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Mitsubishi Pajero NS

Mitsubishi Pajero NS (2006-2008)

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pajero needing a brake disk replaced at 26,000 kms warranty declined ?

I have a 2015 Pajero which up to now has been trouble free. Upon being serviced at 26000 kms the mechanic noted on his invoice that the front offside brake disk needed replacing urgently. I took the car to the local Mitsubishi outlet who took photos of the damage and sent them off to Mitsubishi Aust for their opinion. After numerous pieces of correspondence between Mitsubishi Aust and myself they have declined to offer any form of compensation "because of the environment that the car has been operated in". Needless to say I wrote back to them stating that it is not possible that one brake disk was destroyed and the other three brake disks to be in perfect order regardless of where the car is used. It has never been off road or on a beach. At this point in time Mitsubishi Aust have chosen to ignore my correspondence which is plain common sense. I certainly am not impressed with Mitsubishi Australia attitude.

Purchased in July 2015.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Boot Size

Great comfortable 4wd with grunt

I have the diesel version. She sounds like a small truck, but you get used to it. It’s a very comfortable 4wd that drives like a sedan. Easy to operate the 4wd and diff lock from inside the vehicle.

The radio in mine is terrible and it’s quite ridiculous that in 2006 they couldn’t include a USB socket. They have been around for ten years when this thing was built.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Top Car-Better than a LandCruiser hands down!

I am very impressed with our 2007 NS PAJERO. It handles and rides better than any 4WD I've been in (and I've been in MANY), and where I live, we have some VERY rough roads to make this conclusion (Outback NSW ). It seems to do every job well: everyday use, towing, off-roading, rough conditions and hwy cruising. The power is great and nice and smooth with the 5 speed auto. Even though I've never been a Mitsubishi man, I love everything about this car and hope to have it for the next 10 years or so. Our last Pajero ('99 NL diesel) did 500,000 km). My only negative point would be the fuel economy. It seems to use about 12.5 L/100km on average town/hwy combined. The best I've got on flat hwy with cruise set at 105km/h is 10.9L/100km, but hey, that ain't THAT bad!!

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Fuel economy should be better...

Overall a good car, nice styling inside and out and OK to drive. The "monocoque" chassis supposedly makes the vehicle handle more "car like", however my previous 4x4, a Ford Explorer was more car like in its handling than the Pajero. Even my wife agrees with this point. Fuel economy leaves a lot to be desired, - maybe the 4 cylinder engine doesn't really suit the weight of this vehicle. Great torque and towing power, but unfortunately you'll pay at the fuel pump. It was cheaper to run my V8 on LPG than the Pajero on diesel, and without the benefit of that V8 power. I was sadly disappointed with the 4 cylinder diesel's economy which gets even worse when towing. This is really my only criticism of what is otherwise a pretty good car. I tested it hard one day towing a 16 foot off-road caravan through very soft sand on the wrong tide, and the Pajero kept going where other "better" cars had given up. There were a few moments where I thought, that's it, it's going to stop, but it just kept on pushing through. At the end of that trip I was actually proud of it, and it had proved itself to me as being very capable. However, being constantly reminded at the fuel pump that your car has a drinking problem is, we'll, sobering. I have also had wheel alignment issues resulting in rapid uneven wear of tyres, so watch out for that too.

Badge25th Anniversary
Date PurchasedJan 2016

I have a 2007 vrx diesel and love it..

Pulls the caravan ,boat with ease..great on the road and off-road..performs really well..Pajero is under estimated. Found it difficult to find full foofracks..no gutter. Have 18 inch rim with Cooper's on..they are 5 years old and a bit noisy,going for Toyo tyres next..interior of car awesome extras,,will build drawers in Back, also will get dual battery fitted

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Nice 4x4, Petrol Engine Review

Hi, firstly, let me note this is a review for the Short Wheelbase Pajero, 2007 model, Petrol Variant.

Interior is really nice luxury, excellent stereo and features, stylish inside and out. Independent suspension all round generally has improved on-road handling compared to some older 4x4's. The Mitsubishi super-select 4x4 system is the best there is bar none in my opinion after having owned several 4x4's. It effortlessly and quickly engages either 1) Rear wheel drive only for economy, 2) Full time All-wheel-drive, so that you can enjoy the benefits of the 4x4 drive train all of the time, great for rain for example, 3) Part Time 4x4 High range, which allows high speed locked centre differential 4x4 for say hard sand on a beach at higher speeds or tough dirt roads, 4) Part Time 4x4 Low range for the toughest stuff. Very good system, probably the best of any 4x4 from a user friendly point of view, rivalled only perhaps by some of Land Rovers modern offerings.

The whole car inside and out smacks of build quality, very Mercedes-esque, which makes sense since I believe the two companies cooperated on a 4x4 design in the 90's that never actually reached completion. Unfortunately, The 3.8 litre Petrol Engine although powerful and feature packed with variable valves and modern features, its very thirsty. Personally I would never touch the petrol again, I would always recommend the diesel variant.

The automatic gearbox is very clever and a pleasure to use, usually selecting the right gears and adapting to your driving style quickly. If you are giving it the boot on a country road, you can actually notice the auto box computer learning and adapting.

ON the negative sides, the short wheel base two door model, it's hopeless trying to access the rear seats in a hurry. The electric drivers seat doesn't fold forward in a hurry providing limited access to the rear.

But the worse thing about the short wheel base 3dr model combined with the 3.8V6 petrol is that the tank is smaller than the 5dr model. Combined with poor fuel consumption, the range is really poor. Struggling to get 350km to a tank.

The series in general however feels very much like a re-skinned version of the previous pajero model from before 2006. You can also tell from the slightly dated driving dynamics that this is an old design that's been very well jazzed up. On the positive side though, it's good for servicing, parts and resale values when a vehicle design doesn't get changed to often.

Personally I feel if I'd got the 5dr Diesel I would be giving this car a better review, probably 4 stars, but as it stands the 3dr is flawed and therefore average. Very nice looking vehicle.

Date PurchasedSep 2009


I've had my '08 pajero for almost 5 years and have found it to be a pretty reliable vehicle. What I like about it is
- Very reliable. The only problem i've had is soot buildup in the air inlet manifold due to EGR.
All modern diesels have this problem so a bit of an extra cost with maintenace but only every 70k Kms though.
- Very easy to do your own maintenance so you save $$$. The larger size of car means you can easily slide under vehicle to change engine oil and filter. Fuel filter and drive belts are easy to replace due to spacious engine bay.
- Very spacious interiour compared to say a hilux it is noticeably narrower inside. The height gives you safer view on the road. People also give you more space on the road.
- Nice looking car, not too noisy, nicr diesel sound.
- Significantly cheaper than a prado. I'll probably keep this one for another 5 to 10 years at least. (Touch wood)

Date PurchasedFeb 2013

Awesome 4wd...underrated...

I have had a pajero turbo diesel in manuals and autos for the last six years. .
1. Plenty power.
2. Fuel economy. ..I generally drive from inala brisbane to Sydney cbd in one tank of diesel
3. Very spacious
4. Done heaps of 4wd in it...done Stockton beach..rainbow beach and noosa..
Has 3000000km on it and unstoppable. ..no extra work ever needed..just oil and brakes
With autos...egr will need to be cleaned at app 200000km..cost $300 and place a blocker..

Date PurchasedJan 2011

Love That Pajero

Owned my NS Diesel Exceed for almost 2 years now and its been awesome. Love all the great luxury features. One thing I would like to do is change the whole suspension as its a bit too stiff for regular road use. Overall its a very capable 4wd and looks gorgeous too.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Great drive but watch the DPF

The Pajero has great visibility, is great around the city and easy parking. Off road (soft sand) and it performs very well. Buyers of second hand diesel Pajeros need to be aware of the DPF.
Mitsi don't really have a handle the issue. My car had less than 130,000km when the DPF failed. The repair bill was more than $6000.
The DPF fail brings an otherwise great vehicle comes to a standstill.

Badge25th Anniversary
Date PurchasedMay 2011

One of the best all round medium sized 4wd vehicles

Having owned and driven almost all serious hardcore 4x4 vehicles and a lot of soft roaders I found the Pajero to be an excellent and well balanced 4WD touring vehicle. Not the most hardcore 4x4 there is but it does hold it own. On road it performs just as well. If you are looking for only a heavy duty 4x4 and are happy to sacrifice on road performance, Land Rover defenders, Nissan Patrols, Mercedes Benz G wagons or 80, 100 or 200 series Land Cruisers may be a better option. The same goes for on road, buy an BMW or ML Mercedes if on road is your thing. As a solid performer both in pretty heavy duty off-road stuff and car like on road manners, the Pajero for me is a top performer.

It is solid, great value for money, practical and reliable. With a little after market upgrades you will still have good on road manners and increased off road performance. Having owned a number of the top medium 4WD's the Pajero is my pick of the bunch. You may also want to consider the Land Cruiser Prado, which is a little more expensive but seems to hold its second hand value a little better and has a few more aftermarket options and accessories. The question of which is better between the Prado and Pajero is as old as when the first model Prado was released. In my personal opinion, (owing both a Toyota Prado and Mitsubishi Pajero), there is not much between these if anything at all. Where one does a little better in one aspect, the other compensates for it in another.
Never missed a beat and I am a very happy customer.
Update: I have now owned my much loved Pajero for 3 and a half years. I have thrown everything at it, from long extended remote touring journeys to hardcore deep rutted near impossible tracks ( some of which I could not do but even heavy lifted and modified vehicles got unstuck). It handled everything with ease and I have not had one single issue with reliability nor did I have to spend any money on it apart from routine maintenance. I can highly, highly recommend the Mitsubishi Pajero to anyone in the market for a medium true four wheel drive.
Well rounded capable 4WD tourer
Back door can't open when towing, some dust do enter cab on long dusty journeys


On my third and will get a 4th

In three cars and over 600,000ks between them have only had 1 warranty claim (rear wheel bearings, repaired no problem by epping mitsubishi great team) and major repair bill (my fault! lack of servicing). All cars have problems no matter the brand. Currently driving a 08 VR-X and I have found the Pajero to be a solid offroader not hardcore as some but we have driven the blue rag range, crooked river and billy goats bluff all in standed trim and it has never let us down. The petrol is a bit thirsty but you can't push a 2.5 ton car very far (some people expect them to drink like lancers) so you need to let it drink. Those who snub the Paj as an inferior offroader are people spend thousands $$ making them into bush trucks for that one trip to the gulf country then drive them around town. I say to people who bash my bitsamissen follow me and see how far we get.
Go the PAJ!!


Servicing and DPF

My 180K service was quoted at dealer but when doing service said it would be 3 times the quoted figure ($2400). Just broke down in NSW with DPF issues. $6,000 later I was on the road but the DPF was suppose to come from Japan and being Christmas I was stranded in NSW for 21 days. After which the dealer said Mitsubishi informed them that the part will not be coming from Japan and a non-genuine one was sourced and fitted. Bad communication by Mitsubishi.
Vehicle was poorly finished with oily finger prints over motor, spilt oil and a loose bolt found near the inlet manifold. Yet they could blacken the tyres!!!
Apart from that I love my NS VRX. Like others I use my 3rd seat compartment for tools and fuel when outback.


Pajero VRX 2006 (I think)

Bought it new. Use it for towing trailer, 20 ft van and a 25 foot Trailer Sailer over 2 tonnes as well as some 4x4 exploring in the outback. It is auto and most of its life has been on long trips towing something. Regularly serviced by time because I have only done 10100as0 km's in the 8 years. Only problem has been a cigarette lighter blown and they are VERY expensive to replace so put in an aftermarket double unit externally which solved problems. I was dubious about the auto originally but it has been faultless considering its use. Australian Motors mechanics in SA recommended more frequent changes of gear box oil because of the work it does.

Have been looking to change vehicle now and this is why I'm reading about Ranger, Mazda BT-50, Discovery 4 and Jeep and Prado as well as this blog. The various reviews favor Disco 4 and another Pajero. I like the Disco but at $85K after basic features nothing compares to another Paj. It might be old but it still compares well against the opposition and has more features than the old one. It still doesn't have heated outside mirrors which are almost obligatory where I live. I guess I'll still have to carry a rag to see what's happening behind me in the fog.

Purchased in January 2006.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

Love that car

We upgraded from an '06 Grand Vitara to a '06 NS Exceed due to family growth.
Pajero fits 3 baby seats across 2nd row of seats. Has enormous storage space for going away on trips with the kids. 3rd row seats can be removed, have used this space to carry recovery gear without using up boot space.
Most of our offroad is beach driving and the power of the 3.8 and the auto are very well suited for this.
Leather interior, roof mounted dvd and sound system not to mention rear aircon via roof add a nice touch.
Even after 200,000km still averaging 15.1L/100km combined highway, city & beach. Most of our driving is city.
Only drawback is the 18" rims are expensive to fit AT tyres.
Cabin size, smooth ride, engine silent when running (unlike diesel), the bells and whistles
Expensive to fit 18" tyres, lack of aftermarket accessories (ARB seems to favour Toyota & Datsun)

Yes I Love my car too!! The only problem that I have is what tyres are the best for my Pajero??? I have a SWB 2007 model and I'm being told Bridgestone A/T D697 or Cooper AT3's ???? Help anyone that can? I want something that still handles on the highway in the wet as its short wheel base and handles like one on the current tyres ( Cooper HT PLus 265/60R18's ) Also does anyone know if there is an LT tyre as all the the tyres I have looked at in this size are only passenger rated not Light Truck? I was running a Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S on my Pajero it was a go tyre in the wet/dry and off road... I tried Hankook Dynapro ATM in a 16inch..The tyre is a LT tyre and it comes in a LT275/65R18..or the Hankook Dynopro HP it comes in a 255/55R18.Hope this HelpsThanks that does help, I keep getting different opinions from different tyre dealers and they all tell you that their tyres are better! lol!... I will do some more homework on it, the guy at Jax' recommended Hankook' for Pajero too! cheers!

2006/7 NS GLX Pajero- Awesome

I've only had this Pajero for 3 months and I am very impressed. I used to own a 1997 3.5 litre Pajero, but when I joined a 4x4 club, they told me to buy a Landcruiser or Patrol. I bought a GQ Patrol, but the fuel consumption was through the roof. Very capable though.

It was also a bit of a truck to drive. We ended up buying the NS Pajero 3.8 petrol auto as a compromise between capable 4x4 and economical enough to live with as a daily driver. Best move we could make. The Patrol was using 23 to 25 litres/100km. The Pajero is doing the same journey between 13 to 14 litre/100km. It'll do under 12 on a trip. It's a comfy thing to drive around. Nice stereo.

We use Pedro, as we call it, for real "four wheel driving" and I've found the traction control is useful up to medium difficulty tracks. It pulls up pretty good for an auto going down hill too. With the A.B.S and E.B.D keeping everything in line. I did come to a grinding halt going up an especially steep and long hill.

The traction control couldn't keep up and the engine cut out. Luckily for us, we got one that has the optional "rear diff lock". I restarted the car and rolled back to a slightly flatter area. I pressed the rear lock button and started driving. It not only got us up the hill, but it didn't slip at all. MAGIC. If you want a really capable 4x4, then get one with this option, you will not regret it.

I've taken the 3rd row of seats out (easy). Read the instruction book, it makes it a lot easier. I use the space under the floor to hold my recovery gear gear and some tools. That way you don't lose any cargo space for shopping or suit cases etc..... I also went on a camping trip and laid the seats out and slept in the car on a camp mattress. Not dead flat, but it was better than setting up a tent in the rain.

All up, we are loving this model Pajero and expect to hang onto it for quite a while. The 3.8 motor is powerful and smooth, as is the auto. Plenty of head room, but leg room in the driving position could be better (I'm over 6 foot) and if a model comes out with the seat that goes farther back and telescopic steering wheel adjustment, then I may upgrade.

These Pajero's are so much cheaper than a Prado, which is the only competition and you get more options included. I don't see how anybody could go wrong with a Pajero.
Comfy, powerful yet reasonable economy and very capable off road, especially with the rear diff lock.
Drivers seat could go back one more click for us tall people.

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Pauliebigfella - Nice tip about removing those 3rd row seats. I've done that too and the extra space it provides is huge and a real bonus for carrying stuff that you may need but don't want to have in your way day to day. Because we live in a zone that often floods, we use it for wet weather gear, spare dry clothes, recovery gear, tools and that sort of thing. That way the back section is always neat & tidy.

Pajero 2007 ns

We bought ours through a dealer 2nd hand, loved it but unfortunately our lesson was that we trusted to buy without actually viewing the vehicle, believing the car was up to date with services and nothing wrong with it. Well, dint on the bonnet, handles in back passenger (to climb in back middle seats) were sadly cut off, major scratches in the whole back area, and to top it off a few weeks of owning it, the car started to have problems mechanically. Local dealership went through a list of possible things to do (lots of things not done in the past that were suppose to be done) and $2500 later it's in no better condition. Smoothest comfy drive but its costing us money to fix, we can't afford. So, was great car, like I said, never buy without looking over it with own yes, and test drive. Now mechanics think to do the injectors and fuel pump, ouch! And that's no guaranteed it will be fixed. If car was up to date and taken care of more, like the dealer said it was, highly think it may be a whole different happy story.
Smoothest comfy ride, beautiful to drive. Nice stereo system sound.
The tow bar is horrible if towing. What was Mitsubishi thinking. Real buggy if towing and can't open the back door!

Hi you've obviously bought a very neglected vehicle. I've had a 2003 model since new and have had no problems at all but I've had it serviced by the book.I agree you should always test drive before you buy. better luck next time! just wait the tranny will be next to go and the dealer mechanic will say with a furrowed brow "hmmm never seen this before" and then tell you he can fix for $3K its only happened to 2 peapole i know though!!It pays to shop around for a service, I got quoted $2,400 for a timing belt and 105,000 service on my 2007 Pagero NSX? so i shopped around and got it done at a local mechanic for $550 including Mitsubishi Belt and tensioner kit! A lot of people think that you have to get a log book service from a dealer, But any reputable mechanic can do them, cheers : )) hope you find a someone cheaper as the Pagero is a Wonderful car to own!

Value !

Love this car. Have the Exceed model which has all the bells & whistles at a price that Toyota/Nissan cannot match. Nearing the end of its life in current form, (new model in 2014) most faults have been sussed out. You will still have problems opening the rear door if you tow with the spare wheel fouling stone guards even if you can get the door past the hitch pin/coupling handle. Makes it hard to get to the fridge. Must use expensive 'low ash' diesel oil or DPF (diesel particulate filter) will block up causing computer to go in limp home mode. Uses special synthetic auto trans oil which will add $500 to service cost. Was quoted over $1100 for 120K service @ dealer. 18" tyres can cost over $400 ea. Some offroad accessories companies do not support Pajero well so can be limiting what you can add.
Excellent auto trans , best on market transfer case. comfortable ride. economical for a heavy vehicle.
V.expensive servicing from dealer. expensive tyre replacement costs with limited choice.

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Should be fixed price servicing for first 60K (4x15K services).

Great Vehicle

We bought our 2007 Pajero Exceed second hand, we previously had a Nissan XTrail TI that was too small for our needs. This was the first time we had purchased second hand as our other vehicles have been purchased new.

We are really happy with our Pajero, it has all the bells and whistles of a top of the range model, leather seats are a must if you have kids or frequent the beach as they are so easy to keep clean. Ours is the pearl white which I really like, it always looks clean unless coated in mud of course and the colour is a bit different to the white and silver, I would have this colour again. It has plenty of room in the front and back.

We added a snorkel, ERPS (electronic rust protection system), rubber floor mats which make cleaning very easy, especially sand, roof racks, reversing camera for safety and a Pioneer Sat Nav which cost us a bit, we originally wanted the VMS and when they tried to fit it realised they couldn't because of the sophisticated sound system in the exceed model. Our model didn't come standard with sat nav unfortunately.

We have a farm that is 5.5 hours from where we live and it has never let us down. We also go camping quite to remote and beach areas and have found it fantastic off road. The sound system is awesome, as is the DVD player that drops down from the roof, the screen is a good size and keeps our toddler amused on our monthly journey to our farm. The heated seats are lovely for winter and I like the fact that it has soft lighting at your feet when the headlights are on at night time, it doesn't leave the interior of the vehicle pitch black in darkness. When you unlock the vehicle remotely lights in the side mirrors which gives you some light to see what you are doing, especially handy where there is no overhead lighting.

We love the 10 year warranty too which gives you road side assist should you ever require it.

The only down side is that we had to get an additional child anchor point fitted as it only came with 2 - one on each side and we also wanted a centre one.

On the performance side of things it is very economical to run, in fact uses less fuel than our XTrail to get to our farm. It has plenty of power, we have towed my in laws 23ft caravan and didn't even notice it behind us, sat easily on 110km/hour and didn't really notice a huge difference in fuel consumption for the couple of hundred kms we travelled. We are choosy where we purchase our fuel as we are aware that common rail diesels can be fussy with fuel so no "voucher" stations for us.

Its very comfortable to drive, doesn't feel like a big 4WD vehicle, easy to reverse park quickly when we lived in inner city Sydney. We will definately purchase another pajero when this one is due for replacement

not a big issue but should be sold with 3 child anchor points for baby seats rather than 2

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If purchased second hand you don't have the 10 year driveline warranty. It is not transferable.


Excellent vehicle, plenty of room, comfortable, quiet, great on long trips. Have seen speedo showing 180kph on quiet country road and still accelerating.
Excellent power and economy, 2006 VR-X DiD diesel 5sp manual 8.5L/100km with over 900km from a tank regularly. Great touring vehicle have done 45,000km under 12 months, no problems. Off road on sand twice no problem. Original Bridgestone tyres still fitted with plenty of tread left. Just over 2000 RPM gives 100kph and rarely need to change for hills, will accelerate up hills.
VR-X 4 headlight grill looks great but lights useless on hi beam, only 2 centre lights used for hi beam, had auto electrician modify it so all 4 came on plus brighter bulbs fitted, now OK. High amount of static electricity is generated, possibly due to paint protection package, gives you a good whack sometimes. Ouch!! Engine can be noisy under hard acceleration when revs climb.


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my turbo drops out intermitantly when driving and although the engine remains running I have no acceleration power.
1 answer
Does the check engine light come on ?? If so you need to get a Scan Test done to see what codes are present !!!

I've put a new 3.5 l motor into my pajero and it wont run properly, do i need the computer reset?
No answers

How do you reset the alarm of NW pajero (MY 2013)?
No answers


Pajero NS
Drive TypeFour Wheel Drive (4WD)
Fuel TypeDiesel
Engine4 Cylinder, 3.2 L
Country of ManufactureJapan
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)
Release dateJan 2006
Discontinuation dateDec 2008
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