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Great online measuring and installation.

Just want to let you know how happy we were with our plantation shutters. Great instructions for measuring and installation. They look fantastic, a modern update to our old window . Excellent communication and service. Would definitely recommend to others.

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Never got to ordering - treated like criminal

I queried a random $10 price increase that popped up when I went to checkout (went from $102 to $112 for a single roller blind). [Name Removed] responded super quickly and said that he had never seen this before.

I sent him screenshots of the selection screen, shopping cart & checkout - all showing $102.

He replied (again very promptly) suggesting that I might be manipulating the browser using "browser development tools" (to save $10 ??) He said that if I can send him a video showing it happen, he would give me free shipping.

I sent him a video showing exactly the process with the price increasing by itself. He replied (again very promptly) saying that he cannot replicate the issue on one of his computers, and suggested again that I might be doing something in the background to manipulate the video or the browser (again to save $10 ??).

The goalposts moved again (from his "commitment" to provide free shipping if I showed him a video of the $10 increase happening at checkout - which he reneged on because I was possibly "cheating") and he said that if I could provide him videos showing this happen for 5 different products on his website, then he might believe me - seriously ??? I am not his IT department.

Well [Name Removed] - if this is how you treat potential customers who point out something "strange" happening with your website - by suggesting that they will go to great lengths to provide falsified evidence to "cheat" you out of $10, then good luck to you.

To all those who are considering using this company, I would suggest that you check the prices right through the process to ensure that random price increases do not mysteriously happen.

The one useful thing that [Name Removed] did do was provide me with a link to Blindsonline.com.au who offer the same blind for the same price, but the shipping is half the price.

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Hi Colin, let us look at the facts here, as this post is filled with many inaccuracies: You sent us a message querying the shipping charge initially, saying that the interstate shipping charge of $49 is too high for your order of one roller blind. You requested a discount on this to which we declined. This is how much it costs to send the blinds out, we don't include this in the cost of the blinds like other websites. It's important to know we're also using Australian made fabrics, and components, and our products are very well priced. At time of writing this the equivalent blind you were after is $197 at blindsonline, and since it is a small order they also charge $25 delivery. Our blind is $112 with $49 delivery. Can you see where the extra $24 delivery is? It's in the price of the blind itself. That is how they're able to offer free shipping. You were seeking a $10-15 discount on the shipping. After explaining the shipping charges and your queries, you then brought up that the blind was appearing as $102 on our website. This is impossible for two reasons, I personally coded the pricing structure on this website, through 500,000 lines of excel spreadsheets it took me months to complete all of these files. The price is hard coded into the spreadsheet depending on what measurements you enter, it cannot display as anything else unless it has been manipulated in the browser to do so. This is very easily done by right clicking and clicking inspect element, then simply typing the value you wish for it to appear. But the website will never allow you to checkout like this, this is just an illusion. What you are describing is not possible. I pointed out in your screenshot that the field missing is the shipping field on your end. That is also impossible, the website will display the shipping charge as a flat rate $32, then when you enter in the post code or state you are from it will recalculate to the correct amount. So the fact that this field and the GST component was completely missing from your screenshots definitely raises red flags. The shipping charges are clearly displayed for all to see on our delivery page, and linked to from our product pages so customers are aware exactly what the charges are. The only other additional shipping charge is for our Plantation Shutters (12.5%) due to increased freight costs, but this was not the product you were ordering. When you first presented the problem, you showed us screenshots without your taskbar. What I replied is that due to these being able to be easily manipulated we would require a video. I never accused you of anything, and was trying to troubleshoot your issues. In fact, I spent all Sunday of my time trying to replicate the issue. You state that I "tried it on one computer" but I have 5 PC's, 1 mac, 2 I phones, 2 laptops, and an android that I tried it on. None were displaying a price of $102 for the blind. I followed the exact steps you said and used the same browser version. The fact that the website has been around for years and we have not had one single person bring up the same issue is proof enough. This is simply the fact that you were not happy with our shipping charge so you tried to extort us for a discount, in your emails you stated "I guess I will have to let other customers know about the random price increases on your website, if you continue to stick your head in the sand on this". You on multiple occasions requested free shipping, a 10-15$ discount, then requested us to "throw in a stainless steel chain". I requested a video to further troubleshoot the issue, without accusing you of anything. When the video was supplied, you did not record yourself entering the measurements at the start of the video, so I requested you re video this part beginning with clearing your cache and cookies to which you declined. I offered you free shipping if you were able to do this, knowing that it's not possible because it would expose the browser manipulation. You declined the simple request and then threatened us with negative reviews and then you proceeded to leave it here, filled with inaccuracies. For $10...Actually the same blind at Blindsonline is $112 + $25 shipping. I have no idea where you get $197 from. You are quite correct, I did query the $49 shipping for what was listed as a $102 blind - I do think that is too costly (as borne out by a competitor's $25 charge (for an identically priced blind). I take exception that you called me a psychopath and then told me I was behaving like a little child in your latest email (something you left out conveniently). You accuse me of "inserting javascript" - I don't even know what that is - perhaps at 55 I am too childlike to comprehend this. In fact he also attached a small "png"file to his latest email that says "hope your whole family gets cancer and dies slowly" - nice ! It goes on with language that is definitely not for a public forum. Great company to deal with - not ! You also appear to have an identity crisis because your emails are signed Aaron, and this comment is signed Sandra B - perhaps you logged in under a different account ID ? I don't know and don't care if you think what I saw is possible or not - I replicated it on a desktop, a laptop and a small 12" laptop, and again on the small laptop specifically to take the video for you. The ONLY thing I had to "manipulate"to get the error to repeat on the laptop was to delete the browser cookies for your site (something I had to Google to find out how to do it in Firefox) as this anomaly only seems to happen the first time I went through to checkout on your site. I told you very clearly that I was willing (but not happy) to pay the $49 shipping charge (that was before you pointed me to Blindsonline), and I was NOT actually querying the shipping charge, but I was querying the random $10 price increase when checking out. It was you who offered me free shipping if I could provide a video showing it happening, which I did. No computer science magic, just a simple video. I am astounded that with all of your technology and knowledge that you cannot replicate something that I (a mature-aged person who knows nothing about javascript, website development, browser development tools etc) managed to do easily 4 times. You are entitled to your opinion that I would go to all of this trouble to cheat you out of $10, and resort to name calling, but you are NOT someone that I would want to do business with. It is not about the $10 (this blind is a VERY small part of a $25,000 kitchen reno), but the principle of what appears to be a dodgy price increase that happens without an unobservant person noticing. I am sure that it is a glitch in your system and not done intentionally. Anyway I am not willing to debate this further in a public forum. My intention was simply to make others aware of a potential flaw in your system, which I have done. What others do with that information is up to them. I am happy to upload screenshots of all email from Aaron and the video to a Google Drive and share them with anyone who asks as I have nothing to hide at all. The easiest thing is for people to check for themselves.I have nothing more to add, I advise people to read my first response. I also want to encourage customers to think about how outrageous some of these claims are, and who might be behind them. Thanks

Best timber shutters

Excellent service and quality. Good value. I ordered my blinds and received them in no time. I was a bit skeptical at first but managed to save myself a tone of money. Thanks you highly recommend

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Best quality rollerblinds

Had my entire house fitted by my direct blinds . It was so easy to measure, order samples and place my order. Everything came perfect to size. Thanks aaron and team.

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Best online purchase!

The website and video instructions made the purchase so easy. Blinds were delivered within timeframe, and was surprisingly so easy to install. Customer service was the best experience by far. Highly recommend.

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Shutters are great

They were fairly easy to install and look great. Came earlier than the time frame they listed, took 7 weeks from my order date. Great prices A+

Got my Plantation Shutters

I thought the PVC Shutters were hollow but they are solid and have an aluminium core, seems like these are better than timber timber shutters for sure, especially for my bathroom as they are water resistant. Built quite strong and sturdy, I can see these lasting a good 20+ years. Excellent pricing, in fact havn't seen them cheaper anywhere else, and they were delivered in 8 weeks.
Thank you

Great quality and fast delivery

Very high quality product, super quick and easy to install and got delivered quickly too. We've had so many people ask where we got our new blinds from


Great price and quality blinds
Received them relatively fast given the time of year
Got Le revel fabric, looks amaxing
Happy customer thank you

Great quality and service

Just purchase some double roller blinds and I'm super happy. The blinds came within the correct time frame, the quality and colour was as described. Thank you will be purchasing more soon.

Good quality blinds and excellent customer service

We are going to buy a second time our blinds with my direct blinds. Price and quality match and customer service is excellent.

Definitely worthwhile

Can’t complain about product or service, Aaron was exceptional with all his help and prompt replies to any questions I had.

Customer service was fantastic and patient with all my queries

Service was great blinds are great about to place my next order Aaron was patient with all my queries. Helpful when my order was sent to WA by mistake.

Fantastic service

Absolutely fantastic service. I love my blinds. Got fast and furious service. Very professional company. Highly recommend to everybody. Thank you guys.

Great price

Delivered relatively fast. Even better prices. Happy customer and only thing I could say was that I needed screws but it’s understandable

Really loved the advice Aaron gave

Thanks for all the help Aaron was great. I definitely will recommend you to all of my friends. Le Reve fabric (for roller blinds, double) is excellent and I found it significantly cheaper than around 3 other stores.


Very pleased with the high quality. We ordered roller blinds for the whole house in Mercury fabric. Excellent price for the high end fabrics.

Curtains are lovely

They don't seem to skimp on the fullness, i love my curtains. I got them in sfold with tracks. They make my room and walls appear visually much taller. So far everyone that has come past has commented on them. Very pleased

Can't live without my new Roller Blinds

Used to wake up to the morning sun in my eyes, not anymore! The Roller Blinds look amazing and they were priced about half of the quotes i got!
prompt delivery, will recommend to family and friends, took like 5 minutes to put them up :)
Thankyou again

Love the Roller Blinds

First of all, i shopped around and mydirectblinds was by far the lowest price,but there is no drop in quality at all. I got 'shade block' and it's excellent so far. A very happy customer :)

-Cheers Mick
PS Have a happy new year!

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