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My Moovers
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Great work

The guys came on time and did a perfect work!! Took care of the stuff so well !! Highly recommended , mooved the stuff in a professional way without any damage
Thankyou Sahil and Shubham

awesome job

mohit singh saini,gurbinder singh guri they done a great job. damage free! thanks my moovers for sending these guys at work am really impressed by the work thanks again yooo

Great efficient job

Moved 3 bedroom home fast and efficiently. Packed neatly. All blanket wrapped and tied down well. No damage.
Quick and efficient unloading into the new house. Only short distance travelled. Great job. Great guys.

House move

They did an amazing job, they did run a little late but they text to let us know which i appriciated. They were great moving our heavy stuff. They were friendly, we presented and were going to recommend them to anyone that needs help in the future!


It was a great and safe moove by Sahil and Shubham. Highly recommended!!
Didnt damage anything and guys were very friendly
Thank you so much!! Highly recommended
Thanks again. I will tell my friends to use them

House moving

Great Job thank you so much for all the hard work Rounak and suryakant.
Will be using for next time i need removalist. Guys also on time and work efficiently thanks

Highly Recommended

Sahil and Shubham came on time . These two guys were very professional and didn’t waste any time . They followed my instructions. I will recommend them to my friends . Thanks again

Highly professional

Rammy and ankit did an excellent job. They ere on time,fast and reilable. Both men are very strong and they know how to deal with the stuff and obvious tetress. Thanks my moovers. Highly recommended

House move

Move from two storage locations to new house fast and efficient. No damage and friendly service. Followed specific instructions without any troubles had local knowledge to assist. Jaspal and gurleen

Most stressful time ever caused by lying dishonest Humans

Dont not use these guys!!! they are liars, they purposely rip you off , showed up 3 hours late after telling me i had booked the wrong date, didn't finish the job, promised they would show the next day to finish it, and though being told repeatedly the truck was 5 min away i gave up hope at 10.30pm that night.
overcharged me for previous day head office just hangs up , never gets back to you they are common thieves and happy to form a class action against these guys... shocking way to treat anyone!!!

Hi Darren We are extremely sorry this has happened to you. Can you please help us with the following details so we can try to rectify the matter: Job Date: Job ID: and mail the details to complaints@mymoovers.com.au Thanks My Moovers TeamYou have all of these details and after 50 phone calls and 40 hang ups you have to hide to ask me those details again you guys should be in jail for what you do to people during a already stressful time in moving house !! You nearly cost my house not to settle because of you not showing up the next day lucky I was able organise someone else the next morning to finish the job after being told 10 times from your office manager the truck was 5 min away seriously I don’t know how you guys sleep at night and you still owe me money for over charging me but I can see from other reviews you will never pay that and even consider doing the right thing !! Karma will eventually come through for you and your companyAnd btw I’ve sent at least 15 emails to that complaint email addresses and guess what ? Suprise surprise not even one reply ... you guys are a serious joke and should be in jail

House move

Very polite, efficient and great guys to use for any house move. Highly recommend. Used for a 3 bed, 2 bathroom house. Got it all done in very quick time with no damage to anything. Fantastic service.

Professional move

Sumit and Tushar Malik were helpful and efficient. These guys were really patient and helpful. Amazing work. In fact mymoovers proved to be perfect house moving stuff they have. Thank you.

Horrible experience. Will never recommend it to anyone

3 bedroom, Short distance and No. The word punctuality does not exist for these guys. They are highly unprofessional and have no value for customers time. Will never recommend anyone

Hi Preeti, apologies for the experience you had with us, can you please help us with the following details so we can try to rectify the matter: Job Date: Job ID: Name under which job was booked: Your early response is highly appreciated. Thanks, Manager Fleet My MooversJob ID - 16365 Date - 30/03/2019

Dishonest crooks.

Totally unprofessional. I was specifically told by the office staff via telephone that they would arrive between 7 to 8am, they arrived at 10.15am. They moved my belongings and my brand new washing machine was severely dented and scratched. Huge dent. The mover then decided he'd fix the problem by bashing it back into shape. The damage has been done. $900 brand new machine isn't bloody new anymore is it my movers???. Then the guy tried to deny it happened. Scrapes and scratches as well. Also my fridge has been scratched and dented. Are you going to replace my machine??? Took me forever to save up and by my new machine only to have it ruined by incompetent workers. I then tried to phone the company several times and I couldn't get through and when I did I was hung up on.Then, finally I get through to the owner and he re assured me he would reimburse the money directly into my account. Still nothing and he won't return my calls or texts or emails. Dishonest crooks. Also no insurance details specified and no company name specified on the receipt.

Hi Liz, We are unable to see any booking under the name Liz Pearce. In the case of damages , you can mail the complaints team at complaints@mymoovers.com.au with detailed description of issue and pictures of damages and the job id and there will be serious investigation on this matter Thanks My Moovers TeamI have contacted your company on several occasions. You don't return my texts or emails. I was promised by phone conversation that I would be reimbursed for full cost of my machine. This has now been over a month and you are ignoring me. My movers you know very well. It's under Elizabeth Pearce, invoice number 14162.My movers have my bank account details and still nothing. Stop ignoring me. This is truly disgraceful. Own up and pay me what you owe me. This matter was also discussed with direct connect. Total lie you can't find my invoice. It's been over a month. You have already been sent pictures and so has direct connect.Yes, as I expected, NO REPLY from my Movers. I have 6 witnesses that saw what your workers did. My partner, my two kids and the owners of the property. I'm not letting this rest. I paid money to your disgraceful company for this job. I was told by your workers to go to VCAT to claim. Obviously you're not insured.

Read my comment

Rishi, Atul and Ashish were really polite guys and having good conversation during full job time. It was 3 bedroom house and they moved it easily without any damage. Thank
you my moovers.

The above review had been pre-written by Mymoovers themselves. One of their removalists sort of grabbed my phone when I was viewing their invoice and in the confusion, submitted the review from my phone. Overall, everything went well. I would just like to mention that they did scratch some of our furnitures in several places and they didn’t even bring a roll of tape to secure their blankets.Hi Nothappy, We are sorry for the issue that happened .We are investigating this matter very seriously and strict action will be taken for this matter. Thanks My Moover Team

Worked extremely hard

Garg sahab and sidhu sahab were very professional and hard working carrying up lots of steps on a really hot and sunny day. Thank you so much again Ed & Rachel

Awesome job!

These guys did such a great job! Very quick and efficient! Did amazing handling all the stairs and turns...
Very impressed and will use again!!! Great work ankit and shubham!!

Perfect work

Excellent service.
Both of the guys represent excellent professional skills.
Highly recommended.sumit and rishi were good at work. Thanks to my movers and would recommend to others. Really nice guys.

Mymoovers job done!

Shanky and sumit were on time and very efficient! Great job. Even came early. No damage to the furniture. Would recommend to anyone who wants to move their belongings. Thanks

Great move!!

Short distance, took exact amount of time as quoted, very helpful and polite workers. I would use this company again and definitely recommend to friends and family. Thank You Ankit and mohit

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Questions & Answers

I don't understand how your company is still in business! I was charged twice when moving house over a month ago and despite reaching out to them multiple times via both email and phone, a refund has not been provided. I've been lied too, misled, hung up on, ignored and told that "it's not a problem"! Avoid this company like the plaugue. They are dishonest, unreliable (literally hours late to the job) and do not care about the customer. There is no reason why this refund shouldn't have been processed when first brought to their attention. Horrible horrible company. So, my question...Can I please have my money back?
1 answer
They aren't responding to me either for damages caused. Unprofessional is an understatement.

After a terrible experience but 100$$$ damage, I would like my move investigated before I take further action. I moved Friday 22nd March 2019 from Kensington to Coburg North. Under Aleesha Clifford.
5 answers
Try blocking your number to call them, it helps to get through but nothing is ever resolvedTry these numbers.... Joe - 0428138704 Sarah - 0444507134 Alex Garry - 0422022484 Peter Sunny Josy Farell - 0416330997 Office - 99425257 or 1300979997 GuliaI was told on 14/3 that their account manager can be reached on 0481 225 098. I was told on 27/3 that their account manager can be reached on 0428 138 704. Make your number private before calling (because if they recognise your number they just won't answer). But it's a waste of time, nothing ever gets resolved. I've been waiting over a month for a refund and despite being told they sort it out multiple times, nothing ever happens.

If I book you in for a certain date and cancel, Is there a cancellation fee?
3 answers
Hi Casey, We ask that you give us at least 72 hours notice of any cancellation or change to your appointment or a cancellation fee of $50 will apply. Please do let us know if you have any further queries. Kind Regards My MooversCasey, don't book this company, they are not trustworthy. I was charged twice and despite following up with them multiple times, no refund has been provided.DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Do not pay them a cent. No refund has been issued for damages to me either. Cancellation fee they say.. What a joke!!!

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