to learn that inverters cannot immediately start at 100% power, and need to "warm up" to their maximum capacity, which seems to be about 2-3 minutes. The outdoor unit is completely silent, and you wouldn't know it was on unless you walked past and felt the fan. I love the way the louvres tuck up to become part of the square facade, even if they are a little slow to get going.

Pros: Silent, looks good, works well, efficient power use/running costs
Cons: Manual left/right vanes, Slow to open up/down louvres (but they look amazing so who cares)

For those that cant find this information in the manual, two green lights means its more than 2c away from set temperature, and one light means it is within 2c of target.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

relaxing and keepin cool

This Air conditioner is fantastic and bought it for the practicality of having it hooked up to the net so I can easily turn it on or off even when I'm not home.

I love the colour of this air con, black, not simply boring white - so that was a bonus for me, it was a good price and yes I do wish the wifi dongle for it was already installed within the unit but all I can say is that I bought the dongle and read the review this other person so I knew I had to buy it separately.

It does a fantastic job in cooling down my room, its quiet so that's a good thing and it works well - I can control the air con from my phone so if I leave and forget to turn it off then all I have to do is use the app and if its hot or cold and im not home I can turn this on prior to getting home so I can cool down or warm up.

I wish the remote was a little better on it though - it would have been good if the remote controller had a back light so you can easily see the display within the dark room and the remote is rather bulky in size but it does the job

I will recommend this air con to anyone

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Wi- Fi not included as advertised

Just ordered & paid for the latest flat line 2.5 Mitsubishi split air con which is heavily promoted with Wi Fi connectivity. Unfortunately I didn't read the small print as the product does not come with WI Fi, this is an after-market add-on that requires fitting by an electrician to the unit BEFORE it is installed. This is also the case for the FH & GL series. If you want Wi-Fi You will need to order & purchase an additional WY-Fi adaptor from Mitsubishi for approx $300.00 & pay for it to be professionally retro-fitted, before installation. I am returning the unit & requesting a full refund my decision to buy this model was based on its Wi-Fi connectivity. I have no doubt that it is an OK AC, but the Wi-Fi advertising is clearly misleading.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Questions & Answers

I am about to purchase a split system for a 70 square metre flat. Which size/model should I buy?
4 answers
you really need to review the size of model you need - also is it one room or multiple rooms? my air con does about 20sqr metres - so you will need one that is minimum of 3 times the powerThe challenge in buying an AC is not what/where to buy, but organising for someone to install it. After lots of time spent looking into installers, I changed plans & had several quotes from specialist AC companies who quote for the finished job- ie. provide & install the AC -as the installation can cost almost as much as the unit. They will come to your flat - advise on the right size, give you a choice of models & check your electricity supply to see if you have enough power to run a large system. They will also give you a much better warranty on the whole system.Hi Eve, To get the system that suits your home the best, it is recommended to speak to a professional who can work out the heat load for your space (in kW). There are numerous factors that affect this kW rating of air conditioning you need, including aspect, how much glass you have, insulation (or lack thereof), exterior wall cladding. We recommend speaking to one of our specialist Dealers. You can find your nearest Dealer here: http://www.mitsubishielectric.com.au/wheretobuy.html Or, get in touch with us (http://www.mitsubishielectric.com.au/request-an-aircon-quotation.html) and we will arrange for a Dealer to contact you. Kind regards, Mitsubishi Electric Australia Support.


MSZ-EF22VE (2.5kW)MSZ-EF25VE (2.5kW)MSZ-EF35VE (3.5kW)MSZ-EF42VE (4.2kW)MSZ-EF50VE (5.0kW)
Indoor Unit Height299mm299mm299mm299mm299mm
Outdoor Unit Height550mm550mm550mm880mm
Outdoor Unit Width800mm800mm800mm840mm
Outdoor Unit Depth285mm285mm285mm330mm
Indoor Unit Width895mm895mm895mm895mm895mm
Indoor Unit Depth195mm195mm195mm195mm195mm
Reverse CycleYesYesYesYesYes
Cooling Capacity2.5kW3.5kW4.2kW5.0kW
Heating Capacity3.2kW4.0kW5.4kW5.8kW
Cooling Energy Rating4.5stars3stars2stars1.5stars
Heating Energy Rating4.5stars4stars2.5stars2.5stars

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