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MooGoo Scalp Cream

MooGoo Scalp Cream

4.8 from 54 reviews

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Great Product

Used this for both husband and daughter due to dry scalps ! One of the only thing that has worked for them both - good consistency good price . Gentle for kids also

Purchased in February 2019.

Value for Money
Hair Type Oily
Causes Irritation No

Worked wonders on my daughters cradle cap!!

After trying numerous products (including a prescription) to try and clear my babies cradle cap, I finally tried moogoo and there's no looking back. It's completely gone! I couldn't be happier with the results.

Purchased in March 2019.

Value for Money
Hair Type Normal
Causes Irritation No

Amazing product!!

I brought the MooGoo Scalp cream after stumbling across it in my local pharmacy. My 8 week old had as my GP put it ‘next level’ (REALLY BAD) cradle cap that we had tried everything on and nothing was working. I put the scalp cream on twice a day every day for about 5 or 6 days and on the 6th day the thick scales literally just wiped off with a wash cloth when I was washing his hair. I wish I took before and after photos as I can not believe how great this worked (and that it actually worked!!).

Purchased in April 2019 for $17.99.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Burnt baby’s scalp

This had been recommended to me in a mother’s group and after checking it out online. I patch tested on my sons head and by the end of the day there was still no reaction. I put it on all his cradle cap last night and he’s woken this morning with a bright red scalp. It looks burnt and irritated

Purchased in February 2019 for $17.00.

Causes Irritation Yes

Not good for baby

I bought the cream after seeing such good reviews and recommendation from the chemist. But it made the cradle cap much worse, almost looked like the ingredients had burnt his skin a bit. I am sticking with olive oil and brushing now.


Cleared my dermatitis in my hair after two applications, used it as a leave in conditioner. Did make my hair oily if not washed out.
Also cleared up my 4month old sons cradle cap by just massaging and rinising during every bath.


My son had a very itchy scalp and after months of trying various shampoos and creams l bought this cream and also the shampoo. After one week of using scalp cream and shampoo he has no red scalp and no more itching.l highly recommended for anyone suffering with an itchy scalp.

Worked a treat for cradle cap

My 4-month-old had mild cradle cap, which I’d tried a few things on but it wouldn’t budge. One application of the MooGoo scalp cream all but cleared it up literally overnight! A second application and my bub’s head is cradle cap free! And as a bonus, it smells lovely!

Miracle cream

I bought this for a family member with chronic seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea. He had lived with the conditions for over 10 years and tried everything prescribed by the dermatologist (coal tar, steroids, etc), but nothing worked. After a week of applying Moogoo scalp cream it was gone. No more itching, redness or flaky snow storms, just a beautiful face and head with beautiful hair. It is a life changing product for some. Thank you Moogoo x


i bought this product after my 3 month old baby got cradle cap. at first i tried olive oil which seemed to only aggravate the cradle cap, then i tried coconut oil... same results, aggravated red scalp. After reading reviews online for this product i bought it in hopes that it would finally give my little one some relief. to my shock it worked overnight. she still had cradle cap but it was no longer red or inflamed. after a week of use her cradle cap is gone!!!

Sceptical and Worried !!!!

Hi everyone, my name is Peter and i am 52, I've had a problem with my skin on the face, head,neck and behind the ears for the 30 odd years, i came across this cream in a chemist today and the lady behind the desk gave me a big speech about the cream and then gave me a information booklet, it wasn't until i got home i read the page on the scalp cream and i thought WOW this is me but then i thought it could be just like every other cream on the market that promises everything but delivers nothing, i have spent hundreds on so many creams i could open my very own chemist, i am a little worried about spending more money on more cream.
DOES THE SCALP CREAM WORK, please advise. Thanks Peter.

Incredible product

I recently bought the range of baby products on the recommendation of other mums. I noticed that the Scalp Cream is also suitable for adults with seborrheic dermatitis and started googling the symptoms... yes, this is what I think my husband has been suffering for years!

I convinced him to try the cream on his face and it has been nothing short of a MIRACLE. For years he's tried natural remedies but none have worked like this. One week later and his face was no longer red, dry and sore. Now 5 weeks later, his skin has never looked so healthy. We met up with friends this weekend and they couldn't believe it. I'm taking some NZ friends to the MooGoo warehouse in Burleigh tomorrow so they can stock up before heading home.

I can't wait to try the rest of the products. I'll be switching to the MooGoo SPF 15 moisturiser and face wash as soon as my current batch of Neutrogena has run out. This brand is a godsend. My husband is the biggest brand advocate. I am so delighted to have a happy, clear-skinned and healthy husband!!

Fixed itchy scalp and dandruff in one week

This is such a fantastic product. I never thought it would work but after biting the bullet I bought it and it’s the best thing I could have done. I had dry flaky skin around the hairline which caused pimples on my forehead for years. I applied the cream to my scalp after drying my hair on areas that were irritated, including my forehead for about 1 week and I could feel results straight away. By the second week the flaky skin and itchiness completely disappeared. And now my hair is looking shiny and clean (I also use MooGoo shampoo and conditioner) and pimples on my forehead have almost completely gone. the best thing is that this product doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. I love it and will rave on about to anyone that’ll listen!!!


Had terrible problem with my scalp, around my ears and in my eyebrows, skin so dry it was cracking and huge flakes of skin coming off my scalp. The itching was driving me to distraction and making me very miserable. 3 days into using MooGoo and the itching and tightness has gone and everything is clearing up nicely. I am delighted. Thank you MooGoo.

Phenomenal. Cleared cradle cap in 2 applications

My 3 year old boy has had cradle cap since he was a few weeks old. I finally tried the MooGoo scalp cream and was surprised at how well it worked. It cleared all of his cradle cap after two applications. I rubbed it into his freshly washed hair before bed time, and left his greasy little head until the next night when I washed it out again. Most of the flakes lifted off with a fine tooth plastic comb when I gently combed them out of his wet scalp. Two nights later I did a second application while he was asleep (he hated it the first time), then repeated the combing on freshly washed hair the next night. All of the remaining flakes lifted out on the second wash. His scalp was perfect underneath; no pink irritated skin or scratches. I’ve done a third application as a preventative measure, but the flaky skin has not returned and it has now been three weeks since it cleared up. It was somewhat expensive, but I’m so happy with this product and would happily recommend to anyone!

Almost Instant Relief

Having given the shampoo a poor review, I have nothing but praise for this scalp cream. I have had Seborrheic Dermatitis - only for a few months, but long enough to get desperate when nothing worked to ease it. After the first application of the cream the extreme dandruff vanished and it was a few days before I needed to re apply and the scaly scabs are gradually lifting from my scalp, the burning has gone and very little itching. I have only been using for ten days, but am over the moon with the results so far - It is a fantastic product.

Not just for your head!

I suffer from severe psoriasis and have done for many years, I have been using this cream for almost 12 months on all areas of my body where the psoriasis appears, lower back, arms, torso, face, and it has been amazing!! most areas have cleared up all together and others are almost gone. I have tried many thing in the past and this is up there as one of the best things I have ever used.


I ordered this cream after reading other reviews and I can honestly say this is the best scalp treatment I have ever used. I have had scalp problems for so many years-extremely itchy, lumpy, flakey, red and sore, and it flares up worse during winter months. After using this sparingly 3 times a day for 5 days I am thrilled with the results! The flakey lumps are disappearing-and I’m no longer scratching or sore. I should imagine in the next week or so I will be completely clear of this dermatitis. I don’t usually post reviews but this is amazing stuff, it works for me!

Worked where the $70 prescription cream failed.

My dad was using a $70 prescription cream for his scalp that left the skin red and irritated. I saw an online review about a teacher in the UK and decided to buy some for him.

The results were fast, with the irritation and redness going away in a few days - week. He has been using it often and now has zero skin peel and redness on his bald head.

He asked me today where to get more, as his friend wants to try it as well. You can't get a better endorsement than a mature aged man suggesting his mates use a moisturiser.

His head feels better, he is happier. Ty

Where's my Scalp Cream? Aahh...my husband has taken it again!

I purchased this product as part of the Essen’tails Value Pack, along with some other products. At the time, I was suffereing from dry, scaly patches on my forehead and scalp.Scalp Cream soothed the irritated areas an helped with the dryness. My husband started using it as he suffers from dryness/irritation on his exposed scalp. Needless to say, the Scalp Cream is now HIS apparently. I am now using the Udder cream...

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Questions & Answers

Is MooGoo scalp cream safe to be used as a moisturiser on baby's face? How many times a day is safe? My 6 month-old baby has eczema on his face and needs to be moisturised many times. Thank you.
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Do I put it (the moogoo scalp cream) on wet or dry hair ???
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hi can used for men have dandruff in eyebrows and itchy scalp? thanks
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MooGoo Scalp Cream
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