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Mountain Buggy Nano

Mountain Buggy Nano

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Space saving

Very light and space saving. I have mountain buggy urban jungle as well but I prefer to use this MB nano. Our boot got more space for other items and very easy to use.

Purchased in June 2016 for $350.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Packing & Storage

Vey light and compact

We brought this pram to travel with. I’m pleasently surprised at how durable it is and easy to you. Today I walked 4km with it and was easy to get over bumps etc. I’m still learning how to collapse it quickly. I’ve noticed when the seat is reclined back you really need to push it forward to collapse it. Apart from that I love it

Purchased in January 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

So glad we decided to get it

I put a lot of thought into buying a travel pram, both on if we really needed one and if yes, which one.

I loved the look of the Redsbaby Skip but the size of the Mountain Buggy Nano eventually won me over.

This pram was by far the best purchase for our trip. We travelled around Europe in December so we also bought the rain cover and snack tray. I couldnt do without either. The rain protector kept my son warm even when there was no rain. The snack tray gave him space for his drink and some toys and it is also a nudge bar if you remove the tray. The tray does make it a bit more difficult to fold up but we just slotted it in the pram once folded up.

We used the pram on planes and airports in Australia, Singapore and all over Europe. An absolute lifesaver to help us get checked in without our som running off and he could also nap. Fits perfectly in the cabin.

We had no issues with the wheels on all different terrain. The basket underneath is small so I'd recommend a pram bag but otherwise I love it.

Purchased in November 2018 at Baby Bunting for $330.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Packing & Storage

Can't live without it

We love our Mountain buggy nano. It's been on over 60 flights and withheld 2 years of constant use
It has fantastic recline allowing our 2.5 year old to sleep in it still.
The wheels are as good as you'd except for a small stroller.

Without a doubt I know my son is comfortable and loves this pram as much as we do.

Very handy

We tossed up for a long time between this and the Babyzen Yoyo, which is about double the price. No regrets about our eventual decision - easy to use and fold and our 6 month old seems happy in it. Planning on taking it on a Cathay Pacific flight - the wheels can be taken off if we’re told it’s too big for the overhead conpartment.

Easy to use.

Small when folded. Very easy to use. The wheels are durable. But one day the wheels start to make big noise and it’s on and off. I emailed customer service and they replied after some days. I then tried to put some oil in & sound disappeared. Very good to use in airport but wish it can be a little bit more lighter.

Very recommendable.

The wheel should be smooth and push, convenient for later travel on the plane, put the trunk. , handle height design reasonable, no longer need to bend the waist cart. Five-point seat belt baby sitting at ease, push up really already feel very light, repossession, drive convenient, basic can one hand drive, repossession need both hands.

So compact :)

So I have 5 children and have been through multiple prams and strollers over the years. The Mountain Buggy Nano is by far the lightest, most compact and user friendly pram I’ve ever used!!! Very quick and easy to fold, beautiful to manoeuvre, easy to clean, folds so small it’s perfect for any size car and makes travelling a breeze as it is small enough to go in overhead compartments. Life is easy with a Nano :)

Poor quality - don’t love it

I purchased this pram before a trip to Asia so I could leave my bigger pram (upperbaby alta) at home and have something smaller.

This pram hardly handle the trip - I wish I had of got a cheaper ‘copy’ from eBay.

Pros: lightweight, easy to Gold/unfold once you get the hang of it. Good recline, great harness & buckle

Cons: (small) basket scrapes the gutters when you have to lift it so mine has quite a lot of damage and will no doubt break through very soon - after just one trip overseas!, strap covers fall off easily, when folding/unfolding so very easy to lose, pram doesn’t sit up straight enough for my keen toddler, foot break only works from one side so if anyone not familiar uses the pram they can easily break the other brake that’s not supposed to be pushed down on (hard to explain without seeing the pram!), wheels buckle easy when not on completely flat surface.

Overall it is pretty average quality for what you pay for. I wish I had of spent money on a cheap copy.

Great compact stroller

We bought this when traveling overseas with our toddler as it was within our airlines hand luggage allowance. Folds compact. Lightweight. Easy to steer, evennone handed. Reasonable under basket given the compact size. Seat lays back to allow day naps on the run. Generous shade cover. Front wheels lock for rough terrain. Secure harness strap which locks in four places to wrangle wrigglers easier.
We love using this for quick errands or travel as it is much easier to transport than a full size stroller. Folding it can take some practice as you need to hold the clips in under the handles and it consatinas on itself :)

Best travel pram

This pram is so easy to use and so compact for travel. Fits in the overhead storage on a plane and carries a lot of weight. There are extra accessories too, a sun mesh and a rain cover. This has been so helpful to us on many occasions. I currently keep in my boot for quick trips to the shops. Cannot fault it.

Good for travel.

Bought this for my grandson when we were going overseas. Take a while to get use to fold and unfold. There are much lighter ones and cheaper if you are going to Asia. Much more varieties over there. Do not buy online as it is better to physically have a look and try out the stroller.

Looks nice but Bad quality

I got this stroller home after using it once indoors the sunshade fell off when I collapsed it. It was either missing a screw or the screw fell out. It’s quite an expensive stroller it should not have happened. I like the fact that it’s reasonably light weight and I appreciate it’s not a big robust stroller you might take on rough terrain. I would not recommend it for travel or as a light weight stroller.

Great light pram. Perfect for travel

Very easy to fold (although you need both hand to be able to fold)
Very light weigh
Gtea for airport, shopping
I would love to have a peekaboo window! Not being able to see if my son has fallen asleep or if he is making to much mess while eating and so on bothers me a lot
Distance between handle and sun hood is very short!

Terrible flimsy pram and bad customer service

Do not buy this pram!

Within a week of buying this- the screw had come off so it didn't fold properly- I was not fussed by this as I am quite low maintencce- so hubby found a suitable size replacement screw and we kept on.

We used this pram a maximum of 3 times- we went to Hawaii, then Sydney and then Launceston. My every day pram is a valco SNAP so this is only used for the convinience of plane travel.

It was with us every time and placed in overhead luggage and I was very careful over it.

Within just over six months of purchase and less than 3 weeks of actual use, the cheap styroform handle started to fleck and peel. It has almost peeled it off completely underneath.

And worse- the company refused to replace this as they claim it is my fault and wear and tear (which i find very unlikely- my every day pram does not have any issues at all).

I have been waiting for further response from them for over a week now and they have not responded- CLEARLY they don't care.

This pram retails for more than $400- and this is the treatment I received.

I do not recommend at all!

Compact stroller for the car

I first loved this stroller as it would glide through the shopping centre one handed but made the mistake of using it to walk to the park a couple of times which wore the wheels out so fast that they got stiff and the frame became loose. Great for the car and airport as its compact and fits in the overhead. Easy to fold and store. Although you would probably need another proper stroller for actual travel outside the airport depending on the destination...ie. Italy is a mountain buggy nano no no!

Great value travel pram

Had this pram for just over a year and travelled with it overseas and interstate many times and have been allowed to bring it as carry-on every flight.
It's compact, light, easy to fold and easy to manoeuvre. The sunshade touching the handle bars didn't bother us.
The seat could do with a little more padding or needs a liner to make it more comfortable and we wish it could go a little more upright as our son looks like he slouches when he's in it, so we tend to use another pram as our everyday pram. We don't regret our buy though as it's been great for our travels.

Great compact pram for travel or evryday use

We initially brought this for travel. It was just perfect, as expected we were able to take it onboard. Very useful on the long lay over. Very easy to push in the airport. On the road, it was obviously better in the malls and the foothpath than on grass. Quality was good enough for our purpose. Also use it every after the holiday. It's just lighter and easier to get it in and out of the car.

Second pram

I brought this for going around the shops, to leave in the car. Quality is alot poorer than I expected, the hood is missing a screw - apparently this is normal according to baby bunting.
Easy to fold up and very light weight. Wouldn't recommend if you are doing alot of walking

Love this little stroller for travelling!

Great quality stroller and very light weight. We take it everywhere, especially travelling on holidays and to the shops. Its so compact and easy to store in the boot of the car.
Could be easier to unfold and less clunky but that doesnt really bother us too much. Its easy to push and maneuver

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Has anyone else had a issue with the shoulder strap clips opening up on the nano V2? My daughter always pulls herself forward and on 2 occasions almost fell put she was just hanging by her legs but I'd luckily caught her.
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Price (RRP) $399.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesSuspension and Under-seat Storage
Weight6 kg
Folded Dimensions51 x 54 x 30 cm

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