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My Moovers
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Brilliant work

The guys robin and Amit were on proper time and they did a great job and managed everything in a efficient way . Thank you my Moovers . Will recommend in future.

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I'm sorry but I didn't leave this review, the guys were almost three hours late.

Very bad service & terrible management

Very poor service. The movers were not briefed by the sales team. And the management has no clue what's happening. Will never recommend this company to anyone. they are fleecing people. damaged my new carpets. didn't assemble my washing machine. The sales team is a joke- they overpromised and massively underdelivered

Hi Veena, We apologize that our service did not satisfy your expectations, To investigate the matter further, request you to please send a detailed incident mail at complaints@mymoovers.com.au and our compliance team will get back to you at the earliest. ThanksI've already complained - 4 days back. And no one has replied. Please stop scamming people. And stop posting fake good reviews.

Absolutely disgusting and unprofessional

The job was booked at 11am, and with lot of phone calls and follow up guys arrived at 3pm!!!
Yes the 2 boys didn't like each other and always had disagreement on every time. Damaged bed frames, new IKEA computer table and plant pot. Absolutely disgusting service and never ever use them. Once the job is booked the office is no longer responsible for anything and hardly they respond to your queries and issues. My job was about to finish around 7:30pm and they asked me to pay beforehand, if i don't pay before hand they threatened that they will not unload the rest of the items.

I wonder how these type of shoddy companies exists in the market and i hope my review will help the people going to use them in the future.

Hi Citizen, We always aim to deliver a great experience. We are gutted when we miss the mark! Thanks for taking the time to bring this to our attention. We will use the feedback to make us better and to ensure this doesn’t happen again, Further we want to investigate into the matter for that request you to please send the detailed incident mail at complains@mymoovers.com.au and our compliance manager will get back to you on your issue. thanksAddress not found Your message wasn't delivered to complains@mymoovers.com.au because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.

Terrible service and management of company- delayed 4 hours

Had removalist booked for 1.30pm - truck turned up 4 hours later. The 2 removalists were slow and unprofessional, not observing any notice of fragile noted on boxes or covering mattress or sofa cushions. Phoned booking person Rachel 6 times for some update, calls ignored and not even phone the following week to apologise. Removalists dented fridge and marked parquet floor at new place, were unprofessional in their loud talking late at night in an apartment block, and had nasty personal hygiene. They didn't observe notes such as 'kitchen' on boxes and dumped them all in the lounge room. The truck had mechanical issues with the gear box and the driver drove inappropriately. Would not recommend at all. Save yourself the grief of this poorly managed organisation.

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Hi Elly, Thank you for posting a review and we’re sorry to hear that your experience was not of the quality you expected. We would like the opportunity to investigate your feedback further and for that request you to please send detailed incident report at complains@mymoovers.com.au. Our compliance team will contact you at the earliest. thanks

good move

Amrik and jeevan did a great job thanks for helping us move out of our 2 bedroom house into our new home. very professional and a great help. thanks a lot

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Hi Afsar, Thanks for your feedback, we are glad that we deliver the services for which we are known. please do recommend us to your friends and family. thanks

I am not happy at all!!!

We hired a My Moovers storage at Nunawading for our furniture and they move them all to a Kennards Self Storage Vermont (Mitcham Rd) without any notice us. When we try to contact with them to ask for an explanation for this but there was no answer. We then used their removal service to move our furniture to our storage and have paid all cost involved. Unfortunately, we have left some stuff and now when we try to contact with them in many ways (email, text, phone...) to take our stuff back but there was no one solve this.
I finally found out that they had not paid for the rented at Kennards Self Storage (approximately AUD2,000) that is the reason why they could not open the storage for us to pick our stuff back.

We are so unsatisfied and do not know when we can get our stuff back. :(

Hi Thang, thanks for bringing this to our notice. for further investigation we request you to please send a mail to our compliance team at complaints@mymoovers.com.au with detailed incident including your job id and contact details. our compliance team will get back you at the earliest. ThanksI have sent an email already and waiting for your soon response.You said that your compliance team will get back me at the earliest.... but till now after several hours I have nothing from you or your guys. You are Fraudulent people and My Moovers also.


Great service from robin and ankit, fast and cheap with good customer skills. Would recommend this two for anyone else that needs to move out. Good

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Hi James, Thanks for your feedback, customer satisfaction is everything for all our remove-lists and they are committed to deliver best services to their customers. Please do recommend us to your friends and family. thanks

House move

Great job! Easy to deal with, prompt service! Friendly staff made our shift very easy. Thank you? Jaspal singh and gurleen singh we are extremely greatful, you are both legends!

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Hi mark, thanks for the feedback, we always trying to provide best services to our customers. do recommend us to your friends and family. Thanks


Absolutely Furious with the unprofessionalism and un-organization. I phoned this company a week before I was due to move. Booked in a move time on a Sat @ 7am. Thursday the week of the move I phoned to change it from Sat to Sunday at the same time and they said it was no issue. The next day someone calls me trying to confirm my Sat booking. I explained to them That I phed the day before changing it to sunday. 2 hrs later I get the same call from them trying to comirm a Sat booking.. How hard is it to organize a booking..its 50% of your business. Sure enough Sunday comes and noone shows up and noone answered their phones. Still have not heard from anyone... Absolutely disgusted STAY away from this company

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Hi Danny, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re sorry you had a bad experience. To investigate further request you please send a mail with documented incident & your mail details at complains@mymoovers.com.au. We will get back to you at the earliest. Thanks

I am not happy at all.

It took them 5 hours to do a single load where the majority of the load was simply boxes
They then told me that they were leaving because they had another job, so they couldn't do the last load, which included large items I couldn't do in my car
The follow up van they promised never materialised and I had to arrange a van myself at extra cost

Hi Steven, Thank you for letting us know know about this. Your feedback helps us get better. We are looking into this issue and for further investigation we request you to please send a mail with your move details at complains@mymoovers.com.au and our compliance team will contact you at the earliest. ThanksHi Steven, we apologize for not delivering the expected services to you, To investigate further in the particular case request you to please send the detailed email at complains@mymoovers.com.au. Our compliance will contact you at the earliest. Thanks

great move

These guys Jeevan and amrik did a great job, very friendly, very good behavior be on time and would recommend only that guys they were reached be on time. Thanks!

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Hi Vincent, we have all good workers in our fleet who want to deliver expected services to their customers. I will forward your good words to jeevan and amrik. Please do recommend to your friends and family. thanks

Great job

Shanky and rajveer Singh Chaal great job friendly guys would go through again. No damage very helpful would highly recommended them again to family and friend. My movers thank you

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Hi Cathy, we are really happy to deliver expected services to you. thanks for leaving us review. Please do recommend to your friends and family. thanks

Perfectly done..!!

Both guys robin and amit very professional, fast and were very careful when moving our furniture. We will recommend them to anyone who requires a reliable moving service.
Thanks to both Robin and Amit for their help.

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Hi Mani, thanks for the lovely words, we are always trying to deliver best services to our customers. Please do recommend to your friends and family. thanks

3 bedroom house with pool table and piano

great job with no hassles at all.
chirag, manog & sukhdwep were on time and amazing. the boys moved us in the mud and had no complaints
would highly recommend to anyone.
thank you

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Hi Sophie, we are so grateful for your kind words, thanks for sharing your reviews. Please do recommend us to your friends and family. thanks

Appreciated work

The guys Amrit and Gurpreet have done incredible work. The work was snappy and harm free. Cherished the work. Prescribe these folks for my best course of action. Thanks to the moovers.

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Hi Suzi, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this amazing review. Please recommend us to your friends and family. thanks

House Move

Helpfull and friendly they helped in moving from multiple locations and assisted in putting all furniture in the right places did all work with great professional. Thanks to Garrie and jass

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Hi Anu, Thanks for the lovely words, please do recommend to your friends and family.

Absolutely Disgusting Service

Absolutely disgusting service. Firstly they turn up 3.5 hrs early and say we are not organise and then the 2 men fought continuously, we moved the majority of the furniture ourselves. To say we are not happy is an understatement. Never would I use them again . We rang the company and were told they would call us back....didn’t happen

Hi Peta, Thank you for your review. I’m sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience, but I really appreciate you bringing this issue to my attention. Request you to share some more details moreover you can contact our compliance team at complains@mymoovers.com.au to take further action on them. ThanksThe two “removalist” are the most unprofessional people we have had the unpleasure of meeting. They argued in their language so much that my daughter had a go at them for not working, they are paid by the hour and wasting our time and money. These guys need to remember that white people can also speak Punjabi and understand very well what they are saying.

Did the job

The move was booked in for 7am but they did not arrive until 7:30 and struggled to contact as I didn’t have a direct phone number. Did the move as required, they didn’t have much urgency with time therefore costing us more than planned (job should have been easily completed within the time frame) and were persistent with payment before the job was completed.

Amazing the best

AJ and Robin where absolutely brilliant, fast and professional. I could not have been happier with the service. Completed our 3 bedroom house move in two and half hours. Thanks guys!

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Hi DBL, Thanks for your nice feedback, do recommend us to your friends and family. Thanks Mymoovers

Absolute scammers!! Disgusting company who will only bring stress

My daughter, with stage 3 Melanoma, her husband and 4 small boys suffered severely at the hands of this disgraceful company. Several hours late with no phone call (the usual excuse which you will see regularly throughout the reviews - truck broken down). Several major items left behind including the trampoline which was one of the main items they specifically identified and confirmed would be moved. Many many many damaged items; fridge, washing machine, broken crates+++, garage door, sliding door, walls+++, an electric drill worth $700 stolen.....GONE! After many many many phone calls and being hung up on continuously we were at the end of our tether. I eventually got to speak to “[name removed]” who told me he’d stood the 2 staff down and that everything would be repaired/corrected and we would be compensated. That was over a month ago. I have reported this disgraceful company to Current Affair and Consumer Affairs. They will definitely get their “comeuppance”! Note all the positive reviews!!!! .....they ALL follow the same format!! They name the two staff members and say how “FABULOUS” they were!!! Fake fake fake! You cant think for a moment that people are stupid enough to believe these fake reviews! My daughter continues to deteriorate under the attack of this aggressive cancer and i can only say that the stress she has suffered throughout this inexplicable and disgraceful ordeal has definitely exacerbated her symptoms. You mongrels had every opportunity to correct this. Your “word” means nothing “[name removed]”!!!! I warned you that i wouldnt let this go!!.....and I wont!!! My daughter sent them around 50 photos and a detailed report of damages and what she perceived to be the “trashing of their house”......mud, water, items left spread throughout the house etc. I dont want to see anyone else go through what my precious family went through......noone should EVER have to experience this kind of treatment.....AND to think they paid good money to have to suffer this!! .......your days are numbered!!!

Dear Liz Steer, thanks for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. It was an uncommon instance and we’ll do better. Please feel free reach out to complains@mymoovers.com.au with further comments, concerns. We would love to make things right. Thanks MymoovesIt is definitely NOT an uncommon instance!! Havent you seen all of the negative reviews you have which are very similar to mine????? Your offer to correct things is a joke!!! I have already emailed and called on NUMEROUS occasions so you have had every chance and made many promises with ZERO ACTION! Too little.....tooooo late!!Could i please get an indication of anyone who is interested in coming forward and speaking up about this despicable company who have no intention of taking any responsibility for their disgraceful actions??

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Questions & Answers

Do you operate in Adelaide?
6 answers
Hi Rohan we do operate in Adeladie. Please Let Us Know if require any help.Thanks just spoke to Jenny and she’s sending a quoteDO NOT USE! Criminals!!!!!! Not worth the hassle, still trying to claim money back fro damages from november 2019 - read and trust the reviews, the negative reviews are not fakes

Do you operate in Adelaide?
No answers

Has anyone had any success with getting their money back through VCAT? We were also cheated by this fraudulent “company” in January 2019.
26 answers
Hi Melody we are sorry for you to experiance can you please send me some information about your job like job id . so i can investigate it Further and solve it . RegardsMelody, do not answer to these frauds. Information in regards to this company has been forwarded to another interested party and not just in relation to damages and theft but another matter.https://www.facebook.com/Mymooversbuyerbeware/

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