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This is perfect can't live without it.

I love mother tastes way better than other soft drinks and energy drinks (i.e. solo, fanta, sunkist, sprite, coca-cola, v, red-bull, ramune..) Anyways, I did not fall asleep from class

Torn between hate and love

I’ve been drinking this for over 7 years and I must say it’s my go to drink 24/7 - I don’t even see other drinks when I go to the shops, it’s like I’m drawn to them. But that’s also why I hate them because I’m clearly addicted. They’ve gotten a lot cheaper over the years and I still think they taste better then any other energy drink.

Coles & Woolies 4 pack is $6.50 so can’t go wrong!!


This is great, would recommend, kept me awake during a lecture at uni.
Will definitely drink again

Sugar free version

Way too sweet. Actually, quite a terrible taste. Leaves me feeling somewhat awake but very jittery and uncomfortable. This must be really bad for you. It needs to go off the market ASAP.

Just tried "Kicked Apple" flavor

Apple works really well among the series of flavors available in the energy drink isle, the taste of Mother is highly engineered and refined putting it above many peer brands in my books.

should be product of the century

I drink mother when I can, and I almost always go for the frosty berry flavour, which is my personal favourite. It's not like other energy drinks where it's just like one flavour, it has a range of flavours people can enjoy. Love the work.

Love it

Ok it may not be that good for you but everything in moderation and all that.
This drink does not give me heart palpitations like the leading brand so bonus!!
Also it's not to sweet like other fizzy drinks
Do not like the low calorie version at all.

Great for "hard workers"

My boyfriend works day and night and sometimes gets sleep only for 4 hours in two days. (he knows its not healthy!) but the "mother" drinks always keep him up. He drinks them all the time, so i tried them once when i was very tired in the morning. And the taste is just grate! I always expected a similar taste like Red Bull ( I really dislike the taste of Red Bull) but it doesn't taste like that at all.
If you try it go for the "berry flavor" . Its amazing!

But as a little warning:
People with a heart disease: Stay away from this drink. It is not only unhealthy, it can be dangerous.
That is the reason why I just consumed it once. Your heart goes crazy.
refreshing, very tasty, gives you a huge energy boost, nice design
not for people with a weak heart or a heart disease

Great tasting, pretty cheap for 500 mls

For some reason I was craving one of these the other day when I hadn't even had one before. So I picked one up before work and I have to say, the taste is great! IMO it tastes similar to Red Bull and V. I'd say it's in between both of those.

I had read a lot of reviews about the old formulation tasting bad (when it was first released) but they've made a pretty good drink here. The 500 ml size is pretty hefty, considering most energy drinks come in 250 ml cans (I think), and there's a whopping 51 gms of sugar per can which is a lot of sugar when you think about it. They shoulld definitely consider making a sugar free version. I picked mine up from Coles for $2.80 a can.

Will definitely buy more of these in the future, I tend to drink one kind of energy drink at a time so I think I'll stick with Mother for a while.
Taste, 500 ml can, cost
51 gms of sugar per can


Overall Mother energy drinks is never my favourite drink to choose from because it is more expensive and can sometimes make me feel sick
gives a good amount of energy,
doesn't taste as good as other energy drinks, the can is to big and sometime i feel slightly sick after consuming Mother energy drinks


The size of the drink i think is too big. I much prefer the V size cans, gives you the kick you need without having too much. I dont like the taste at all! Although much better than the original Mother they brought out a few year ago. If i need energy i will always stick to V or redbull over Mother. Its just not up to standard to the rest.
Cheaper than the rest. Often on special
Dont like the taste. Watched the news and it picked this one to be the worst for you of all the enery drinks.


Me and my husband were on a road trip recently we drove from Adelaide to NSW to visit his family it was a long drive 12 hours in total and we were both in need of some kind of energy hit I bought these as they were on special at the gas station and were a lot cheaper then the other energy drinks on the market. We bought the orange flavour and it was disgusting I have never tasted anything quite like it. It stunk too we ended up throwing them away as we couldn’t drink them.
The price
The taste

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