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MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant

MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant

4.3 from 44 reviews

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Great non smelling natural deodorant that works


I suddenly started getting itchiness and infection of my underarms last year. I decided to try a natural product such as moo goo and I haven’t looked back. It reduces sweating and I don’t smell at all. I like how it’s unscented and aluminium free.
Very happy with this deodorant

Purchased in April 2018 at Terry White Chemists for $8.50.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No


MarisaWrightGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 11 reviews

A natural deodorant that works


I've been using the natural deodorant from "A Bit Hippy" for a few months but it's not widely stocked. One day I couldn't find it anywhere and bought the MooGoo version as a last resort.

I have to say, it's just as good. Looking at the main ingredients, they are quite similar (they both contain magnesium). They are the only natural deodorants I've tried that actually work to prevent odour. Although they don't claim to be anti-perspirant, I do feel that I perspire less when I use them.

Downsides - they are slow to dry and can leave white marks on your clothes. But if you remember to shake them before application, they dry faster, and if you let them dry, they won't leave white marks.

Purchased in March 2019.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No


  • 3 reviews

Doesn't work. Leaves white marks.


This product was disappointing. It take a long time to dry and once dried, it still leaves white marks on my clothes. Sadly, it doesn't actually work to prevent odour. It was a waste of money.

Purchased in March 2019 at Priceline for $8.95.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No
Truth in love

Truth in loveSydney

  • 2 reviews



So thankful to find Moogoo deodorant. Have tried every brand you can think of, supermarket and natural from online and health stores. Most are ineffective or make me itchy. I am sensitive to perfume but don’t want to smell like BO. I tried QV but it seemed useless. Then tried Moogoo. It has no fragrance and it stops BO. it is easy to apply with roll on. (Unlike some other natural deodorants you apply from tin). Only reason not 5 stars is it can leave white marks on clothes but I apply it under shirt now rather than before putting on shirt and problem solved. I’ve just purchased another bottle for my preteen to use and am happy to give them something safe as they begin wearing deodorant



  • 3 reviews

Have used this for over a year now




  • 9 reviews

Best I have found


This is the best non aluminium deodorant that I have tried, and I went through all the alternatives in the supermarkets. Many alternatives are highly perfumed, MooGoo is not. Expensive but worth it.

Don't Buy From Playdex!

Don't Buy From Playdex!Gold Coast

  • 4 reviews

Best natural deodorant I've tried!


Finally an aluminium-free deodorant that works! I've tried several brands over the last few years and nothing has been effective. This even works on my teenage daughter who struggles to stay smelling fresh at the end of the day even when using an aluminium based product.



Was good - wondering what it done to my sweat glands


I loved this product for about 3 months. Then it started making me sweat ALOT. I mean soaked in sweat. My diet is the same. And I replace it often so it hadn't expired. I emailed moogoo to see if they had had any cases like that or it expired after a couple of months? No reply.

This actually works


This is a natural product without aluminium that actually works. I haven't found another one that works. The smell is nice and it really does what it says - it seems to kill/neutralise the bad smelling bacteria but not just mask the smell like other brands.



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Best deodorant/ antiperspirant I have used


A little worried this might just mask the smell and still leave me to sweat. In fact it is the most effective product I have ever tried. No particular perfume when you put it on but I find it keeps me fresh and dry all day. Major bonus is that it doesn’t stain your clothes.



  • 3 reviews

Roll on deodorant heaven




  • 5 reviews
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worked initially for 3 months


I bought this after using natural deodorants for a year and found that it works for the first 3 months I used it. It was fresh smelling and easy to roll on and had to dry for a two minutes or so before you can put your top on without staining it. However, after 3 months it was no longer effective and I found that i started to smell after 2 hours of application.



I love it


I’m pregnant and was looking for something that’s chemical free. Have been living in Singapore and the only one I could find there was an Aesop one that was ridiculously expensive (almost 5 time the cost of the MooGoo) and stops working after about 2 hours. So when I saw MooGoo in the chemist in melbourne for $8.50 I thought I’d give it a try. It’s amazing! I tried it on vigorous walks during summer and on one of those 38 degree days where I was in and out of a hot car and I’d usually stink but this kept me completely odour Free. It doesn’t sting when you apply after shaving and it doesn’t have a fragrance at all. I’m so impressed want to buy it for everyone! Can’t wait to try all the other MooGoo products



  • 9 reviews
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I love it!!


It took me about 1.5 weeks to get used to this deodorant and now I can’t live without it!! I ran out recently and used the Q.V. deodorant and felt like I was sweating out of my face?! Very strange. on hot days I need to reapply to stay fresh so definitely buy a couple so that you can have one handy in your bag. You do need to make sure it dries before putting on clothes and especially before singlet tops because it leaves white marks otherwise. I do feel like I sweat less than I used to. The only down side is on really hot days and going to the gym I get sweat patches (not smelly but still unsightly). Other than that I have price of mind that I’m not putting chemicals on my skin and long term health is SO important!!



  • 20 reviews

Nice light smell. Works


Purchased as part of the Essen’tails Value Pack:
As I was keen to try various MooGoo products, the value pack is a great way to introduce yourself to these products. I probably wouldn't have tried the deodorant otherwise.
With traditional deodorants, I would only wear if going out as I try to limit my exposure to the aluminium content.
During the time I purchased the Value Pack, I was having a reaction to something (was hayfever season): Dry, scaly patches on forehead/eyebrow, itchy skin and scalp. Dry patches behind ears as well as itching in armpits.
It is now my go-to deodorant. Lasts a long time and keeps odor at bay. Use straight after shower and let dry whilst you have your morning coffee!



  • 4 reviews

Works brilliantly - solved a decade-long problem


I have been unable to use aluminum-based products under arm for many years = more than a decade ago, these sprays just started stinging underarm, and causing incredible itch after use.
I have tried many products - some continue to sting underarm, some are OK sting-wise, but don't really work for more than a few hours. THIS PRODUCT WORKS BRILLIANTLY.
No underarm sting, no after affects and deals very well with odours - even at the top of summer. Dries well so no stains as well. The best non-aluminum deodorant I have ever used. Recommended by pharmacist.



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This one passes the gym test


I was looking for a deodorant that is natural and does not test on animals - my previous deodorant paste did not work effectively after a high intensity gym workout, whereas this one does. I wasn't sure how fast a roll-on would dry, but it's pretty quick. Other reviews (yes, I read them all before I purchased) said it was expensive and I disagree with this comment. It's good value for money. I am really pleased with this product and will also check out their other range of products.

Nancye Turner

Nancye TurnerWallangarra

  • 25 reviews

Excellent product.


The best deodorant I've used, The roll-on doesn't drag on my skin like some roll-ons. So fresh and works. Thanks Moo Goo .I use a lot of your products and love them all. Would not purchase any other deodorant product after using yours. Thank you.



  • 10 reviews

Love this deodorant


Finally a deodorant I'd buy in bulk I love it so much. I was skeptical about going back to roll-on deodorant after using sprays since I was a late teen. But on recommendation from my sister, I gave this a go. Even in the hottest weather, I only need to apply in the morning and get through a day feeling and smelling fresh. It doesn't leave any stains on skin or clothes . Big fan of this and several other MooGoo products.



  • 7 reviews

The best natural deodorant i have tried


The MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant is the best natural deodorant that I have tried. I have tried so many different brands and types of deodorant and have found this one to last the longest and be most effective. Lasts all day and my husband now uses this one too, and previously no other natural deodorant we tried worked well for him.

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