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Disappointing- for people with light flow only

Initially thought these were a great solution for my daughter but overtime as her flow increased there were frequent leaks from the sides. Even using the heavy absorbency underwear this problem happens. The underwear need some kind of leak guard/ wing to stop side leakage. Otherwise you may as well wear a pad.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Disintegrating :(

I think I bought your product in November, so they have been used for 4 periods I recently noticed a few had little holes over the absorbing area, I wondered how this would go and continued on wearing them. Today I put a pair on with two little holes in this area and 8 hours later, almost the whole fabric over the absorbing area is torn. I love this product and I really hope I can find a solution!

Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance Not as advertised
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Hi there Maria, we're so sorry to hear that! It sounds like there may be a bit of damage caused by your body's natural acidity levels - everyone has different levels so can have different reactions with the fabric. This is not a problem though as our vegan range of undies won't react in the same way, so if you could email info@modibodi.com with your original order number from November, we can organise some of our vegan bikinis to be sent out to you :) Many thanks xx

Manufacturing issues with a "sticky gusset" in crotch area

I purchased a few pairs of underwear from modibodi. Unfortunately when I tried to remove the protective plastic from the crotch area, adhesive from the label was left behind. There was a layer of stickiness in the crotch, which is far from ideal when you purchase new underwear.

I sent back this pair of underwear and received a replacement pair with the same issue.

As a first time buyer of this product it is extremely dissappointing that modibodi is selling products that they know are faulty, which goes against the NZ consumer rights act.

I understand that these products are sustainable and a great way to move forward, but it doesn't reflect well on a company designed to help women feel comfortable. I hope that they amend this issue soon.

Sizing True to size

Leakage - going back to pads

I wrote a couple of reviews on the mobibodi website but funnily enough they are not showing (and there is nothing less than 4 stars on their site) so I'll write my honest feedback here:

At first I was really happy as these panties are comfortable and seamfree and it all seemed like a great idea until the 2nd of my period...
I got leakage after wearing them less than 8 hours (not even close to a full day).
Tried again the following month and same thing (after about 6 hrs). Thank god I was working from home or it would have been humiliating as my shorts were stained through :( This is every woman's worst nightmare and I lost trust in those panties.

I am reverting back to pads because at least I can feel them and ''see'' what is going on.

I only bought one pair of panties (to try) so I had to wash them at the end of the day - it takes a good 5 minutes by hand and they wouldn't be dry enough by next morning so you at least need 2.

I bought the overnight in the same size and they turned out to be much bigger with the gusset all the way to the waist! I just felt so unsexy just by looking at them so I returned them and discussed how I felt misled by the info on their website (photos for the regular and overnight seamfree are identical but they definitely aren't) and they acted like everything was normal and I was the one who misunderstood! (photo shows the same size with regular on the left and overnight on the right).

Despite getting a refund (if I didn't get free shipping I would have lost $8), I am not impressed by their customer service and they NEVER offered to pay for return postage despite displaying misleading info!

Now... I am going back to my trusty pads as the high price of these panties + the fact that you would need to use 2 during the day + 1 during the night really is NOT worthwhile.
But if you have very light flow or only need them for a few hours then by all mean they are great ;-)

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing Slightly large
Product Appearance As advertised

Package sent to wrong address

I sent my order in for exchange, and they sent it to the wrong address. How do you send the first order to the correct address and the second one to the wrong one? I haven’t heard back from anyone either. I’ve tried contacting them and no response. Will anyone be able to help?

Product Quality
Sizing Slightly large

Very poor customer service, no replacement of faulty item

Purchased several items a year ago. Didn't wear one item for quite some months, and had only worn it a few times when it developed a hole. Despite several polite emails on my part Modibodi refused to replace them, so I basically spent $29 on a garment that lasted 5 wears. Found staff polite to deal with by email but extremely unhelpful, the best they could offer me was a 15% discount on a new pair which was laughable. I will never use this company again, and would not recommend them to others.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing Slightly small
Product Appearance As advertised

Non existent customer service

They over charged my credit card and won’t respond to emails. There is no phone number to contact them. I can’t even say that their customer service is poor because there is absolutely no customer service!!

Return Claim MadeNo

Impossible to contact

I placed a second order, having been very happy with my first. My address was prefilled from previous order but when I hit ‘pay’ the suburb changed. I noticed this immediately but there is no phone number and the website says not to expect an answer for several days at the earliest, so I appear to have just blown my $200+. I have sent several emails but no reply

Horrible Customer Service - Updated

I made a mistake with my order then I asked to return the products that I had purchased. They send me an instruction through email for what actions to follow up, and after that we had an agreement for me to return all of the items and to inform them the tracking numbers, afterwards they will send me a store credit as an exchange.

I thought that was a good deal and I agreed to return everything. After I sent the package back to them, I emailed them about the tracking number to follow up. And every one of my emails had been rejected by their server. So until now they haven't received any of my emails informing them that I had the package sent back, while I have already paid for my order plus the cost for sending the package back.

And there is no other way to contact them through their website besides through emails. Not a very good way to conduct business indeed.


I have finally contacted them through FB earlier this week and they have responded there. So they have received my message, but I will need to see how fast they will follow up once they've received the package.


It's been a week since they received the package (I used tracking number) and I have sent them email about the follow up. Still no reply at all.


Just received email reply yesterday, and after I said I would like to refund my order, they processed it today with no fuss. However, I still lost around $20 for delivery fee both when I ordered and returned the items. Oh well, better than nothing.

Return Claim MadeYes

Only for moderate users

I own 8 pairs from light to heavy/overnights.

Good for the 6 of the 7 days period.

The day 2 which is my heaviest one, I need double it up: so I need 6 pairs in one day.
one heavy as undie & a moderate as top up above the other one, because of sneaky side leakage.

Need to change every 4hrs otherwhise i bleed throughout. Especially having a standing and running around job the undie is going to move around.

They need to have some 'technology' to avoid side leaks or perhaps a heavy day one, like a
Boy shorts that cover the inner side for those women like me who work on their feet.

Great product

I bought two pairs initially to trial these out and they are great. Comfortable and security they bring is priceless.

Have just bought a bundle pack following my first order.

I just wish they had these when I was younger!

Good product - horrible service

The product seems good but one of the two pairs I recently purchased was damaged - a hole in the lining/gusset. The only way to contact is email, which is a ticket system and clearly off-shored. Over a week to respond, then I had to provide information that was already included in my first email, they’ve said they would resend a pair... still nothing no response to my final email.
I won’t be buying these again.

Slow customer service!

First time to order from Modibodi. I ordered items for my daughter's birthday. One item was right and the other one was wrong. The size sent to us was different from what I ordered. I emailed them straight away after receiving the products. To return the product you have to pay for the return postage fee even though the error was from their end. I told them about it and no one responded to me. First time to encounter a company that you have to pay extra for the mistake they made.

Good product. Not so good customer service

We like Modibodi product, but when it come to returns the process is quite slow and frustrating. There's no customer service contact number so everything is done by email and replies are really slow compared to other e-commerce sites. I sent a return a week ago and I'm still to receive any kind of confirmation that it's being processes so I'm not expecting the refund/exchange to be done in a timely manner at this point. Compared to somewhere like the Iconic which gets returns done asap, it's a little disappointing.

Great customer service

I recently purchased 3 pairs of modibodi for my daughter. Was hesitant having read some reviews that said customer service wasn't good. Got the delivery quite quickly. Opened them up had daughter try them on and were happy. Was only later I realised we were sent 3 different sizes rather than 3 of the same size I ordered. I emailed them and said I can't return them as they have been worn plus as they are the next 2 sizes up my daughter will grow into them but I did want to inform them a error had been made (sent a photo of the packing slip that showed 3 different sizes had been sent). I got a replay back within a couple of hours with them saying they were resending the order as a good will gesture.
Very happy with the customer service.
Now we haven't tried the product for its intended purpose so can't comment but was certainly impressed with their customer service.

Comparatively itchy, hot, uncomfortable because of wool lining and lace band. Product Description on

The heavy, overnight sensual bikini is very good at absorbing blood on a very heavy day. however the material and design is not as comfortable as another organic cotton brand of period underwear that I have tried. On the website it says that they are made of bamboo, and that's all. However the lining is actually made of wool. Which I was dismayed to discover only after wearing them and reading the tiny label on the pants themselves. I am vegan so this is not ok with me.

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Hi there Phoebe, thank you for your feedback. We do state that wool is used on our 'How It Works' page, but we will work to make the messaging clearer. However, we're delighted to announce that we now have a vegan range! Our vegan underwear, swimwear and activewear does not use wool and works brilliantly for protecting against leaks :)

Modi Bodi Underware is amazing

Modi Bodi was so supportive of my organisations campaign to help women in need. They were more than happy to provide such an extraordinary amount of donations. Everyone I talked to was extremely Kind and helpful. The women were more than happy to receive such a sustainable product! Thank you MODI BODI!!

Love. love. love this!

The sensual hi-waist bikini is very pretty, very comfortable, very practical and durable. I love to use it for those long days out and about or overnight. I think it is a excellent product and well worth the money.

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Thank you for the love Nell!

Pathetic customer service

Wife ordered and paid for products for our daughter in December and after several weeks of not being delivered, we made enquiries as to where the order was. We were told that "due to overwhelming demand, they were out of stock". This was never communicated at the time of sale and now we have to wait several more weeks for them to arrive. By the time they arrive, summer will be nearly over and our daughter will not be able to wear them next summer as she will have outgrown them.
The Customer "service" person just keeps giving the corporate line out of a book and has no interest in actually helping. We have asked for a full refund (including our payment for express post) but keep getting the same stupid response from the robotic assistants. Would never recommend them to anyone and will never, ever consider purchasing from them again.
We would just like our money returned, in full !!!

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Hi there, we apologise that you've experienced this treatment. Could you please shoot an email to media@modibodi.com with your order details and we'll investigate into everything for you to make sure your refund is received. Many thanks xx

Stitches came undone in 3 hand washes

Couldn’t believe it when tiny holes started showing all along the whole top seam which quickly developed into tears as if the brief was ripping into two and this happened only after 3 hand washes - not even with a machine. Have asked for a full refund. Very disappointing given the raving reviews on their website.

Had also asked for them to match their own bundle price when I was initially trying to buy seven but they were out of stock - only to be refused and referred to some promotion that they were having in Facebook as if the whole world uses Facebook. Now I’m so glad I did not spend that much money on a crappy product.

Found a similar Luna brief in Woolworths which is just as comfy, seems to work just as well but with proper stitching, quality and a third of the price.

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Questions & Answers

Having written an honest opinion of my experience with modibodi, ( I had recorded UTI's plus issues with quality), the advertisements continue on my fb page but my ability to "comment" has been removed. Is this normal ?
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Yes I think it is. From my experience, you have to log on to comment.

I have heard about your product from my Specialist today and was extremely interested. I am not wanting them for period time, but moreso the sweat absorbency. I am an older horse rider with skin issues and keeping sweat at bay is a must. After reading a lot of the reviews, I am concerned that they will deteriorate rapidly being used for riding. Can you enlighten me on this?. I understand after 6 months possibly there would be wear and tear perhaps from frequent washing, but not after one or two. I appreciate that you have kept the bad reviews there and have replied to all of them.
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All I can advise you is that mine started to wear and deteriorate after a couple of washes. Even when they acknowledged that their seemed to be excessive deterioration in the garments they did not offer replacement. I would try a different brand.Hi Annelize, Thank you for your question, it's a good one! We are constantly working to improve our product, which every single one of these reviews (negative ones included!) helps us do. Our products are made from delicate materials such as bamboo and merino wool. We use these because they offer the most comfort along with moisture wicking and odour reducing properties. Sometimes, if these products aren't cared for as carefully as intended or the sizing is incorrect (and therefore causing them to stretch) damage can be brought on much sooner than we'd like (and of course, as with every product, there is the occasional manufacturing error - which we're more than happy to amend!) . This is why we have a 6 month product warranty in place. This means that if, within 6 months of purchasing, your Modibodi product has any damage whatsoever, we will send you a brand new pair, free of charge. I hope this answers your question, and if you'd like to know more about Modibodi products, please do not hesitate to email us at info@modibodi.com Thank you!I've worn mine three times and the gussets are already losing shape. I'd go with another company

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