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MooGoo Natural Sunscreen SPF40

MooGoo Natural Sunscreen SPF40

3.4 from 15 reviews

OK but better alternative

I've been using MooGoo Natural Sunscreen SPF 40 for about 6 mths and while it stops my skin burning there are a few things that prevent me buying it again: 1. The smell is unpleasant, not overly strong but offputting;
2. After some weeks the cream was hard to spread over my face & it appeared to have separated;
3. I tried mixing in a tiny amount of MooGoo moisturiser but the two products were incompatible.
It's back to Invisible Zinc which has none of the drawbacks of MooGoo's sunscreen and costs about the same.

Purchased in October 2018 at Terry White Chemist Malvern SA for $20.00.

Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No

Love this sunscreen

This is the only sunscreen my family can use without getting burnt. It is thick but does rub in, we don't use if for whole body just face and chest, maybe arms but we have never been burnt and we have a fair skinned red head amongst us.

Tinted screen not as good as untinted

I love moo goo but both tubes of the tinted sunscreen is separated and no amount of shaking works to reconstitute it. This was a problem immediately after purchase.

Great product. People forget sun safe message and blame product.

This sunscreen is great, it’s zinc so for those complaining about it being thick - it is... and that’s a good thing! People that still got burnt... what was the UV factor when you were out? Even with sunscreen you still need to be sun smart!!! It’s a great product and the fact it’s zinc protects our oceans and reefs as well!!!

Great sunscreen not white !

This is a great sunscreen, not overwhelming smell, soft, not oily, nice for all the family! It doesn't make you white either ! I keep it in our bag all the time to put on my toddler. It has now made lumps but it could be because it's too old after more than a year of use !

Unfortunately the product separates

I really want to use a natural sunscreen to keep away from the nasty additives. I have used the tinted moisturiser and have several of their regular sunscreen in kid’s sports bags. Unfortunately all of them have seperated. I have tried to shake and mix the tube to no avail. So much wasted product in the bin. ☹️

Not an effective sunscreen

I used this on my toddler today and he still ended up getting quite sunburnt even after applying the product 4 times over a 5 hour period. Not at all impressed with this product.

Too thick to apply

The product is too think to apply on both me and my husband's skin. Was very disappointed. Bought it in Port Douglas on holiday. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Fantastic sunscreen

My Son is very fair and has very sensitive skin most sunscreens give him a rash immediately, I tried Moogoo about a year ago and have never looked back although it’s thick it does rub in clear and he has never been sunburnt since using this, unlike other natural suncreams where he would burn after being in the sun for half an hour. Highly recommend for sensitive skin

may be the best natural sunscreen!

Bought for my son as this was the only non chemical based sunscreen at the chemists. But absolutely love it. It goes on quite thick, but rubs in easily and as another reviewer said, it makes it easy to tell where you have applied. A few quick rubs and the white is not very noticeable.
No sunscreen smell, which is great cuz I can't stand that sunscreen smell, and it really is ok for sensitive skin.
I wish they had a naturally scented version though, like a mild mint or lemon myrtle and it would keep the bugs away.

Handy to carry in my handbag

Easy to apply compared to other natural sunscreens I have tried. No sensitivity experienced with it. Good price compared to other natural options. Nobody in my family has experienced any sun burn while using it. Great for my fair skinned son. The only issue I have with it is the pain experienced when it gets in your eyes. Both me and my son have accidentally wiped our eyes hours after applying and felt enormous long lasting pain. I tend to use a different zinc for our faces due to this.

Not supported by manufacturer

Product separated once opened and despite sending product back to company no response received. Have other products but once finished will never use moo goo products again. Disapppinting when manufacturer and retailer don’t support their own products

Perfect for sensitive skin!

We got this sunscreen for our 3 month old baby who had some eczema and sensitive skin. We have had absolutely no issues with using it. It’s quite thick (so a bit messy) but it’s easy to tell where it’s applied! Definitely recommend for sensitive skin bubbas.

My 2 kids and myself are totally sunburnt after using this today

I bought this to use on my daughter who has very sensitive skin to all the chemical based sunscreens. I applied it to my girl a few times before and was so happy that it didn’t cause a reaction to her skin! However, today we actually went in the sun and I applied it to both my children and myself. My kids faces are totally sunburnt! Thank goodness they were wearing long sleeved shirts. My arms, face and shoulders (where I applied the sunscreen) are red raw.

Love this SPF40 Tinted face and body cream

I am in my late 60's and have always used face sunscreen. This is the best I've tried. Does not drag on the facial skin and does not turn orange on my skin like some have done in the past. Quite a large tube [120g] Another product from Moo Goo that I absolutely love to use. It feels non-greasy on my face. Love it. Thanks Moo Goo for another wonderful product.

Questions & Answers

I bought the Natural Moogoo SPF 40 a month ago,it’s working well so far ,but the only issue is getting it off my skin.I have to shower two times and I can still feel it on me .So help me please,how do we get it off?
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i have used this product successfully but I only use it on my face and back of hands only. My skin is very sensitive and I only use Moo Goo Milk Wash to remove it from areas I use it on and don't seem to have a problem with getting it off as I use the milk wash the same as any other cleanser. Wet face and I use my hands to gently wash then rinse -.I don't use a face cloth. It may be worth your while to get in touch with Moo Goo to see what they advise. In the past I've used zinc based sunscreen and I've had a hell of a job getting them off Good luck with it MIK.I’d do a double cleanse. Rub a bit of skin friendly oil such as sweet almond or jojoba oil on your face. Then use a good micellar water like bioderma sensibio micelle solution to remove the oil and residue. Then rinse with water.Hi guys , Thank you so much for your answers! Will definitely try your tips

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