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4.0 from 26 reviews

Issue with the product but excellent Customer Service

Fast delivery, everything came that I ordered. However, one of my items was damaged. I sent through an inquiry and I was refunded within 30 mins. Great, fast service. Will continue to order from here!

Product Quality

Customer service A+

I had an issue with the delivery of my product. The delivery company did not follow delivery instructions and the product was destroyed by my housemates dog. I contacted mr supplement with photos and they sent out some new product, free of charge that day. Super friendly and super helpful. Couldn't ask for a better service.

The best products, no time delays.

The best products on offer, on quality and quantity and pricing. Company responds quick, and with good customer service. Fast shipping or pick up on offer. Highly recommend MR SUPPLEMENT.

July 25th 2018 Update: The must have products.

It was so simple with the app they have. Completed my order with all the essential cool stuff.
It was so efficient and quick I received a confirmation email stating my order was ready, how cool is that.

Super fast!

placed order at 3.57pm on a tuesday, was notified that order had been shipped at 4.23pm on the same day and received my order on thursday (i live remote). amazingly quick! very happy with products as well. will be back.

Order never delivered - Customer Service terrible

Package not delivered, said it was left on the doorstep, people were in at the time. Disputed heard nothing back!

Worst customer service

Ordered from Mr supplement and one of the products I ordered was broke open and the tablets crushed and all over the inside of the express bag. Called and got hung up on, after being told they emailed me so I could send photo. Still waiting and no email, don't buy from them if you have issue and want it resolved..... worst customer service ever!!!!

Incredible customer service

I ordered off Mr Supplement and unfortunately my parcel was damaged in delivery and my product was lost. I contacted the customer service department and they responded almost immediately and remedied the situation. They were nothing but helpful and understanding. Apart from a mishap with my delivery my experience with the company has been exceptional!

Super Fast Delivery Every Time!

I have been ordering through these guys for a number of years now and they always deliver. Never had an issue with any of the products, very competitive prices and super fast delivery. The longest i've had to wait was 2 days and that was still decent considering i ordered later afternoon. Thanks guys.

Awesome customer service and delivery

I have been purchasing my protein and supplement needs through Mr Supplement. I once got sent a wrong item but the customer service was very helpful and professional. Delivery is also lightning fast. Order today, receive the next morning. Definitely a recommended store!

Awesome online store

I'm not a gym junkie but every now and then I get the urge to buy supplements. Unless I am in a big hurry, I always buy online from Mr Supplement. Shipping is fast enough and they have everything I need and more at good prices. The thing I like most is all the information on the website. It helps me to find out what I am buying, how and when to use them. I guess it's also a sales tool because I usually buy more than I initially wanted but I don't mind. I also like the automated emails so I know when my order was dispatched and I can track it. Great site with fast efficient service.

Extremely slow delivery: pick up

I ordered online because the price was cheap and thats the only reason. I have a MrSupplement warehouse near my home so I decided to choose PICK UP option instead of delivery because I wanted my order quickly. I had read reviews online that everyone was getting their item the next day delivery so I thought me picking it up would be even faster... WRONG. It took 5 days to get a email from them that my order was ready to be picked up (1 item only...) and when I got there to pick it up the guy was so slow and clueless- hadn't gotten any of the receipts/confirmation ready and printed or even gotten my item out of the back so I had to wait for him to look through and find it and then for him to print everything needed. Definitely will stick to buying things from other sites/in store.

First time customer, now a customer for life

I usually just buy at retail stores because I don't want to wait for delivery, but it can be a tedious task.
I was on their site, they have a pretty impressive range with reviews as well, i did a price check compared to other sites and they worked out the best. I ordered around 2pm on Tuesday this week, and the goods came to my door delivered at 9am the next morning from another state. Overly totally impressed, probably the best delivery time I have ever had with an online purchase. Highly recommended going forward.

Packaging was torn

I recently ordered ON 100% whey in the larger bag. I received it very promptly to QLD, however inside the packaging was torn and the powder was spilling everywhere. Someone had tried to put sticky tape over the hole in the inner packaging. I emailed Mr Supplement telling them what had happened and also provided pictures of the cover up. They didn't even reply.

Superb Customer Service

I've been using Mr Supplement for over 2 years; never once have I received anything but outstanding customer service. When I order online I receive my order next business day and when I call into the warehouse to collect an order, my supplements are always ready for me to collect. Stacey is great and the boys in the warehouse always throw in a sample with my order when I call in to the warehouse. Their range is extensive and their prices are fantastic.
Great customer service and competitive pricing

Such a great service!

Everytime I order from Mr Supplement, I always receive the same great service.
Fast delivery.
Excelled pricing.

Once the transit company damaged my product, I posted something on Mr Supplements facebook page and it was sorted which resulted in me being compensated for it very quickly. So great customer service too!
Very active facebook page too where you can ask for advice and help.
Fast delivery, reliable, cheap, great customer service


Ordered some creatine and amino acids off Mr Supplement and they stole my money and did not send me my supplements. When I emailed them I received nothing but a tirade of abuse! How can they treat people this way? I could not be more upset or disappointed. People deserve to know about this kind of poor treatment.

Great products, great service what else can you ask for

Mr supplement is number 1 in my book. Easy to order, great range of product, fast delivery.
The website is fantastic. It is easy to use and the product range is massive. I have never used a better site. I would recommend the endura product to all endurance athletes as well.
Fast delivery, great range, easy

Mr. Supplement is my #1 Online Retailer

My experience with Mr.Supplement as an online seller has been awesome. The orders I placed online arrived next day (SYD to MEL). Their prices are competitive and when I saw an item that was not available here in OZ , the site automatically recommended an alternative! I recommend this site to all. This is my 1st positive review of an online retailer, I can't say enough! I'll be going back. Thx guys, hope you read this and post it to your site.
FAST delivery, good prices, range of products

Bloody brilliant

Top notch supp retailer. got loads of range and all the supps u want. prices r pretty solid too, much cheaper than my local guy. when i ordered tuesday, got to me weds arvo. was not expecting that! overall, a good shopping experience. would definitely recommend.

Really Fast Delivery

First time I ordered my supplements from MrSupplement and I'm super happy about the service. Ordered last Thursday morning in WA and got my supplements Friday arvo. Usually things take at least a couple of days to get from Sydney to where I live so I was really excited and impressed it got to me so quickly. The staff there were really helpful too. I had a couple of questions about ordering and what supplements I should get and they gave me some good advice without talking down to me as with some other local retailers I've been too! Really happy with my purchase and definitely will get my supplements from Mrsupp from now on.
huge range of supplements, really fast delivery, knowledgeable and friendly staff

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Questions & Answers

I'm 16 and I've just been lifting weights 1 yr and I want to build quicker and stronger can you suggest something?
3 answers
Hey Max, As you are quite young maybe just stick to your Protein. I wouldn't muck around and take anything else as your body is still developing. Try the Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein - Vanilla. Get some Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries (Frozen) and buy some Bananas and chop them up into small pieces and freeze them as well in resealable sandwich bags. 1 Scoop of the Vanilla protein, chuck a small amount of the berries and banana into a blender and add water. Taste's great. If you want to grow eat quite a lot but make sure you are eating good food and not processed junk. Hope it helps. :)Nah HGH Is the bestlol

I want a very good fat burner ..... wid no sid effects.. please sujjeste me..?
1 answer
I like Mesomorph 2.0 it's pretty strong but gets the job done well!